Top 10 English learning mistakes – part 2, how to study English fast and easy, part 2

{“en”:”Hi! My name is Antonia Romaker! Welcome to Series English! Today we continue talking about mistakes made while learning a foreign language, so English learning mistakes. Well, it can be German learning mistakes, Spanish learning mistakes and so on. It doesn’t matter, because here the mistakes are basically the same for learning any foreign language. So the next mistake is when you think that you are the Superman or the Wonder woman! Here I’m talking about too much self-confidence. Well, the reason why I’ve decided to talk about is is that some students come to me after they have been studying at a linguistic school or at the university. And they were told that their level is very high, like… People come to me and say that they have advanced English, but it turns out that they just have intermediate or even lower. So of course it’s good to be confident, but do not be too confident. Try to evaluate your knowledge properly.

Do not be an arrogant beast, who says: ‘I know everything! I speak English perfectly!’ Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody has some room for perfection. So keep studying! The next mistake is perfectionism. So it’s actually the opposite mistake of the previous one, when you think that you are the Superman. And here you think that nothing is good enough, so you want to speak the language perfectly, making no mistakes what so ever. And that’s why you are so shy and you can’t speak in front of native speakers and so on.

Or even in front of other people, for example in your class. It’s not good, so try to find this balance between an optimist and a realist. So you should be confident, but not too much. And at the same time do not be afraid of making mistakes. Since even native speakers make mistakes, it’s quite OK, it’s natural. And you learn, well, the learning process is connected with making mistakes very closely. It’s good if you have a person who can point out those mistakes for you.

But making them is the part of the learning process, So do not worry if you make some mistakes, just keep studying. And little by little you will improve and your speech will just get perfect. Native speakers usually are glad to hear foreigners speaking their language. So if you hear somebody speaking your mother tongue, you should be, well, excited, you should not, well, stop this person and say: You are speaking awful! Just stop! It is terrible! And you make so many mistakes.

Do not do that, you should know better! Because you know how hard it is to speak a foreign language. So next time you hear somebody speaking your mother tongue try to be a little bit more encouraging, OK? The next mistake – bored to death. So some teachers choose really boring textbooks and materials. It’s not good. Even if you study the language yourself And you just, well, choose some official textbooks with grammar and vocabulary, well-structured.

And you just use these textbooks, you will get bored to death, believe me! So try to make the process more colorful and exciting! Choose the materials you find interesting. For example, I love watching TV shows, and that’s why I watch TV shows in English, in German and probably later on, when I decide to study, let’s say, Spanish, I will watch Spanish TV shows or Television. It helps a lot, because I enjoy the process. So if you like playing games, then play games in English, or German, or Spanish, or any other language. So find your passion and try to connect the learning process with this passion, so that the process won’t be boring! Try to make it fun and then you will improve much faster! The next one is premature speaking. A lot of teachers at many schools and universities make students speak too early. It’s not a very good thing to do, because if you do not have some basic information in your head, some basic structures, and you force yourself, you make yourself speak, you will make a lot of mistakes and it will make you feel depressed and blue.

For example, as for me, I studied the language for a very long period of time with my family: my father and my sister. And for a very long period of time we had been just reading and listening, and watching, and studying grammar and that’s it. And then I met a foreigner, and I just had to speak. I had no other choice, and I spoke really well. At least that foreigner told me so, maybe he was too polite. Anyway I had almost no problems speaking, it was so natural and so easy. So that’s why speaking too early might not be a very good idea. Well, I’m not talking about practicing and creating sentences, you should do it. But as for answering some questions, formulating some ideas, some stories and so on, you should wait for a couple of months to get the idea of the language. And when you get better when you have some structures in your head then you can start speaking. And it will be much easier and much more natural. And the last mistake is formalism. So if you take just formal, official textbooks, like ‘English Grammar in Use’ or something of the kind, and study just using this material without studying some colloquialisms and idioms and, well, slang expressions, it might also be not a very good idea.

Especially if you want to travel to other countries. And if you want to visit the United States of America or the United Kingdom or the Australia, where people speak the language naturally and where people use a lot of slang, then you will find yourself in trouble! So you should study different parts of the language. So this problem is partially connected with you being well-structured. So study some idioms and slang expressions, it will help you a lot. Since any language is a live creature. It improves, it flows, and we need to surf around. OK, so that’s it, today we talked about top mistakes, made while learning a foreign language, made while learning English. I hope that my class helped you a little bit, and now you will try not to make these mistakes and you will study the language properly. If you have any other questions, if you have any other problems, which you have while studying a foreign language, then write a comment, we’ll talk about it, we’ll discuss it. So keep studying English with me and keep studying Russian with me. I hope to see you soon, happy English and Russian practice.

Bye-bye! p.s. If you haven’t watched the first part of ‘English learning mistakes’, then I highly recommend watching it. Here it is, click the link and you will be transported to ‘English learning mistakes, part one’. Do not forget to like this video, it will help me a lot! Also subscribe to my channel to continue studying the languages with me. Bye! I also have the second channel, where I teach English in Russian. So you can find a lot of useful classes there, if you are at the beginning of the process, of the English learning process! Bye!. “}

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