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{“en”:”Hi there, Vladimir here with another video on how to learn English OK, let me cut to the chase with this video there is no such thing as the best language teacher You are your best language teacher you need to teach yourself English How important is a teacher for learning a language? Not that important, I believe. But let me make something perfectly clear. I am talking about adult learners people watching this video Independent thinkers, people who know how to use the Internet and this thing called Google search engine for young children the teacher plays an extremely important role but for an adult, not that big of a role And why? Because of this thing called the Internet You don’t need a teacher to find the answer to your question and that’s particularly true of language learning and especially of learning English the arrogance of some teachers on YouTube teachers claiming to have taught people English perfect pronunciation, native fluency confidence, perfect grammar What is it that you taught the person that he or she didn’t already know? How to use the Present Perfect, or how to pronounce the TH sound All those pronunciation gurus on YouTube promising the perfect native pronunciation Go fix Arnold Schwarzenegger u2019s German pronunciation or Melania Trumpu2019s east European accent And the so called student in awe of their language teacher Students get blinded by their teachers he is such a good teacher, she is amazing what, why? what did she or he teach you that you couldn’t learn by yourself? You don’t need a teacher to learn proper pronunciation, correct grammar, new vocabulary actually let me take that back.

You don’t need one particular teacher the best teacher You need to see a teacher in every native speaker from Leonardo DiCaprio to Steve Jobs, from the BBC article to the book you are reading from the blogger to the YouTuber you like Immerse yourself in interesting content read and listen and hopefully find somebody to talk to Not necessarily a teacher, find somebody interesting to talk to, not necessarily a native speaker My book starts with a quote from the one and only Albert Einstein I never teach my pupils.

I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn I believe that every teacher should help the student become an independent learner. Thatu2019s why I wrote Virtually Native where I’ve explained everything I know about learning and teaching English I give you the tools to become an independent learner, what you do with them is up to you. I know that once you learn a skill everything looks so easy I’ve learned English, I speak English and I know very well how itu2019s done but for the beginner everything looks so difficult All those new words and confusing grammar and difficult accents, I know I’ve been there. And beginners are looking for that magical method, that super teacher to pull them through Super teachers don’t exist, and at the same time they are everywhere in the movie you see, the online article you read, in the dictionary you use And your job, as a language learner, is to discover those teachers After all you found me, that’s a start, a great start now, all you need to do is read my book and learn how to learn English Virtually Native is available on Amazon and”}

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