#FIXChallenge: Learn English, Bitch! | EPS. 2 – Sabrina vs. Eqy

{“en”:”Hi Mothafixers! Today we have Eqyu2026 Versus Sabrina Dan guysu2026 Selamat dating kembali Mike Udah lama ya Mike ngga disini Am I right? Who missed Mike? No oneu2026 Who the hell is Mike And as you guys can see Kita semua pakai Fix merchandise Pre sales nya ada di website ya Bisa pesan di www.fixproductions.co/shop Do you think itu2019s gonna be there? The other day, Nicole did these but nothing came up u201cHere and hereu2026u201d wtf? Untuk episode kedua ini We have local drinks, as usual We have Kolesom Who drank it already? And alsou2026 we have Anggur Putih Our most favourite is of course Anggur Merah This one doesn’t have the newest logo of Orang Tua The new one is more dynamic The new one has sunglasses on it Jadi kan kalian udah tau peraturannya Jadi ada 10 kata Bahasa Inggris di dalam sini Eqy dan Sabrina bakal ambil asal aja Dan ini adalah kata kata yang sedikit susah untuk diucapkan If you guys get it right…

Mike and I have to drink And then if you get it right and want to make a sentence out of that word Weu2019ll take a shot Only if the sentence is right And if you pronounce it wrong Then you guys gotta drink Tapi pada intinya, kalian akan melawan satu sama lain Weu2019re against each otheru2026 That seems weird… Before we start the first round Weu2019re gonna take a shot Buat ngelenturin aja Tos buat episode kedua, Learn English, Bitch! Kata pertama Wowu2026 Thatu2019s easy Wrong! Thatu2019s what a girl usually says to a boyu2026 Terlalu kerasu2026 Mike jijik ih What the hell, Mike?! Lo punya satu kesempatan Thatu2019s right Wait, you have to repeat it correctly Two shots! Lo mau buat kalimat ngga? Kamu harus baca buku panduannya dengan teliti Bagus sekali Gw kan cemerlang banget tau gak sih gw tuh pinter ! Thoroughly itu artinyau2026 How do you say it in Bahasau2026 In detailu2026 Carefully Like when youu2019re reading Aku membaca dengan seksama Untuk Sabrinia di ronde pertama! Her comment is a bit fucked up and I hate it Me too I wonder what itu2019s like to be Nicoleu2019s boyfriend I bet he has hearing problem Sheu2019s so loud ! Imagine waking on a Sunday and likeu2026 Selamat pagi sayang ! Yang penting kan gw punya pacar Gw ngga mau pacar karna persetan dengan laki-laki Gw maunya cewek! Bercanda! Jangan dimasukin ya Itu cuma bercandau2026 gw suka titit Itu2019s getting hot you know Ok silahkan Thatu2019s right What did I say?! Gw kan bilang jangan kasih dia kata yang gampang Dia bisa Bahasa Inggris! I donu2019t give a fuck! That was easy Wrong! What is it then? Jadi L nya itu tidak disebutkan Gw boleh bikin kalimat ngga? Supaya kalian mabok Apa? Ngga lah! Emang itu ya peraturannya? Gampang banget dong Lo lebih parah daripada Putra Gw mau sushi salmon Bagus sekali Ronde keduau2026 Sabrina yang dapet point nya Please let me have the easy one We donu2019t have these kinda words in Ambon I know that Did you went to school in Ambon? Wait say that againu2026 Itu sebenarnya benar Weu2019ll give it to Eqy causeu2026 We feel bad for him The first try was right actually It wonu2019t come out, dammit Be more gentleu2026 I bet it will Iu2019m gettingu2026 Sweaty? — Yes But I donu2019t know Coba buat kalimat Coba gw coba ya Iya bentar nyet! Wrong Chivalry itu adalah cara cowok memperlakukan perempuan Dan jaman sekarang itu orang bilang kalauu2026 Chivalry itu sudah tidak ada When men donu2019t open the door for woman Or you donu2019t pay for their meal What? Is he like a bell boy or something? That’s exactly what I’m talking about In your mindu2026 Udah kayak di taro kalau kesopaan terhadap perumpuan itu ngga ada di negara ini Thatu2019s how your mind trained But actually…

To be more like a gentleman Exactly Thank god I am still one of those people So youu2019re a bell boy huh? I think I can do this one Wrong. That’s right Sabrina was right L nya itu tidak diucapkan I can give you guys examples however I canu2019t do definition For examples.. Letu2019s say, I just broke up with Mike And Iu2019m all alone Then I call Eqy Eqy comes to my place while Iu2019m all vulnerable Thatu2019s what vulnerable means Iu2019m weak Helpless Alright… Jadi kali ini Sabrina yang menang lagi Eqy lo harus minum shot This is so easy! I may be wrong… Wrong ! Mike, apa-apaan?! I’m so mad! Gini nih jadinya kalau dia keseringan berlibur Dia kembali trus gini deh…

Bajingan! If she can’t do it, I don’t think I can You don’t have to drink if you get it wrong He is right ! You have to drink again, so embarrassing ! Do you want me to mix it? No actually, she doesn’t have to drink Endeavour itu lebih buat bisnis sih Oh ya? Lo seharusnya serius disini! Endeavour itu lebih kayak pada saat lo mencoba sesuatu iya gak sih? Yaampun ada suara yang akhirnya keluar Itukah Kau? Jadi tadi yang dapet point nya itu Eqy It seems hard Itu mah gampang Itu bener sih Itu bagus sih Do you know what that means? I don’t So you can’t make a sentence? I can’t Okay fine It’s good right? Fabbergasted itu artinya…

You’re surprised Sabrina kaget saat ia membuka celana nya Celananya? Celananya orang lain… Kenapa gw kaget sama barang gw sendiri? So we have 3 left… I got more and more dumb Dia bernyanyi di paduan suara Kalian minum dua kali, nyet! I can also read that What did I say? Gw kan udah bilang jangan kasih dia kata yang gampang Dia bisa Bahasa Inggris ! I don’t give a fuck Mike didn’t you just go on a detox? Tadi Sabrina yang dapat point nya Why didn’t you finish that? I have just poured it Just so you’re prepared Damn right It’s getting wild in here Wrong! What was that? Most Indonesians say this word… Dan itu salah… Yang tadi Sabrina bilang itu benar That’s what I was going to say That’s good! Pour more, I want more This is crazy ! Gw aja ngga tau ini artinya apa The intonation is difference Mothafixers, ini sepertinya yang paling susah ya Cara kalian mengucapkannya adalah… Apa itu artinya? Itu artinya, waktu sebuah kata terdengar sama dengan ejaannya For example…

Garing In Bahasa, a lot of like… Banyak kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang kayak… Terdengar seperti seharusnya Jadi ingat ya… I wanna ask our editor Irun to put it up right here… Tolong lah Irun, tolong ya Masukanlah sesuatu disini… Jangan Buat kita terlihat seperti orang bodoh I say he did it on purpose Setiap minggu gw kayak orang bego, nunjuk nunjuk gini We don’t really need to count right… The winner is Sabrina My victory is also his… Pemenang di episode kedua dari Learn English, Bitch kali ini… Adalah Sabrina ! Ini akan menjadi pembuka dari show kita selanjutnya…

Yang bakal ada Eqy dan Sabrina Bukan, bukan bayi kok… Kita ngga mau nikah Equ dan Sabrin a sudah resmi menjadi bagian dari Fix Productions Tunggu ya di bulan Juni untuk show terbaru kita… Yang bakal kita kasih judul… Gw gatau deh apa Eqy dan Sabrina akan review hotel hotel di Jakarta… Kalau kalian mau lihat episode ketiga daari Learn English, Bitch… Siapa yang kalian mau kita tantang selanjutnya? Komen di bawah kalau kalian punya kata-kata yang ingin kita masukan juga… Kasih tau kita di komen di bawah Terima kasih, Mothafixers!. “}

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Learn english through story Three is a Lucky Number (level 1)

{“en”:”At five o’clock on a September afternoon Ronald Torbay was making preparations for his third murder. He was being very careful. He realized that murdering people becomes more dangerous if you do it often. He was in the bathroom of the house that he had recently rented. For a moment he paused to look in the mirror. The face that looked back at him was thin, middle-aged and pale. Dark hair, a high forehead and well-shaped blue eyes. Only the mouth was unusual – narrow and quite straight. Even Ronald Torbay did not like his own mouth. A sound in the kitchen below worried him. Was Edyth coming up to have her bath before he had prepared it for her? No, it was all right; she was going out of the back door. From the window he saw her disappearing round the side of the house into the small square garden. It was exactly like all the other gardens in the long street. He didn’t like her to be alone there. She was a shy person, but now new people had moved into the house next door, and there was a danger of some silly woman making friends with her.

He didn’t want that just now. *** Each of his three marriages had followed the same pattern. Using a false name, he had gone on holiday to a place where no one knew him. There he had found a middle-aged, unattractive woman, with some money of her own and no family. He had talked her into marrying him, and she had then agreed to make a will which left him all her money. Both his other wives had been shy, too. He was very careful to choose the right type of woman: someone who would not make friends quickly in a new place. Mary, the first of them, had had her deadly ‘accident’ almost unnoticed, in the bathroom of the house he had rented – a house very like this one, but in the north of England instead of the south. The police had not found anything wrong. The only person who was interested was a young reporter on the local newspaper. He had written something about death in the middle of happiness, and had printed photographs of Mary’s wedding and her funeral, which took place only three weeks after the wedding.

Dorothy had given him a little more trouble. It was not true that she was completely alone in the world, as she had told him. Her brother had appeared at the funeral, and asked difficult questions about her money. There had been a court case, but Ronald had won it, and the insurance company had paid him the money. All that was four years ago. Now, with a new name, a newly invented background, and a different area to work in, he felt quite safe. From the moment he saw Edyth, sitting alone at a little table in the restaurant of a seaside hotel, he knew she was his next ‘subject’. He could see from her face that she was not happy. And he could also see that she was wearing a valuable ring. After dinner he spoke to her. She did not want to talk at first, but in the end he managed to start a conversation.

After that, everything went as he expected. His methods were old-fashioned and romantic, and by the end of a week she was in love with him. Her background was very suitable for Ronald’s purpose. After teaching at a girls’ school for ten years, she had gone home to look after her sick father and had stayed with him until he died. Now, aged forty-three, she was alone, with a lot of money, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. Five weeks after they met, Ronald married her, in the town where they were both strangers. The same afternoon they both made a will leaving all their property to each other. Then they moved into the house which he had rented cheaply because the holiday season was at an end. It was the most pleasant of his marriages. He found Edyth a cheerful person, and even quite sensible – except that it was stupid of her to believe that a man would fall in love with her at first sight. Ronald knew he must not make the mistake of feeling sorry for her. He began to make plans for ‘her future’, as he called it.

*** Two things made him do this earlier than he intended. One was the way she refused to talk about her money. She kept all her business papers locked in a desk drawer, and refused to discuss them. His other worry was her unnecessary interest in his job. Ronald had told Edyth that he was a partner in an engineering company, which was giving him a long period of absence. Edyth accepted the story, but she asked a lot of questions and wanted to visit his office and the factory. So Ronald had decided that it was time to act. He turned from the window, and began to run water into the bath.

His heart was beating loudly, he noticed. He didn’t like that. He needed to keep very calm. The bathroom was the only room they had painted. He had done it himself soon after they arrived. He had also put up the little shelf over the bath which held their bottles and creams and a small electric heater. It was a cheap one, with two bars, and it was white, like the walls, and not too noticeable. There was no electric point in the bathroom, but he was able to connect the heater to a point just outside the door. He turned on the heater now, and watched the bars become red and hot. Then he went out of the room. The controls for all the electricity in the house were inside a cupboard at the top of the stairs. Ronald opened the door carefully and pulled up the handle which turned off the electricity. (He had a cloth over his hand, so that he would not leave fingerprints.) Back in the bathroom the bars of the heater were turning black again. Still using the cloth, he lifted the heater from the shelf and put it into the bath water, at the bottom end of the bath.

Of course, you could still see it. It looked as if it had fallen off the shelf by accident. Edyth was coming back from the garden: he could hear her moving something outside the kitchen door. He pulled a small plastic bottle out of his pocket and began to read again the directions on the back. A small sound behind him made him turn suddenly. There was Edyth’s head, only two metres away, appearing above the flat roof of the kitchen which was below the bathroom window. She was clearing the dead leaves from the edge of the roof. She must be standing on the ladder which was kept outside the kitchen door. He stayed calm. ‘What are you doing there, dear?’ Edyth was so surprised that she nearly fell oft the ladder. ‘Oh, you frightened me! I thought I’d just do this little job before I came to get ready.’ ‘But I’m preparing your beauty bath tor you.’ ‘It’s kind of you to take all this trouble, Ronald.’ ‘Not at all.

I’m taking you out tonight and I want you to look as nice as – er – possible. Hurry up, dear. The bubbles don’t last very long, and like all these beauty treatments, this one’s expensive. Go and undress now, and come straight here.’ ‘Very well, dear.’ She began to climb down the ladder. Ronald opened the little bottle, and poured the liquid into the bath. He turned on the water again, and in a moment the bath was lull of bubbles, smelling strongly of roses. They covered the little heater completely; they even covered the sides of the bath. Edyth was at the door. ‘Oh Ronald! Its all over everything – even on the floor!’ ‘That doesn’t matter. You get in quickly, before it loses its strength. I’ll go and change now. Get straight in and lie down. It will give your skin a bit of colour!’ He went out and paused, listening. She locked the door, as he expected.

He walked slowly to the electricity box, and forced himself to wait another minute. ‘How is it?’ he shouted. ‘I don’t know yet. I’ve only just got into the bath. It smells nice.’ His hand, covered with the cloth, was on the controls. ‘One, two … three,’ he said, and pulled the handle down. A small explosion from the electric point behind him told him that the electricity had gone off. Then everything was silent. After a time he went and knocked on the bathroom door. ‘Edyth?’ There was no answer, no sound, nothing. Now he had to prepare the second stage. As he knew well, this was the difficult bit. The discovery of the body must be made, but not too soon. He had made that mistake with Dorothy’s ‘accident’, and the police had asked him why he had got worried so soon. This time he decided to wait half an hour before he began to knock loudly on the bathroom door, then to shout for a neighbour and finally to force the lock.

There was something he wanted to do now. Edyth’s leather writing-case, which contained all her private papers, was in the drawer where she kept her blouses. He had discovered it some time ago, but he had not forced the lock open because that would frighten her. Now there was nothing to stop him. He went softly into the bedroom and opened the drawer.

The case was there. The lock was more difficult than he expected, but he finally managed to open the case. Inside there were some financial documents, one or two thick envelopes and, on top of these, her Post Office Savings book. He opened it with shaking fingers, and began reading the figures – 17,000 … 18,600 … 21,940 … He turned over a page, and his heart jumped wildly. On 4th September she had taken almost all the money out of her savings account! Perhaps it was here, in these thick envelopes? He opened one of them; papers, letters, documents fell on the floor.

Suddenly he saw an envelope with his own name on it, in Edyth’s writing. He pulled it open, and saw in surprise that the date on the letter was only two days ago. Dear Ronald, If you ever read this, I am afraid it will he a terrible shock to you. I hoped it would not he necessary to write it, but now your behaviour has forced me to face some very unpleasant possibilities. Did you not realize, Ronald, that any middle-aged woman who has been rushed into marriage to a stranger will ask herself about her husband’s reason for marrying her? At first I thought I was in love with you, but when you asked me to make my will on our wedding day, I began to worry. And then, when you started making changes to the bathroom in this house, I decided to act quickly.

So I went to the police. Have you noticed that the people who have moved into the house next door have never spoken to you? Well, they are not a husband and wife, but a police inspector and a policewoman. The policewoman showed me two pieces from old newspapers, both about women who had died from accidents in their baths soon after their marriages. Both pieces included a photograph of the husband at the funeral. They were not very clear, but I was able to recognize you. So I realized that it was my duty to agree to do what the inspector asked me to do. (The police have been looking for the man since the photographs were given to them by your second wife’s brother.) The inspector said the police needed to be sure that you were guilty: you must be given the opportunity to try the crime again. That’s why I am forcing myself to be brave, and to play my part.

I want to tell you something, Ronald. If one day you lose me, out of the bathroom, I mean, you will find that I have gone out over the kitchen roof, and am sitting in the kitchen next door. I was stupid to marry you, but not quite as stupid as you thought. Yours, Edyth Ronald’s mouth was uglier than ever when he finished reading the letter. The house was still quiet. But in the silence he heard the back door open suddenly, and heavy footsteps rushed up the stairs towards him.. “}

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BEST English Teachers on YouTube and Internet 2018

{“en”:”Hi there, Vladimir here with another video on how to learn English Who are the best teachers on YouTube and Internet in general There are so many of them or dare I say: many of us. People calling themselves English teacher, coach, instructor guide, specialist, expert the first, number 1, the best so many to choose from everybody selling their online course I made a video to help you choose 2 questions video This video is about my favorite online/YouTube teachers of English they taught me about 80% of what I know in terms of vocabulary and grammar Here they are Here are my favorite online teachers of English Jack Nicholson George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Jr Charlize Theron, Harrison Ford One of my favorite teachers is a guy by the name of Quentin Tarantino He taught me a lot of slang For my presentation English I have to thank this amazing teacher Steve Jobs taught me so much about the art of giving presentations you can find his free lessons on YouTube Other teachers I learned a lot from you can find on TED and believe it or not, their lessons are free of charge with transcripts and everything For advanced learners of English I would recommend Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld Chris Rock and Louis CK So many of them, I canu2019t list them all special thanks to Joe Rogan, Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel Those are some of my listening coaches, guides, teachers For my reading which is even more important My reading instructors, coaches and teachers are the BBC, CNN, Japan Times, the Economist, Wikipedia to name but a few and what all those teachers have in common is that they don’t charge for their lessons But I left the best for last my favorite online/YouTube teachers of English are these 2 guys: Cambridge and Longman dictionaries By far, the best English teachers on YouTube and the internet and believe it or not their invaluable Grammar & Pronunciation lessons are completely free all you need is Internet These were/are my English teachers, they taught me almost everything I know in terms of vocabulary and grammar speaking of grammar, I do need to thank Google Those are my teachers, and dare I say everybody who has ever mastered English learned from the same teachers Let me let you in on a secret: no one has ever learned a foreign language watching YouTube videos of people calling themselves language teachers The problem with those you call English teachers is that their videos lack Context A situation with beginning middle and end a story Context is essential, you canu2019t remember without context Why does a video giving a list of arbitrary expressions have over 11 million views There is no context, no one can remember that many expressions My teachers/movies provide context: Why, Where and with Whom you can use a certain expression one at a time Why does a video of a person pronouncing a random list of words have million views 10 words, we fixed those what about the remaining 10,000 words, 100,000 words, are they pronounced correctly? are there gonna be another 1000, 10000 videos for you to watch you have Cambridge and Longman for that, free online dictionaries with examples sentences Teaching a language is NOT about being a human dictionary What about me? Every YouTube video I upload is designed to wean you off YouTube videos of people calling themselves language teachers I try to convince you to Stop watching videos of people calling themselves teachers most of whom have not mastered a foreign language themselves Stop watching videos of talking heads but instead watch movie scenes TED talks, podcasts and read read books, online articles, blogs Reading is more important than Listening stop watching and start reading And I suggest you start with my book Virtually Native a book that will give you a tried & tested method for learning English teach you how to use monolingual learner’s dictionaries, how to practice your pronunciation, how to remember vocabulary and grammar, how to use movies to learn English My book is available on Amazon and virtuallynative.com”}

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English Conversation Study in COLORADO – American English

{“en”:”In this American English pronunciation video, youu2019re going to come with me and my parents to Colorado. Youu2019ll get to see some of the natural beauty of this state, and study American English pronunciation in real life. Todayu2019s topics: How to pronounce u2018riveru2019, gorge, the noun and the verb, the idioms u2018to keep your eyes peeledu2019 and u2018keep an eye outu2019. Also, the pronunciation of u2018mooseu2019 and u2018elku2019. >> One neat feature of Colorado is the Colorado river. Now, it might not look like too much here, but this is the river that carved out the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I was lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon on my Epic Road Trip Across America this summer. >> The word u2018riveru2019 is a two-syllable word with stress on the first syllable. DA-da. River. It begins with an R consonant.

When the R comes at the beginning of a word, the lips to make a tight circle for that, rr, and the tongue is pulled back. For me, the middle part is touching the roof of the mouth about here, rr, the tip isnu2019t touching anything. Then we have the IH vowel, so the jaw will drop just a bit and the tongue will come forward. Riv-. >> Then for the V, the bottom lip will come up and make contact with the bottom of the top front teeth. Riv-er. Then we have the schwa-R ending, so the tongue will come back into position for the R. The jaw doesnu2019t need to drop.

River, river. River. >> Weu2019ve stopped here to take a look at the Byeru2019s Gorge. A gorge is a deep, rocky ravine. And, as you can see, we have these nice, beautiful rock faces going up on either side. And I think itu2019s just beautiful. In this case, the Colorado river is whatu2019s flowing down, uh, in the middle. I suppose it is what has worn the edges of the mountains down. >> Gorge is sort of a tricky word. It starts with the G consonant, then it has the AW as in LAW, but the tongue must pull straight back for the R consonant, gor-, gor-, -ge.

And it ends with the J as in JAR consonant sound. Gorge. Itu2019s gorgeous! >> Well gorge also has the meaning of eating too much food, when you gorge out. >> Thatu2019s true. >> On a bunch of food. >> Thatu2019s true. So this is the noun gorge, and the verb gorge: stuffing your face, basically. >> Thatu2019s right. >> Yeah. >> And itu2019s sort of funny in that, in the one, gorge is hollowing out, cutting away >> Right.

>> u2026this big ravine >> Yeah. >> u2026 in the mountains, and on the other, gorge is filling up. >> Right. Stuffing! >> Way too much. >> Thatu2019s interesting. So, gorge the noun is a narrow valley, like you saw, typically with rock walls and a river or stream running through it. The verb has a completely different meaning, to eat a lot of food, to stuff yourself. The word comes from a word meaning throat. Next we drove to Rocky Mountain national park to see elk and moose. >> Okay, so keep your eyes peeled for both elk and moose. Keep your eyes peeled means to watch for something. We use it with u2018foru2019, which you know we like to reduce. Keep your eyes peeled for moose and elk. >> So keep your eyes peeled for both elk and moose. >> Dad, whatu2019s the other idiom we came up with for this? >> Uh, keep an eye out for elk and moose.

>> Yes. As we drive, weu2019ll keep an eye out for moose and elk. >> Keep an eye out for elk and moose. >> Yes. Keep an eye out is not the same thing as keep an eye on. >> No. Thatu2019s correct. >> If we had some elk here, we could keep an eye on them. But since we donu2019t have any and weu2019re looking for them, weu2019re keeping an eye out for them. Keep an eye on means to watch or pay attention to something. For example, keep an eye on the time so youu2019re not late. >> Elk has the EH as in BED vowel. A lot of jaw drop. Then the Dark L, so the back part of your tongue has to pull back, el-k. Then the K. So lift your tongue to the soft palate, and release. Elk. >> Itu2019s fun being able to get so close. Thereu2019s two here, which brings me to the point that the plural of elk is elk.

You donu2019t add an S or anything. One elk, two elk. We got lots of good views of elk. But I really wanted to see a moose. I only saw them at a distance, sitting down. We had been looking the whole day, and I was starting to think I wouldnu2019t see one. Then, just before it was dark outu2026 >> I feel very luck to be seeing my first moose. Moose is an easy pronunciation. Itu2019s the M consonant sound, the OO as in BOO vowel, and the S consonant sound. Plural, just like u2018elku2019, adds no s. Itu2019s still just moose. One moose, a herd of moose. Isnu2019t it beautiful? This is a female, so it doesnu2019t have the antlers. I hope you enjoyed this study of real life American English in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thatu2019s it, and thanks so much for using Rachelu2019s English.. “}

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Fake Out | How to Use English Phrasal Verbs | Learn English Words

{“en”:”To fake someone out! to fake someone out is to trick, fool, or deceive someone on purpose. the action of doing this, the noun, is a fake out. you can use this in everyday life of course, but more commonly this is used especially in the world of sports! this is when a player does something to trick another player. he faked out the goalie by pretending he was gonna shoot at the top left of the goal, but then he shot at the bottom right. what a fake out! hey what are you doing at school? you told me that you were sick. I faked you out. I just wanted to surprise you for your birthday! have you ever faked someone out or been faked out? let me know in the comments. “}

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Box of Islam by Hamed Abdel Samad (English) – Koranic Language and Foreign Loanwords – Ep 17 – (2-2)

{“en”:”That it’s the product of a culture where it discusses these issues like the Salvation, Nature of Christ, Eternity, Heaven, Hell. All of these issues were common in the midst of the Judaeo-Christian culture which generated a lot of discussions about them back then Quite the opposite, this guy discovered something that could be useful to solve a problem for us Muslims when we’re talking about ISIS/Daesh, Islamic martyrdom, Huris and so on and so forth What’s that? The man says that “Hur In u062du0648u0631u0639u064au0646” (Huris) have been misunderstood in the Koran as it doesn’t refer to women in the heaven but to white grapes in Syriac. Even the verse that states ((We married them to Huris)) [44:54] It’s actually ((We entertained/comforted them with white grapes)) [44:54] It’s “Rawwahnahom u0631u0648u062du0646u0627u0647u0645” vs “Zawwajnahom u0632u0648u062cu0646u0627u0647u0645” as diacritics were yet to invented in Old Arabic script.

((We entertained/comforted them with white grapes)) [44:54] Meaning, we comforted them with crystal-like white grapes in heaven. Well, I see that the man is doing us all a favor by saying that our Lord is not turning heaven into a bordello. This way, our Lord is not making the heaven a whore house for martyrs. Even this was to many Muslims a source of internal conflict and doubts Why would our Lord open [the heaven as a bordello]? Why 72 [virgins]? what have you An unlimited number of you know what.

One can last up to 70 years of uninterrupted sex!!!! These details were causing us a lot of anguish but thanks to this guy who discovered a solution by saying that all of this is just spiritual and symbolic. ((We entertained/comforted them with white grapes)) Of course, as expected the average faithful Muslim would object to this and say “No! Don’t change a letter in the Koran” “What’s with this story of the diacritics?!” I’ll give you very simple examples I have three [photocopies of] manuscripts. the first was found in Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque, Cairo, Egypt It was found in Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque It’s written in Hejazi script which is one of the oldest Arabic scripts. It’s dated to the era of either Abdel Malek ibn Marwan or his son al-Walid of the Omayyad dynasty. As researchers are not sure as it’s difficult to determine the age of any given manuscript with sharp precision. This manuscript lacks any diacritics whatsoever and we’re holding one from the 8th century. This manuscript is housed in Bibliothu00e8que Nationale de France, Paris.

You’d find here for instance the opening of The Groups Chapter In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful ((The downloading of the Scripture …)) [39:1] It’s written here as if it was “al-Kotob u0627u0644u0643u0649u0649u0640u0640” and not “al-Ketab u0627u0644u0643u062au0627u0628” with the middle vowel missing not any diacritics on consonants. What does this mean? It means that anyone who was reading that manuscript would have parsed words as he wished. For example, one would read ((Perish Abu Lahab’s hands and perish he)) [111:1] He might have parsed it as “battat u0628u062au062a” not “tabbat u062au0628u062a” and in turn would render the verse with a new meaning ((May Abu Lahab’s hands fall off)) which makes sense too and everything is okey dokey Here’s another example, Samarkand Manuscript which was found in Tashkent, Samarkand **HE MEANT UZBEKISTAN** It’s dated from the 9th century but they say or rather they claim that it belongs to one of Othman’s copies of the Koran which he had sent to the then recently conquered territories following the compilation of the Koran. As we all know how the Islamic legend goes to say how Othman ibn Affan compiled the Koran and created copies which he later sent to Mecca, Medina, Kufa, Basra and the Levant Samarkand’s people said that this belongs to the Koran copy sent by Othman.

It definitely can’t be dated to the era of Othman as the Arabic script used on the manuscript is Kufic which emerged after the advent of the Hejazi Arabic script that’s contemporary to Othman. We note the same problem with the text like the one shown a while ago which is the lack of diacritics and vowels. This is Mary Chapter 11 – 14 You can see here ((Hey John, hold tight the Scripture)) [19:12] You can see that the equivalent “a” vowel in Arabic is missing in “ya yahya u064au0627 u064au062du064au0649” like this “yyhya u0649u0649u062du0649u0649” For “al-Ketab u0627u0644u0643u062au0627u0628”, it’s written as if it was “al-Kotob u0627u0644u0643u0649u0649u0640u0640” parsed by any native Arabic speaker So, this shows you that there was indeed a possibility of letters getting mixed up while parsing texts over time.

When diacritics are totally missing, it becomes very easy to change the meaning of the words by guessing the letters and vowels. Not only did the researcher Christoph Luxenberg search for the borrowed words from Syriac in the Koran but also managed to detect spelling mistakes in Arabic words themselves. He cited an example in Joseph Chapter ((And they came to their father at nightfall, weeping)) [19:16] The man discovered that “Eshaan u064bu0639u0634u0627u0621” (at nightful) doesn’t belong in there and serves no purpose in this verse ((And they came to their father at nightfall, weeping)) First, “Hamza u0621” (last letter in the word) wasn’t introduced yet to the Arabic script at the time.

All of these have evolved over time. Arabic language was a limp language during the time when the Koran was actively downloaded. It was a limp language with 15 letters only. It wasn’t suitable yet to express all these words accurately. Eshaan (at nightfall) and grammar was developed afterwards. Back then, there wasn’t [formal] grammar for Arabic language. So, Hamza didn’t exist at the time. The guy says to the effect “Our brothers, this verse means the following” ((And they came to their father deceptively weeping)) Now, it makes sense. Gheshan u063au0634u0627u064b not Eshaan u0639u0634u0627u0621u064b Since there wasn’t an equivalent “a” vowel nor a Hamza u0621, it could be Eshan u0639u0634u0651u0627u064b or Gheshan u063au0634u0651u0627u064b and the latter is the more plausible here.

This is just an example out of so many examples. Whoever wants to dive into this, they can look up this guy Christoph Luxenberg online and examine his thesis. He put forward many more examples about complete chapters in the Koran in other books There’s a book that he’s just released a few months ago in the US “Christmas in the Koran” which translates to Arabic as follows ….. He provides an example by citing Sura of al-Qadr ((We revealed it on the Night of Qadr. What can I tell you about the night of Qadr! … … The Night of Qadr is better than a thousand months. … … The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees.

… … Peace it is until the rising of the dawn)) [97:1-5] The guy says that this too is an old Syriac Christian hymn that celebrates the birth of Christ and has nothing to do with the Koran. The terms used like ((The angels and the Spirit descend therein …)) It’s familiar Christian terminology. ((Peace it is until the rising of the dawn)) Was the Koran downloaded in one night? No, it wasn’t. So, … If anyone speaks Syriac, … This is my call to religious scholars and the people who will listen to this talk. “Those orientalists want to get back at the Koran” *Hamed makes fun of the accent and delivery of some of the Islamic religious establishment esp.

Al-Azhar folks* Go and learn Syriac and produce your counter-argument to the guy Conduct a scientifc research and consult the manuscripts and don’t make up myths Speaking of the devil, let’s pull up an Egyptian manuscript that’s causing a lot of problems and controversies We have a copy of the Koran that’s known as Hosayn Mosque Koran which was first discovered in Hosayn Mosque, Cairo. It was then transferred to the Central Library of Islamic Manuscripts, Sayyeda Zeenab, Cairo. All officials in Egypt peddle this manuscript as it’s part of the original Othmanic copy of the Koran sent to Egypt It’s a scam. Because this this is from the 9th century, at least. This this is from the 9th century First, this is a Kufic script which emerged after the Hejazi script Second, the style and aesthetics of the script don’t match those of that era Go and ask any reputable manuscript scholar about this not one who peddles myths Go and inquire about this with Francois de Rauch in Paris or Gerd Puin in Germany Those are the ones who are able to determine exactly the age of those manuscripts.

It’s a disgrace that we don’t have … The supposed guardians of heritage don’t have people that can understand that heritage nor read the manuscripts right nor estimate its age right I call on officials in the ministry of culture, ministry of Islamic endowments and al-Azhar This is a scam that this was extracted from the copy of the Koran allegedly sent by Othman which bears Othman’s blood drops even though this document came a long time after the era of Othman. Try to open this topic or debate and I’ll challenge anyone I’ll have in coming episodes a Moroccan researcher who will reveal a lot of unsavory details with respect to the manuscripts and the history of the evolution of the Koranic language since the days of Mohammad till the second and third Islamic centuries.

Take these matters with rationality, secularity and non defensiveness. This is a very important subject that’s related to heritage and the identity of nation/people. It is never a matter of loss of face to acknowledge the existence of errors. However, the fact that you people keep peddling myths to the general public. that this is a copy of the Othmanic Koran needs to stop. It’s a lie Bring your researchers and research the topic further. which is exactly what I call on officials to do See you people in the next episode. Follow us on the YouTube channel Hamed.TV. “}

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the BEST English teacher is …

{“en”:”Hi there, Vladimir here with another video on how to learn English OK, let me cut to the chase with this video there is no such thing as the best language teacher You are your best language teacher you need to teach yourself English How important is a teacher for learning a language? Not that important, I believe. But let me make something perfectly clear. I am talking about adult learners people watching this video Independent thinkers, people who know how to use the Internet and this thing called Google search engine for young children the teacher plays an extremely important role but for an adult, not that big of a role And why? Because of this thing called the Internet You don’t need a teacher to find the answer to your question and that’s particularly true of language learning and especially of learning English the arrogance of some teachers on YouTube teachers claiming to have taught people English perfect pronunciation, native fluency confidence, perfect grammar What is it that you taught the person that he or she didn’t already know? How to use the Present Perfect, or how to pronounce the TH sound All those pronunciation gurus on YouTube promising the perfect native pronunciation Go fix Arnold Schwarzenegger u2019s German pronunciation or Melania Trumpu2019s east European accent And the so called student in awe of their language teacher Students get blinded by their teachers he is such a good teacher, she is amazing what, why? what did she or he teach you that you couldn’t learn by yourself? You don’t need a teacher to learn proper pronunciation, correct grammar, new vocabulary actually let me take that back.

You don’t need one particular teacher the best teacher You need to see a teacher in every native speaker from Leonardo DiCaprio to Steve Jobs, from the BBC article to the book you are reading from the blogger to the YouTuber you like Immerse yourself in interesting content read and listen and hopefully find somebody to talk to Not necessarily a teacher, find somebody interesting to talk to, not necessarily a native speaker My book starts with a quote from the one and only Albert Einstein I never teach my pupils.

I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn I believe that every teacher should help the student become an independent learner. Thatu2019s why I wrote Virtually Native where I’ve explained everything I know about learning and teaching English I give you the tools to become an independent learner, what you do with them is up to you. I know that once you learn a skill everything looks so easy I’ve learned English, I speak English and I know very well how itu2019s done but for the beginner everything looks so difficult All those new words and confusing grammar and difficult accents, I know I’ve been there. And beginners are looking for that magical method, that super teacher to pull them through Super teachers don’t exist, and at the same time they are everywhere in the movie you see, the online article you read, in the dictionary you use And your job, as a language learner, is to discover those teachers After all you found me, that’s a start, a great start now, all you need to do is read my book and learn how to learn English Virtually Native is available on Amazon and virtuallynative.com”}

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Nonsense English Quiz with the fans! [2 Days & 1 Night – Season 3 / 2017.07.02]

{“en”:”The building you see in the back is Mara’s branch of Gapa Elementary School. (The only school in Mara Island.) After its last student graduated in 2016, there has been no more student. Is it closed down, then? No. It’s temporarily closed. We’ve been here before for Two Days and One Night. Was that boy the last student? (Two Days and One Night Season 2’s last trip in 2013.) (Soohyun and Youngjoo) (They spent time together with two students.) (With Youngjoo’s graduation last February,) (the school is closed temporarily.) Today’s “Dinner Game” for Two Days and One Night fan trip is the celebrity’s top three virtues that the fan wants.

It’s called a “Virtue Game”. – I see. / – Oh, I see. We’re going physical. I knew there would be a physical game. For every mission, the first place gets five points, second gets four points and sixth gets zero point. Does that mean if I lose, my fan can’t eat either? Since the fans made a long way to get here, we’ll give rice to everyone. – A bowl of rice. / – Just rice. Depending on the result, you’ll get to choose a side dish. I’m weak at intellectual games. There will probably be some raw garlic left at the end. I should prepare myself. Now, I’ll show you the side dishes you can get. Please bring them out. – My goodness. / – Oh, my. One by one, please. We can put up with it for that. There’s abalone. There’s abalone. – Seafood pajeon. / – There’s jjajang. – Let’s get japchae. / – What’s this? It’s the peak season for damselfish right now. Fusiformis is one of Jeju Island’s regional product, and it’s called elixir plant from the sea.

First place gets to pick three side dishes. Second to fifth places can get two side dishes consecutively. And the last team can pick only one side dish. One team will only get chunjang. It’s either chunjang or the other. The first intellectual mission is speed English quiz. – We’re done for. / – Okay, what’s up? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, N… What’s the problem? I don’t know English at all. – Can you speak English, Mijin? / – No. My gosh. I feel like this will be a battle of idiots. You can’t give any hints using your body. You must only explain in English. (Junho and Minhyung’s team starts first.) Hey. Hey, brother. – I have a set from one to six. / – I’m… (Love fortune number nine) I don’t have that. No. Flip it over and go for six. Okay, six. – Six. / – Yes.

Okay. I’ll show you what sixth sense is. Junho is good at this. I’ll let you know if it’s a proverb or a movie title. Begin. – Let’s go. / – Kkakdugi. This food is famous in Mara Island. Jjajangmyeon. (A fast and accurate answer) Next. After the famous food in Mara Island… – Coffee. / – No, no, no. (Coffee) (Darn it.) Juice. (Crisis comes so early.) – A stick. A stick. / – A straw. No. A stick. – The last letter is a dog. / – What? – The last letter is a dog. / – A puppy? A dog? It’s four words, – and the last… / – A toothpick. Yes. What’s up? (Minhyung understands Junho’s weird explanation.) That’s awesome. This is really awesome. – It’s a movie. / – It’s a movie. – That’s awesome. / – It’s a movie. This is… – “Fantastic Baby”? / – A movie star… – Geungyoung Lee is / – What? in this movie. (He’s in this movie.) (That’s clearly Korean.) You can’t talk to him in Korean.

You can’t do that. No, Geungyoung Lee. (He keeps exclaiming in English) (instead of explaining.) The first letter is… (That) The second letter is… Second? This is so hard. How am I supposed to do this? Can’t I express it physically? Just pass? Skip it. It’s too hard. This is funny. Are you going to be okay with a proverb? A proverb? My cousin… My cousin… You get jealous when your cousin buys a land? (Be jealous of neighbor’s success.) (Amazing) You’re good at reading people.

All I said was “my cousin”. He’s pretty good. The first letter is a cow. The second letter is water. That’s how I should do it. – Cow water? / – Cow water? – No. / – Sommelier? No, no. The first letter is a Chinese character. (Chinese character) – A well. / – Let’s just pass. (Minhyung got it again!) How did he guess that? (Puckering) – What’s that? / – When you kiss, you make this sound. Speaking hesitantly. (He gets the answer despite the poor explanation.) What’s a kissing sound? – What’s that? / – What’s a kissing sound? (Time is over.) – Time is over.

/ – Gosh. He’s awesome. He got it when I made the kissing sound. It’s hard, right? – Did I get it right? / – Yes. Team Junho and Minhyung got four correct in total. – Four? / – They did great. – He’s good at this. / – They got many right. – He’s really good. / – I just said “cousin”, and he got the proverb right. – Which team is up next? / – They were good. – Let’s go. / – Okay. (Defconn and Jinwoong) Defconn is good at this. Listen. Okay? – Okay. / – Yes. Ready? – Go! / – Party time! This broadcasting station, okay? – This broad… / – Yes. Not MBC, okay? – KBS. / – Okay! Okay. (Hairtail) Very long fish. – Look. / – Eel. No, no. In the sea. Sea fish. Very long. Sea eel. (What’s with this guy?) – It’s similar. / – Something like that. Pass. This movie is criminal. (Moving) (He can’t help with the groove.) – You can’t use your hands. / – It’s a movie title.

Minsik Choi. Jungwoo Ha. “Jungwoo Ha”? Just say “Ha Jungwoo”. – Why say “Jungwoo Ha”? / – Very famous. – “Nameless Gangster”. / – Okay! “Jungwoo Ha”. (It means “returning home in glory” in Korean.) First word, gold. – Gold. / – Geum. (The second letter is “Ui” in Korean.) Doctor. (The word doctor in Korean also starts with “Ui”.) – Doctor? / – Take the last part out. (A very simple explanation) – Return home in glory! / – Okay! – Bravo. / – Good job! – It’s a proverb. / – How did he get that? It’s a proverb. Small… (Small) “Small chili peppers are spicy.” – Okay! / – What was that? – What was that? / – Why did you look at mine? (Why did you look at mine?) – I didn’t see it.

/ – Wait a minute. – How dare… / – Little… – Little… / – We shouldn’t count this. – Why did you get it right? / – His face is red. – Stop. / – Gosh. (Time is over.) – You made a gesture. / – What’s wrong with looking? What’s with the last one? All I said was “small”. How did he know? – There aren’t many small things. / – I mean… Defconn and Jinwoong got four correct in total. – It’s okay. / – That’s average. – Good job. / – You got four? Ready, go! (Flippers) Hey. (Junho gives a hint.) Donald Duck. Foot. Donald Duck’s feet. – Flippers? / – Okay. It’s my movie. In 2008… “Scandal Makers”. (She proves that she’s his fan!) (Constipation) Dung. – Dung! / – Constipation. What’s this? She’s good. Party time. I’m an actor. You are a… – Fan? / – Yes. (Samgyeopsal) Meat. It’s part of a meat. Three… He just said “three”. He said “three”.

You want to eat this. – Samgyeopsal! / – Okay. Actor is Taehyun Cha – and… / – Why “Taehyun Cha”? Can’t you say “Cha Taehyun”? – Gianna Jun. / – I can’t understand. – “My Sassy Girl”. / – Okay. Saturday. Four, nine. – “Kill the dog after hunting is over.” / – Okay. – Great. / – That’s amazing. Siyoon and Hwanhee also got four correct. – We’re aiming for five correct answers. / – Choose. – Ready. / – Please, baby. – Go! / – Party time. This island. (Speaking fluently) Jeju Island? – Mara Island. / – Okay. (Patbingsu) Summer food. – Summer food? / – Ice. – Patbingsu. / – Yes. (They have great teamwork.) – I can do this much, too.

/ – And… (Old man) – Charlie’s age. / – That guy. Charlie’s age. – He’s 43. / – No, Charlie’s age. – Defconn’s age. / – Taehyun’s age. Children see him and call him… – Old man! / – Yes. How did she guess that? This is your hometown. – Busan. / – Movie. – “Train to Busan”. / – Yes. – What’s this? / – A four-character idiom. (It means “Beauty and luck seldom go hand in hand.”) Beautiful woman. Beauty? What? Beautiful person… He might not know the meaning. Pass. – See? / – Gosh. (That’s why he only explained the “beauty” part.) (Asian black bear) Bear from Mount Jiri. – Asian black bear. / – Yes. This is – a proverb. / – It’s a proverb. Mother and father fight. Knife. Water. Shot. (He’s trying his best.) Your parents fight. Knife, water, shot. Fight. – She’s confused. / – What is that? Mother and father fight. Mother and father fight? Pass. Your hair… Amazing! – Your hair… / – A bob? A lot of shampoo. Imagine your hair… (Let me show you.) (Silky) – What? Silky? / – Yes. (She got it.) – Great. / – A proverb. – “Silky” was hard. / – Your dictionary no impossible. What? My dictionary… “There is no such word” “as impossible in my dictionary.” “There is no such word as impossible in my dictionary.” (Nothing is impossible for Joonyoung and Soohyun.) Nine tails…

– Stop. / – Gosh. Yes! – Yes! / – How many did they get? – They’re amazing. / – They’re in first place. How did you guess “silky”? – After shampoo, your hair… / – Like this… What’s that? Joonyoung and Soohyun – got seven correct in total. / – Wow. – They got seven. / – Nobody can break this record. – Seriously. / – We’ll get eight correct. How will you get eight? Okay, Jooseob. Yes. – Jooseob. / – Follow me. – Are you okay? / – Yes, I’m sorry. – What? / – I’m sorry.

He’s saying sorry in advance. – Because he’ll do a bad job. / – It’s okay. – Okay. / – That’s okay. Get ready. Go! Party time. (Two Days and One Night) – Your hands. / – You can’t do that. – No gestures. / – You can’t do that. – You can’t do that. / – Don’t do that. – Hey. / – That’s not allowed. (If I can’t use my hands,) (I’ll use my head instead.) – Okay. / – Program. My program. My program. – Program. / – Two Days and One Night. – We need to hold him down. / – Grab him. – Hold him. / – What are you doing? (Binding) – Boom! / – No. “Boom!” isn’t allowed. – You can’t do that. / – Dung! – No onomatopoeias. / – After poop. – After dung. / – Constipation. – What? / – Constipation. – After dung. / – What’s that? – Toilet paper. / – No. After dung! Isn’t it “before”? Before! Before! – Before dung. / – It’s before dung. – It’s before. / – Take a dump? Dung? Gas! “Before dung.” Gas! – Fart! / – Yes! That was too explicit. (It won’t be considered correct.) (Octopus) Head. – Set. / – Head. – Ready. / – Headset. Eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Eight food. – Nine? / – Eight food. – Eight. / – Kick away. (That’s cheating.) Eight feet. – No. / – Eight feet. – Eight feet? / – Food. Go away. Foot! What is foot? – Eight. / – Gosh. – Foot. / – Eight. – Eight. / – Stop it. – Eight. / – Don’t do it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. – What? / – Eight. Eight. Foothold. Foothold. – Foothold? / – What? Which eight? – What is it when a foot becomes an arm? / – A foot… (Laughing) Well… – Octopus! / – Octopus. Hey. – Let me go. / – Octopus. Get away! – Face! / – Gosh. – Face. / – Face… Future. – Future face? / – Face… Face. Look. Future. (Future!) Face… Your face. – Me? / – Future! I think he’ll get it. – Gosh. / – What is it? Skip it. Pass! Pass? (This is even harder.) – He has to guess it. / – Does he know this? Wait a minute. What’s this? Head. – It’s head again? / – Spinning? – Head. / – Set. Good. Head good. – “Head good”? / – Gosh. – My goodness. / – Eat, eat. Head, eat. – Eat a head? / – Me! – Me? / – Eat me? – Head.

/ – It’s a four-character idiom. – Four-character idiom. / – Four idioms. (What is that?) What did he say? (This is ridiculous.) – Head. / – Do whatever you want. – Fish head. / – He failed. – Fish head. / – Skip it. – One, two, three, four, five, six. / – Skip it. – Fish head. Six. / – That’s hard. – Fish-heads and animal-tails? / – Yes. (Taehyun can understand Jongmin’s language.) – I want to play with him.

/ – My… – Keep going. / – This is fun. – My mouth… / – Let’s try this under two minutes. – “My mouth”? / – Three. My mouth. (I have three mouths.) – What? / – It’s not a mouth. – “My mouth three”? / – It’s not that. – “My mouth three”. / – My mouth? (The answer means “I have my own fish to fry.”) (It’s impossible to guess the answer.) That’s ridiculous. Three. “I have my own fish to fry!” He got it. – “I have my own fish to fry.” / – Yes! Taehyun already said it. Sorry. (Don’t be blinded by money.) Gold. Look at gold. “Look at gold”? – Look at gold. / – A gold bar. – You saw gold. / – Look at gold. – You saw gold. / – It’s a famous saying. Venus. – That’s not it. – Gold. Gold. – Yes. Gold. / – Look. – Look at gold. / – A gold bar. – “Look at gold”. / – Look at the shoe. You saw gold. Now you look at a shoe? A gold bar and a peak at a shoe? A gold bar. Look at gold.

No. (Awesome explanation) (He’s very serious.) – Look at gold. / – Look at gold. (They even made the camera director laugh.) Hey, no facial expression. I say, no. – Look at gold. / – Look at gold. – My head. / – I say, no. My head. (When you like a celebrity, you become like him.) – Your head. / – Let’s give up. I mean I… – Let’s give up. / – This is the answer. – Try something else. / – Hasn’t it been 100 seconds? It’s been like 300 seconds. (It was so funny, I couldn’t help it.). “}

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Can these English teachers fool you?

{“en”:”Ready for an April Foolu2019s Day lesson? Wait. Does everyone watching know what April Foolu2019s Day is? I can sum it up in a single line: itu2019s a day when people play silly jokes on one another. Right. We try to fool friends and family. Itu2019s all done in fun. And when people discover that itu2019s a joke, the joker can say, u201cApril Foolu2019s!u201d So five of us teachers have come together to see if we can fool you. Weu2019re each going to ask a true-false question. Some of us will tell the truth. Others are going to try to fool you. Do I look like a person who can handle weapons? Actually, I know how to use three types of weapons. True or false? True. I briefly studied tae kwon do.

And thatu2019s when I learned how to use a long staff, a short stick, and nunchucks. Double and single. Did you hear how I stated my list? A long staff, a short stick, and nunchucks. A common pattern is to use rising intonation on all but the last item of a list, as in one, two, and three. We use falling intonation on the last item. For more information and practice, please check out my lesson on intonation patterns for stating lists and presenting alternatives. I’m from the United States of America but do you know which state I currently live in? Well, if you follow ‘go Natural English’ you probably know the answer.

I live in Missouri. True or false? The answer is false. I made one of the Go Natural videos in Missouri when I was visiting family. My father lives there. But I am not from there and I don’t currently live there. But you can see the video I made and learn about how to use words stress correctly to sound more like a natural English speaker. I went to graduate school to study Linguistics. True or false? False! I went to graduate school to study opera singing. Check out this video I made about intonation in American English and how it can help you sound more native. I have a short clip of me singing opera in that video! Iu2019m British and this is my husband, Jay.

Heu2019s American. Thatu2019s true! So he says tomahto and I say tomayto. Is that true or false? Itu2019s false! Itu2019s the other way round. I say tomayto and she says tomahto. So watch our video on British and American pronunciation differences to learn more. Check this out. I used to work at a fish market. True or false? True! Actually I worked at a fish market for six summers when I was a teenager. Did you notice the rhythm while I was speaking? Did you? When we speak, we stress the words that are most important for people to understand. Those words are on the beat in English. The other words – usually little grammar words – they shrink, they get smaller, or link together. That’s the shrinking and linking. If you’re interested in this topic – so important for practicing English, please check out this video I made.. “}

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USE 4 | A AN THE | English Articles Grammar

{“en”:”English articles, a and an, use 4! before the countable nouns we were telling you about, if there is an adjective or adverb-adjective combination, the indefinite article, a or an, will agree with the adjective or adverb, not the noun. let me give you some examples: I saw an amazing movie last night. An does not agree with movie, otherwise we would say “a” movie. I listen to an incredibly well-written song, this is adverb-adjective and then noun. the adverb “incredibly” starts with a vowel sound, so we need an, even though song starts with a consonant sound. articles aren’t that difficult! make it even easier u2013 write your examples in the comments, give us a couple of these and subscribe and like, because then you will know when the freshest videos are available. “}

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