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{“en”:”Levels Basic to Advanced Vocabulary Grammar Listening and reading Let’s view a typical study session Entering today, the platform informs me that I have 91 words or rules to review and that the review will take 26 minutes. Why review before seeing new material? This is due to principles of Spaced Learning Everyone has a forgetting curve, and Harvard studies have concluded that if you interfere with the forgetting curve at the proper times you are more likely to remember something for a lifetime Study is not the same thing as learning Learning is remembering for life. With spaced learning You learn more and study less Here the question is shown and the answer is requested This is the probability that I have of having learned the item. These are the seconds that I have to answer Using this option forces me to give responses only from my head and avoids the use of hand-written notes and copies This is the number of errors that I can make If I make many mistakes, the system realizes I have problems in learning it, and flags it for more frequent reviews.

I continue with my review of today I get to the last questions Letu2019s look at the history of the word that Iu2019ve just answered. The first time I saw it was on March 1 I answered quickly and correctly so the system scheduled it to be reviewed for two weeks later That day I also answered correctly and quickly so the review was set for April 14th After 30 days of not having seen the word I easily remembered it without help so now the system considered it learned and and removes it from the automatic review process In total, I saw the word “HAPPY” only 3 times Last question As you can see, this item is almost learned.

This is the history of this word on its way to be learned On November 5 I took the quiz and answered incorrectly so it was scheduled to be reviewed three days later I didnu2019t remembered that day either, so the next quiz was scheduled even closer As you see, the more I have trouble learning the more frequent are the rehearsals At later dates I answered correctly so the rehearsals were increasingly spaced out in days until the exam on April 14 This day is very important because if I answer the question correctly the system will consider it learned and will retire it from the automatic review process It would be considered learned because 62 days have passed since the last time I had seen it and if I answered correctly and unaided the likelihood of remembering it for life will be close to 100% The higher the probability of having learned something (i.e.

To remember for life) the more demanding the system is Let’s see why On November 5 I saw this word “teaspoon” which had a 37% chance of being learned and only had 35 seconds to answer and could not make more than 2 errors In contrast, when I reviewed it on January 11 I had 20 seconds to answer and I was allowed to make 0 errors Start a new lesson Now, we can study new material I choose how many items I want to study in this session Here I have what I must learn examples notes The notes try to make learning fun Voice Recorder Ability to record and compare pronunciation Most of the content is in English but the student can always get help in the native language to avoid getting stuck Two available dictionaries The course has two dictionaries obtainable by double-clicking any word If the student double-clicks a common word probably he or she is a student who is just starting to learn English and therefore the word is translated directly into Spanish If the word is not commonly used, the word is defined in plain English in order to have the student immersed in English for as long as possible Even when the dictionary of non-common words is shown the definition can be translated by clicking on it Sentence translator If getting the meaning word for word is not enough you can also select an entire sentence and get its translation clock This clock shows the total time of study today After three minutes of inactivity, the clock stops share remarks Students can also post comments on each word or rule studied for personal use or if they want to share them with friends or the community at large Personalized mp3 lessons After a few days of study the platform has already identified what material I have trouble remembering Then I may ask it to assemble an mp3 sound file so I can listen to it on my iPod, smart phone, DVD, etc This allows me to study while traveling to my school or university, before sleeping etc.

The mp3 file is personalized It contains only my mistakes I download it as many times as I want So I study wherever and whenever Besides studying using a Web browser you can also do it on iPhone, iPad, or Android based devices Finally, let’s consider the stats page This is the total number of lessons in the course which I have studied all I’ve learned 3,101 of them This is the progress of study, which is related to the two previous bars I may have studied the whole course, but have learned only a portion of it When the progress bar reaches 100% the course is already learned that is, the likelihood of remembering it for a lifetime is close to 100% Studying is not the same as learning The most advanced program to learn English”}

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