Trip to Barcelona – VLOG & VISUAL VOCABULARY

We are on our way to… Welcome to the incredible city of Barcelona! On this trip we’re going to teach you, and show you some new vocabulary words. These words are not in any particular order. They’re just related to our trip. Enjoy! We’re getting off to a little bit of a late start today, but that is okay. Just taking it nice and easy. Today’s agenda… We are at the beautiful Barcelona coast. And the coast is just the land that is next to or near the sea. Other words for this might be waterfront or shoreline. But “coast” is the most common word you would hear to describe this location. How long does this take you to make? Nine hours. Nine hours? Yeah, I finished now. Very cool! So if you walk along, on the beach in Barcelona, you can see a lot of street vendors. And these are people just trying to sell you things. And they sell anything from carpets, to scarves, to glasses, sunglasses, and mojitos. These guys are everywhere. Barcelona is the city of balconies. And a “balcony” is a raised platform hanging from the side of the building, surrounded by either a railing or a piece of the wall.

And we can see them around here. They’re everywhere. How far did we go today? We have 28,839 steps. Nice! So today, we are going right…here. The architecture in Barcelona is insane. It is so intricate. It’s so unique. And so different than anything else I’ve seen. Architecture is the way a building is designed and constructed. And it can be constructed in different styles. Like this one is designed by Gaudi, who is a Spanish architect. And you can find his buildings all over Barcelona. I like this too. These are really cool. Look…a little snail! A little ladybug! The interior symbolizes a forest with the columns as the trees the branches, and then the lights are the leaves. Thank you audio guide! Here’s some more famous architecture by Gaudi. His work can be found all over the city. So right now we are on our way to… What? Oh…I thought we were going to do that cute couplish thing where they finish each other’s sentences. Güell park! So this is a column. And a “column” is a vertical structure that helps hold up a building.

And often you find them in historical buildings. We saw them in Temple de Sagrada Familia. And as you can see, in this park, these columns are holding up this platform above. There are a lot of columns in Güell park. We are at the Labyrinth Park. So this is just a maze of trees which we’re going to try and get through. Uh-oh. What’s happening? Well, we have hit a dead end. So a “dead end” is just…like a pathway or a street that comes to complete end and there is nowhere to go. As you can see, we have hit a dead end, and we have to turn back around. I think everybody else is lost as well. We’re having a lot more trouble with this than we thought. We keep circling back around the the front, but I think we’re making a little progress now… Oh-no! Oh-no! Another dead end! We’re not. We’ve now attempted this twice and we’ve ended up, each time, right back here at the entrance.

How does it feel? Horrible! I want to get back in there. Alright. Let’s give it another go! Keep hitting dead end after dead end. I think this is the end. We made it. Success! Should we do it again? No! I’m scared. So this massive building right behind me is called a “stadium.” And a stadium is typically where sporting events take place. And inside the stadium there are thousands and thousands of seats where people can watch these matches. Now, this stadium is home to FC Barcelona, which is perhaps the most famous sports team in the world.

Let’s take a look inside. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed our trip to Barcelona. And before we go we’d like to practice what we’ve learned today, so we want you to choose one of the words from this lesson and write a sentence in the comments below. We’ll see you next time! It’s only fitting we end with some sangria and paella..

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