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{“en”:”At five o’clock on a September afternoon Ronald Torbay was making preparations for his third murder. He was being very careful. He realized that murdering people becomes more dangerous if you do it often. He was in the bathroom of the house that he had recently rented. For a moment he paused to look in the mirror. The face that looked back at him was thin, middle-aged and pale. Dark hair, a high forehead and well-shaped blue eyes. Only the mouth was unusual – narrow and quite straight. Even Ronald Torbay did not like his own mouth. A sound in the kitchen below worried him. Was Edyth coming up to have her bath before he had prepared it for her? No, it was all right; she was going out of the back door. From the window he saw her disappearing round the side of the house into the small square garden. It was exactly like all the other gardens in the long street. He didn’t like her to be alone there. She was a shy person, but now new people had moved into the house next door, and there was a danger of some silly woman making friends with her.

He didn’t want that just now. *** Each of his three marriages had followed the same pattern. Using a false name, he had gone on holiday to a place where no one knew him. There he had found a middle-aged, unattractive woman, with some money of her own and no family. He had talked her into marrying him, and she had then agreed to make a will which left him all her money. Both his other wives had been shy, too. He was very careful to choose the right type of woman: someone who would not make friends quickly in a new place. Mary, the first of them, had had her deadly ‘accident’ almost unnoticed, in the bathroom of the house he had rented – a house very like this one, but in the north of England instead of the south. The police had not found anything wrong. The only person who was interested was a young reporter on the local newspaper. He had written something about death in the middle of happiness, and had printed photographs of Mary’s wedding and her funeral, which took place only three weeks after the wedding.

Dorothy had given him a little more trouble. It was not true that she was completely alone in the world, as she had told him. Her brother had appeared at the funeral, and asked difficult questions about her money. There had been a court case, but Ronald had won it, and the insurance company had paid him the money. All that was four years ago. Now, with a new name, a newly invented background, and a different area to work in, he felt quite safe. From the moment he saw Edyth, sitting alone at a little table in the restaurant of a seaside hotel, he knew she was his next ‘subject’. He could see from her face that she was not happy. And he could also see that she was wearing a valuable ring. After dinner he spoke to her. She did not want to talk at first, but in the end he managed to start a conversation.

After that, everything went as he expected. His methods were old-fashioned and romantic, and by the end of a week she was in love with him. Her background was very suitable for Ronald’s purpose. After teaching at a girls’ school for ten years, she had gone home to look after her sick father and had stayed with him until he died. Now, aged forty-three, she was alone, with a lot of money, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. Five weeks after they met, Ronald married her, in the town where they were both strangers. The same afternoon they both made a will leaving all their property to each other. Then they moved into the house which he had rented cheaply because the holiday season was at an end. It was the most pleasant of his marriages. He found Edyth a cheerful person, and even quite sensible – except that it was stupid of her to believe that a man would fall in love with her at first sight. Ronald knew he must not make the mistake of feeling sorry for her. He began to make plans for ‘her future’, as he called it.

*** Two things made him do this earlier than he intended. One was the way she refused to talk about her money. She kept all her business papers locked in a desk drawer, and refused to discuss them. His other worry was her unnecessary interest in his job. Ronald had told Edyth that he was a partner in an engineering company, which was giving him a long period of absence. Edyth accepted the story, but she asked a lot of questions and wanted to visit his office and the factory. So Ronald had decided that it was time to act. He turned from the window, and began to run water into the bath.

His heart was beating loudly, he noticed. He didn’t like that. He needed to keep very calm. The bathroom was the only room they had painted. He had done it himself soon after they arrived. He had also put up the little shelf over the bath which held their bottles and creams and a small electric heater. It was a cheap one, with two bars, and it was white, like the walls, and not too noticeable. There was no electric point in the bathroom, but he was able to connect the heater to a point just outside the door. He turned on the heater now, and watched the bars become red and hot. Then he went out of the room. The controls for all the electricity in the house were inside a cupboard at the top of the stairs. Ronald opened the door carefully and pulled up the handle which turned off the electricity. (He had a cloth over his hand, so that he would not leave fingerprints.) Back in the bathroom the bars of the heater were turning black again. Still using the cloth, he lifted the heater from the shelf and put it into the bath water, at the bottom end of the bath.

Of course, you could still see it. It looked as if it had fallen off the shelf by accident. Edyth was coming back from the garden: he could hear her moving something outside the kitchen door. He pulled a small plastic bottle out of his pocket and began to read again the directions on the back. A small sound behind him made him turn suddenly. There was Edyth’s head, only two metres away, appearing above the flat roof of the kitchen which was below the bathroom window. She was clearing the dead leaves from the edge of the roof. She must be standing on the ladder which was kept outside the kitchen door. He stayed calm. ‘What are you doing there, dear?’ Edyth was so surprised that she nearly fell oft the ladder. ‘Oh, you frightened me! I thought I’d just do this little job before I came to get ready.’ ‘But I’m preparing your beauty bath tor you.’ ‘It’s kind of you to take all this trouble, Ronald.’ ‘Not at all.

I’m taking you out tonight and I want you to look as nice as – er – possible. Hurry up, dear. The bubbles don’t last very long, and like all these beauty treatments, this one’s expensive. Go and undress now, and come straight here.’ ‘Very well, dear.’ She began to climb down the ladder. Ronald opened the little bottle, and poured the liquid into the bath. He turned on the water again, and in a moment the bath was lull of bubbles, smelling strongly of roses. They covered the little heater completely; they even covered the sides of the bath. Edyth was at the door. ‘Oh Ronald! Its all over everything – even on the floor!’ ‘That doesn’t matter. You get in quickly, before it loses its strength. I’ll go and change now. Get straight in and lie down. It will give your skin a bit of colour!’ He went out and paused, listening. She locked the door, as he expected.

He walked slowly to the electricity box, and forced himself to wait another minute. ‘How is it?’ he shouted. ‘I don’t know yet. I’ve only just got into the bath. It smells nice.’ His hand, covered with the cloth, was on the controls. ‘One, two … three,’ he said, and pulled the handle down. A small explosion from the electric point behind him told him that the electricity had gone off. Then everything was silent. After a time he went and knocked on the bathroom door. ‘Edyth?’ There was no answer, no sound, nothing. Now he had to prepare the second stage. As he knew well, this was the difficult bit. The discovery of the body must be made, but not too soon. He had made that mistake with Dorothy’s ‘accident’, and the police had asked him why he had got worried so soon. This time he decided to wait half an hour before he began to knock loudly on the bathroom door, then to shout for a neighbour and finally to force the lock.

There was something he wanted to do now. Edyth’s leather writing-case, which contained all her private papers, was in the drawer where she kept her blouses. He had discovered it some time ago, but he had not forced the lock open because that would frighten her. Now there was nothing to stop him. He went softly into the bedroom and opened the drawer.

The case was there. The lock was more difficult than he expected, but he finally managed to open the case. Inside there were some financial documents, one or two thick envelopes and, on top of these, her Post Office Savings book. He opened it with shaking fingers, and began reading the figures – 17,000 … 18,600 … 21,940 … He turned over a page, and his heart jumped wildly. On 4th September she had taken almost all the money out of her savings account! Perhaps it was here, in these thick envelopes? He opened one of them; papers, letters, documents fell on the floor.

Suddenly he saw an envelope with his own name on it, in Edyth’s writing. He pulled it open, and saw in surprise that the date on the letter was only two days ago. Dear Ronald, If you ever read this, I am afraid it will he a terrible shock to you. I hoped it would not he necessary to write it, but now your behaviour has forced me to face some very unpleasant possibilities. Did you not realize, Ronald, that any middle-aged woman who has been rushed into marriage to a stranger will ask herself about her husband’s reason for marrying her? At first I thought I was in love with you, but when you asked me to make my will on our wedding day, I began to worry. And then, when you started making changes to the bathroom in this house, I decided to act quickly.

So I went to the police. Have you noticed that the people who have moved into the house next door have never spoken to you? Well, they are not a husband and wife, but a police inspector and a policewoman. The policewoman showed me two pieces from old newspapers, both about women who had died from accidents in their baths soon after their marriages. Both pieces included a photograph of the husband at the funeral. They were not very clear, but I was able to recognize you. So I realized that it was my duty to agree to do what the inspector asked me to do. (The police have been looking for the man since the photographs were given to them by your second wife’s brother.) The inspector said the police needed to be sure that you were guilty: you must be given the opportunity to try the crime again. That’s why I am forcing myself to be brave, and to play my part.

I want to tell you something, Ronald. If one day you lose me, out of the bathroom, I mean, you will find that I have gone out over the kitchen roof, and am sitting in the kitchen next door. I was stupid to marry you, but not quite as stupid as you thought. Yours, Edyth Ronald’s mouth was uglier than ever when he finished reading the letter. The house was still quiet. But in the silence he heard the back door open suddenly, and heavy footsteps rushed up the stairs towards him.. “}

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{“en”:”First Snow Fall Today is November 26th. It snowed all day today. The snow is beautiful. The snow finally stopped. My sister and I are excited. My Mom doesn’t like the snow. My Mom has to shovel the drive way. My sister and I get to play. I put on my hat and mittens. My Mom puts on my scarf. My Mom zippers my jacket. My sister puts on her hat and mittens. My Mom puts on her scarf. My Mom zippers her jacket. My sister and I go outside. We begin to make a snow man. My Mom starts to shovel the snow. My sister and I make snow angels. My sister and I throw snowballs. It starts to snow again. We go inside for hot chocolate. Jessica’s First Day of School Today is Jessica’s first day of kindergarten. Jessica and her parents walk to school. Jessica’s Mom walks with her to her classroom. Jessica meets her teacher. His name is Mr. Parker. The school bell rings at A.M.. Jessica hugs and kisses her Mom goodbye. Jessica’s Mom says “I love you.” At A.M., Jessica stands for the National anthem. Mr. Parker calls out children’s names.

Each child yells back “Here.” Mr. Parker teaches them about letters. Mr. Parker teaches them about numbers. At A.M. the students have recess. Recess is fun. The students get to play and eat. At A.M. the students go to gym class. At A.M. the students return to Mr. Parker’s classroom. Mr. Parker tells the students to sit on the carpet. Mr. Parker reads the students a story. Mr. Parker teaches the students a song. The lunch bell rings. Jessica’s first day of school is over. My Flower Garden My name is Anne. I love flowers. I have a flower garden.

My garden is in front of my house. My neighbour has a garden too. My garden has different types of flowers. I have roses in my garden. I have tulips in my garden. I have petunias in my garden. My garden has different colours. I plant red flowers. I plant orange flowers. I plant blue flowers. I plant purple flowers. I take care of my garden. I water my garden every day. I kill the weeds in my garden. I kill insects that eat my flowers. I love my beautiful garden. Going Camping The Bright family went camping on the weekend. The Bright family went to Silent Lake. The Bright family left on Friday. They camped for three days. The Bright family brought a big tent. They brought a lot of food. They brought insect repellant. The Bright family had a campfire on Friday.

They roasted marshmallows. They sang campfire songs. On Saturday they went canoeing. On Saturday they went fishing. On Saturday they went swimming. They went hiking on Sunday. The Bright family saw many birds. They saw blue jays. They saw hummingbirds. The Bright family saw many animals. They saw a raccoon. They saw a squirrel. But they didn’t see a bear. The Bright family had a fun vacation. My House I live in a house. My house is small. My house has two bedrooms. My Mom and Dad sleep in one bedroom. My sister and I share the other bedroom. My house has a kitchen. My Mom and Dad cook dinner there every night.

My house has a living room. My family watches television there every night. My house has a big bathroom. My house has a lot of closets. My house has a basement. My Dad has a workshop in the basement. My Dad makes wood furniture. My house does not have a second floor. My house has a garage. My house has a big backyard. My backyard has a maple tree. My backyard has a swimming pool. My backyard has a vegetable garden. My family likes our house. My First Pet My name is Sarah. I am 14 years old. I have a pet cat. My cat’s name is Milo. My cat is black and white. Milo’s paws are white. Milo’s body is black. She is very cute. Milo’s fur is very soft. Milo was a very small kitten. Milo is a very big cat. Milo cannot have kittens. She is fixed. Milo likes to eat. Milo likes to play outside Milo likes to hunt for birds. Milo likes to hunt for mice. She likes her ears scratched. Milo likes to sit in my lap.

Milo likes to sleep on my bed. Milo is a good pet. Jennifer the Firefighter Jennifer Smith is a firefighter. She is one of the first female firefighters. Jennifer works hard every day. Jennifer exercises every day. She lifts weights. She wants her muscles to be very strong. She saves people’s lives every day. She is very strong. Jennifer is married. Her husband is a school teacher. Jennifer’s husband is proud of her. Jennifer is a mother. She has two daughters. Jennifer’s daughters are proud of her too.

Jennifer is happy being a firefighter. Jennifer is happy being a wife. Jennifer is happy being a mother. Mark’s Big Game Mark’s favourite sport is hockey. He is 15 years old. Mark practises three times a week. Practices are two hours long. Mark plays one game a week. Mark is a good hockey player. He plays on Friday nights. Friday night hockey games are popular. Mark’s family watches him play. Mark’s friends watch him play too. There are always many fans. Tonight is the big game. Coaches are coming to watch Mark play. Mark wants to play in the National Hockey League. Mark wants to make a lot of money. It is very hard to play in the NHL. Mark’s parents want him to go to college. They want him to have an education. They want Mark to be successful. They want Mark to be happy.

The Easter Egg Hunt Samantha is going to an Easter egg hunt. Tracey is going to an Easter egg hunt. The Easter egg hunt is at Sydney’s house. It is going to be fun. Sydney’s mom hid chocolate eggs. Sydney’s mom hid chocolate bunnies. Everybody is here. Everybody has an Easter basket. The Easter egg hunt can start. Everybody must close their eyes. One, two, three, go! Samantha finds an Easter egg. The Easter egg is behind a table. She puts it in her basket. Tracey finds a chocolate Easter bunny. It’s under the couch. Tracey puts in her basket. Sydney finds a chocolate Easter bunny too.

It’s in front of the television. She puts in her basket. Everybody finds lots of chocolate. Everybody shares their chocolate. Samantha, Tracey, and Sydney love Easter. Joe’s First Car Joe is 18 years old. Joe works at McDonald’s. Joe saves all his money. Joe has $25in the bank. He wants to buy a sports car. Joe starts to look for a new car. Joe looks in the newspaper. Joe looks in magazines. Joe finds a car he likes. Joe goes to see the car with his dad. He really likes it. Joe doesn’t have enough money. Joe’s dad tells him to keep saving his money. Joe wants this car a lot. Joe asks his dad to help him. Joe and his dad make a deal. Joe’s dad will lend him the money. Joe must work hard. He must pay the money back to his dad. Joe is very happy. Joe owns his first car. Summer Vacation Today is the last day of school. It is summer vacation. Grace is very excited. This summer will be fun. Grace is going to visit her Grandparents. They have a cottage. The cottage is on Lake Erie.

It is a lot of fun. Grace is going to swim. She is going to play board games. She is going to talk with her grandparents. Grace is going to have fun. Grace is going to a summer camp. She will sleep in a cabin. She will make lots of new friends. Grace will learn campfire songs. Camp will be fun. Grace is going to Cape Cod with her parents. We are going for two weeks. We are going to drive. Grace will see the ocean. Cape Cod will be beautiful.

Summer vacation is fun. Cleaning Up Leaves The leaves are changing colours. I see red maple leaves. I see orange maple leaves. I see yellow maple leaves. The leaves are beautiful. It is starting to get cold. The wind is strong. Winter is coming. The leaves fall off the trees. On Saturday we will clean them up. The whole family helps. My Dad gets the rake. My Mom gets the garbage bags. My brother and I help too. We gather leaves with our hands. We make a big pile. My brother and I jump in the leaves. We make a big mess. Our parents don’t mind. Our parents fill our coats with leaves. We look really big.

Everyone laughs. Play time is over. Back to work. Susan’s Wedding Day Susan is getting married. Her fiancee’s name is Michael. They are in love. They are getting married today. Susan wakes up early. She is getting her hair done. Susan is having her make up done too. Susan looks beautiful. She puts on her white wedding dress. She puts on her veil. Susan needs something blue. Her garter is blue. Susan needs something old. Her grandmother’s ring is old. Susan needs something borrowed. She is wearing her mother’s jewellery. Susan needs something new. Her shoes and dress are new. Susan needs a penny for her shoe. It will bring her good luck. Susan is ready to get married. Remembrance Day My grandfather fought in World War II. My grandmother was a nurse in World War II.

Today is November 11th. Today is Remembrance Day. Today we celebrate soldiers. Everyone wears a poppy. Poppies are red flowers. Poppies remind me of my grandparents. Poppies remind me of their sacrifice. At AM there are two minutes of silence. People remember their friends and family. People recite the poem “In Flanders Field.” It is a sad poem. It helps us remember. Today we wish for peace in the world. Halloween Night Halloween is fun. My mom buys candy. My Mom buys potato chips. My Mom buys chocolate bars. It is for the trick or treaters. My Mom buys me a costume. It is a ghost costume. I am going to be scary. My sister is going to dress up as a princess.

She will have a wand. She will have a crown. She will look beautiful. My Dad buys a pumpkin. It is going to be a Jack O’Lantern. We draw a face on the pumpkin. We carve the face with a knife. Our Jack O’Lantern looks funny. We go trick or treating. We knock on the neighbour’s door. We say, “trick or treat.” Our neighbours give us candy. We say thanks. We go to many houses. We go home. Our parents check our candy. It’s safe. We eat lots of candy. We don’t feel very good. We go to bed. Christmas Eve Ben and Melissa are getting ready for Christmas. Ben and Melissa’s house has lots of lights on the roof. The lights are many colours. Inside they listen to Christmas music. Ben and Melissa drink eggnog. Eggnog tastes good. Ben and Melissa hang stockings on the fireplace. They string popcorn. Ben and Melissa put the popcorn string on the Christmas tree. They put Christmas lights on the tree. They put tinsel on the tree. Ben and Melissa put ornaments on the tree. They put a star on top of the tree.

They get ready for Santa Claus. They leave milk and cookies for Santa. Ben opens one present. Melissa opens one present. They go to sleep. Ben and Melissa wake up early. They run down stairs. There are a lot of presents under our tree. They wake up their Mom and Dad. Ben and Melissa open their presents. They love our presents. Everyone cleans up the wrapping paper. It is time for breakfast. Thanksgiving We are having Thanksgiving at our house.

My whole family is coming. My parents bought a turkey. It weighs 30 pounds. It takes a long time to cook. My Mom wakes up early to cook the turkey. I clean the house with my Dad. The house smells good. We help Mom in the kitchen. I peel potatoes and carrots. My Dad makes pumpkin pies. My Mom cooks squash. I help my Mom make stuffing. I mix the bread and spices. We make good stuffing. It goes inside the turkey. We put on nice clothes. I set the table. My Dad carves the turkey. My Mom makes the gravy. Our relatives arrive. We say “thank you” for all we have. We eat and eat. It is a good Thanksgiving. Learning How to Drive Amy is 16 years old. She lives in a small town. Amy is learning how to drive. Amy’s dad is giving her lessons. Amy’s dad’s name is Howard. Amy has had three lessons. Amy and her dad argue during the lessons. Amy’s mom is giving her driving lessons. Amy’s mom’s name is Jane.

Jane has given Amy a lesson. Jane has decided to stop giving Amy lessons. Jane and Amy argue during the lessons too. Amy’s parents call a driving school. Amy is going to get lessons from a professional. The classes cost $300 for 10 lessons. The lessons are very good. Amy learns how to drive. Amy gets her licence. Housework There is always housework to do when you live in a house. You have to wash the windows so that you can see outside. The floors and the carpets need to be vacuumed. The floors also need to be washed, and some of them need to be waxed. The furniture has to be polished. The bathroom has to be kept clean. After you have a bath, you need to clean out the bathtub. Laundry needs to be done regularly, or you will run out of clothes to wear. The clothes go into the washing machine, and then they have to be dried in the dryer. Sometimes, we hang the clothes out on the line to be dried.

Some of the clothes need to be ironed. You have to buy groceries and put them away. Meals need to be made. You can’t let the dishes pile up in the kitchen. The dishes have to be washed, and the counters need to be wiped. The stove needs to be cleaned, and sometimes the refrigerator and the cupboards need to be cleaned out. You can dust the furniture and sweep up the dirt. You can make the beds. The beds have to be changed too. They need to have clean sheets put on them. There are just so many things to do. Household chores take up a lot of time. Working Outside Today I was working outside. It was a sunny day, and I was very hot. I wore a hat on my head. I watered all the plants. I weeded the flower beds. I cut back all of the plants that were growing too big. I gave some of the plants plant food. I cut the lawn. I raked the lawn. I filled up the bird baths with water.

I swept the sidewalks and the paths. I took out the garbage. I filled the car up with gas. I washed the car. I hung out the clothes on the clothesline. I washed down the lawn furniture. I washed all of the windows on the house from the outside. I was so tired. So I had a glass of lemonade. I talked to my neighbour, and I helped her trim a tree. I planted some bulbs, and then I went into the house. I was exhausted. Daily Schedule I wake up every morning at seven o’clock. I take a shower. I eat my breakfast. I usually have toast or cereal. I brush my teeth. I put on my clothes. I catch the school bus. I ride to school. In my class, we have math and English before recess. At recess time, the girls skip, or walk around and talk. The boys play in the playground or play baseball.

After recess, we have physical education and geography. We eat lunch, and then we play outside. When the bell rings, we line up to go back into the classroom. After lunch, we have history and science. At recess, we play ball again. Some of girls play ball too. In the winter, we build snowmen. If it is too cold, we stay indoors and talk to each other. After recess, we have music and health. We get out of school at three thirty. I sometimes walk home with my friends, or I take the bus. I have a snack and change my clothes when I get home. I change into my pajamas. If it is raining, I watch television. If it is nice outside, I play with my friends. I have supper at five thirty. On some nights, I help my mother to do the dishes. After supper, I do my homework. I wash my face and hands, and brush my teeth. Meals Breakfast is very rushed at our house. My brothers and sisters and I have toast or cereal. We also have orange juice. On weekends my mother makes bacon and eggs for us. My father just has a cup of coffee for breakfast.

My mother packs a lunch for all of us. We usually have a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a drink of juice or milk. My favorite sandwiches are egg salad, tuna, roast beef and ham. My brother always wants peanut butter and jam sandwiches. My mother sometimes packs a treat for us. Today we had cookies with our lunch. At supper time, the family sits around the table and talks about what they did all day. My mother makes good suppers. We sometimes have spaghetti. My mother makes a roast of beef with potatoes and vegetables quite often. She makes many different dishes out of chicken. She makes soups or stews. She also makes casseroles. My brothers and sisters and I have milk with our dinner. My parents sometimes have wine with their dinner. Sometimes we have salad before our dinner. I set the table for my mother. I put out the forks, the knives and spoons. I also put out glasses and fill them full of milk or water.

For dessert, we sometimes have ice cream, cake or pie. My mother said that it is better to have fruit because it is better for you. Tonight I ate a peach for dessert. My favorite fruits are apples, peaches, plums and bananas. After supper, my mother always has a cup of tea with sugar and cream in it. After dinner, I help my mother with the dishes. Usually she washes the dishes, and I will dry them. Seasons There are four seasons.

Winter is the cold season. It snows in the winter. The winds blow, and ice forms on the water. We play hockey on the ice. We play in the snow. After winter is the spring. That is when it begins to get warmer. Trees get buds on them. Flowers start to bloom. It rains a lot in the spring. Spring is followed by the summer. It can get very hot in the summertime. The sun shines brightly. We go swimming in the summer. We spend a lot of time outdoors.

Many people go on vacations in the summer. We get a summer vacation from school. Summer is followed by the fall or autumn. The leaves on the trees change colours. They change from green to red, orange and brown. The leaves fall off the trees. The weather gets cooler. The days get shorter. We go back to school in the fall. Then, winter comes again. The seasons follow one after each other. Weather You can watch the weatherman on TV, to find out what the weather will be like. It might be a nice clear day with no clouds in the sky. The sun might be shining. It could be a cloudy day. Sometimes, cloudy days are just dull. On some cloudy days, it begins to rain or snow. Some days are rainy. You need a raincoat, umbrella and boots on a rainy day. Rain makes the flowers and grass grow. The weather forecast might say that it will be windy.

You could have a gentle breeze. It might be very gusty so that the wind pushes you. It is dangerous if the wind is very strong. A hurricane or tornado is very dangerous. Once in a while, the weatherman says there will be hail. Hail stones are hard cold pellets of ice that fall from the sky. Sometimes, the weatherman will say that there will be snow flurries. Sometimes, there is just a light dusting of snow. Sometimes, there is a blizzard or a snowstorm. It can be dangerous driving through a blizzard. If there is a lot of snow, the streets have to be plowed. You need a hat, coat, mittens and boots on a very cold day.

Sometimes, the weather forecast is wrong. The weatherman might say that it will be a sunny day, but then the clouds come in and it rains. That is not good if you are planning a picnic. I prefer sunny days that are warm but not too hot. I like to feel a gentle breeze to cool me down. House A house is divided into different rooms. In my house, there is a living room. There is a couch, two chairs, a coffee table and a television set in the living room. In the kitchen, there is a stove and a refrigerator. There is also a sink and a dishwasher in the kitchen. There is a kitchen table and chairs. We eat most of our meals at the kitchen table. We have a dining room. There is a dining table and chairs in there.

There is a washroom or bathroom. There is a toilet, sink and bathtub in the bathroom. There is also a shower in the bathroom. We have three bedrooms. The bedrooms are upstairs. My brother’s room, my room and my parent’s room all have beds in them. We also have dressers in our rooms. There are closets in all of the bedrooms. We keep our clothes in the closets. There is a basement in our house. We store things in the basement. There is a laundry room in the basement. There is a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room.

This is where we wash and dry our clothes. There is a garage attached to the house. We keep the car in the garage. You drive up the driveway and into the garage. We also have a front yard and a back yard. There is a vegetable garden in the back yard. There are some flowers and a tree planted in the front yard. School There are different types of schools. There is an elementary school. The children at the elementary school are young. There is a playground for them to play in. The classrooms are bright and airy. There are blackboards in the classrooms. The children sit in desks to do their work. There is a parking lot for the teachers to park in. There is a cafeteria for the students to get food. The principal has an office. Nobody wants to go to the principal’s office. It usually means that you are in trouble if you have to go to the principal’s office.

When you finish elementary school, you go to high school. Most of the students in high school are teenagers. There is a parking lot outside the high school. There is also a football field outside. The students go to classes in different classrooms. They move from classroom to classroom for each subject. There is a cafeteria where they can get their lunches or eat the lunches that they have brought from home. There is a gymnasium where students have physical education. Dances are also held in the gymnasium. Some students go on to university from high school.

Students at the university are older. Some of the students are even senior citizens. People come from all over the world to attend the university. There are lots of different things at the university. There is a theater where plays and concerts are held. There is a bookstore where students can buy their textbooks. There is a physical education building that has a swimming pool in it. The parking lot at the university is very big. They call the land that the university is on a campus. Some of the students live on campus in residences. Subjects There are many subjects that you can take at school. My favorite subject is music. I like to sing and to play the clarinet. I also like art. I am quite good at drawing and painting. History is a good subject. I like learning about the past. Geography is very interesting. We look at many maps in geography.

We learn where there are deserts and mountains. I know the names of all the continents and all the oceans. Mathematics is my least favorite subject. I am not very good with numbers. I am good at addition and subtraction, but I am not good at division and multiplication. In my school we learn to speak French. We learn French because Canada has French and English-speaking citizens. English literature is a good subject. I enjoy reading books. I also like to write compositions and poetry. Science is my brother’s favorite subject. He is interested in plants, and he likes to do experiments. We also take drama at my school. I like to act. I got the lead role in the school play. International Students We have many international students at my school. Some of the students come from England. They speak English, but they have an accent that is different from a Canadian accent. Many students are from Japan. They are learning our language and our customs.

We have students from Germany, Italy, China, Korea and Iran. We try to make those students feel welcome here. The students like to see what is here. They go sightseeing. They visit all the places that the tourists like to go to. Niagara Falls and Toronto are interesting places to visit. The students practice their English by talking to Canadians. When they first get here, we show them around. They do many exercises to learn the language. They listen to English songs. They read story books that are written in English. They listen to English language tapes.

The best way to learn the language is to talk to other people. It is good to ask questions in English. Canadians try to be helpful to international students. Some of the international students live with host families. The host families have the students living in their homes. It is a good way for the host families and the students to make friends. Many of the international students stay in contact with their friends and host families even after they have gone back to their homelands. The international students learn a lot from their host families because they eat Canadian foods, and they learn what it is like to live in a Canadian household. Interests and Hobbies It is very rewarding to have different interests and hobbies. Some people like to play computer games. Other people spend a lot of time watching television. There are people who would rather watch movies. Some people prefer more physical things. They would rather play a sport like baseball, hockey or basketball. Some people do exercises at a gym, or they just go for walks. There are many ways to exercise. You can ride a bicycle or lift weights.

There are people who like to collect things. They can collect all kinds of different things. You can collect stamps, coins, dolls, postcards, movies, rocks or posters. Some people even collect bugs or leaves. Some people are lucky enough to be able to travel. You can travel to a nearby place, or you can travel far away to a different country. There are people who like to listen to music. People have different tastes in music. Some people like rock music, rap, classical music, or folk music. There are many different types of music. Some people would rather play music than listen to it. You can play an instrument, or you can sing.

Many people learn to play the guitar or the piano. Some people join bands or orchestras. There are people who like to read books. There are a lot of different hobbies. It depends on what you consider to be fun. You can have more than one hobby or interest. It is good to be interested in a lot of different things. Movies I go to the movies almost every week. Sometimes, I rent movies from the video store. My favorite films are action films. I like to watch car chases. I like it when the bad guy has a shootout with the good guys. I like the good guys to win. I also like science fiction movies. I like things that take place in the future. I like movies that have aliens from different planets in them. Some of the science fiction movies can be silly and unbelievable.

I don’t like those ones. My mother likes dramas. She has a lot of favorite actors and actresses. She sometimes watches sad movies that make her cry. She also likes comedies. She laughs out loud if a comedy is very funny. My father likes horror movies. He likes movies with monsters in them. He also likes thrillers. I have watched some thrillers that keep you tense and on the edge of your seat. Sometimes, I have to shut my eyes if the movie gets too scary. My brother likes animated films. In animated films, there are no actors, just cartoon characters. My brother goes to the movies on Saturday afternoons with his friends. He goes to the matinee. He gets popcorn, candy and pop. He usually comes back with a stomach ache because he eats so much. Sometimes, my father watches documentaries. Documentaries are about real things. You can learn a lot from watching a documentary. I watch documentaries with him sometimes, but I would rather see a good action film. Flowers I go to the movies almost every week.

There are hundreds of different types of flowers. Most people like roses. Roses grow on bushes, and they smell beautiful. You have to be careful that you don’t prick your finger on a rose thorn. Roses come in many colours. There are red, pink, yellow and white roses. In the spring, tulips are in bloom. In Ottawa, there are many tulips. Some people go there just to see all the tulips in the spring. Forget-me-nots are also spring flowers. They are tiny and blue. Lilies of the valley look like white bells. Many of the trees have blossoms on them in the springtime. The apple and cherry trees look particularly beautiful when they are in blossom. We have a blossom festival in my town. My neighbors like to plant geraniums, petunias and marigolds in the summer.

Some people plant sunflowers. Sunflowers grow very tall. Sometimes a girl will get an orchid for her date. They have bright yellow petals. All of those flowers grow best in the sunshine. If your garden is shady, you have to plant different things. Hostas grow well in a shady garden. Chrysanthemums are fall flowers. Chrysanthemums come in many colours also. There are purple, yellow and white chrysanthemums. Flowers are good to give as gifts. Women like to receive a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day.

Carnations also make a nice gift. They have a very sweet smell. Many people give away lilies for Easter. Poinsettias are very festive at Christmas time. If someone goes to a dance, they often give their partner a flower to wear. If you go to a wedding, you will probably see a lot of flowers there. Flowers help to make places beautiful. The Shopping Mall There are many different stores in the shopping mall. There are ladies’ wear stores.

They sell dresses, blouses, and many kinds of clothes for women. In the menu2019s wear stores there are suits, ties, shirts and slacks. There are also clothing stores that appeal just to teenagers. Some clothing stores only sell childrens’ clothes. There is even a store that just sells bathing suits and cover-ups for the beach or pool. There are lingerie stores that sell ladies’ underwear and nightwear. There are hardware stores that sell tools. There are shoe stores. You buy shoes and boots in a shoe store. There are bookstores. You can buy a book on almost any topic at the bookstore. There are stores that sell compact discs. Those stores also have tapes and videos. There are sports stores that sell special shoes and clothes for sports.

They also sell sports equipment, and t-shirts and hats with the logo of your favorite teams. There are gift stores that sell all kinds of things that someone might want for their house. There are kitchen stores where you can buy utensils and pots and pans. Those kinds of stores also sell aprons and napkins, and anything you might need for your kitchen. There is a movie theatre at the mall. There is a jewellery store that has a lot of gold and silver jewellery. There is a hairdresser in the mall. Sometimes, I go in there to get my hair cut. There are fast food places in the mall. You can get a quick lunch like a hamburger or some french fries.

There are also fancier restaurants in the mall. You can sit down for a nice meal. There is a furniture store in the mall. You could buy a new sofa or bed at the furniture store. There are bulk food stores. At a bulk food store, all the foods are in bins. You take as much as you want and pay for it at the counter. There is even a telephone store and an electronics store at the mall. My brother’s favorite store is the toy store. He could spend hours in there. There are also department stores at the mall. Department stores sell all kinds of things. They sell perfume, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, or just about anything you might need. You can get almost anything you want at the shopping mall.

Travel It is fun to take a trip to a faraway place. My brother just went to Italy and France. He got on a plane at Toronto Airport. He took a flight to France. He stayed there for a couple of days. He visited the Eiffel Tower. He was in Paris. He said that he enjoyed the food in France. He then traveled to Italy. He saw many towns and villages in Italy. He went to Rome and visited many of the tourist attractions. In Venice, he saw the canals. He tried to speak Italian, but he is not too good at it. He said that the people were very helpful. They tried to understand him. He bought souvenirs for us when he was in Italy. He ate Italian food. He said that pizza in Italy is quite different from the pizza we eat here in Canada. He saw many streets that were made of cobblestones. He saw many old buildings. A lot of people in Italy travel around on scooters. He stayed at a very nice hotel in Italy. He was sorry when it was time to come home. My brother likes to travel. He likes to fly in airplanes.

The airlines lost his luggage once. He was not too pleased about that. Next year, he would like to travel to England. The Farm My uncle is a farmer. He lives on a farm. He has many different types of animals. In the barn, there are horses and cows. The cows swish the flies away from themselves with their tails. It sounds very loud if a cow says “moo” when you are standing there. The cows eat the grass from my uncle’s field. He gets milk from the cows. I put a saddle on one of the horses and went for a ride. There are pigs in the pigpen. He has goats. He says that the goats will eat just about anything. He has a chicken coop with chickens in it. The chickens lay eggs. Have you ever seen baby chicks? They are very cute. My uncle collects the eggs every morning. There is a rooster too. The rooster crows when the sun comes up. My uncle also has a goose.

The goose makes a honking noise. I don’t think that the goose likes me. It nips me when I go near it. Many cats live in my uncle’s barn. They are stray cats, but he lets them stay there because they keep the mice away. My uncle feeds the cats. My uncle says that he would like to get some sheep for his farm. You can get wool from sheep. There are a lot of animals on my uncle’s farm. Transportation (1) Every family that I know has at least one car. Some families have two, or even three cars. Most people get their licence to drive when they are sixteen. In my house, we just have one car. If my father takes the car to work, my mother will take the bus.

I ride in a school bus to school. My sister works in another town. She gets on the train to go to work. The train station is not far from my house. The train tracks run right by my house. My grandfather from Ireland came to visit us. He came over by boat. He had to cross the ocean. We went to Florida last year. We flew on a plane. The plane flew right through the clouds.

My friend’s brother drives a motorcycle. He wears a helmet. I rode on his motorcycle once. I had to sit on the back and hold on tight. I ride my bicycle when the weather is nice. I also have a scooter that I use to travel around. I took a helicopter ride once. The helicopter’s propellers were going around when I got on. It went straight up in the air. I enjoyed the ride. I would like to learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter. I like flying through the air. Holidays In Canada, we have many different days that we celebrate. On the first day of January, there is New Year’s Day. That is when we ring in the new year, and say goodbye to the old year. In February, there is Valentine’s day. That is the day when you tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you love them.

You can buy them flowers or candy, or take them out to dinner. In March, there is Saint Patrick’s Day. Everyone pretends that they are Irish on Saint Patrick’s day. They all wear green. Easter comes in the spring. Easter is a religious holiday. Some people celebrate by going to church. Some people think that the Easter bunny comes and leaves chocolate eggs for them. In May, there is Victoria Day. We celebrate this day in honour of England’s Queen Victoria. There are fireworks on Victoria Day. July the first is Canada Day.

In September, there is Labour Day. This is the day that we honour the working man or woman. In October, there is Thanksgiving. We give thanks for all the things that we are fortunate enough to have. We usually have a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day. On the last day of October, there is Halloween. The children dress up in costumes, and go from door to door collecting candies. Remembrance day is in November. People wear red poppies, and they remember all the people that died for their country. Christmas comes in December. Christmas is also a religious holiday, but many children believe that Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. They believe that Santa Claus fills up their stockings with toys and goodies. He gets in and out of people’s houses through their chimneys. We don’t get off work or school for all of these days, but many of them are holidays from work and school. Diseases Some diseases are very deadly, and some are not so serious. Most people catch a cold sometimes. A cold makes you cough and sneeze. Colds can be passed on from person to person.

Some people get the flu. With the flu, you get chills and a fever. A fever is a high temperature. If you have the flu, you will feel very bad. You have to stay home in bed. There are diseases that children get. The mumps makes you have lumps in your neck. Chicken pox and measles leave you with red itchy dots on your skin. Older people sometimes get arthritis. Their bones get stiff and sore. There are people who get heart disease. In many cases, a healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease. Cancer can attack different parts of the body.

Many smokers get lung cancer. Some diseases are treated with pills or medicine. Other diseases need to be treated in the hospital. Sometimes doctors need to give you tests to find out what kind of disease you have. The doctor might have to do a blood test or an x-ray to find out what is wrong with you. Most diseases can be cured by a doctor. Jobs There are many different jobs that you can choose from. You can be a doctor or a nurse. You could work in a hospital or doctor’s office.

You might be a firefighter and put out fires. A policeman enforces the law. An actor plays roles on stage or in the movies. You could drive a taxi or be the pilot of an airplane. What kinds of things do you like to do? You might want to be a sales clerk in a store. Maybe you are good at a sport. You could be a baseball player or a hockey player. Being a dentist is a good job. A dentist fixes teeth. If you are good at arguing, you might want to be a lawyer. Do you like to fix people’s hair? You could be a hairdresser or a barber. If you are good with your hands, you might want to be a carpenter or a mechanic. If you like to travel, you could be a stewardess or a travel agent. You could be a teacher or a photographer. Are you artistic or creative? You might want to be an artist or a writer.

You could work on construction and build houses. You could look after animals and be a veterinarian. If you like to cook, you could be a cook or a chef. There are so many places to work, and so many jobs to do. Maybe you could fix computers or work in a library. You could wash windows or be the captain of a ship. There is no limit to what you can be. My Body On the top of my head, I have hair. Below my hair is my face. I have two eyes. I have eyebrows and eyelashes. Below my eyes, I have a nose. My mouth is below my nose. I have lips. If I open my lips, you will see my teeth and my tongue.

Below my mouth is my chin. On the sides of my head, I have two ears. My cheeks are on either side of my nose. My neck holds up my head. My neck attaches my head to my chest. On either side of my chest are my shoulders. My arms hang down from my shoulders. I have wrists on my arms. My hands are attached to my wrists. My fingers are part of my hands. I have ten fingers and ten fingernails. My back is at the back of me. Further down, there is my waist. If I wear a belt, I put it on my waist. My hips are below my waist.

My legs come down from my hips. My legs are made up of my thighs, my knees and my calves. My knees can bend. My ankles are below my legs. My feet are attached to my ankles. My toes are part of my feet. I have ten toes and ten toenails. I am me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.. “}

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Study English in London

Learn English through story Beauty and the Beast (level 1)

A rich man lives in a big city near the sea. He has got three daughters and three sons. One daughter is called ‘Beauty’ because she is very beautiful. The other two daughters are called Rosalind and Hortensia. They are lazy and unfriendly. They like going out and having fun. They both want to find a rich husband. They do not like Beauty because she is beautiful. Beauty has got long red hair. She is kind and friendly. She likes staying at home and reading books. She also likes playing the piano. Beauty’s father is a merchant. One day he loses all his money because his ship is lost at sea. ‘My dear children,’ he says sadly, ‘I haven’t got much money. We’re poor. We must leave this big house and go and live in the country.’ ‘Oh, dear!’ say the two sisters. ‘We’re poor – this is terrible!’ ‘What bad luck!’ say the three brothers.

‘We have to work now,’ says Beauty’s father. ‘Work?’ say the two sisters. ‘No, we don’t want to work! And we don’t want to live in the country.’ They start to cry. Beauty is sad but she says, ‘Let’s not cry! We can work and be happy without money.’ The family goes to the country and lives in a small house. Beauty gets up at four o’clock every morning to clean the house and cook. Then she washes the family’s clothes in the river. The three brothers work in the country. Rosalind and Hortensia do not work. They do nothing all day. They sleep all morning and walk in the woods in the afternoon. ‘I’m unhappy,’ says Rosalind. ‘I don’t like the country because there’s nothing to do.’ ‘We can’t go to the theatre and wear nice clothes,’ says Hortensia. ‘And we haven’t got any friends.’ ‘Look at Beauty,’ says Rosalind angrily.

‘She works and she’s happy in this terrible place.’ Beauty’s father says, ‘Dear Beauty, you work a lot and you’re always happy. You’re a wonderful daughter.’ A year later Beauty’s father gets an important letter. He calls his six children and says, ‘Listen to this letter:’ You ship is here. It is not lost at sea! Please come to the port. Everyone is happy. ‘This is wonderful news!’ say the three sons. ‘Yes,’ says their father, ‘the ship with my goods is in the port.’ ‘We’re rich again!’ says Rosalind. ‘We can buy beautiful clothes.’ ‘We can go back to our big house in the city,’ says Hortensia. ‘I must go to the port today,’ says her father happily. ‘Oh, father,’ says Hortensia, ‘bring me some new clothes and new hats.’ ‘Yes,’ says Rosalind, ‘and some new shoes and jewels.’ Beauty’s father looks at her and says, ‘What do you want, Beauty?’ ‘Please don’t spend your money, father,’ says Beauty.

‘Just bring me a rose.’ Beauty’s father gets to the port and finds his ship. But there are no goods on it – it is empty! ‘What bad luck!’ he says angrily. ‘I must go home and tell the children the bad news.’ On the way home he crosses a big forest. It is snowing and windy. He is lost. ‘Where am I?’ he thinks. ‘Where can I go? I’m very cold and tired.’ He hears some wolves and he is afraid. Suddenly he sees a big castle in the forest. And there are lights in the windows. ‘Oh, good!’ he thinks. ‘Perhaps the people in the castle can help me.’ He takes his horse to the stable near the castle.

He knocks on the big door of the castle but no one answers. He waits outside the door. Then he opens the door and goes inside. He sees a big hall with a fireplace. There is a long table with a lot of food on it. He is cold and sits near the fireplace. ‘How strange,’ he thinks, ‘there’s no one here.’ He is hungry and sits down at the table and starts to eat. Then he is sleepy. He finds a warm, comfortable bed and falls asleep. The next morning he finds some new clothes near his bed.

‘How nice! New clothes!’ he thinks. ‘A kind person lives in this castle.’ He looks out of the window and is surprised. ‘It’s not snowing and it’s a beautiful day!’ he thinks. ‘And there are flowers in the garden.’ He gets dressed and goes to the hall. There are biscuits, chocolate and milk on the long table. He sits down and says, ‘Thank you for this lovely breakfast.’ He looks round but sees no one. He eats and decides to go home. He goes to the stable and gets his horse.

In the garden he sees some roses. ‘Beauty wants a rose,’ he thinks. He takes a lovely one. Suddenly he hears a terrible noise. He turns round and sees an ugly monster. CHAPTER THREE – The Beast ‘You’re a bad man!’ cries the Beast angrily. ‘You come to my castle and I save your life. You eat here and you sleep here. And then you take one of my beautiful roses. For this you must die!’ Beauty’s father starts to cry. Oh, sir, I’m sorry! You’re very kind. Please don’t be angry with me. This rose is for one of my daughters.’ ‘My name is not “sir” – it is Beast. Please call me by my name. You talk about your daughters. Then one of your daughters must die in your place.’ ‘Oh, no!’ says Beauty’s father. ‘They’re young and they don’t want to die.’ ‘Then you must come back here and die,’ says the Beast. ‘I can wait three months. Do you agree to come back?’ Beauty’s father agrees to come back. ‘My daughters must not die,’ he thinks. ‘I want to go home and see my children for the last time.’ Before Beauty’s father leaves the castle the Beast talks to him.

‘I’m not had,’ says the Beast. ‘Go back to your bedroom. There is a big chest there. Fill it with everything you want and it is yours.’ Beauty’s father fills the chest with a lot of gold. Then he gets on his horse and goes home. When he is at home he gives the rose to Beauty. ‘Take this rose, Beauty,’ he says sadly. ‘Let me tell you about my terrible adventure.’ He tells his children about the empty ship in the port, the castle in the forest and the Beast.

Rosalind and Hortensia are angry with Beauty. They say, ‘Father must die because you like roses, Beauty!’ ‘No,’ says Beauty, ‘father is not going to die. I’m going to the Beast’s castle!’ ‘No, dear sister,’ say her three brothers. ‘We’re going to his castle and we’re going to kill him!’ ‘No, that’s not possible,’ says their father. ‘The Beast is very big and strong. I’m old – I must go and die. But Beauty does not agree. She decides to go to the Beast’s castle.

‘No, father,’ she says, ‘you must not go. I want to go!’ ‘Never, my dear Beauty!’ says her father. ‘I’m not afraid,’ says Beauty. ‘You must live and look after my brothers and sisters. They need you.’ Beauty’s father thinks for a moment. Then he says sadly, ‘Alright, Beauty. You can go.’ Beauty’s brothers are very sad, but Hortensia and Rosalind are not. The next morning Beauty and her father go to the Beast’s castle. Inside the castle they see a long table with a lot of good food on it. Beauty and her father are not hungry, but they sit down and eat. Suddenly they hear a loud noise. ‘What’s that terrible noise?’ asks Beauty. ‘The Beast is coming,’ says her father. Beauty sees the Beast’s ugly face and she is terrified ‘Oh, this Beast is really terrible!’ she thinks. The Beast looks at her and says, ‘You’re a brave girl.’ ‘I’m very sorry about the rose from your garden…,’ says Beauty quietly. The Beast looks at Beauty’s father and says, ‘You must go away tomorrow. And don’t come back! Do you understand?’ Beauty’s father looks at the Beast and then at his daughter.

‘Oh, Beauty,’ he says, ‘please go home! Let me stay here!’ ‘No, father,’ says Beauty. ‘We must be brave. We’re both tired – let’s go and sleep now. Tomorrow morning you can go home to my brothers and sisters.’ That night Beauty has a dream. In her dream a good fairy says, ‘You’re a good girl, Beauty. And you’ve got a kind heart. You want to save your father’s life. You’re going to be very happy one day.’ CHAPTER FOUR – Life at the Castle The next morning Beauty’s father leaves the castle. He is crying. ‘Don’t cry, father,’ says Beauty. ‘Remember, I love you.’ ‘Goodbye, dear Beauty,’ says her father. Beauty is terrified. ‘The Beast is going to eat me tonight,’ she thinks. ‘I want to enjoy my last day. I’m going to visit the garden of the castle.’ She goes to see the big garden and she is surprised. It is a beautiful garden with a lot of lovely flowers. Then she goes to see the big castle. She looks in all the rooms.

On one door she sees this sign: BEAUTY’S ROOM She opens the door and sees a lovely room. There is a nice bed and a mirror on the wall. Beauty looks round and thinks, ‘There’s a piano and a lot of books for me. How strange! Perhaps the Beast doesn’t want to eat me tonight.’ She takes a book and starts to read it. Suddenly she sees these words on the pages: Welcome, Beauty! You’re the queen here. Tell me everything you want. ‘I only want to see my poor father,’ says Beauty. Suddenly she sees her father in the mirror on the wall. He is very sad. She also sees her home and Hortensia and Rosalind. They are happy without Beauty. ‘The Beast is kind to me,’ she thinks. ‘Why am I afraid of him?’ At 12 o’clock she has lunch. After lunch she goes to her room. ‘What a beautiful piano!’ thinks Beauty. ‘I want to play it.’ She plays some wonderful music on the piano. Then she looks at all the books in her room. Some of them have got pictures and others have not.

She takes a book about flowers and looks at the pictures of different flowers. Then she sees pictures of roses of all colours. ‘Now I want to go to the garden and look at the lovely roses,’ she thinks. She goes to the garden and stays there all afternoon. She looks at the flowers and feels happy. At dinner time she sits down at the long table and then she hears the Beast coming. She is terrified. ‘Beauty, can I sit here with you?’ asks the Beast. ‘You’re the lord of the castle,’ says Beauty. ‘And you’re the queen,’ says the Beast. ‘Can I ask you a question?’ ‘Yes, of course,’ says Beauty quietly.

‘Am I very ugly?’ asks the Beast. Beauty does not know what to say. She looks at him and thinks for a moment. ‘Well, yes you are!’ says Beauty. ‘But you’re kind and polite.’ The Beast looks at Beauty and smiles. ‘You’re right, I’m terribly ugly but I’m kind. This is your home now, Beauty. Please don’t be sad!’ ‘Some men are handsome but they’re not kind,’ says Beauty. ‘I prefer you because you’ve got a good heart. ‘Thank you, Beauty,’ says the Beast. Now Beauty is not afraid of the Beast and she eats a big dinner. The Beast looks at her and asks a question. Do you want to marry me, Beauty?’ What a question! Beauty is terrified. ‘What can I say?’ thinks Beauty. She is silent for a moment and then she says, ‘No, I’m sorry I don’t want to marry you.’ The Beast is angry and Beauty is afraid.

Then he goes out of the room and says, ‘Goodbye, Beauty.’ CHAPTER FIVE – The Magic Ring Beauty spends three months at the beautiful castle. Every day she reads books and plays the piano. She walks everywhere in the big garden. She likes the tall trees and the flowers of different colours. She puts beautiful flowers in the rooms of the castle. Sometimes she makes perfume from the flowers. But the days are long and she is often lonely. Beauty often thinks about her father, her sisters and her brothers. ‘I want to see my father again,’ she thinks sadly. ‘And I want to see my home again too.’ The Beast goes to see her every evening at dinner time, at nine o’clock. They talk about interesting things and are happy together. Beauty is not afraid of his ugly face now. Every evening the Beast asks Beauty the same question: ‘Beauty, do you want to marry me?’ And every evening Beauty answers, ‘No.’ One day Beauty says, ‘Why do you ask me the same question every evening?’ ‘Because I hope to hear a different answer,’ says the Beast.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to marry you,’ says Beauty. The Beast is very sad. ‘But I’m always going to be your friend,’ she says. ‘You’re a wonderful friend,’ says the Beast. ‘And you are too,’ says Beauty smiling. ‘I know I’m terribly ugly,’ says the Beast. ‘But I love you a lot. I’m very happy with you. Please, don’t leave me!’ Beauty’s face becomes red and she is quiet for a moment. ‘In the mirror of my room,’ says Beauty, ‘I see my poor father.

He’s sad and lonely. He thinks I’m dead. My sisters are married and my brothers are away. I want to see my father for the last time. Can I go and see him, please?’ ‘Yes, you can go and see your father,’ says the Beast. ‘But I’m going to be very sad without you.’ ‘Oh, thank you!’ says Beauty happily. ‘Please don’t be sad, Beast. I’m going to come back in a week.’ ‘Alright,’ says the Beast. ‘You can visit your father tomorrow morning. But remember, you must come back in a week. Before you come back put this ring on a table near your bed.

It’s a magic ring. Goodbye, Beauty.’ CHAPTER SIX – The Sisters’ Plan The next morning Beauty wakes up in her bedroom in her father’s house. She gets up and goes downstairs. When her father sees her he cries, ‘Beauty, is that you? How wonderful! My daughter is well and she’s here!’ Beauty is very happy and hugs her father. ‘Get dressed quickly and then tell me about the Beast!’ says her father happily. She goes to her room and finds a chest full of beautiful clothes.

‘This is a present from the Beast!’ says Beauty to her father. He’s very nice and gives me presents every day.’ She chooses some lovely clothes. ‘I want to give these lovely clothes to Rosalind and Hortensia,’ she says. When she says this the chest disappears! ‘The Beast is watching you,’ says Beauty’s father. ‘These beautiful clothes are for you and not for your sisters.’ Suddenly the chest comes back again. That morning Rosalind and Hortensia come to visit their sister. They are both very unhappy. ‘Oh, Beauty,’ says Rosalind, ‘I’m unhappy.’ ‘Why are you unhappy, Rosalind?’ asks Beauty. ‘Oh, it’s a long story,’ says Rosalind. ‘Please tell me,’ says Beauty. ‘My husband is handsome and he spends all day in front of a mirror. He never looks at me or talks to me.’ ‘Oh, dear, that’s a big problem,’ says Beauty. Hortensia says, ‘My husband is very clever, but he doesn’t like anyone, and no one likes him.’ ‘I can never invite my friends to lunch or dinner because he doesn’t like them.’ ‘We’ve got a lot of problems with our husbands,’ they say.

‘My poor sisters!’ says Beauty. ‘I’m very sorry.’ ‘Tell us about the Beast,’ says Hortensia. Oh, the Beast is not a bad man,’ says Beauty. ‘He’s very kind. I live in his beautiful castle and I’m the queen. I don’t work. I read, play the piano and walk in the garden. Every evening the Beast comes to see me at dinner and we talk about a lot of things. It’s wonderful.’ The two sisters are very angry and they go to the garden.

‘Beauty wears lovely clothes and shoes,’ says Rosalind. ‘She’s like a queen. She’s very happy. Why is she lucky? And why are we unlucky?’ ‘You’re right, Rosalind,’ says Hortensia. ‘We’re not very lucky. But maybe we can be lucky! Beauty has to return to the Beast in a week, or he’s going to get angry and eat her!’ ‘Then we must keep her here,’ says Rosalind. ‘Then the Beast is going to get angry.’ During the week the two sisters are kind to Beauty.

They talk and laugh with her. They walk together in the country. Beauty is happy with her sisters. ‘Rosalind and Hortensia love me,’ she thinks. ‘They’re good sisters and I love them a lot.’ At the end of the week Beauty says, ‘I must go back to the Beast’s castle.’ But her sisters start to cry. ‘Oh, Beauty,’ says Rosalind, ‘please stay with us another week. We need you.’ ‘Yes, Beauty,’ says Hortensia, ‘please don’t leave us. We have fun with you and we love you.’ ‘Yes,’ says Rosalind, ‘stay with us! We can do a lot of things together.’ Beauty does not know what to do.

She decides to stay another week. CHAPTER SEVEN – The Dream The Beast is going to be very sad without me,’ Beauty thinks. ‘But I want to stay with my family for a few more days. Then I’m going to go back to him.’ Beauty thinks about the Beast. She misses him. Ten days later Beauty dreams about the Beast. In her dream the Beast is on the grass in the garden of the castle. And he’s going to die! ‘Beauty, whispers the Beast, ‘today is the tenth day and you’re not here. I can’t live without you. I can’t eat or drink.’ Beauty wakes up and thinks, ‘The poor Beast is going to die without me! I must go back to him.’ She takes the ring and puts it on a table near her bed. ‘The Beast is ugly but he’s very kind,’ she thinks. ‘Why don’t I marry him? I’m happy with him. My sisters have handsome, clever husbands – but they’re not happy.’ Beauty falls asleep and the next morning she wakes up at the Beast’s castle. Today I’m going to wear a beautiful dress,’ Beauty thinks.

At nine o’clock in the evening she goes to dinner and waits for the Beast. But he doesn’t come to see her. ‘What’s happening?’ Beauty thinks. ‘Where’s the Beast? Why isn’t he here?’ ‘Beast!’ she cries. ‘Beast, where are you! Answer me!’ She opens the doors of all the rooms and looks everywhere in the castle. But she cannot find him. Suddenly she remembers her dream. She runs to the garden and sees the Beast on the grass.

‘Oh, no!’ she cries. ‘Is he dead?’ She listens to his heart and it is beating. ‘Good! He’s not dead!’ she thinks. She gets some cold water from the river and wets his face. The Beast slowly opens his eyes. ‘Beauty,’ he whispers, ‘I’m dying… but I’m happy because you’re here.’ ‘No, Beast,’ cries Beauty. ‘Don’t die! You must live and become my husband. I love you and I can’t live without you.’ CHAPTER EIGHT – The Prince Suddenly all the lights of the castle and the garden, turn on. There are beautiful fireworks in the sky. Beauty is surprised and looks at the castle. Then she turns round and looks at the Beast. What a surprise! She sees a handsome young man.

‘Thank you, Beauty,’ says the young man. ‘The spell is broken!’ ‘But where is the Beast?’ asks Beauty. ‘I am the Beast!’ says the prince. ‘I don’t understand,’ says Beauty. ‘Who are you?’ ‘I’m a prince and this is my castle,’ says the young man. ‘Sometimes a bad witch puts a spell on a prince and only true love can break the spell. Now I know your love is true.’ The prince takes her hand and says, ‘Do you want to marry me, Beauty?’ Beauty looks at the handsome prince and says, ‘Yes, I do!’ Beauty and the prince go to the castle.

When she opens the door she is surprised. ‘My family! You’re all here!’ cries Beauty. She is happy when she sees her family. They talk and laugh together. Suddenly she sees the good fairy from her dream. ‘Beauty,’ says the good fairy, ‘you’ve got a kind heart and you’re going to marry the prince and become a princess!’ Then the good fairy looks at Beauty’s two sisters. ‘You’re both bad, lazy and unkind,’ says the fairy. ‘You don’t love anyone!’ The fairy says some magic words and suddenly Rosalind and Hortensia become statues. ‘Oh, no!’ cries Beauty. ‘My sisters are statues!’ ‘Your sisters have got hearts of stone,’ says the fairy.

‘Now they can’t move, but they can see and hear everything. When they understand their mistakes they can become Rosalind and Hortensia again.’ The next day Beauty and the prince get married. Everyone dances and sings in the castle. It is a happy day. People give flowers to Beauty and the prince. The prince sees tears in Beauty’s eyes and says, ‘Don’t cry, my Beauty. We’re going to be very happy together!’.