June is here! – LIVE ENGLISH – From the birthplace of the English language – with Mr Duncan 1/6/18

{“en”:”So here we are oh it’s a new month has arrived I can’t believe it and Here I am now with you live as live can be here we go then it is what is it today it’s Friday it feels very unusual to be here on a Friday but look outside look at the day we are having it’s a glorious day and June is here it is June the 1st the first day of a new month and I thought hmm I thought it would be a good idea to go outside and do something live because the weather is quite nice although having said that there is a forecast for thunder and rain later on today so I’m not really sure whether or not I’m going to be staying out here for a very long time because it looks as if there might be some rain coming so we will see what happens but for now the Sun is in the sky everything is alright even though now and again there are some black clouds hanging overhead some storm clouds are floating by right now so here we go then but the big question is is where am i oh ok then if you insist hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I hope so so I thought why not why not do a live stream on the first day of June and it does feel quite summery today even though as I just mentioned there is a little bit of rain in the air so I’m taking a bit of a risk here going outside on what can only be described as a very hot and humid day it’s ever so humid here it’s really really hot so a lot of people already on the live chat I can’t believe how many people already are here on the live chat so let’s say hello shall we so hello to Alamgir who is first on the live chat today so hello to you and welcome welcome to my special live English outside it’s a very warm day very muggy so Alamgir Husein congratulations you are first on the live chat Attila is also here today hello Attila hi mr.

Duncan how are you I’m okay thanks I can’t complain also JC jordi amir andrew is here how is your week going so far well today is the final day of the week because it’s Friday yes I’m sure you are very excited as well because the week is coming to an end the weekend is just around the corner what a lovely surprise you’re on with another livestream yes it’s true I hope you could hear me ok because I think the sound level might be a little bit low so for those who can’t hear me please let me know it’s a nice start to the month with a live stream yes I thought I would do it as a little surprise you know I like to have surprises and sometimes I like to give surprises as well so here we go yes it’s a little overcast there are some some black clouds floating overhead at the moment you tis here hello ute mr.

Duncan what a surprise oh thank you very much I hope it’s a nice surprise that’s all I can say hello everyone from I think you are watching in Russia or maybe somewhere nearby Albert is here hello Albert I don’t think I’ve seen you here before is it your first time on the live chat if it is your first time please let me know please tell me mr. Duncan my first time so let me know also Marie so is here watching in Brazil I have a strange feeling that I have a lot of people watching in Brazil at the moment I don’t know why I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that I sing to have lots and lots of people watching in Brazil say hello to Brazil yes I just have Gabrielle or Gabriel is here hello to you as well Fredrik Fredrik Roy says it’s my first time to chat on the live chat with your live stream oh ok then thank you welcome Fredrik now in the past I used to give fireworks when when someone new arrived on the live chat but sadly I don’t have any fireworks at the moment I’m I’m ever so sorry about that so I hope you will forgive me so it’s live English it’s live mr.

Duncan the reason why I’m doing this today is because it’s a brand new month and I’m thinking of doing some regular surprise live streams during the month of June so besides my normal live streams I’m also thinking of doing something slightly different during this month by giving you some lovely surprise live streams especially if the weather turns out to be nice because if the weather is nice then it might be a good opportunity to actually go outside all I’m thinking at the moment is I hope it doesn’t start raining but I have planned for that so if it does start raining I’m going to play a video and then I will move my things inside so just in case it decides to start raining I do have a back-up plan the other night something very exciting happened we had some Bulls arrive at the back of the house so some Bulls have arrived and there at the back although today they’ve disappeared can you believe it I was hoping to capture them live on camera but unfortunately they have decided to wander off that’s not very good is it the live chat is starting to get very busy Kunal is here apparently it’s Children’s Day today I did not know that here in the UK it is a special day because it’s national fish and chip day it is one of the most famous English meals a lot of people associate this country England with fish and chips so here in the UK it is national fish and chip day Thank You Albert it’s not my first time I’ve been watching you for quite a long time but I don’t comment regularly well Albert you are more than welcome to say hello any time – is here it is my first time mr.

Duncan to talk to you on the live chat well all I can say is welcome welcome Aurora hello Aurora mr. Duncan I’m at the gym unfortunately I can’t watch because it’s Friday morning well all I can say is I’m very pleased to hear that you have decided you have decided to keep fit I like that you are very active first thing in the morning I wish I was amrwardy I believe you need to manage the clock on this video it says the 30th of May yes it probably does let’s just get rid of that shall we that is my automatic date which comes up and sometimes sometimes it isn’t right yes it’s true you are you are correct there so all I have to do is watch this is if by magic I can actually change the date even though you can’t see it but I’m going to change the date see look how professional I’m trying to be there it is that’s Beth sir yes oh that’s much better let’s just make sure it’s right yeah the date is now right it is definitely the first of June there it is I’ve corrected it now thank you for noticing by the way KATU is here hello mr.

Duncan it’s my first time okay then welcome you are more than welcome to join in and don’t forget I am live every Wednesday from p.m. UK time and also every Sunday from p.m. UK time summer cookie says it’s my first time normally I’m a shy girl and I don’t believe that I’m here you are now live summer cookie you are now live and I like your name by the way because I like summer and I also like eating cookies hi Trin hi Albert hi Amory and hi everyone from TS hello TS thanks for joining me today I think you are watching in Indonesia so far away I’m going to guess that the weather in Indonesia is very similar to here it’s very hot and very humid here today so I thought just to get us all in the mood I thought we would have a little replay of something I did a while ago and because there is no mr.

Steve today unfortunately so because mr. Steve is away busy working I am on my own so I thought it would be fun to show one of my past videos with mr. Steve so here we are doing something in the kitchen but the big question is what are we doing oh hello there well welcome to the kitchen it’s mr. Duncan and a mr. Steve come over here it’s over there so here we are in the kitchen what are we going to do we are going to make some tea cakes but we’re not actually making them we’re going window we’re going to put them in the toaster we’re going to toast them toast of the tea cakes that we have previously purchased from a local bakery and here they are here are the tea cakes look at that are they gorgeous too fresh tea cakes now so people think that tea cakes and hot cross buns are the same thing but in fact in fact they are not they are not the same thing tea cakes are normally larger and also they don’t have the cross on the front also they are not as flavoursome they don’t have as much spice or lemon zest inside them so normally lemon zest lemon zest I love the lemon zest it’s just a sweet bread with some currants or raisins added so the name perhaps such a strong flavor is hot cross bun but they are still delicious they are delicious so mr.

Steve what do we need to do first we need to well these are frozen and we’ve defrosted we need to take them out of this pandemic we can’t put them in the toaster while they’re inside that plastic bag know that I know for certain I would be very silly you keep it so don’t forget don’t toast them in the back because the plastic will melt and they will tastes terrible so they freeze very well for once we brought them fresh bread retort too many and if we froze with some of them and they are absolutely delicious icy frosty red freezes very well as we all know and there they all look lovely look at those lovely tea cakes so now mr.

Steven iceberg mr. Steve is going to cut them right in half careful I’ve got an armed with a sharp knife I’m not sure if we should trust mr. Steve with a sharp knife so here we go I’m going to cut these in preparation for putting in the toaster there we go that one that will strengthen in the toaster and I’ll move I’ll cut the other one in half so that we resin because know me better them we want to make sure the right hard okay with the right ones and this one thing I’ve noticed with mr.

Steve when he’s doing something he likes to bang things around and clang which is great for real life but unfortunately on camera whether you are listening at home it sounds dreadful so try to do everything quietly if you can do it silently silently including them but the voice can be big fine well they’re going to take about two minutes to toast in there so meanwhile should I get rid of with in here the butter oh yes we’re going to put some lovely butter now you have to have butter on your tea cakes there is something I noticed because the word butter can actually be used in other ways as well is that true mr. Steve that’s very true yes butter is normally for spreading on bread and things like that but it can be used by the way so here we go butter the word butter can be used in more than one way for example it can be used as a verb in the phrase butter up if you want to win someone’s favor or if you want to get someone on your side you might try to charm them by doing something nice you butter them up you try to butter them up by being nice to them so the phrase butter up means flatter a person or suck up to them for example I need my friend to drive me into town tomorrow and I won’t have to butter him up by treating him to dinner to butter up a person means to flatter or charm someone so was it get on that good side you ingratiate them butter or butter up now I can butter up to mr.

Duncan couldn’t I yeah I could tell mr. Duncan oh I’ll go do that later I will show an example no I’ll do it now oh I’m gonna butter up to mr. Duncan now mr. Dave oh how do you what how do you look so slim having have you lost weight oh thank you I think mr. Steve is trying to butter me up I think mr. Steve wants something so better up means to flatter someone or to ingratiate yourself to to creep around someone normally for a favor okay any chance that I can you know here on your showers on Sunday no your office doesn’t show yeah and you’re on it now it’s slim you’re so good-looking this isn’t okay come on I’m hungry right that pinging sound meant that this out of the toaster and over there we go mr.

Duncan won’t like that one because it’s bird you know my bird burns daily mr. Tim I don’t like my buns burn I bet my buns too Brown try not to bang around please stop banging it sounds terrible on the camera mr. Duncan likes lots of better on his tea cakes I would say where else but he said there are some on the teeth on the tea cakes I like I like my buns buttery that’s great that’s good mr. Steve thank you there we go I don’t know what’s happened to that it doesn’t seem very much there we go there is the first tea cake it has been toasted and as you can see there is some butter it is now melting on the tea cake so mr. Steve is now going to toast his tea cake by the way just in case you have just joined us we are live well this isn’t live but in a moment I will be lying again on Sunday yes we are here live is live can be on Sunday afternoon I hope you are enjoying this live lesser my fingers are all greasy and so I was using a paper towel to wipe all the butter off so it’s gonna be a long time we got two minutes at least two minutes to wait before the next TK comes out to the toaster so well I know what I’m I don’t know what I’m going to I wanna go cold I’m going to have a bite of the tea cake to see how nice it is to see how well nice please how well mr.

Steve has toasted this tea cake let’s see okay mmm they go very nicely with a cup of tea hence the name tea cake well actually it could be called a tea cake you have them at tea time I think it’s because you have another cup of tea which we haven’t got ready but we can make afterwards the kept low now while we’re waiting no suit yourself it’s too noisy okay pretend pretend Oh what are we five year olds another 30 second repeat mr. Steve likes his buns very Brown mmm these are delicious very nice hmm hot you know testers get very hot right there is there is another type of there is another type of burn called a scone or stomp and they are much smaller and normally they are made with pure butter or fat another way for a burn is your buttocks yes but actually that it’s buns so your buttocks or your bum cheeks can be called bunions now that normally comes from American English so if you talk about someone’s nice buns you might be talking about their bread but also you might be talking about their lovely sexy bottom okay mr.

Steve so that could actually yes it like someone’s bottom that does that’s good can I just say now for the record mr. Steve can you stop banging things around and I put that but it back in the fridge otherwise it’ll melt I’m gonna do it quietly all right so I’m ready to be fine now that’s it we’re going to eat our tea cakes I’ve already eaten half of mine thank you very much for following us delicious we’re now going back to the studio back to the studio live to rejoin mr. Duncan that’s me Oh Oh mr. Duncan and I look forward to seeing you again very shortly where am I going to be stuck in the corner maybe I haven’t decided yet outside oh yeah it’ll be a big surprise off we go bye hmm so here we are then it is a Friday and we are live I hope you enjoyed that for those who are missing mr.

Steve I thought I would play one of our old moments of time recorded in the kitchen when we were eating our tea cakes and for those who are wondering the small black things inside are raisins raisins and sultanas they are types of dried fruit so I hope that answers your question I hope you enjoyed that fortunately the rain is holding off we just had some lovely sunshine the Sun came out just and it was absolutely glorious and soon as the video finished and I returned live the Sun went back in I don’t know what’s going on come on son why are you letting me down I’ve just been checking on my phone as well there are lots of very useful apps that you can get nowadays for your mobile phones so there is one that I can actually check any time of the day to find out what the weather is like in my area and they even have a special radar that scans for rain so I can actually see a live view and I can see where the rain is and where it is moving so at the moment it looks as if there is no rain here at the moment there is no rain anywhere around this area although I suppose I should be very careful what I’m saying to be honest because you know we might suddenly get lots of rain so I’ll have to be careful what I’m saying the live chat is up and running oh hello there so many people on the live chat amory is here or amia sorry I wish I could have your tea cakes yes they are beautiful oh hey Haitham gauzy says amazing recording we miss mr.

Steve a lot of people miss mr. Steve by the way last night last night it was the first night the opening night of the musical play that mr. Steve is actually appearing in so apparently everything went well now tonight I am going to see it so instead of tomorrow night originally I was going to go tomorrow but I’m very busy tomorrow preparing things for Sunday so I will actually be going tonight to see mr. Steve perform in his his musical play where he is playing a Spanish pirate would you like to see a little bit of mr. Steve pretending to be a Spanish pirates ok hello mr. Duncan and all your lovely viewers all around the world today I met earlier sir so unfortunately I cannot be here to teach English with you today hopefully on Wednesday or next Sunday I will be back and then we shall teacher the English to everyone around the world but today I am a color standard retired from the Caribbean island of sand arena goodbye thank you Steve thank you very much for that I’ve just also noticed because I’m reward he mentioned the the date was wrong earlier and I’ve also noticed that the time is also wrong so I don’t know how that’s happened I really don’t so I’m going to change that right now let’s see if I can actually change that it is supposed to be five minutes past two my computer seems to have a mind of its own today so there it is that’s better it is six minutes past o’clock on a Friday and I’m outside doing something very special because it is the first of June it really does feel as if spring is in the air the weather is so variable yes variable it is changeable it changes from one thing to another so yes it would be fair to say that the weather at the moment is very very changeable variable so if something varies it changes so yes I think you are right there the weather here especially today is very changeable it is variable Haytham says oh I think and I’m not sure what you’re laughing at I’m not sure I don’t know yeah I hope it’s something very funny that’s all I can say the Sun has come out yes the Sun is now out and I am now being bombarded with ultraviolet light from olive listen what is it 9 91 million miles away is it so and yet it still feels hot it really does so it’s live English and I am in my short today would you like to see my feet okay here are my feet a live shot of my feet as we stand here in the CERN you can see I’m wearing my shorts today I am wearing my shorts and also my lovely stripey socks as well so the Sun is now out and everything is nice around the garden everything is looking very summery as well people always like to see the garden so here we go for those who like taking a look around the garden here are some shots and also this is the back at the moment sadly the Bulls are not there I was hoping they would come across I was really hoping that the Bulls would come over to say hello but they only arrived two days ago so at the moment they’re feeling very shy I think that’s what’s going on they are they are actually very shy at the moment so it is live English in the sunshine and this is just a very special livestream just to say hello to June and of course hello to you as well on the live chat mr.

Steve could perform in the movies oh really do you think he’s that good yes I think mr. Steve is a very good performer he is a very good actor and he’s been in quite a few shows now very very big parts he was in a show called a Christmas Carol based on a story by Charles Dickens and he actually played the lead part he was actually playing the lead role of Scrooge he’s also appeared in the king and I as well bit bitterness hello vit Ernests hello from Lithuania hello to you I don’t think we’ve spoken before have we have we talked to each other before or is it your first time I am rewarded says I really like tea cakes with raisin I’m not a big fan of raisins to be honest so sometimes I will pick them out so sometimes I will pick them out especially if there are too many because I don’t like too many reasons in my teacakes hat wah says such a beautiful garden thank you very much for that you are very kind I’m very pleased to hear that you like the garden it is still trying to rain here there is now a big ominous cloud hanging over the house and it looks as if it’s about to rain but but the forecast says there is no rain I’m getting very confused with the weather today it’s all over the place all over the place if something is all over the place it means it is very chaotic it is hard to predict it is all over the place so the weather today is all over the place it is very hard to predict it is very chaotic it is changeable it sure is I envy you with your sunny weather and garden well I can tell you now it’s not always sunny here quite often we get rain we get storms so it’s not always sunny even during the summer we can get lots and lots of rain I saw some live news videos on YouTube that have live subtitles yes I think there are some channels may be very big channels that have subtitles on their live stream but at the moment YouTube is not allowing me to have them I don’t know why because they would be very useful to be honest they would be very useful indeed h-m is here hello there I am mubashir Hafiz from Pakistan and I am studying at the Medical University and I’m wishing you the best of luck thank you very much mubashir watching in Pakistan petrol is oh hello Pedro Belmont of course it wouldn’t be a live chat without Pedro Belmont so Pedro is here how long am i on for well I’m probably going to stay on for about an hour so I will be with you for around about another 15 maybe 20 minutes of course it all depends on whether or not it rains so if it suddenly starts raining I will have to go in the house and then everything will have to come to an end that’s not very nice is it so I’m hoping that the rain will stay off I’m hoping very much that the rain will stay away today is windy and cloudy in my city well it’s cloudy here but sometimes we get lots and lots of sunshine as well and it’s very very hot I’m actually wearing my shorts today that’s how hot it is yesterday the weather was nice and I decided yesterday to put some washing out so there you can see some washing on the clothes line and that is what I did yesterday so this type of weather is very good for drying your washing so whenever the weather is nice I always like to do some washing so I can hang it out and it always dries very very well what about you do you like to hang your washing outside because I know nowadays people have these very sophisticated washing machines and they will wash your clothes and they will dry them as well incredible so some people have very posh washing machines they will actually dry the clothes as well it’s a lovely morning well now it is afternoon here it is now just coming up to quarter past two quarter past two on a Friday afternoon and I don’t normally do live streams on Friday but today I thought I would do something different hello mr.

Duncan from Vietnam long time no see true true Tuan Minh hello to you Stran love is here we need one course for a special about the singer George Michael yes George Michael was a very popular singer during the early 1980s and also the 1990s as well so George Michael started out in the early 1980s I remember very well when George Michael first appeared on television because I was a teenager back then I know it’s hard to believe isn’t it that I was a teenager in the 1980s but it’s true it’s true I tell you what a great surprise you are here mr. Duncan it’s very unusual well I thought today I would do something different I thought I would do something different today because it’s the first of June and it’s a Newman so that’s the reason why I’m here today Noah says yes we are in shock we are very shocked you are live again mr.

Duncan yes I was alive I was alive and live on Wednesday with my usual live stream and I will be here on Sunday as well with my live stream from 2 p.m. UK time at the moment I’m being attacked by lots and lots of flies yes there are flies everywhere at the moment I’m being attacked attacked by flies Jobin says you look knackered when we say a person looks knackered it means they look tired tired well I’m going to tell you something that I have been suffering with hay fever during the past couple of days and one of the side effects of hay fever is that you get a very sore throat so at the moment I have a very sore throat and that’s the reason why my voice sounds a little bit croaky a little bit rough because of the hay fever yes did you hear the crow saying hello someone’s car alarm was going off did you hear that someone’s car alarm was going off is it Children’s Day in your hometown I don’t think it is I don’t think today is Children’s Day maybe it is in your country but I’m not sure about here but one thing I do know is that today here in England it is national fish-and-chip day because you may be aware that we like eating fish and chips here in the UK we are very very fond of eating fish and chips it’s making me feel hungry now andrew says is there any treatment or are there any inhalers to help you with hayfever there are some types of medicine to help you with your hay fever and I do take some of those type of Medicine but the problem is some of the medicine has a very bad side effect and the side effect is that it makes you very very sleepy so I don’t like to take too much especially if I’m working and especially if I’m doing a livestream because I have to stay very alert so yes sometimes I do take medication for my hay fever but the problem is it has side effects and one of the side effects is it makes me very drowsy very sleepy do you celebrate fish-and-chip day asks Albert I really wish I could I really wish I could but unfortunately there isn’t a fish and chip shop round here although having said that later on for for dinner I’m going to have some fish so I’m not completely celebrating fish and chip day but I am having some fish later but no chips sadly hello mr.

Black bird mr. black bird is just saying hello I think the birds are waiting to feed you see because just just behind me there’s a bird feeder just over there there is the bird feeder and I think the birds are waiting to eat I think so it is Children’s Day in Vietnam ah ok then so maybe in some countries they are celebrating Children’s Day so in Vietnam there are lots of interesting activities taking place for Children’s Day the birds are getting very excited behind me hi just saying hello to the birds hello mister venca and i’m happy to join you says Nadia hello Nadia is it your first time on the live chat please let me know if it is also hi therm says I like your perspective mr. Duncan for taking medicines I don’t always like to take medicine so I take it when I have to if I really need it but normally I don’t like to take medicine unless I have to so if my hay fever gets really bad if it gets very severe I will take some medicine but at the moment it’s not too bad my hay fever is not bad today even though I have a slight sore throat I have a very sore throat can you see behind me and being asked yes Anne asks what is your possession in the garden what are the things in your garden well I can show you the thing behind me can you see there that is a birdbath so that is where the birds will go to bathe and also to to drink as well so quite often the birds will gather and they will have a drink and sometimes they will also go into the water and have a little bath as well and over there can you see just over there you can see my my heron so that isn’t a real heron it’s actually a fake heron it’s not real so it’s not not real don’t worry my throat is very rough today can you can you hear my throat it sounds very bad and that’s because of the hay fever so yes so that the heroin behind me that heroin is not real its fake it’s made of plastic and there is the birdbath and if you look there you can see part of my dams and tree so that is where all of the dam zones are growing at the moment thank you am rewarding for your best wishes I don’t feel sick I feel perfectly healthy today I feel so so well unfortunately my throat at the moment is a little sore because of my hay fever so if you also suffer from hay fever you will know exactly what I’m going through it is very very unpleasant very unpleasant indeed you have got some great deal and passion for teaching keep doing the same thing thank you Jobin for that you are welcome I I do intend to continue doing this I’m not going anywhere some people think that I’m about to quit but I’m not I’m not going anywhere honestly some people seem to think that I’m going but I’m not in fact can I let you in on a secret during the month of June that’s this month I will be doing some special surprise live streams just like this so during the month of June I’m planning to do some special live streams just for you hopefully my hay fever will stay away and my voice will return so I’m planning on having a very busy month in the month of June I am planning to have a very busy month indeed do you drink enough yes I’ve been drinking lots of water today Thank You summer summer cookie thank you for your thank you for your care and consideration hello mr.

Duncan this is my first time here and I’m so happy ephra hello ephra thanks for joining me today even though my voice isn’t very good today I’m very sorry about that my voice sounds a little rough and that is because of the hay fever I apologize I really do so the weather here is okay and we also have Oh for those who missed it the other night a lot of people were asking about the the daihlia in the garden so for those who were watching or weren’t watching on Wednesday there is the Dahlia you can see now that the flowers are preparing to come out everything is coming into bloom isn’t that lovely I was hoping to show you the Bulls today but unfortunately they’ve they’ve vanished they’ve walked away it’s not very nice is it so it’s live English on a Friday afternoon here in the UK it is now coming up to half-past in the afternoon and I hope you are feeling happy today and I hope you are enjoying this special live stream even though my voice is starting to fade why don’t you build a massive fence around your property well because I like to see the view I like to see the trees and the cows and the grass thanks mr.

Duncan I’m waiting for your extra life lessons in June yes I am planning to pop-up pop-up if someone pops up it means they appear suddenly they will pop up it’s a great expression and we use it quite often in English to describe something that suddenly appears suddenly appears it pops up it popped up to pop up is to suddenly appear and I will be doing a lot of popping up during June your job is quite hard yes is that this is not easy for those who think that doing a live stream is easy it is not I think this is the hardest thing to do on YouTube it’s very easy to record videos and talk and then rerecord it so if you make a mistake when you are recording something you can just do it again but unfortunately because I’m live I can’t do this again so if I make a mistake then that’s it it’s happened I can’t change anything so one of the things that I really enjoy about doing lie is that it is spontaneous and that means that anything anything can happen anything even the hay fever affects you and your voice but you are speaking still clear and I have understood everything thanks a lot for your enthusiasm Thank You Fung du Chun thank you very much for that do you have any favorite flowers mr.

Duncan I like all sorts of flowers I like colorful flowers I like red flowers yellow flowers I love the daffodils in the spring so every time spring arrives I always look forward to the arrival of daffodils so yes I like all sorts of flowers I also like trees as well and that’s why I live here because I am literally surrounded surrounded they are all around me I am surrounded by trees it’s true so there are trees all around me I am surrounded by them mr.

Duncan I hope you will recover soon thank you very much a meme or Amina Amina I Adi thank you very much that’s very kind of you mr. J is here oh hello there mr. J I’ve not seen you here before is it your first time I think so I think so so live chat lots of things going on in the news at the moment yesterday all of the chaos that is going on in Italy was sort of resolved so now Italy has a new government having said that today it’s like political musical chairs it really is today in Spain the government there collapsed so now at the moment in Spain they have no government due to various things so the prime minister or the president has stepped down he has stepped down so now there will be another election by the looks of it in Spain I don’t know what it is about politics at the moment everything seems quite crazy what do you think it’s very crazy we have lots of things going on in the world at the moment we have North Korea about to give up its nuclear weapons maybe we have world peace approaching well okay maybe in North Korea and South Korea there will be some some peace we can only hope so why can’t I see my messages asks Sameera I don’t know I don’t know why well I can see your messages Sameera I can see your messages Mustapha says mr.

Duncan how can we speak fast not fastly fastly is not a word how can we speak fast well just like everything you have to learn how to do it and that means putting in lots and lots of practice first of all you have to start off slowly you have to learn like a child never be afraid to learn like a child whenever you learn something new you always start with the very basics the simple things and that includes speaking so when you first start to learn a new language you might find that you speak very slowly like a child so that’s what you do you practice you do it regularly you have to make it part of your life I think so hello mr.

Duncan I haven’t watched your videos for a very long time Thank You Nam for saying hello Nasir says mr. Duncan what a surprise to watch you today yes I’m here I’m here it’s Simona and I what watching you on my son’s YouTube account ah okay then hello Simona and welcome you are more than welcome today something very different I’m actually outside on the 1st of June I know for most people that will mean nothing but here in England the 1st of June is a very special day because it means that we can officially say that it is summertime I don’t know why it always feels as if summer has really arrived as soon as June begins I don’t know why but it may be it’s a psychological thing I think so but whenever whenever June arrives it always feels as if summer has arrived with it what is your favorite singer do you mean who who is your favorite singer because a singer is a person so when we refer to a person it is always who who is your favorite singer who Sergio we are all on the edge of a trade war yes this is something that has happened over the past 48 hours it would appear that certainly with the United States they are now charging countries that want to export to the United States at the moment I think it’s aluminium aluminium and I want to say steel so if a country outside the States wants to export their steel or aluminium to the to the United States they will have to pay what they call a levy levy so there is a charge that will be imposed if they want to export to the United States some people think it’s unfair some people think that it is perfectly fair so it depends on what your position is it depends where you are standing at the time Eliana says my favorite singer is Elton John yes Elton John at the moment he is doing a tour this year and apparently it’s his final tour he’s actually going to retire from touring and that’s this year yes he’s doing a tour I think it’s this year and it looks as if he’s going to retire from performing live which I suppose is is a little bit sad for those who are big fans of Elton John TS Amory I got an IELTS band 5 on writing well that’s not too bad I must admit band 5 is pretty good pretty good five point five would have been nice or maybe even six but five yes not not too bad not too bad at all on Wednesday in Canada there is chicken and what is that chicken wings delicious it is wigs with delicious sauce I’m not sure what wigs are shitty do you mean wings do you mean the wings I think you mean you mean wing chicken wings so you can fly away like a bird chicken wings chicken wings hi what are you talking about it is open today you can talk about anything I’ve just been talking about the trade war that is taking place at the moment between the United States and also Canada and Europe so yes there is a lot to talk about also there is some political tension at the moment in Spain where the president or prime minister has just stepped down and in Italy they have just announced that they have a new government so there is there are all sorts of things going on at the moment in the world 2018 is proving to be a very very busy year I think so Andrea it’s not good enough for university I must do more practice yes TAS you probably need to get a or even a 6 even a 6 I think I think you should really be aiming for 6 to be iced-tea GN says I really appreciate your work thanks a lot for your throat I advise you some honey with black pepper and lemon that sounds very nice actually mr.

Steve actually has some lemon tea so he has some lovely herb all tea that has lemon and also ginger and apparently that is also very good for your throat as well it’s very good if you have a fever very good it’s very interesting to listen to you mr. Duncan Thank You Samira I’m glad that you are enjoying it I am actually going to leave you in a moment I’m only here for around about one hour so I hope you’ve enjoyed this livestream just something a little different to celebrate the new month yes understood that you need or more yes you should always be aiming aiming for 5 point 5 or 6 at the very least it is a sunny day here the Sun has come out again yes the Sun is out and I am now enjoying the rays of sunlight but I don’t want to get too much Sun because it’s not good for your skin it isn’t good for your skin at all and today I’m wearing my socks let’s have a quick look at my socks again shall we there they are you can see and wearing my socks today and also my shorts can you see my legs yes I’m wearing my shorts because it’s so hot the only problem is that all the flies keep biting me they are flying around and they are biting my legs and it is very annoying very annoying indeed so there you can see my my socks and also my shorts I hope you enjoyed that I don’t know why some people are always interested to find out what type or which type of shorts I’m wearing so today I’m wearing my lovely blue shorts that I bought in Turkey do you have tea at like the Queen well I’m not sure if the Queen has tea at 5 o’clock I’m not quite sure about that I couldn’t answer that question to be honest I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen but I will be having a cup of tea as soon as I finished this livestream in around about 2 or 3 minutes so I will be going very soon for two reasons one I have to prepare mr.

Steve’s dinner because mr. Steve will be appearing in his show and I am also going to see mr. Steve perform on the stage tonight so tonight is the second night of mr. Steve’s play pinnate says hello mr. Duncan I’m from Thailand and I watch your videos every day I love your lessons and every place in your videos they make me happy and also they allow me to improve my English thank you for your kindness you are welcome pin it pin it watching in Thailand and a big happy hello to everyone watching in Thailand at the moment it is the first day of June it always feels as if summer has definitely arrived whenever Jun arrives so does the summer it’s a lovely feeling to be honest a very nice feeling indeed so I’m back on Sunday I will be here on Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time that’s 2 o’clock UK time for those who are wondering when I am on and also I am with you on Wednesday from 10 p.m.

Very late late and live in fact I love this pop-up show it is a very beautiful place thank you so much you are welcome Rosa at this very moment I can feel I can feel the skin on my arms being burnt by the Sun I can actually feel the heat from the CERN on my arms my my arms are so hot Omar asks a question what is the meaning of off you go off you go we normally say off you go when we are telling someone to leave off you go are you leaving now off you go off you go it normally means please leave or are you going are you going off you go please go please leave off you go I hope that helps I hate the summer months because it’s hot in Vietnam about 32 degrees says Fung I think the hot weather can be very nice it can also be very unpleasant especially if it gets too hot to be honest I’m going to be honest with you now I prefer the hot weather if I had a choice between being very hot and being very cold I think I would always choose being hot so I don’t mind being hot I’ve been to very hot countries in the past I’ve been to Malaysia I’ve been to Turkey and those countries are very hot places they really are I should spend more time under the Sun because of my bones also my bones will not be damaged Eliana yes I believe you are talking about vitamin D vitamin D which is something that you need to keep your bones very strong and a good source of vitamin D is sunlight your garden shows are marvelous do you do the garden tasks asks Rosario I have a confession to make mr.

Steve is the one who does all the gardening I’m not a gardener this is what I like to do in the garden I will show you the work that I do in the garden watch this that’s it that’s all the work that I’m going to do this year in the garden that’s it you just saw it there that is the only thing that I’m going to do in the garden this year all the rest of the work is turned by mr.

Steve fortunately mr. Steve loves doing the gardening he really does I’m very happy that I have a chance to join you today Thank You Bella for that I have plus six it is six degrees and heavy rain and fitful or frightful do you mean frightful frightful wind strong wind severe wind violent storms maybe well today apparently today or should I say this afternoon and this evening here we are going to have lots of thunderstorms and lots of rain and that’s the reason why I said that I was taking a risk today so I really was taking a risk coming outside to do my live stream because I thought I really thought it was going to rain so fortunately it hasn’t rained off you go yes it’s off off so it is the second one off Oh F F off you go so off can mean to disconnect you have disconnected someone or something you are off you do not do something anymore or you don’t want to do something or you are leaving you are off off you go mr.

Steve has a good hand for the plants yes I think mr. Steve does enjoy doing the gardening he enjoys doing it more than I do I think it’s very safe to say I like touching the plants and hugging the trees with love I don’t know why I think this helps them to grow and it’s kind of being it’s it’s a it’s a way of being thankful for them being there maybe that’s silly on my part no Bella no it’s not silly a lot of people love nature they love to be near nature like me I love being in the countryside I love being near the trees and the flowers and the birds I love it very much okay I’m going now I know I said that I was going 15 minutes ago but now I’m definitely going because I have to prepare mr.

Steeves dinner because he has a very busy night he is performing on stage I the black bird is just saying hello to me mr. Duncan which books can you recommend for improving my English well there are many different types of exercise books there are many different reference books one of the best books that I can suggest for learning English is of course a good dictionary always have a good dictionary never be afraid to buy a good dictionary or to borrow a good dictionary from the library and just look through it learn some new words and the best place to do that is with a dictionary who is mr. Steve I am new here mr. Steve is the person who likes to help me sometimes on my live streams but at the moment he is very very busy and tonight he is going out to perform I’m hoping he will be back from work in around about an hour or an hour and a half so he will be back from work and then we will have our dinner and then mr.

Steve will go to the theatre to perform on stage and I am going along well to watch have a great day mr. Duncan do you have any pets I said I suppose mr. Steve mr. Steve might be my pet so I’m going I hope you’ve had a good time I hope you’ve enjoyed this I’ve been on for a roundabout 1 hour and 15 minutes an hour and 15 minutes so actually I’ve been on much longer than I intended so I’m going now thank you to a meaner thank you to Eliana Samira Lazzaro Kareem also Eleanor and Belen mr. Steve is awesome and funny you really must meet him maybe one day he will be here on Sunday by the way yes I’m not joking mr. Steve will be here on Sunday he will be joining me from 2 p.m. UK time on the livestream I’m going now it’s time to say goodbye goodbye farewell to you all from a very hot and humid England this is mr.

duncan in the birthplace of the english language saying thanks for watching me today and of course during June who knows where I will be popping up and when I will be appearing on YouTube of course you can catch me on Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next yes you do that’s it the Blackbird knows what’s coming next what’s coming next he’s gone quiet so I will do it instead that’s right ta ta for now 8-). “}

Neuro Linguistic Programming in Brighton

Gabriella [ ForB English Teachers ]

{“en”:”Hi everyone. My name is Gabriella and I’m from England in the UK. My hometown is Durham. It’s close to Newcastle. My hobbies are yoga, photography and I love to travel. I love all Japanese food and I have been living in Japan a few years now. I’m really looking forward to teaching you all here at For B English, so please join us.. “}

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One Simple Method to Learn Any Language | Scott Young & Vat Jaiswal | TEDxEastsidePrep

{“en”:”Translator: Alina Siluyanova Reviewer: Denise RQ Scot Young: We want to start off with a question for you. By a show of hands, how many of you have put in time and effort into learning another language? Maybe you took a high school Spanish class, or maybe you took a lot of Rosetta Stone, but you can’t confidently speak that language right now. Vat Jaiswal: OK. That’s most of you here. Some of you are raising both of your hands. So, we’ve tried learning a few languages ourselves, we’re going to talk about it in a minute. But let’s talk about what is the problem, what is the main issue that is holding everybody back from learning languages.

Could it be that you’re using the wrong program of study, and if you were to use a perfect program or the application, then you’d be able to learn the language? SY: Well, here the track record isn’t too good. Out of the 1,000 Americans who responded to the General Social Survey, only 7 claimed that they could speak another language very well, and had actually learned it in school. And if you consider self-study programs, like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur, well, they can work some of the time, but they have another problem: huge drop out rates. [NFLC], at the University of Maryland did a study that took an enthusiastic group of volunteers and found that only 6% put in more than 100 hours with the program, which is far less than what you’d need using these programs to become fluent in any language. VJ: OK, well, maybe then the problem is that you don’t live in the country that uses this language, and if you were to move there, you’d be able to learn it.

SY: Here I have to agree with you, Vat. Living in the country that speaks the language, definitely helps. It provides motivation and an opportunity for immersion. But it’s not the answer to all of your problems. If you go to the country and you don’t yet speak the language, what are you going to do? Are you going to rely on other expats and locals who speak English to help you to get by? And that’s going to create a bubble of English, it is going to isolate you from immersing yourself. So, we know an extreme example. We know of an American businessman who went to Korea, married a Korean woman, had children in Korea, lived in Korea for 20 years, still couldn’t have a decent conversation in Korean. So, living in the other country helps, but it is not a silver bullet that will answer all of your problems on its own. VJ: OK, well, finally maybe the problem is that you’re simply too old, and you should’ve tried learning the language as a kid because kids learn the languages faster, right? SY:This is actually a pervasive myth.

Steven Brown of Einstein University and Jennifer Larson-Hall of Qiushi University reviewed the literature and found adults actually learn languages faster than children in the short run. It’s only when we talk about reaching native-like levels of pronunciation and grammar where children start to show an upper hand over an adult. So, definitely, if you want to just be able to communicate with people, have conversations, there is no reason you can’t learn a second language at any age. VJ: If those are not the core issues, what is the core issue? We have a completely different hypothesis, and to explain this concept I want you to look at this image of the ocean. Now, if you look at the water, you’re going to see 2 distinct zones: zone at the bottom where the waves are breaking, an the zone at the top where the water is relatively calm.

Now, I want you to imagine you’re standing on the shore, and you want to swim out into the ocean. When you first start swimming out into the ocean, you ARE going to be in this first zone where the waves are breaking. And swimming in this zone is incredibly difficult, you feel this incredible resistance, the waves come crushing down on you, and they constantly try to push you back to the shore. However, if you were to push through this zone and get to the second zone, suddenly, swimming becomes a lot easier and more importantly, the waves are not trying to push you back, you’re no longer feel this incredible resistance. So, we believe that language learning works very similar to this. When you first start learning a language, you’re going to be in this first zone which we call ‘the zone of fear’ or ‘the zone of frustration’, because this is where you fear using the language, this is where you fear making mistakes, this is where you fear embarrassing yourself. And learning a language in this zone is very difficult: the waves represent this negative feedback and this constantly tries to push you back to the shore.

However, if you were to push past this zone and get to the second zone where the waters are calmer, suddenly language learning becomes a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Mind you, I’m not saying that you’re perfect when you reach the second zone, or maybe you only know a few words, but you’re able to use them confidently, maybe you’re able to have some simple conversations. And language only goes from being always frustrating to now being rewarding, most of the time. So, the core issue, we believe, that a lot of the people have is that people get stuck in this zone of fear and frustration for longer than they have to, and for some people, forever. And if all you see is negative feedback, it’s very hard to motivate yourself to learn further and improve yourself, and learn the language that you really want to learn. So, ideally, you’d use a different method, a method that allows you to get past this zone very quickly and very efficiently, so you can get to the part where language learning is fun and easy as quickly as you can.

SY: We believe we have this method, a method that cuts through the waves and gets you to the easier part of language learning as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s very simple. Don’t speak in English. And, that might sound a little obvious or simplistic, but it’s actually really powerful. When you force yourself to speak the language you’re trying to learn, and you learn words and phrases by necessity, not the order it comes up in the textbook That means you automatically learn the most frequent vocabulary and the most important words for your situation. Next, because you don’t know many words and phrases, you’re going to overuse what you do know. This results in effects psychologists call overlearning which allows you to access that information automatically. You don’t need to get your tongue tight or hesitating when you’re using basic words and phrases.

And finally, because you’re not allowed to speak in English you’re going to easily develop conversational work-arounds to handle situations that are above your level. That is going to be from learning simple phrases like: “What does this mean?” and “How do you say this? in the language, relatively early on, to being able to efficiently use things like Google Translator and dictionaries to integrate new words and phrases into your conversations while you’re having them. VJ: So how do we know that this method works? Well, we know that this method works because we’ve tried it for ourselves. So, last year Scott and I did an experiment. But we tried to learn four different languages, and we went to four different countries to learn these languages over a year. And we used the same no-English rule to learn the languages.

So, first we went to Spain to learn Spanish over 3 months, then we went to Brazil to learn Portuguese over 3 months, then over to mainland China to learn Mandarin over 3 months, and finally over to Korea to learn Korean over 3 months. And we found that this no-English rule worked incredibly well. As a matter of fact, near the end of our travels in each country, we were confidently able to have conversations with native speakers pretty much about any subject, and going by our daily lives, using the language that we were trying to learn.

So we actually have a short video that we would like to show you that captures the kind of progress that we were able to make using this no English rule just under 3 months for each country. So, take a look. (Video) SY: This might seem a little bit extreme. After all, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to speak some English when you’re trying to learn the language even if it is not quite as fast as this no-English rule? We actually believe that this is a misconception. And to argue that why it is a misconception, I’d like to reference an experience that I had. You see, years before we did this challenge, I had a different opportunity to learn a second language. I was in the university and I had an opportunity to study abroad for a year in France. And like this trip, I was very eager to learn the local language.

I bought books, I downloaded podcasts, I really wanted to become fluent in French. The only difference that I had no specific rule against speaking in English. I figured, “I’ll go there and I’ll speak as much English as I need to, and I’ll just try to practice French whenever I can.” And after a year of living in France, and pushing myself to study every single day, I did get to a point where I could have a conversation, but it was never easy, it always felt difficult, it always felt like I was a little out of place.

And contrast that to that of my more recent experience in Spain. Once again, we have the motivation and opportunity, but this time we have the no-English rule. From the very first day we came to Spain, we decided we were only going to speak in Spanish. And, as you can probably imagine, with limited Spanish skills it was very difficult in the beginning. We had to communicate to each other almost exclusively through our dictionaries for these first few days. But after 2 weeks something changed, it started to get a bit easier. After a month even easier. And by the third month we were in Spain, it’d become so easy, that living our lives entirely in Spanish was automatic. We didn’t have to think about studying or practicing, it was completely invisible in our lives. And what’s more, after just 3 months in Spain, our Spanish, both of our Spanish, was much better than my French was after a year of living in France and deliberately studying it. And so, when you’re evaluating the difficulty of a method, particularly in learning languages, it’s not really fair to look at that initial sliver of difficulty because you have to look at how much effort you’re going to be putting in not just in the beginning, but day after day, month after month in order to finally being able to learn this language.

And what we found is not even just that the no English rule is faster, but that when you take it over this longer view, it is actually easier than any other method we’ve tried for learning a language. VJ: And I’d like to speak about another misconception that a lot of people have is that you’d somehow be able to completely avoid making mistakes when you first start learning a language. And that’s simply not true. Actually making mistakes is very good because it means you’re using the language and eventually it helps you to gain the confidence that you need to speak the language. When Scott and I were doing this challenge, we made mistakes every day especially in the beginning, everything we said was wrong, but that’s OK.

And in China and in Korea, because Chinese and Korean are so much harder than the European languages we attempted to learn, we slipped up and broke the no English rule a couple of times as well, but it didn’t matter because it is not about making mistakes, how many mistakes you’re making, it is more about that each time you make a mistake you try again. So, remember that the whole goal of this process and this method is to push past this zone of frustration and fear so you can get to the part where language learning becomes fun and easy. Ideally, the way you’d do this is you’d move to the country that speaks this language and go 100% immersion from the first day and commit to the no English rule. But obviously, that’s a bit extreme and a lot of you here might not have the opportunity to do that.

But I’d like to point out that the beauty of the no English rule is that it doesn’t have to be 100% no English all the time with everybody. It can also work in a limited context. So let me give you an example. If you’re trying to learn Spanish and you have a co-worker or colleague that speaks Spanish, maybe you commit to the no English rule every time you see this person. So, every time you’re going to see them you only commit to speaking in Spanish. So if you were to bump in them at the water cooler and you want to make small talk, and you want to say – let’s say you were busy at work – and you want to say: “Oh, I’m so busy today,” it is OK to pull out your dictionary, and translate the entire sentence.

You don’t have to feel ready to say this, the goal is to just try and attempt. And what this really helps you to do is that it helps you out with two really important things. The first one: it helps you to remove the ambiguity of which language should you use, because if with this co-worker, let’s say, you can speak in Spanish, and you can speak in English, obviously you’re going to default to speaking in English because it is so much easier. But by committing to the no English rule, you’re saying: “Every time I see this person I know it is practice time, there is no doubt in my mind that now I have to speak Spanish even if I have to pull out my dictionary.” And the second thing it helps you out with is it helps you develop a habit of speaking the language even at the very low level of ability.

This really helps you out to build the confidence that you eventually are going to need when you’ll start speaking this language to the higher level of ability. SY: So you’ve heard about our challenge. Now we’d like to issue you one. And no, we’re not asking you to sell out your stuff and go to live in a far away country. We’re going to ask you to do something a lot simpler but if you follow through on it, it will still be very effective if you want to finally start having conversations in that language you’d been learning all your life. Just 3 steps. Step 1: Find one person. It could be a native speaker of this language, or it could be another language learner, it could be someone you already know, a friend, a colleague, a spouse, or it could be someone you find online.

There are services like italki.com and livemocha to find conversation partners online. So if you can’t find this person in your life right now, there are easy tools for finding them online. Step 2: Commit to the no English rule with this person. Every time you see them just speak in this language that you’re trying to learn. Tell them that, you know, even though you’re not too great at the language yet, you are going to have to use Google Translator and dictionary a lot in the beginning, that’s OK. Step 3: Start speaking. Once again, it is not something you have to be perfect at. You might slip up and break the “no English” rule, just try again. Pull out your phone, download the Google Translator app, you can type in the whole sentences if you don’t feel comfortable yet speaking the language. The goal is to get you to start speaking, to start building that knowledge of the words, and start practicing those core phrases.

What we’re hoping is that by showing you this method we’re encouraging you to get started with something, not to be perfect, and maybe even today to decide to find that one person and start this rule, and finally start speaking that language. Chinese have an expression: (Chinese) “A good start is a half of success,” which means: “A good start is a half of success.” (Applause). “}

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How To Be An Excellent Teacher

{“en”:”Hi, I’m Carolina Massie from Greater London Tutors, and I’m going to give you some information on how to teach certain subjects. Here’s the basics on how to be a good teacher. It’s important to be relaxed and easy-going because students respond to confidence. You’re going to stay professional at all times and remember that it isn’t a joke at the end of the day. Being creative really helps, finding different ways to teach, keeping it interesting, keeping it exciting, keeping it fresh helps.

Obviously, having the knowledge of your subject and being up to date in your subject is really important. But you don’t have to know everything and the more you’re willing to learn from your students, the more they’re willing to learn from you. Have a passion for your subject, so the more enthusiastic and passionate you are about your subject, the more enthusiastic and passionate the students might be. Obviously, being enthusiastic. Allow your students to develop an understanding in different ways and different speeds, different students then at different speeds, and they might learn better gradually, some might learn better by listening, some might learn better form reading, so just find the best way for your student. Demonstrate empathy. Students will get things wrong, this is the first time that they will be learning something, so it’s obvious that they will make mistakes. When students make mistakes, it’s a great way to start. You can encourage students to make mistakes so they never feel pressured or bullied by any of the students.

It’s important to set appropriate targets and goals and clear tasks, always setting the appropriate target for the age that you are teaching for. Use regular informal assessment as well as formal assessment and make sure to give positive feedback. You can use a multisensory approach, use different materials as many different materials as you can find to keep it interesting and keep it fresh. And obviously, encourage students to think for themselves. These are general tips on how to be a good teacher.. “}

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Steps to Learning English: Where should you start?

{“en”:”[Singing] Hi. James. Greer. James Greer. From engVid. [Laughs]. Not Bond, and I know you think I was going to say Bond. I know. But listen, Bond always has an important mission he’s got to do, right? 007. And so do I. Today we have a mission. We’re going to learn how to study English. I know in many places, many websites, they tell you, and to teach you grammar and idioms and phrasal verbs.

But then, there’s the big question of you, and: How do you study, and how do you choose what is important for you at this moment? Maybe you’re advanced. Maybe you’re a beginner. Maybe you know this, and maybe you don’t. After today’s lesson and we do our mission, you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Okay? So, we’re going to go to the board in a second, and take a look. What steps should we take in order to learn? By the time you’re done this video, you’ll know exactly… Or you should know where you are, where you need to go, and when you’re going to be done. Ready? Let’s go. E. E is standing here saying: “Where do I start? Grammar, vocabulary, or speaking?” Common, and seems to make sense, I mean, you go to learn a language-right?-you go on a website, they start throwing things at you. You go to a school, they say you need this, this, and this.

But you don’t really know. So, I’m going to give you the tools to decide that. First thing we’re going to do is: What’s the first thing you need? Grammar? No. What? Conversation? No. Vocabulary. What? Well, look. If you can’t say: “bathroom” when you go to a country, you’re going to pee yourself. Okay? “Hungry”, you won’t get food. You don’t need to know everything to get basic information done. And that’s what we should look at first. Basic information for a beginner really is vocabulary. And instead of all the fancy stuff you need, you don’t need much. You need you, and a little bit of time, and to have some fun. Why? I’m going to suggest: For basic communication, get vocabulary. I’m telling you right now if I see you or any English-speaking person sees you, and you see… You say: “Drink. Thirsty.” There’s no grammar, but they’ll go: “Oh, the bar is over there.” If you say: “Washroom. Please”, they’ll go: “Oh, toilet is over there.” They use sentence, you use words.

Sometimes you just touch your belly and go: “Ahh!” They’ll go: “Oh, you want food.” You don’t need all that stuff. People will tell you you need to learn grammar, and this and that. You don’t. And here’s how you get your first vocabulary. Do what you love to do. Play video games. I’ve had… I don’t know how many students play video games, say they learned how to fire, duck, words that we wouldn’t teach them for a while, because they were playing games. Other people come in: “Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah, [sings]”, singing. I go: -“What the hell?” -“I love to sing”, and they sing a song, they sound like they’re just, you know, from this country.

Then they speak very terrible accent. You know what I’m saying, right? [Laughs] But when they sing, it’s like the gods have come down. I mean, literally, you go: “Are you…? You were born here, right?” Cool slang. You know? YOLO, you only live once. Right? ASAP, as soon as possible. When you do these things, you’re learning because you want to learn. You’re not even realising you’re learning, and it’s going to make you want to learn more because… You know, we’ll get to the second one and you’ll understand. But you want to communicate in a much better way. Okay? So, get the meaning of basic words. “Hungry”, “food”, “toilet”, “money”. You know that one, right? You need those things. If you have those things, you can start your adventure in learning English. Okay? And you’re going to do it by doing things you love. Video games, music, cool slang.

Right? Come on. Now we’re making language fun and easy for you, and that’s what we should do, because you’ll learn it faster. All right? And then here’s the bad news: Hard work is on its way, so let’s move over to the intermediate. So if you’re still on vocabulary and you can’t put a sentence together, you’re a beginner. Okay? But at least you’re better than other people. You know words in a foreign language. Cool. Intermediate is when we start, and I think you should introduce grammar. This is when your vocabulary is rich enough that you can say things like: “Need water.” Where? It’s not a sentence, so you kind of sound stupid. I’m saying it right out. You sound stupid. Had many students, brilliant people, sounding like… I called them kids. And I loved them. I thought they were great people, but I would call them kids because they sound like two and five year olds.

“Mommy, water, now.” Understand. Sentence? Not really. Grammar. Some teachers don’t think it’s necessary. It is. It’s like a skeleton in a body. Right? When you’re crawling on the floor, you still need a skeleton, something to hold everything together, but really it’s the muscles and everything else that make you move. But the skeleton is necessary or needed. Those are those bones. Right? These are the bones of the language. You got, you know, your vocabulary, but these hold everything together, that skeleton. Now, when you learn grammar, we do this to be understood.

We said basic communication. To be understood we need grammar. This is sound… And you can sound like you understand. “Oh! I can’t have your girlfriend and all of your money? Oh. I didn’t know that. I understand.” You sound like you understand someone. You can communicate an idea. “I would like to be a millionaire, but I don’t want to work.” See? I’ve communicated: “I am lazy, but I still want to be rich.” Like everyone in North America. Okay, but we’re going to take our vocabulary…

See, this is when you have the vocabulary, you take it, and you put it with some muscle. You put vocabulary and function words. That’s what grammar is. It’s the words that function. It’s the verbs. Right? It’s the pronouns. It’s all these things that go together. It’s like making a hamburger. Okay? You got your meat. Now you need a bun, some lettuce, and everything else. This is your grammar. This makes it good. Okay? So, now you can sound pretty intelligent, not like a child, but some people have great grammar skills and good vocabulary, but-and this is where we go to the advanced-they don’t sound like us.

They still haven’t got it quite together. We know you’re not from here. This is change it all. And this is something that I find interesting. Some students don’t want to do, they think it’s a waste of time. And then I remind them: In your country, are there people who don’t know how to read and write? What do you call them? Some people say (this is a fancy word): “They are illiterate.” I say: “No. They’re stupid.” Because you say: “Hey, read this.” They go: “I cannot read.” You go: “You’re stupid. Didn’t you go to school, stupid?” Don’t be stupid. Learn to read and write. It’s not just for that reason, for your ego that people…

It makes you feel good. It’s also because it teaches you how to think in the language. Huh? Well, when you write something down, you have to remember the author wrote it three years ago. The author is the writer of the book, could be a male, female, or whoever made it. They wrote it three or four years ago, and you’re not there. So when they write about it, they have to think in a way that you would understand it three years later, and not have to ask questions.

Because if you have to say: “I’m confused. What does he mean? Let me call him up. Yo, E, on page 47 you wrote this thing. It’s an awkward phrase. You got a dangling modifier, so I’m not really sure…” It doesn’t work like that. They have to write it properly so you understand it. This is when we become advanced, because you learn logical thought, how we put it together. When we talk about logical thought, we talk about syntax; how the words go together , how things flow, how we think. Every language is different, and the syntax is a bit different. Okay? This will make you think like a native speaker. You have to put the words and even the sentences in a way that makes sense to us. Okay? Remember I said you sound…? Here I meant not stupid. That was it, you don’t sound stupid. Reading and writing makes you sound intelligent, and there’s a difference.

Suddenly, I want to hear what you have to say, because you seem to know what you’re talking about, and you present your ideas in a way I can understand. It also gives you the time to think about the language, so it goes on in your brain, so it knows how to analyze and present the language for us. This is something people skip, because they want to speak, and don’t realize this is a very important part. Reading gives you an understanding of how we’re thinking. You read, you get that. When you write, you have to write in a way that we would understand it. Powerful stuff. And how does it do that? Well, we have three components or three parts. Number one, the grammar. See? Grammar we talked about. Grammar has to be in something you write. Okay? Then it has to be true.

What you say has to make sense to us. It’s logical. I can’t be just: “I am an alien, and I live in the sea, and I have fins and baby-back ribs.” It doesn’t make any sense, even if the sentence is perfectly grammatically correct. It’s like: “This is not true. I will not listen to you.” And then finally we have to connect them, and this is what we talk about syntax, and when we put all of these things together, suddenly you’re speaking and people understand you. Accent or no accent, you are an English speaker. Not quite. Almost. When we put all these three together, and we go to speaking, and you master speaking, which will happen if you take these steps – you will notice you are being understood when you speak. Not five times: “Sorry? Huh? Sorry? Sor-, sorry? Oh, okay. Oh, I’m sorry. No. Sorry?” No. You will speak, you will be understood. When I speak, and some of you think I speak very quickly. And you’re right. My students actually often laugh go: “You don’t speak quickly on those videos.

You speak quickly in real life.” But I like it when people understand me. You will find that you understand me more. You will have more understanding what I say, and English people say. You won’t be guessing what they’re saying. You will actually understand them. Finally, you know that accent that you really don’t like, and you wish you could get rid of? You will. Speaking and using a practice of speaking helps you with proper pronunciation. That’s what helps you with being understood, and actually helps you with understanding other people, because you realize it’s not the absolute pronunciation, but where you put the stresses, what the meaning is. Right? All this comes with language or speaking. You can communicate and have mastered the language. That’s what we talk about by speaking, and I wrote that for a reason. When you are speaking, it’s right or it’s wrong. There’s no time to think about it. That’s what your practice in reading and writing is for.

Okay? So once you can actually speak, you’re done. Congratulations. You’ve learned a new language. Now, look. I want to do… I want to go through a couple of hints to help you out in a second or two, and then I want you to go out there and practice. Figure out where you are. You’ll know, because I’ve already told you. You’re either a beginner and you got to work on your vocabulary. That means most of what I said you didn’t understand. Or you’re intermediate, you got something out of what I’m saying, but you know you can’t express yourself that way. You’re advanced, you’re already smart enough to be writing every day and reading every day.

Or you’re basically fluent and native. Get outta here. Go outside and play. That’s what you should be doing. You ready? Let’s go through those helpful hints. [Snaps] So, we’ve talked about where you might be as a learner; advanced, beginner, or native. Now, I want to give you some more basic hints on acquiring or getting the language. Are you ready? Okay, basic hint number one: 30 minutes a day goes a long way. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, 30 minutes. If you’re not willing to spend 30 minutes learning, you really don’t want to learn. All right? You need to practice regularly. Give you a good hint or a good example. When you were a baby, you were trying to walk. You would fall down. You would never stand and walk, you kept falling. But every day you tried, and sometimes hours, hours, hours.

Then one day, you started to walk, then you started to run. If you told that baby that 30 minutes a day was a lot of work, you’d be sitting in a chair for the rest of your life. Right? So, 30 minutes a day. Hey, an engVid video is 15. Boo, half your work’s done. Am I a genius? Yeah. Helped you out. Okay, so 30 minutes a day is a good thing to do. Okay? It goes a long way to help you retain or remember the information. Number two: Spend five minutes and review what you did the day before.

I know, it’s 35 minutes, but it’s still not an hour. Okay? So, before, you know, you do your new lesson, think for five minutes: “What did I do yesterday when I did English? Did I…?” Was it…? Were you reading? Did you write? What did you write about? Were there any things you wanted to change in your writing? Okay? So, remember, in your 30 minutes, that can be 30 minutes of writing, 30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of going through the dictionary looking for words you need, basic words. Right? Or, I don’t know, listening to, like I said, an engVid video.

Watching it twice. The first time, you watch it; second time, make notes about things you want to learn .Right? That’s 30 minutes. Painless. Five minutes review is good, because it’s like eating food. If you take a burger, just put it in your mouth, it’s not as good as when you take it, and chew it and taste it. When you taste it, that’s where the joy comes from. That’s what you should do with language. Just taste it. Play with it a bit. Number three: Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to use the English you’ve learned. That could be part of your 30 minutes. Read for a little while, stop, put the story in your head, close your eyes, and imagine it. If you imagine it, it becomes real. When it becomes real, it becomes useful. Okay? If you just write some grammar down and you write some rules, and you never think about using it, then guess what? You won’t.

So, why don’t we take a couple minutes with our review? Imagine. Okay? “I just learned this new vocabulary. James said something about a pharmacy. Now, imagine I had to go… What did he say I have to say? ‘Can you help me with…?'” Now, imagine asking the… There you go. Next thing you know, you’re in the situation, the words come out of your mouth. Practice. Number four: Set goals. What do you want to do with your English? I know.

“I want to speak English today.” It’s not going to happen. Sorry. Okay? Just like if you want a burger, you have to actually catch a cow, kill a cow, bring it to the store, grind it up or make meat for it, then put it on the barbecue. It doesn’t happen. Right? There’s many steps to it. So, in this case, set goals. Maybe a five-minute conversation with a native speaker. Two-minute, one-minute conversation. Maybe it’s learn turn… Ten words really well. Okay? So you read a book, you pick out ten words you don’t know, go to the dictionary, write it out, then write out sentences with those words. Talk to…

Try and use them in a conversation with somebody so that they become something you’ve digested, that means taken in and you understand. Okay? You understand it completely. Apply for a job. Here’s one. You… It’s the 21st century, bub. Get on the internet. “I would like to work for your company.” Send it out. Right? See what responses you get back. Now, most of them will say: “Hey, your grammar is really bad.” Right? Or you can do a phone interview. Say: “Hey, can we do a Skype interview for this job?” Practice. Just because you’re not living here right now doesn’t mean you can’t put it into practice. And through your mistakes, you can learn, and then go back and use that for your 30 minutes of work. Right? “They didn’t like my accent. It was too strong. Okay, work on pronunciation. They said my grammar skills seemed to be a bit weak.

Okay, work on grammar skills. My vocabulary was limited. I noticed I kept repeating the same thing. Okay, work on vocabulary. Work on synonyms.” You will start making your own lesson plan based on you, not on what some book or some teacher tells you to do. Finally: Travel. I should do, like, say this. Right? Travel. I know. This is not easy. You don’t have money. Right? You don’t have time. But why are you learning it? Everything you really want, you have to do something. We call it a sacrifice. You have to give something to get something you really want. You want to eat, you buy food.

The food’s not free. Right? You want to really use your language, you got to travel. You don’t have to be… Do a big trip. You can find things on the internet where it’s exchange. Somebody’s family comes to your house, you go to their house for two weeks, or something like that. Governments do exchanges where there’s learning programs. Right? Hey, you can go to startup programs. “Hi. I want to learn English. Send me to a country.” Some people, if you give a good enough story: “I live in a farm out in Lithuania.

My family is, you know… Always wanted me to do better with my life, and we know English is important. So, my father’s willing to give up three cows to have me go to Canada.” Put it out there. Somebody will go: “Oh, come on, man. I’ll give you the money.” You know, miracles happen. Things can happen, but you got to do something. Travelling is the one thing that makes you go out there, because you got to do something. You can’t pretend you want to learn, because you have to put your money there. That will be hard, and I admit that. But once you do, if you’re doing all of these things, there’s nothing sweeter than getting off a plane, and saying: “Hi. Can you help me this? I’m looking for a friend of mine”, and the other person going: “Sure, no problem.

Let me take you.” And you’re understood. Right? Cool? I think it’s cool. Anyway, where do I start? You know where to start now, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or you’re native. I’ve given you some helpful hints that you can use starting right this minute. Right? You’re watching one video, so 15 minutes of your time is done. Hit the next one, or go do the quiz.

All right? Cool. Listen, hope I’ve done my part for you. Now it’s time for you to do your part. Study, practice, review. And when you can and if you can, and if you can get the help, travel, see the world. All right? Listen, I got to go. You have a great day. All right? Don’t forget to do the quiz. Where? www, eng, as in English, vid, as in video. I probably did that backwards. Right? engVid. Doesn’t matter. You know. Go to www.engvid.com. Don’t forget to subscribe. It’s somewhere around here. Somewhere. Subscribe. And once again and always, thank you very much for being a part of our family. All right? Have a good one. Ciao.. “}

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Study English in London

Only 1% Can Pass This English Test

{“en”:”English is an amazing language, but it can also be really annoying some of the rules in the English language just don’t make any sense they contradict each other and to be honest they’re kind of, some of them are kind of stupid and that’s exactly what we’re looking at today. There is some weird English rules always that English is just an impossible language to speak because the rules always contradict themselves. Here we go. For example, we’re gonna start off with a game. This is the English game. Maybe some of you guys have seen this before already all you have to do is place the word, “only” anywhere in the sentence, so the sentence says, “She told him that she loved him.” Okay, “last,” but only after she.

She only told him that she loved him. So that basically just means that’s all she told. Him she could have said more. Let’s put it after told. She told only him that she loved him. So she only told him and no one else. She told him that she only loved him. And she told him that she loved him only, so it’s crazy how one word can choose a sentence to have four different meanings.

ONLY in the English language. So if we gotta give her a round of applause to the English language. Ladies and gentlemen English with all is one of my worst subjects to me. I was like really good at science Second place was math, and then I would say it was probably like English or geography I was also really good at history, but guys. How’s it going welcome to reaction time today? We’re just gonna react to some some weird rules in the English language He’s gonna be like games or funny sayings so without further ado Let’s just jump right into it how to English 101 with your teacher tall fishman All right class so this is how to English no word queue. You guys don’t know what it means It’s a line of sequence of people or vehicles waiting their turn it can also be a list of data items commands so pronunciation and cue as it shows the rules are write down five letters Q u e ue But you only pronounce the first letter that’s stupid right welcome to the English language so five different letters to make the word Q Where reality you could just put Q What a sound are the same, but why do you need five letters for one word cough ruff though through okay? Look how they’re all spelled.

They look almost identical, but why don’t these words rhyme? I don’t understand Why didn’t words rhyme even though they all look identical? Why isn’t it tough like rough and cough or trough why is it though in throat I? Don’t know can someone answer that it makes. No sense it even says down here for some odd reason Pony and bologna Rhyme, yet these words don’t all rhyme so stupid stupid.

We should learn different languages that make more sense This is a cool fact that you probably never heard before a 16th century man wrote God BW e in a letter to someone as an abbreviation for may God be with you so God be with you and it appeared as God B Y which was then read by the recipient as goodbye And that’s why people say goodbye because of 16th century chat speak. I’ve never heard of this in my life It could probably be fake But if someone wants to talk check it fact check it and let me know down in the comments is this the real reason people Say goodbye because it was actually God be with you okay, farewell God be with you And then it was interpreted as goodbye this one is comical if Wilma is pronounced womb and tomb is pronounced tomb shouldn’t bomb be pronounced boom I Don’t know now look at this.

This is a pineapple, and this is the word pineapple in different languages We got a bunch of different languages here in our mean. It’s uh non-us Danish I’m gonna Dutch on us um pretty much every single language It’s fun on us. Just maybe pronounce all different well guess what is in English? pineapple pear pineapple everything’s Ananas except for pineapple English Jump so this sentence right here Actually has seven different meanings depending on which word you accentuate more for example if he said I never Said she stole my money, or I never said she stole my money Or I never said she stole my money, or I never said she stole my money this sounds Do you guys understand it’s giving me a headache right now Depending on which word you’re stressing right now the meaning of the sentence can be completely different. Just try it out yourself Oh, my god. That’s crazy. I never said she stole my money could be my brother’s Jesus Christ That’s kind of beautiful all right So this is why commas are so important if you misuse? Commas this is what it could sound like so with proper comma usage I add eggs Toast and orange juice and without it.

I had eggs toast and orange juice disgusting combination and finally if you guys can read this Perfectly without messing up you speak English better than 90% of all English speakers I’m gonna attempt to try it like the first 10 lines If you guys want to check it out is gonna be first thing in the description all these photos and this if you want to Try it out for yourself. Let’s do it. Are you ready English language Okay, dearest creature in creation to study English pronunciation. I’ll teach you in my verse sounds like corpse corpse horse and Wars I’ll keep you Suzy busy Make your head with heat grow dizzy tear And I or just will tear so shall I or hear my prayer Just compare heart beard in hair and heard daizen diet Lord and word Soreness were to retain in Britain mind the ladder how it’s written no I surely will not plague you with such words as play with such words a plaque an arm and a goo But be careful How you speak say break and steak but blinken Street cloven oven how and low? script receipt show poem and toe hear me say devoid of trickery daughter laughter and Territory typhoid be typhoid measles no, okay This is it guys dollar some funny things in the English language try this out for yourself send it to your friends Hope you guys enjoy But before you guys go check out some more videos or you can also check out free time my second channel right here Why do challenges and have some vlogs one of my friends and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already for more cool? For more videos like this and I’ll see you guys next time.

Hope. Hope you have a good one and peace out!. “}

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Business English Course – Lesson 2: Making Suggestions in English | Business English Conversation

{“en”:”You’re listening to business English Pod The Business English podcast for Professionals On the move Welcome back to business English Pod! Today’s Show is part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions. Reject means to say no and accept means to say yes In this English lesson, we’re focusing on making suggestions in the next lesson, we’ll look at accepting and rejecting suggestions. This dialogue takes place and a sports shoe company called Stratos. You’ll be listening to Karen, a marketing manager, meet with three members of her team Charles, Sven, and Miguel. They are choosing a celebrity spokesperson for new product. Celebrity means a famous person. Here, spokesperson is someone who gets paid to be in an advertisement for product In the dialogue, target market is the place where you want to sell your product and target consumer is the type of customer you want to sell your product to.

In this case the product is a special kind of new sports shoe made especially for overweight people. Overweight is a nice way of saying too heavy or not fit. okay let’s listen as you listen pay attention to the language the speakers used to make suggestions to each other okay now let’s talk about who we want to use as a spokesperson for this product let’s go around the table show uses sports to or someone else spend what do you think well look possibility would be to use a famous overweight business executives all CEO someone who is really successful sorry can I come in here yes go ahead Miguel that’s a good idea but I’m not sure it would work why not well for one thing our customers want to be fit not back well then what do you suggest perhaps we should just use a famous sports star like we usually do if it isn’t broken don’t fix it you know what I mean we could try getting Rooney weren’t at all good suggestion but I can see one or two problems with that to be honest Boeing first of a target market are in the UK and the US we need someone people with Americans and Britain’s really like secondly a target customer is kind of special I’ve got a suggestion go ahead child it’s just an idea but how about choosing someone from a sport wheres normal to be happy american football for example heavy but agile overweight but strong and fast you know what I mean Rai I can see what you doing what do others think yes that might be worth trying okay the what about the UK who we get to use on this side of the Atlantic mmm let me think about the youth show we try to find someone in Golf that’s popular in the US and in the UK and that way we can kill two birds with one stone I’m that’s an idea that idea you know I think this work to run karen’s team had a lot of ideas didn’t what language do they use to make their suggestions first listen to us then well look possibility would be to use a famous overweight business executives all CEO someone who is really successful houseman make a suggestion he says one possibility would be to instead will he uses would the use of wood here means it’s just a suggestion past moreover should could might and would are often use like this in suggestions now listen to Miguel making a suggestion perhaps we should just use a famous sports star like we usually do if it isn’t broken don’t fix it you know what I mean perhaps we should is another polite way making a suggestion notice the you served just perhaps we should just use a famous pornstar this shows that what he’s suggesting is no change from the normal way of doing things that’s why he says if it isn’t broken don’t fix it this is an idiom it means don’t change something if it’s already working fine in informal American world English you can say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it so far we have two ways of making suggestions one possibility would be to and perhaps we should now let’s look at a couple more ways to make suggestions listener charles I’ve got a suggestion go ahead child it’s just an idea but how about choosing someone from a sport worse normal to be happy first Charles shows that he has a suggestion I’ve got a suggestion then since he’s talking to his boss and perhaps since he’s not sure everyone will agree with him he uses a careful polite way to introduce the suggestion is just an idea by how Barack how bout is a normal way of making a suggestion is just an idea but makes it extra polite instead a Powerball you can also say what about how bout and what about are followed by a ver plus being I N G how about washing the dishes it’s just an idea but what about eating lunch together these are sometimes followed by a phrase or sentence this is more common with how about how about you wash the dishes and I dry how bout we have lunch together finally let’s look at a couple more ways making a suggestion listen to how Karen makes her suggestion show we try to find someone in Gulf you can also say wanna for example what if we cut costs by finding a new office now with Karen steam practice the ways and making suggestions that we’ve learned so far well one possibility would be to I am will star perhaps should have more vacation just an idea n but how about leaving a little bit early today shall we try to look at this from another point of view well what if we try to open a new store in Germany now it’s your turn to talk in a moment you’ll hear a series of Q’s followed by a bee after each be use the information supplied in the queue to make a suggestion for example if you hear get back on to sponsor the product you can say well one possibility would be to get back come to sponsor the product are you ready let’s give it a try launched a new product in q1 next year they’ve been a grant in Slovenia give employees larger bonuses hold English training scheduled weekly meetings to check on progress how did you do listen to the examples to check your answers remember there are many possible ways to respond to each question launch the new product in q1 next year and soon perhaps you should launch the new product in q1 next year they’ve been a branch in Slovenia answer it’s just an idea but what if we open a branch in Slovenia give employees larger bonuses sir well what if we try to give employees legend bonuses hold English training answer well one possibility would be to hold English training scheduled weekly meetings to check on progress answer let’s schedule weekly meetings to check on progress now that you’ve heard some examples go back in practice again substitute different phrases to build fluency that’s all for this unit we’ve covered many useful expressions for making suggestions in the next unit will use the same dialogue to cover rejecting and accepting suggestions will also look closely at some idioms that were used in the dialogue thanks for listening”}

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Learning English – Lesson One (Introduction)

{“en”:”Hi everybody this is Misterduncan England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so welcome to the very first episode of my series of English teaching videos before I begin we will take a look at some of the common questions that often arise when talking about learning the English language and more importantly learning it as a second language so the first question must be why do we need to learn English of course one of the reasons why we need to be able to speak English nowadays is because the world is becoming smaller thanks to the internet and our developing global economy more and more people are using English as a common way to communicate with each other so now it has become unavoidable that companies and large businesses will need to employ people who can speak more than their own native language that is where English comes in it is now officially considered as an international language of course learning anything is difficult and english is no exception however there are ways to make the situation easier I have come up with my own list of general rules for learning English do you want to hear them do you want to know what they are ok let’s go learning English takes time and patience it cannot be rushed try to relax and take it easy the most important thing you need in the beginning is a good vocabulary without words you have nothing to work with you must start with a strong foundation or base and slowly build on it day by day you must view English as a part of your body just as you would an R or a leg it must become a part of your everyday life they practise is very important do not worry about making mistakes in fact the more mistakes you make the more you will learn from them just like learning to ride a bike sometimes you fall off so what do you do you get back hard and try again do not look at english as just another subject your attitude to english and the way you view it will decide how well you progress just as we say in English no pain no game the two most important words to remember when learning English our practise and confidence practise English everyday and be confident you will find that the more you use English the better your English will become and the more confident you become then the more you will want to use it make it a rule to tell yourself I can do it I can do it yeah please remember my lessons are aimed as everyone so hopefully you will find something useful in each one maybe you will find some of the words I use very easy but you will also see some words that may be new to you remember my lessons are aimed as everyone even teachers are very welcome to join in learning English should be a fun experience and I hope with the help of my video lessons you will discover just how much fun it can be i hope you enjoyed my first lesson this is mr.

Duncan in England saying thanks for watching and…bye bye for now.. “}

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Jobs and Occupations for Kids | What Does He/She Do? | Kindergarten, EFL and ESL | Fun Kids English

Hey everyone! Let’s talk about jobs. I wonder what he does and what does she do? Here we go! He’s a carpenter. He’s a carpenter. She’s a hairdresser. She’s a hairdresser. He’s a construction worker. He’s a construction worker. She’s a nurse. She’s a nurse. He’s a doctor. He’s a doctor. She’s an office worker. She’s an office worker. He’s a firefighter. He’s a firefighter. She’s a shop assistant. She’s a shop assistant. He’s a police officer. He’s a police officer. She’s a teacher. She’s a teacher. That was great stuff everyone let’s do it one more time in a big voice.

Listen and repeat. He’s a carpenter. She’s a hairdresser. He’s a construction worker. She’s a nurse. He’s a doctor. She’s an office worker. He’s a firefighter. She’s a shop assistant. He’s a police officer. She’s a teacher. Well done everyone. You did it! Thanks for watching. See you next time! Hi guys. Thanks for watching click on our logo below to subscribe for more fun kids videos. Thanks again, and see you next time!.

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