VADKALAND (2.rész) – Vaddisznó vadkárelhárítás (English-language version of in the description)

{“en”:”- Am I shouting? – Yes, you are talking loudly. – I’m not. – We are going there. – I’m not going to… He is my brother, Zoltan, who is always right. He’s been a proper hunter for 10 years now. And this is me. My main hobby is fishing, but also filming for a while now. We are both ordinary people, and we aren’t professional at either fields, but the tension has been there between us since we were children. – Don’t go anywhere. – I don’t care. One day we decided that we’d take our hobbies and merge them into a series of films in which we demonstrate what’s hunting or fishing like from our perspective. And so begins… …the Wild Adventure. In today’s episode we pay a visit to Zirc, where the view is stunning and where hunters play an important role in this period of time. In July when grain is ripening, the wild boars and stags do huge damage to the fields. Zirc is an afforest land, but many agricultural fields can be found in the area, which we will try to protect during a wildlife damage prevention process, where we are going to hunt for wild boars.

Come with us! – Why are you bringing these? – Because you said you have a friend, who has a fishing lake. I thought if I’ll have time – I’ll go to fish a little bit. – But now we go to hunt not to fish. Okay, but I’m sure we are going to have some time to fish. Whatever, put it in, just go back inside, because I left – the small camera there, okay? – Okay. Here we go. I’ve never been to Zirc, which is known as a very beautiful place with many forests and an amazing view. Since I’m an angler, I was excited to gain new fishing experiences on unknown waters.

This excitement has caused some discomfort on the very first day. Haven’t you seen the little camera? I can’t find it. You put it in when you were struggling with your fishing rods. – Don’t you remember? – Ah yes, you told me to put it in, – but I didn’t, because I forgot. – Don’t do this. – I swear I didn’t put it in. – I’m not going back, that’s for sure! – Why not? Let’s go back. – We can’t. But I can’t film things in the distance without it. There is a hunter superstition. If we turn back, we won’t shoot anything. But how am I going to film the remote things? I have to film those. – I can’t film them without it. – I can’t believe you. – We’ve only come a little. – Yes, 50 kilometers. – 58, it’s not that much. – I don’t care, no.

– Please, let’s go back. – Ah, I can’t believe this! Because of me we had to turn back, but we hope the superstition won’t come true. We had a long journey ahead of us and because of a tiny misunderstanding some more time was wasted. You always come up with something. I can’t believe it! But we’ve only come 20 meters past it, why don’t we go back? Because you can’t back on the highway. – Why not? – Because you can’t. I can’t believe that youu2019re like this.

– Why do you say that? – Why do you have to disturb me while driving? – But the GPS told me… – I don’t care about what the GPS tells you. From this point on I didn’t interfere in the navigation and so we arrived to Zirc, where the view of the fishing lake indicated the end of our trip. Here is Erno.

– Hello, guys. – Hi. – Welcome. – Hello. – Hey. – How’s been the trip? – A little too long. Yeah it’s not close. Come inside. The plan for tonight is the following. There’s a fair grain field in the valley, they go there a lot, so we’re going to look at it. It’s going to be a stand hunt, so prepare for it. We’ll see if they’ll come during the day or only in the evening. So prepare for staying out until the morning. We drove out to the grain field that we had to protect and then we walked up to the hunting stand. – What do we need for hunting boars? – A rifle and a boar. – But seriously, what do we need? – We hunt with a .270 Winchester. In Hungary the most common is the .30-06, but I like these, because I can shoot freehandly with the same accuracy. You can shoot sow, shoat, little ones or boar pig, but we’ll try to spare the sows. We’ll try to choose a shoat or a boar pig. Look what kind of damage they do. – Was it a boar? – Yes. – They tread it out or lay here? – They go in, they tread it out, they feed on it.

It’s the same here. – How big do wild boars grow? – In Hungary they can reach 150-200 kilograms. Not bigger than that, but it’s also rare, because they hunt them often and only a few boars get to grow that big. The thought of going up a tower ruins my mood a little bit, because I have to admit, I have a fear of heights. – What’s this? – A stand. – But look at it how small it is. – Why would it be small? – They are this size.

– What? Look how tiny it is. – A little microbe. Stand beside it. – These are mobile stands. – What? Mobile stand? – Yeah. – What’s that? – They can put it anywhere where wildlife damage is. If it’d be too high, what would they put it on? They can put it on a trailer and move it wherever they want. – But stand beside it, look how tiny it is. – It should be like this. I won’t have a fear of heights on this one, that’s for sure. The usual putting Tyson up in the stand. We should teach him to climb the ladder. After I had a pleasant surprise with the stand, I became curious of what to expect. We have to expect that the boar will come out of this forest line into this grain field that’s behind us. If it comes out in time, we’ll quickly try to decide what it is, sow, shoat or boar pig. We’ll pick one if we can and we have to shoot it before it gets to the grain field, because it’s much harder to shoot it in there. So the point is to protect the grain field behind us from the boars? Yes, we’ll try to protect it from as much damage as we can.

We’ll shoot out a few of them or at least scare them off. – After that they won’t come back? – Yes, they will, but only after a couple of days, because if you shoot out a shoat from a shoat group, it scares them off for a while. We watched argus-eyed for every move and little noise and so the time went by when I had to do something important.

– Yes. – Don’t go down to pee, hold it back. – But I can’t. – You have to, because we’re here to hunt – and they can smell it out. – But I have to pee. I don’t care. Hold it back, because they can smell it. – You can’t pee here. – But why should I do then? – I can’t hold it back. – I drink my water then you can pee – in the bottle. – Come on! Why would I pee in a bottle? I’ve never peed in a bottle. Listen, go down and pee in it, otherwise they will smell it.

– Are you kidding me? – I’m serious. You can’t pee here. – You need to hold it back. – What’s this, is it a hunter thing? – Yes. You can’t pee during an ambush. – I won’t pee in the bottle. Yes you will. Go down, but don’t walk too far. – But what if something comes out? – I’ll hiss. Hiss then. I can’t believe I need to pee in a bottle. I wasn’t certain that my brother told me the truth, but I did what he asked me for. – Where have you been? – Where? I’ve been peeing. I’ve been whistling for you to come back. – Why would you whistle? – Because a pig sticked out its head. – But you can’t even whistle. – Yeah, but I tried, – because you didn’t hear me hissing. – Is it my fault that…

Yes, because if you hadn’t go down and you had hold it back, we could have had a shot at it. Now it has gone back into the forest. – I saw almost all its body. – And? Won’t it come back? How should I know? Now shut up, we’ll wait, perhaps they’ll come back. I’m well known for my bad timing, and it could be the case that we missed the boar, because of me. But as we were waiting, quiet noises hit our ears from the forest. It’s out there. – It’s a shoat. Are you filming? – I am. Now we’ll wait a little for it to pass away? – We don’t go there now, do we? – Why, are you afraid? – No, I’m not, I’m just asking. – You shouldn’t be. You saw it there, it has already passed away. – I hit it at its neck or somewhere near.

– But you can never know… It won’t stand up that’s for sure. But we’ll wait a little, because there may be other shoat’s in the forest, because according to the gamekeeper they are many. Alright then. – Is it visible? – Yes, but vaguely. – There it comes. But what is it? – A shoat. Can I shoot it? Yes. Hey. Yes, we shot one. I fired at another one, but I think I missed it. Are you coming? You’re here in 5 minutes, okay. Until then we go down and check on them. Bye. The gamekeeper is coming to get us. Now we check whether I missed, I think I did and we also check on the other one. – Okay? – Okay. – Are you sure you missed? – I’m sure I fired in front of it, when it stopped moving.

And what if it’s only laying there wounded and it comes at us? I’ve heard so many stories, I don’t want to be bitten or something. But here is the dog, Tomi. If it comes at us the dog will jump on it and hold it back. – Good. – I’m sure I missed it. – Don’t be so worried. – Alright. – You’re always shitting your pants. – I’m not, it just… Look for it, Tyson. Tyson. Did you found some blood trails? This is where the boar waded in, but the dog didn’t find anything, neither did I, so I was probably right and I fired in front of it.

Okay, then we go now and check on the other one? Yes, we go to the other one. It’s a sow shoat from last year. I hit it just under its spine. Thanks to the gamekeeper’s tips we managed to protect the grain field and get our first wild boar. It was the end of our first night hunt. We are done for today, because it’s almost midnight. However we need to wake up at 4 a.m., because we go out to stalk. So it’s a wrap for today. The next day we woke up pretty early in the morning. Where the hell is he? But for me the resting part didn’t go as planned. I can’t believe how he can disappear all the time. You’re here? – Where else would I be? – I’ve been looking for you upstairs. – What are you doing down here? – Nothing. I came down, because mosquitoes were stinging me and I couldn’t sleep. Now I’m playing solitaire. I’m the one in the family that if I go into a house and if there is one mosquito, it’s going to suck my blood all night. We arrived to the place.

It’s going to be an ambush hunt. The point is that you need to follow me and always stay beside me. It’s going to be circa 600 meters to the edge of the grain field. If it’s still going to be dark, then we’ll wait a little until it lightens up and we are going to try and shoot one of the returning games. This time I’d rather sit in a stand, because I don’t like to walk in the dark. Won’t we come across a wild boar or something at this time? We came here to hunt. You can come across anything at any time. We are out in the open. Don’t ask such silly things. Alright, but they are further away, they won’t come too close, will they? They live here, that’s why we are here.

They can be anywhere. We could see a wild boar, a deer or something right now. I’m little worried about meeting them, I’d rather not be – wild boar food. – Don’t talk nonsense. – Why? – Because wild boars won’t attack humans without a reason. It only attacks you if it fears its little ones from you or if a wounded pig turns back, but that’s rare.

– Wait a bit, hush! – What is it? Didn’t you hear? Like something was running towards us. Yeah, probably a deer has crossed before us. I haven’t seen it either, but you can know from its movement and from the noises it makes, but let’s keep walking. The thought that we are in danger here couldn’t let me be, so I asked my brother to tell me what was the most dangerous situation that happened when he came across a wild boar, hoping it would reassure me. There was a dangerous situation when a 100 kg heavy boar crossed before me, it had 18 cm long fangs. As it crossed me I fired at it at the trench. It beautifully broke down. We saw it kicking. I was with the gamekeeper. We let it to pass away, but it kept kicking. It crawled forward and forward. I asked the gamekeeper if I should fire at it. He said: “No, it’s going to pass away.” Then suddenly it jumped up and attacked me. I shot it from circa 4 meters, so it was pretty close.

Fantastic. Maybe it would have been better for me not to hear this, now I’m even more worried. There is that blackness in the middle. I think it’s a boar. Where? I can’t see it. Maybe it’s just a cluster of grass. – Now it disappeared, but it’s like it’s moving. – I can’t see it. There’s a bright area in the middle and then there is that black figure. Now I can’t see it, but it was there. Because of the high grain crops we couldn’t see that well what kind of wild boar we are up against, so my brother stalked at it. As it came closer the boar revealed itself more. After some time I went after my brother so that I could film the potential shoot from a closer spot, a shoot that wasn’t fired. As you could have seen from the top, there was a pig in the field. I stalked nearer to it, but I couldn’t decide whether it’s a boar pig or a saw, that’s why it hasn’t been shot. But we’ll go on, perhaps we’ll see something else. We carried on with the wildlife damage prevention activity, but we haven’t met any other wild boars, so after some time we returned to the hunting lodge.

After the morning hunt it was time for some reenergizing. Later the gamekeeper offered to show us the area. First we have had a look at the trophies of the Hunting Association of Kiralykut, then we met Berci, the fallow deer in the game preserve. Berci! Come. I introduce you one of our tamed fallow deer, Berci. Come, Berci. Come. He’ll come in a second. – Come, Berci. – He is really coming. Come. Hey. – He is so cute. – Don’t eat my hand. – Hello. – Are they so gentle? Hi. – Just him. – Touch his antler how plushy it is. – Is he 4 years old? – Look how plushy it is. – That’s nice. Do they all have an antler like this? – Yes. – It’s because it’s growing? – It’s called catkin that’s on it. When their antlers are fully grown they scrape it off and they get their final color. After we have said goodbye to Berci we were amazed by the fantastic view. The Hunting Association of Kiralykut spreads on a rolling landscape. It’s a true beauty with amazing things to see. It’s 6000 acres of big game territory, the stock consists mostly of boars and red deers. We usually shoot out 30-40 deers.

We rarely have fallow deers and mouflons in the area. We thought that since we are here because of wildlife damage prevention we’ll have a look at what kind of methods they are using. The noise cannon is a very useful tool in wildlife damage prevention. They use it at fishing lakes as well. A timer gives the spark and through the LPG it implodes the gas. – So this makes the games go away? – It has a sound of a gunshot. After a time they get used to it and carry on with the damaging. – They root out the potatoes and eat it. – What do this? – Wild boars? – Wild boars and stags, – but mostly wild boars. – Nice. It’s called chew. It is a grain spike. The boar chews it, sucks out the inner parts and it becomes like this. This is the exterior of the grain spike. The locals say that the boar chews. As the time passed by I realized that very hard work is being put in to prevent the games to do damage, and this cost a lot of money, time and effort.

But apart from the damage prevention, the game feeding has an important role. This is called an automatic caster. We operate 20 of these in our area, that from time to time spreads out the corn. It saves time, because you fill it up once or twice in a month and depending on how many kilograms you adjust it, it rations the adjusted quantity every day in the adjusted time. I stand here so the size of this feeder is sensible. It seemed much smaller from farther away. It is like 6 meters tall. The games also need to wash themselves from time to time. It makes the ticks and beetles come out of their fur. – Is there always water in this? – Usually there is. But in bigger droughts we bring out water here, but this year we have enough water. As coming to the end of our expedition tour, our gamekeeper gave us insight into the heart of the hunting association. This looks really scary. The deep ravine is beneath us. So this is the heart of the association, this area.

This is the eastern part of the Mountain Bakony. This is the so called core territory of our association. 80% of this area is forest. It’s a really good spot in time of rutting – and in the winter months. – How high up are we right now? We can’t see Mountain Koris right now, where the military radar is, that’s like 715 meters, so in proportion to that we are like at 600 meters. After the impressing view we started our way back, meanwhile a child dream has come true for me. – Interesting. – Nice. We are here at a little redwood tree. As a child I was always dreaming of seeing a redwood tree, but I’ve never thought it would happen here in Hungary. – In Bakony. – I’m standing here… In Bakony, yes.

Embrace it, take energy from it. Okay, let’s see how big I am compared to it. After I’ve learned that this is not the only redwood tree in Bakony, we went to see the other ones. It turned out that they stand as a memory to the departed air officer, Pal Pejacsevich who has shot his last stag here and whose father, Count Endre Pejacsevich elevated a monument in 1939 in the protection of the redwood trees. With the memory guarding redwood trees our trip has come to its end. It’s time to return to the damage prevention. This time we went out to a rarely visited hunting stand.

The trodden areas and the plenty of chew indicated that it’s a frequently visited area by wild boars. We waited a lot, but only one stag showed itself, while my brother was returning from taking care of his urging needs in the soft arms of nature and who almost had a seizure because of our dog’s, Tyson’s unexpected appearance. I was taking a shit when something was charging at me. If I hadn’t shat myself I would have shat myself after. We have been going out for days and have kept vigil when I slowly realized that wildlife damage prevention isn’t that easy as one might think. On a 6000 acres big area it’s hard to get a wild boar in the scope of our gun. Besides I wanted to see those red deers with the huge antlers, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to film one. As we were wondering about going home, a wild boar appeared in our sight. Stop! Can you hear it? There are boars in there on the left. Turn off the light. Did you hear it? It crackled. I’m going to check on it with the tracker.

Now I hear it too. – It sticks out its head. – I can’t see it. Its head is gray. It’s going into the crops right now. His head is completely gray. It’s probably a male one. We’ll shoot it. I’m going to count to three and try to lighten it and shoot it, because there isn’t much light there. – Okay. – Wait for it. One, two, now! I think… I think you did it in too much haste. As we had arrived here we heard that something was moving at the edge of the grain field. We saw a boar, we fired at it. Now we wait a little, because if the boar is wounded we don’t want to go there, because it could attack us. My opinion is that it’s not possible to aim and hit so quick, but my brother claims that he hit it and it’s a normal reaction time for him.

So some minutes later, when it started to brighten, I started to walk towards the boar skeptically. At the end it turned out that he was right. With a neck shot I managed to bring down the boar from the grain field. Actually it’s a polka-dotted boar. It has black spots and a beard. If you look closely it could be seen as a boar pig, but it’s actually a sow. Unfortunately these things happen some time while damage prevention, because you can never be sure. From the look of it it seemed like a male one, but actually it’s a sow. We’ll eviscerate this and take it to the hunting lodge. As I learned the boar pigs get rid of their dark winter fur in June, while the sows with the little ones only later in August. So we brought down this sow accidently, but the good news is that while we were there not a single little pig showed up, which indicates that they have already come apart of their mother. Not much later another wild boar appeared 400 meters away as it was approaching some stags. It’s approaching the stags. It seems like stags don’t really like wild boars.

Goddess Fortuna might not want us to go home, so we decided that we’d stay one more night, just as a wonderful idea came to my mind. After I finished eating, I go out to fish a little bit. Why would you go out to fish? You should get in bed, because we are going to be out until late in the night. But since I brought my rod let me fish. But you are going to be tired and you will be a pain in the ass. – I’m not going to be tired. – Yes you are. It was a little bit hard, but I managed to convince them that there is time to fish. I also managed to get my brother help me to bring my equipment. We arrived to the fishing lake. We’re going to go and find a good fishing spot.

I’ve already found it. It’s going to be perfect, there’s enough space and the bank is also low. The water is crystal clear. It’s time to unload. After my brother generously helped me to bring my equipment, he decided that he’s going to stay for a while to watch what I was about to do. The feeding material is usually vanilla groats, some sweet corn and some water of course so it wouldn’t fall apart.

It’s my tested method regarding the bait food. I’ve been using corn soaked in palinka for years. I don’t know why, but the fish really like it and it smells good. So this is how I’m going to try to fish. Since I’m not familiar with this lake, I used my carefully preserved fishing rod from my childhood to measure how deep the water was. Then I started with feeding with sling shot, after that I quickly put the bait on the rods and through them in. I didn’t need to wait too long for my first catch, the string just peeled off from my baitrunner reel. Since I usually don’t fish in deep waters I was a little bit surprised about how much more energy it takes to play the fish, but it wasn’t the most surprising thing. – I may fish a little. – You? Fish? – Why not? – Are you kidding me? You don’t fish. When was the last time you fished? 8 years ago? If there is fish in the lake… This one swallowed it. – And did you bring a fishing rod? – I don’t have a rod.

– But you’ll give me one. – Actually I have one, but I have that since I was a child. Should I give it to you? – Why not? – Because you’re an animal, and I don’t want you to break it. I’ll be careful with it. Pull out your hook. Alright, I’ll pull it out and then maybe… If I haven’t mentioned before, this rod with the cork was my very first fishing rod and I always watch out for it.

But as a good brother I offered it for him and altered it for legering. We’re good to go. We were children when we las fished together and I have to admit I missed a little our get-togethers, like in the old times. – Good luck. – I’ve never had luck with the fish. I should mention one thing that you need to look out for, that the fish always takes the bait when you are not watching, so always watch the indicator. Who used to fish knows what I’m talking about. As the time went by I caught more and more fish and my brother just sat bored when he got lucky. What are you doing? Stop, stop, stop, stop! – What is it? – Be more careful! – You let it first then you reel. – But isn’t the point to pull it out? Yes, but reel up the reel and slowly pull it toward yourself. Like that, slowly. Be careful. Man, do you even fish? Don’t you remember – how to play a fish? – No, but look, it goes back. Yes, it’s normal. Is the drag adjusted? Loosen a little bit on it.

– To the left. – Which is it? – This one. My brother seems to have come out of routine, but I also learned that he isn’t superstitious at all. We let the fish back, but before you let it back, kiss it. I’m not going to kiss it. It’s full of slime. – Give it a little kiss. – I’m not kissing it. – Kiss it, because it brings you luck. – I’m not kissing it. – It brings you luck. – It’s slimy. – But it brings you luck. – Screw you, Tomi. Yes, like that. Now let that poor like one back.

You’ll see, it’d bring you luck. Maybe I’m a little superstitious regarding fishing, but for the record, the kisses did bring me luck. At least for me, because my brother needed to wait long for his next catch, at which he violated the most important rule. Zotyo! Zotyo! Fuck, he’s got my rod. Get it out. Save my rod. Zoltan, I told you to watch out for the rod. – Okay, but I had to make a phone call. – I told you that the fish would take the bait, when you are not watching. – But what if it would have taken the rod away? – You have your rod. – It didn’t take it, see. There it is. – I can’t believe this. – Nothing happened, calm down. – Yes, but fuck, I have had this rod since I was a child. It’s my very first fishing rod.

I’ve had it for 20 years now. You are going to have it for another 20 years. – Yeah, if it’s up to you, I’m not going to. – Stop worrying. Take it easy. Thanks to my brother for risking his physical safety to save my fishing rod that is so dear to my heart, and he managed to catch his second fish. But still luck hasn’t found him, so because I felt pity for him, I offered him my lighter rod that I used for catching ides, maybe it’d bring him some luck.

Some minutes later. My brother is fishing from the water. He took it into the bushes and he needed to go in the water, because otherwise he would have floundered in it. My ider rod has brought him some luck, but we couldn’t imagine that it would be so huge. This isn’t a small fish. It’s going to tear the ten-and-something wire. It’s pulling like crazy. Look at it, I can barely hold it. – It’s okay. – My hand has become numb, – I’ve been holding it for like 20 minutes now. – You see, you see. My brother exploits the joys of my fishing rod.

– It’s a big one for sure. – In the end it’s going to be – like a 2 kg heavy carp. – Hell no. I could drag a 100 kg heavy wild boar. We played the fish for a long time to spare the rod, my brother had a very hard time during the process, but in the end he managed to catch the fish of his life. – It was a hell of a struggle. – That’s something. Nice fish. I was a little envious watching my brother’s smug face as he held that 14 kg heavy carp in his hands, but as a good fisherman, I was glad that he had much in his bag from that particular thing. Look at him. I give him my rod and look what he catches. – That’s how it is. – Alright, you fluker. By this time our mood couldn’t be better when the worst thing happened.

What the hell was this? What the fuck did you do? What did you do? You broke my fishing rod. – I slipped on the bank. – Don’t make me angry. – Look, I hit myself. – Fuck, you idiot. You broke my rod. I don’t fucking believe this. – What should I do now? – Man, I’ve been watching out for it for like 20 years and now you broke it. You should worry about that I almost broke my bones too. – I don’t care, aren’t you alright? – It’s just a fishing rod. It’s just a shitty rod, don’t worry that much already! I’ll buy a new one for you.

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been using it very carefully since I was a child and now you broke it. I can’t believe it. Unfortunately our fishing didn’t have a happy ending, but we couldn’t have imagined that things can go be even worse. – What are you doing here? – We’re fishing. It’s not allowed to fish here. There has been fish deployment in the lake. But… But *** told us that we could come here to fish. – That we could fish here. – It’s his lake. I don’t know any ***.

Leave the territory, – you can’t fish here. – But isn’t it ****’s lake? There isn’t any **** and any ***** here. – It could be another lake. – But, Zotyo, didn’t you tell – me that it was his? – Yes, as we drove in to Zirc. – Yes, even Erno said so. – You have mistaken it very badly, because it isn’t allowed to fish here. There has been a fish deployment. Okay, but we’re shooting a movie here, we would only stay – for a little more. – I don’t care about that. Leave the property. You can’t be here. Give us a sport ticket. We don’t need the fish we catch. Leave the property. It isn’t allowed to fish here. It’s forbidden. I don’t care that you’re shooting a film here. – Go away or I’ll call the police. – Don’t call them. We’re leaving. It’s not that important, we just wanted to stay a little longer, but if it’s not possible and we can’t agree on something, then we’ll leave.

– We can’t agree on anything. – Then we’d better pack. We’re sorry. – We didn’t want any trouble. – Then pack you things – and there won’t be any. – Alright. It seemed better to leave quick, before we’d get in serious trouble. We may never know where we have been fishing. We wanted to forget about this misunderstanding as quick as possible. – Don’t you want a ***? – What? No. I don’t want any. – I’ll give you some. – But I don’t need it, I’m not sleepy. – But you’re going to be. – I’m not, I’ll stay awake. Okay, then you don’t need any, but I’ll bring some for myself. Do as you wish. Since I didn’t want to create an opportunity for him to be right I didn’t accept the energy drink, but I was tired, because the other night was a long one as well and I didn’t get much sleep during the day.

And thus I started my last hunt pretty tiredly. At that point we couldn’t have thought that it’d offer that much excitement. We are going to a potato and grain field from which the farmers told us yesterday that it’s pretty damaged by the games. Probably wild boars embarked on it. We’ll have a look at it. You’re going to sit out here and wait whether they’d come in daylight. Okay. This whole place is freshly damaged But also further inside. – It’s well walked upon. – Look over there. Yeah. If you stay out long enough something is going to surely appear. From what I can see it could be both stags and wild boars. It could be anything. – They rooted out the potato. – Yes. – I wish you courage and luck. Bye, guys. – Bye. This is where the games come in. This is where we should anticipate them – in the night. This is their crossing. – So this is where they come in? You can see that they eat the potato here.

Probably they come this way. Yes, potatoes are missing here. Everywhere here. They rooted it out badly. It’s a trail of a stag. Do you see how big it is? It’s not a boar. – So stags may come here as well? – Certainly, because it’s a trail of a stag and it’s big. I think it’s a bull stag. But I think it could be… Seeing the fresh trails, we were certain that we’d be successful this time. – It was fun to fish, wasn’t it? – Yes, apart from the police was almost called upon us.

As we were waiting and time went by, the signs of tiredness started to show on me, which I soon couldn’t hide anymore. I told you, you would be sleepy. – You are sleepy and you’re complaining. – I’m not complaining. You are, you do nothing, but say: “I’m so tired, I want to sleep.” This is what you do. Instead of having slept, now you’re complaining. I’m not complaining. My brother’s right, I may complain every now and then, but I don’t like to admit it. As we were waiting a huge fallow deer appeared in the distance. Oh my God, it’s huge! – Do you see it? – Yeah, I do. It’s a very serious bull. It could be the most beautiful bull in the area. I don’t think anyone has every saw it before here. It’s above 8 kg I think. It’s young. It could be 6-7 years old. It was like 10 years ago, when I last saw a stag with an antler this big. It was standing on a river’s bank. We were staring at each other from like a 10 meters distance. I thought I’d better move on, before something would happen between the two of us, which I wouldn’t have liked.

Now this one is at 180-200 meters and it’s even beautiful from here. It has already been worth it to come to Zirc, because I could see a bull stag that is so huge. After we had starred for long enough at this authority demanding stag, it said goodbye and disappeared into the wilderness. We were still waiting for the wild boars, but we only saw one deer. As it was starting to become dark 6 shadows emerged from the darkness. They were approaching us more and more as I started to become worried. The 6th is coming. It’s dreadful. As they were coming closer, we decided to turn on the lights. They are they in one line. Probably these 6 stags rooted out the potato field. There could be wild boars, but we haven’t seen any. Now we are packing up and we’re going to a grain field to see if we could encounter a boar. – I’m going to piss. – Okay, go on. Until my brother is pissing I take the chance, because I’m sleepy as hell. It wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but necessity knows no law.

– Okay, we can go now. Pack your things. – Alright, let’s go. Our guess was that stags caused the damage and we would wait in vein for wild boars. Tyson, come here. Come on. Come here. Finally time has come for me to freshen myself up. Come here, already. Let me put you in the car. Come, to my feet. Good dog, good dog. – Are we good to go? – Yes, we are. We were leaving for the grain field, and my eyes started to pop. – We should be quiet from now on.

We are going to walk. – Alright. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you looking for? Where is my energy drink? Haven’t you seen it? – Your what? – My energy drink. Where is it, Tomi? How should I know? – Did you drink it? – No, I did not. – You did. – No, I didn’t. – You have left it somewhere. – Bullshit, you drank it. – I did not drink it. – I’m sure you did. If you have had told me, I’d have given it to you. – But I didn’t drink it. You left it. – Don’t take me for a fool. – Turn off the light, before they see your head.

– But I didn’t drink it. – I’m sure you did. – I did not. – Yes, you did. Turn off the light. – Okay, I will. What are you doing? Turn off the light already. Chill, I’m just doing some shots. – Turn it off. – But then how should I film us walking down here? – Don’t film it then. Be quiet. – But… We won’t shoot a thing, if the light is up. But somehow I need to show that we’re walking down here. – We’ll turn on the light if we shoot something. – Dear God. – Can you hear it? – What? Stop. Do you hear it? The boars are chewing the grain. – I can’t hear anything. – Listen. They are on the field. We arrived to the edge of the grain field, the boars are moving in there. You can hear them feeding. We don’t know how many of them are there. Now we wait a little for one of them to walk out on the road so that we could bring it down. – How long are we going to wait for? – Be patient. Alright, I’m just asking. – But what if they won’t come out? – I don’t know.

You should be quiet. We have been here at the edge of the grain field for a half an hour. The wild boars are still feeding in there. Now we’ll try to carefully stalk on them and try to shoot one of them. I had a bad feeling about this. I didn’t like the plan at all. But trusting my brother’s experience, I followed him, but I wish I hadn’t.

Slowly. Listen. Now we stop. We are close enough. They are in front of us. Listen. We turn on the light at the same time, so that you can film them and I can fire at them. – Alright. – On three. One, two, three. – Where are they? – They’re running. – But where? – I can’t see them, the crops are too high. – I can’t see them either. – Wait, something’s coming. Don’t move. But it’s coming towards me. Shit, it’s coming at me. Fuck! It’s following me. What the hell was this? Zotyo! Zotyo! Where the hell are you? I’m here.

What was this? – Nothing, I brought down a boar. – Fuck, I almost shat myself. – It was charging at me. – What were you scared of? – Where is it? – Here’s the boar. – But how? What happened? – A shoat. Shit, it was running towards me. I thought it was going to come at me. – What’s this? – Wasn’t it the dog that ran towards you? I don’t know. But what happened, how did you bring it down? Here in this working trail. It was about to run out. – But why would you run away? – Because I got scared of it running at me. I had to run away. I didn’t want it to bite me, it was so close to me. Bullshit, Tomi. Shoats were inside the field. I think the dog ran towards you, not a boar. I don’t know, whatever. Let’s get going. My heart has never beaten like this. I felt like a hummingbird. When that thing was charging at me, my brother’s horror story came to my mind right away, so I started to run. At the end I didn’t get to know the truth, I didn’t want to know it, because I felt that it was time to finish the damage prevention.

– I’m glad we had you here. – Thank you for the hospitality. – You should come some other time too. – We will. – You can be sure about that. – Safe travels. – God bless you. – Thanks. For the most part I leave Zirc with nice memories, it has been a wonderful trip for me, full of experiences, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. But for the hunters Zirc is like heaven, because there are two well-equipped hunting lodges, and you can ride horses here, do some offroading or game-looking. Lake Balaton is also near and here is Epleny, which a first class ski slope during the winter.. “}

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