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{“en”:”Hey guys, how are you going? Freezing hey, absolutely freezing today. Today as promised we are going to look at the word CROOK. There are 4 main uses of the word crook. Um yeah, 4 ones that we use commonly, there may be others but I wouldn’t worry about them too much, this is enough for now. So the first one crook, I’m crook, I’m sick, I’m as crook as a dog, I feel crook in the guts, Oh my guts, my stomach, I feel crook in the guts, yeah? You can also say, I’m feeling crook, yeah? My wife’s crook, the kids are crook, everyone’s crook.

Um, I’ve just written some notes, I’ll just check I’ve got them all here, Oh you can ask a question, Um,” Are you feeling crook?” Sick, “are you feeling sick?” Um, “Have you been crook,” “Where have you been crook? Where have you been? Have you been crook?” Yeah, so. Anyway that’s the first one and I’ve written some notes for you to look underneath the video, there’s um, a comprehensive lot of notes, um so you can check up on that as well. o.k? The second meaning is, um for a part of your body to not be working well. So for example you could say, “I’ve got a crook back.” which means I’ve got a bad back.

Yeah, or “I’ve got a crook knee, it’s not good, it hurts in the cold. Maybe like today, it’s freezing, maybe your knee plays up in the cold, which means, If it plays up it means, it doesn’t work well, yeah, maybe, you’ve got arthritis or something, um, yeah, so let me just check, other words that you can use instead of crook here are words like dodgy which means not good and we’ll look at in another lesson but you can say I’ve got a dodgy knee or a dodgy back yeah or a dodgy ticker T I C K E R means “heart,” I’ve got a dodgy ticker it means I’ve got a bad heart I’ve gotta be careful. Um yeah or “bung,” a very Aussie word, B U N G I’ve got a knee or I’ve got a bung leg, yeah, um yeah I’ve got some sentences here for example, ‘She’s got a crook back, she shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy.

O.k. So that’s the second meaning for your body part not to be working well. The third meaning can mean and this is not slang this is just a word um used as a noun, like he’s a crook, um like a criminal an untrustworthy person, you wouldn’t trust them, yeah, so ” Be careful of that guy, he’s a crook.” For example, someone who’s like does um yeah small crimes like stealing and car theft they’re a small time crook. Big, big time crook you know like mafia type, type people, um, yeah really really bad dudes anyway, um, so yeah for example um, “She was a crook, (past tense) she was a crook but she’s changed now.” And oh as an adjective you can actually use it as an adjective that um for example he’s crooked which means he’s he’s not honest yeah, if you’re straight, then this means that you are um you’re not dishonest, there’e another meaning but we won’t go into that now, o.k.

Um the fourth meaning I’ve got here um this is very Aussie again and not not as common as the others but it’s still used a lot in Australia, if somebody goes crook on you they get angry with you, so for example, “My mum went crook on me last night, my mum went crook on me last night because I hadn’t done my homework,” yeah? Or “I’ll get crook on you if you, um, yeah, if you don’t clean up your mess, so you can say, “on you, with you,” um often, more often on you, I’ll get crook you, it sounds quite strange but it’s just an expression which means angry, so yeah you can say, “Dad went crook on me because I smashed his car,” which my dad actually did go crook on me and fair enough I I smashed 2 of his cars and blew up another motor, so he went crook on me and I I probably deserved that, sorry dad, um, yeah, that was a long time ago, all is forgiven now.

Um there is another meaning, actually, I’ll just give you the question for that, ” Did your parents go crook on you for getting home so late last night?” That’s another way of saying get angry with you. but there another word “crooked,” which means not straight, yeah, for example here, you can see here, I’ve drawn a crooked line, it’s not straight and underneath a straight line o.k? So that’s a different meaning although in some ways it’s similar isn’t it? You could have your hat on crooked, here it’s on straight, hey man you recognise that? Or it can go on crooked, yeah, maybe your collar is crooked, your shirts all crooked, um or a picture, the picture’s straight here now, let’s bring that a bit closer for you, it’s straight, now it’s crooked so you need to straighten up, it’s crooked, now it’s straight, crooked, straight, o.k.

um, that’s it for today, I hope you learnt a lot, it’s a well used word, um worth learning all of those meanings because we do use it in many different ways, o.k. I think next time, we’ll have a look at the word, “dodgy,” to help you out with some more Aussie slang, this is Mark from Mark’s English lessons, Aussie slang, um, thank you guys for all the likes and subscriptions, and for supporting me and I’ll continue to support you o.k? Have a great day, keep warm, rug up, rug up, R U G means to keep warm, yeah, you wear a hat,a scarf, beanie, well hat and beanie the same thing, but keep warm, wear a nice big jumper and jacket. O.k take care, see you soon. Bye.. “}

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