USE 4 | A AN THE | English Articles Grammar

{“en”:”English articles, a and an, use 4! before the countable nouns we were telling you about, if there is an adjective or adverb-adjective combination, the indefinite article, a or an, will agree with the adjective or adverb, not the noun. let me give you some examples: I saw an amazing movie last night. An does not agree with movie, otherwise we would say “a” movie. I listen to an incredibly well-written song, this is adverb-adjective and then noun. the adverb “incredibly” starts with a vowel sound, so we need an, even though song starts with a consonant sound. articles aren’t that difficult! make it even easier u2013 write your examples in the comments, give us a couple of these and subscribe and like, because then you will know when the freshest videos are available. “}

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