English Speaking Practice Part 1 (Improve Your English Conversations With Understanding And Practice

{“en”:”Here’s how to practice listen a minute record yourself apartment and listen apartment apartment apartment an apartment is a rented room or set of rooms meat meat meat means to see and speak to someone for the first time new new new means not known before recently bought or rented nice nice nice means good and enjoyable Street Street a street is a road in a city town or village try-try try means to make an effort to do something welcome welcome welcome is used as a friendly greeting to someone who arrives at a place here’s how to practice listen apartment record yourself apartment and listen apartment cook cook cook means to prepare food for eating especially by using heat dinner dinner is the main meal of the day excuse excuse excuse means to forgive someone for making a mistake or doing something wrong find find find means to get or discover something or someone that you are looking for here-here-here means in this place or at this location live live live means to have a home in a specified place near near near means close to something or someone sorry sorry-sorry means feeling sorrow or regret supermarket supermarket the supermarket is a store where customers can buy a variety of foods and household items there there there means in that place or at that location want want want means to desire or wish for something wrong wrong means not suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose situation or person at work we answer with our name hello this is John hello is Ana there now you try it with your name ask for a person like this if it is a wrong number we say I’m sorry you have the wrong number now you try it egg bag a bag is a soft container used to hold money and other small things big big big means large in size book book a book is a set of printed sheets of paper that are held together inside a cover or a long written work coffee coffee coffee is a dark-brown drink made from ground coffee beans and boiled water lamp lamp a lamp is a device that produces light little little little means small in size map map a map is a picture or chart that shows the rivers mountains streets etc in the particular area not-not-not makes a word or phrase negative or gives an opposite meaning pen pen a pen is a writing instrument that uses ink pillow pillow a pillow is a bag filled with soft material that is used as a cushion usually for the head of a person who is lying down toy toy a toy is something a child plays with world world the world is the earth and all the people and things on it it is a map now you try it it is a big book now you try it it is not a pen now you try it I have a pen now you try it you do you have a bag yes I have a bag now you try it bathroom bathroom a bathroom is a room with a sink and toilet and usually a bathtub or shower beautiful beautiful beautiful is very good or pleasing having beauty bedroom bedroom a bedroom is a room used for sleeping eat eat eat means to take food into your mouth and swallow it house house a house is a building in which a family lives to kitchen a kitchen is a room in which food is cooked living room living room a living room is a room in a house for general family use relax relax relax means to spend time resting or doing something enjoyable sleep sleep sleep means to rest your mind and body by closing your eyes upstairs upstairs upstairs means on or to a higher floor of a building wash wash wash means to clean something with water and usually soap where are you now you try it we usually use a preposition like in with a location some locations like upstairs have no preposition I am upstairs I am in the kitchen now you try it you across from across from across from means on the opposite side from someone or something behind behind behind means in or to a place at the back of or to the rear of someone or something elevator elevator an elevator is a machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building every every every is used to describe how often some repeated activity or event happens or is done jim-jim a gym is a room or building that has equipment for sports activities or exercise lobby lobby a lobby is a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building such as a hotel or theater lounge lounge a lounge is a room with comfortable furniture for relaxing mail room mail room a mail room is a room in which mail is processed and sorted next to next to next to means at the side of someone or something parking garage parking garage a parking garage is a building in which people usually pay to park their cars trucks etc rooftop roof top a rooftop is the cover or top of a building or vehicle work out work out work out means to perform athletic exercises in order to improve your health or physical fitness across from where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge now you try it where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge next to where is the gym it’s next to the mailroom now ask about the mailroom where is the mailroom it’s next to the gym behind where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge it is behind the lobby now you try it the gym is behind the lobby boss boss a boss is the person whose job is to tell other workers what to do bothering bothering bother means to annoy someone or to cause someone to feel annoyed busy busy busy means actively doing something excited excited excited means very enthusiastic and eager about something nervous nervous nervous means having or showing feelings of being worried and afraid about what might happen News News News is information that is reported in a newspaper magazine television news program or website office office an office is a building or room in which people work at desks doing business or professional activities reading reading read means to look at and understand the meaning of letters words symbols etc recording recording record means to store something such as sounds music images etc on tape or on a disk so that it can be heard or seen later show show a show is a television or radio program working working work means to do things as part of your job writing writing write means to create a book poem story etc by writing words on paper or on a computer what are you doing I am writing now you try it what are you doing now you try it answer with working I am working are you writing yes I am writing now it’s your turn are you recording answer yes I am recording are you reading the news yes I am reading the news are you doing your show answer yes I am doing my show after noon after noon afternoon is the middle part of the day the part of the day between noon and evening apologize apologize apologize means to express regret for doing or saying something wrong before before before means at an earlier time evening evening evening is the last part of the day and early part of the night job job a job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money later later later means happening near the end of a process activity series life etc light light a light is a source of light such as an electric lamp morning morning morning is the early part of the day the time of day from sunrise until noon now-now-now means at the present time studio studio a studio is the building or room where an artist works surprise surprise a surprise is an unexpected event or piece of information yesterday yesterday yesterday means the day before today times of day today is a new day let’s not talk about yesterday now you try it today is a new day let’s not talk about yesterday every day I do my morning show now you try it every day I do my morning show come by this afternoon now you try it come by this afternoon I am recording my evening show now you try it I am recording my evening show Celsius Celsius Celsius means relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 100 degrees and the freezing point of water is at zero degrees change change change means to become different Chak Chak Chak means to get information by looking at something asking about something etc cold cold cold means having a very low temperature degree degree a degree is a unit for measuring temperature Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit means relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 212 degrees above zero and the freezing point is at 32 degrees above zero forecast forecasts a forecast is a statement about what you think is going to happen in the future phone phone a phone is a device that is connected to a telephone system and that you use to listen or speak to someone who is somewhere else snowy snowy snowy means having falling snow or covered with snow sunny sunny sunny means having plenty of bright sunlight temperature temperature a temperature is a measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is warm warm warm means somewhat hot not cool or cold whether weather weather is the temperature and other outside conditions such as rain cloudiness etc at a particular time and place windy windy windy means having a lot of wind Americans often make sounds also called interjections that have many meanings interjections can convey different feelings depending on the intonation of the speaker’s voice one example is Oh in the video you hear honest a Oh twice the first time she says Oh is at the beginning of the video oh hi everyone in this case all means that Ana is surprised by something notice her voice goes up when she says oh oh hi everyone the second time you hear Ana use Oh is at the end of the video when she says oh I see Mexico in this case all means that Ana understands a statement and that she does not like it notice that her voice goes down this time oh I see Mexico here are two examples listen oh hello now you try it make your voice go up you listen oh the weather is bad today now make your voice go down ahead ahead ahead means to or toward the place where someone is going bus bus a bus is a large vehicle that is used for carrying passengers especially along a particular route at particular times coffee shop coffee shop a coffee shop is a small restaurant that serves coffee and other drinks as well as simple foods department store department store a department store is a large store that has separate areas in which different kinds of products are sold exit exit exit means to go out of a place left left left means located on the same side of your body as your heart Metro Metro a metro is an underground railway system in some cities also called subway right right right means located on the side of your body that is away from your heart station station a station is a place where buses trains etc regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off straight straight straight means in a straight or direct way then then then is used to indicate what happened or happens next turn turn turn means to cause your body or a part of your body to face a different direction wawk wawk wawk means to move with your legs at a speed that is slower than running when we tell someone how to find a place we say we are giving them directions listen to Ana giving Ashley directions exit the Metro in turn right then at the bus station turn left then walk straight ahead now you try it exit the Metro and turn right now you try it then at the bus station turn left now you try it then walk straight ahead you Bank Bank a bank is a business where people keep their money borrow money etc or the building where such a business operates bye-bye-bye means to get something by paying money for it cash cash cash is money in the form of coins and bills Corner corner a corner is the place where two streets or roads meet errand errand an errand is a short journey that you take to do or get something fast fast fast means moving or able to move quickly get-get-get means to obtain something ice cream ice cream ice cream is a frozen food containing sweetened and flavoured cream library library a library is a place where books magazines and other materials such as videos and musical recordings are available for people to use or borrow mailbox mailbox a mailbox is a public box in which letters and packages are placed to be collected and sent out post office post office a post office is a building where the mail for a local area is sent and received return return return means to bring give send or take something to the place that it came from or the place where it should go sell sell sell means to exchange something for money send send send means to cause a letter an email a package etc to go or to be carried from one place or person to another stamp stamp a stamp is a small piece of paper that you buy and then stick to an envelope or package to pay the cost of mailing it store store a store is a building or room where things are sold when someone helps us we often say thank you listen to Anna thank Marsha for helping her find things in their neighborhood thanks Marcia you know our neighborhood so well now you try it Thank You Ana for helping me learn English clown clown a clown is someone who often does funny things to make people laugh different different different means not ordinary or common unusual feel feel feel is used to describe or ask about someone’s physical or mental state gardening gardening garden means to work in a garden to take care of the plants in a garden guitar guitar a guitar is a musical instrument that is held against the front of your body and that has usually six strings which are played with your fingers or with a pick homesick homesick homesick means sad because you are away from your family and home joke joke a joke is something said or done to cause laughter laughs laughs laughs is to show that you are happy or that you think something is funny by smiling and making a sound from your throat ha ha make make make means to build create or produce something by work or effort Park Park a park is a piece of public land in or near a city that is kept free of houses and other buildings and can be used for pleasure and exercise photo photo a photo or photograph is a picture made by a camera raise raise raise means to keep and take care of animals or crops remind remind remind means to cause someone to remember something rodeo rodeo a rodeo is an event in which people compete at riding horses and bulls catching animals with ropes etc sheep sheep a sheep is an animal with a thick woolly coat that is often raised for meat or for its wool and skin spoon spoon a spoon is an eating or cooking tool that has a small shallow bowl attached to a handle sweater sweater a sweater is a warm usually knitted piece of clothing for the upper part of your body when we see a friend who is sad we can ask what’s wrong listen to Marsha ask Anna what’s wrong I’m thinking about my family I am feeling homesick you want to talk about it now you try it what’s wrong do you want to talk about it band band a band is a usually small group of musicians who play popular music together because because because means for the reason that birthday birthday a birthday is the day when someone was born or the anniversary of that day bored bored bored means tired and annoyed by too much of the same thing or not interested drum drum a drum is a musical instrument that is played by hitting a layer of skin or plastic with sticks or with your hands exercise exercise exercise means physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier fight fight fight means to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone party party a party is a social event in which entertainment food and drinks are provided politician politician a politician is someone who is active in government usually as an elected official president president a president is the head of the government in some countries pop it pop it a puppet is a doll that is moved by putting your hand inside it or by pulling strings or wires that are attached to it queen queen a queen is a woman who rules a country and who usually inherits her position and rules for life shop shop shop means to visit places where goods are sold in order to look at and buy things sword sword a sword is a weapon with a long metal blade that has a sharp point and edge unusual unusual unusual means different or strange in a way that attracts attention usual usual usual means done found or used most of the time or in most cases or normal or regular watch watch watch means to look at someone or something for an amount of time and pay attention to what is happening in the video anna says that what she is doing today is different listen to honor telling why she is doing different things this is a drum band I never listened to a drum band but today I am listening to a drum band because it’s Shakespeare’s birthday this is sword fighting I never sword fight but today I am sore sighting because it’s Shakespeare’s birthday look there are many things to do in Washington DC some usual some unusual today I am not bored because it is William Shakespeare’s birthday these sentences show a cause and effect the cause is William Shakespeare’s birthday party the effects are listening to a drum band sword fighting and not being bored now you try it tell about a reason you are studying English why are you study in English”}

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Learn English | Basic English Conversation Course | 12 lessons

{“en”:”Hello. Welcome to our conversation series. These videos are for intermediate level learners of English. In these videos, we will talk about many expressions to help you communicate in English. When you watch these videos you should do 3 things to help you study. First, our teachers may say a word that you donu2019t know. Please take the time to find that word in a dictionary to help you understand the video. Second, you should always try to repeat after the teacher in the video. Whenever the teacher uses some new vocabulary or expressions, you need to repeat how they say it. Last, you should always review and re-watch the videos, and practice what you learned to help you understand the expressions being taught to you. It takes time and effort, but these videos will help you if you watch them with a sincere interest to learn English. Thank you and enjoy the videos. Hi, everybody. Iu2019m Esther and in this video, weu2019re going to talk about how to describe the cost or price of something.

Now this is important to people like me who like shopping. Rightu2026 So, for example, I like shopping, especially for dresses. So, I might say, the cost of u201cThis dress is affordable.u201d Oku2026 u201cThis dress is affordable.u201d u2018Affordableu2019 means that this dress is not too expensive. I have enough money and I can pay for this dress. I have enough money, I u2018canu2019 buy this dress. So, I would say, u201cThis dress is affordable.u201d I can also say, u201cThis dress is inexpensive.u201d We all know what u2018expensiveu2019 is, but we say u201cinexpensiveu201d, so thatu2019s the opposite. u201cInexpensive.u201d u2018Affordableu2019 and u2018inexpensiveu2019 have very similar meanings. Again, I have enough money to buy this. Itu2019s not too expensive. Then we have u201ccheapu201d. u201cThis dress is cheap.u201d Now u2018cheapu2019 is similar. It means itu2019s not expensive, but itu2019s a little bit more negative. If you say that something is u201ccheapu201d, people may think that the quality is not very good. Itu2019s not very nice.

Ok, now letu2019s look at the opposite. The opposite of these words is u201cexpensiveu201d. u201cThis dress is expensive.u201d It costs a lot of moneyu2026too much money. Maybe I donu2019t want to buy it. We can also say, u201cover-pricedu201d. u201cThis dress is over-priced.u201d That means the price is too high. So again, I donu2019t want to buy this dress. Itu2019s too expensive and over-priced. Ok, letu2019s look at some more examples together. Letu2019s look at some examples. u201cThe hat was affordable because it was on sale.u201d u201cThe hat was affordable because it was on sale.u201d Next. u201cI wish this bag was more affordable.u201d u201cI wish this bag was more affordable.u201d Next. u201cThis computer is surprisingly inexpensive.u201d u201cThis computer is surprisingly inexpensive.u201d Next. u201cThese shoes look beautiful, but they are too cheap.u201d u201cThese shoes look beautiful, but they are too cheap.u201d Next. u201cThat jacket is too expensive.u201d u201cThat jacket is too expensive.u201d And last. u201cI cannot buy this over-priced bag.u201d u201cI cannot buy this over-priced bag.u201d Ok, so in this video, we learned that when we want to describe the cost of something, as not too expensive, we say u201caffordableu201d.

Oku2026 Something is u2018affordableu2019 if itu2019s not too expensive. If I can buy it with the money I have. On the other hand, if something is not affordable, if the cost is very high, we say u201cexpensiveu201d or u201cover-pricedu201d. For me, ahhu2026I think some brands like H&M and Forever21 are affordable. Some people donu2019t think this way. They think itu2019s cheap. Uhhu2026sometimes, yes. Some of the items can be cheap. But for me, I like those brands because they are affordable. Ahhhu2026another store that I like, in Koreau2026itu2019s called Zara or uc790ub77c, in Korea as they say. Uhmu2026they have some items that are affordable and some items that are very expensive. Too expensive for me to buy. Ok, well thatu2019s what I wanted to share in this video.

Thanks for watching. Bye. Hello. Iu2019m Bill. In this video, weu2019re going to talk about something fun that people like to dou2026and thatu2019s vacation. We like to go on vacationu2026and we like to tell people about our vacations. Because, if we can make them jealous, thatu2019s even better. Now, thereu2019s two questions here that weu2019re going to use to talk about u2018vacationu2019. One question is u2018where we gou2019 for vacation. And the other question is u2018what we dou2019 when on vacation.

Now, the first question is, u201cDid you go anywhere for vacation?u201d So, vacation time is finished and itu2019s just time to talk about it. So, they ask this question. And thereu2019s different answers you can give. The easiest. u201cYes, I did.u201d But, thatu2019s boring. Easy is not always good because you want to be interesting when you talk. So, someone asks you, u201cDid you go anywhere for vacation?u201d Well, start by u2018where did you gou2019? u201cI went tou2026Busan.u201d Or u201cI went to Jeju.u201d Popular places people love to go to. Or, you could just say, u201cI went to the beach.u201du2026cause people like the beach. So, thatu2019s a place as well. Now, u201cwent tou201d is good to say. You can also go with u201cvisitedu201d. And again, just u2018what place did you visitu2019? We have, u201cI visited Halla Mountain.u201d Oru2026 u201cI visited Haeundai Beach.u201d Those are all good places to visit. But now, sometimes you canu2019t go on vacation.

Something stops you from going on vacation. And, if that happens, you can use this phrase. We have, u201cNo, I had tou2026u201d And we say, u201cI had tou2026u201d because that means something stopped you. So now, it could be, u201cNo, I had to work.u201d Ughu2026 Oru2026 u201cNo, I had to save money.u201d Because if you need to save money, vacation is not a good idea. Now, letu2019s look at some more examples of using these.

The question wasu2026 u201cDid you go anywhere on vacation this year?u201d Answers can beu2026 u201cI went to the U.S.A.u201d Oru2026 u201cI visited Beijing.u201d Oru2026 u201cI was too busy to go anywhere.u201d Ok, now that we talked about u2018where we gou2019 for vacation, weu2019re going to talk about u2018what we dou2019 when weu2019re on vacation. Alrightu2026 And so, when that happens, we have this question here: u201cWhat did you do on vacation?u201d Because we go somewhere, but now we have to do something. Now, the answers are notu2026like before, with the u201cI went tou2026u201d, u201cI visitedu201d.

Alrightu2026 You got to think a little more, but itu2019s still easy. You start with u2018Iu2019, of course. But now, u2018doing somethingu2019, you need a verb. So, you have to use u2018past tenseu2019 verb, because vacation, itu2019s finished. So you have to say things like, u201cI swamu2026at the beach.u201d Or, u201cI swam in a pool.u201d Somethingu2026something like, u201cI hiked on a mountain.u201d Alrightu2026 Just fill in what you were doing. Oku2026 Now, some people, when they go on vacation, they donu2019t like to do many things. For some, vacation is about being lazy. So some people may just say, u201cAhhh, vacation, I just rested.u201d Thatu2019s time to relax. Time to feel good again. Oku2026 Letu2019s take a look at some more examples of these. Now, this questions isu2026 u201cWhat did you do during your vacation?u201d You can sayu2026 u201cI swam at the beach.u201d Or maybeu2026 u201cI rode a boat to Jeju.u201d Oru2026 u201cI just relaxed and read a lot.u201d Ok, so there you have two good and easy questions about vacations.

You have the u201cDid you go anywhere for vacation?u201d, and then the u201cWhat did you do on vacation?u201d. Now, good to ask these questions to people, but itu2019s better to answer the questions because that means you had vacation. So, I hope you can talk about vacations and I hope you get to take many vacations yourself. Alright, see you next time. Thank you. Uhh, Hi. Iu2019m Bill and what I have for you right now are three questions you can ask a foreigner about their country. Because, I know this. People like to talk about where theyu2019re from. Itu2019s easy and itu2019s comfortable for us to do. Now, the first question we have here is this: u201cWhat is the food like in your country?u201d Now, many Korean peopleu2026they say, u201cOur food is spicy.u201d But now, some countries, they donu2019t eat a lot of spicy food. So, sometimes, they might say, u201cOur food is sweet.u201d Or even, they might answer, how do they make the food.

Something like, u201cOur food is grilled.u201d Or, u201cOur food is fried.u201d This is all possible answers. Now, another thing is about the foodu2026is they could talk about what food is popular. Oku2026 Now, just like this: u201cWe eat a lot ofu2026u201d Now, I know from living in Korea, in Korea, u201cWe eat a lot of kimchi.u201d Alright, itu2019s true. Everydayu2026even me. But now, other countries maybe, like America, u201cWe eat a lot of beef.u201d Itu2019s very popular. Oku2026 Andu2026almostu2026not every day, but almostu2026it seems like that happens. Or even, u201cWe eat a lot of eggs.u201d Just u2018what do you eat a lot of?u2019 Ok, letu2019s look at next question. Alright, now here is another question you can ask a foreigner about their country.

And it goes like this. u201cWhat is your country famous for?u201d This is just about what is popular in their country. What do people do? What do people know about? Oku2026 So now, Iu2019m an American, so if someone were to ask me u201cWhat is America famous for?u201d I could just answer like this: u201cMany people know Hollywood.u201d Ya, Hollywood, where America makes the movies. Oku2026 You can say, u201cMany people know Hollywood.u201d Or, itu2019s ok. u201cItu2019s famous for Hollywood.u201d Oku2026 Now, by u2018itu2019, I mean u2018my countryu2019. So, my country, u2018itu2019su2019 famous for Hollywood. We want to change it a bitu2026 We can talk about Canada.

u201cWhat is Canada famous for?u201d Well, thatu2019s easy, we could do, u201cMany people know maple syrup.u201d Very tastyu2026Canadian food. And also, u201citu2019s famous for maple syrup.u201d Oku2026 So, these are two things that are equal that you can use to answer this question. Ok, letu2019s look at the last question, now. Alright, now, hereu2019s our last question that will help you get a foreigner to tell you about their home country. And, it just goes like this: u201cWhat is there to see in your country?u201d Kind of what is famous, again, but something to see. Something to go see at. Oku2026 So now, what we have here isu2026the answer can gou2026 u201cPeople come to seeu2026u201d Now, if the person is form France, the easy answer is: u201cPeople come to see Eiffel tower.u201d Or someone from China.

u201cPeople come to see the Great Wall.u201d Or again, maybe a Japanese person is visiting. They can say, u201cPeople come to see Mount Fuji.u201d Now again, if you travel to another country and someone asks you about Korea, you can just say, u201cPeople come to see Seoul.u201d Or, u201cPeople come to see Kyeongbuk Palace.u201d The famous things to see. Alright, letu2019s take a look at some examples. Question one. u201cWhat is the food like in your country?u2019 u201cWe eat a lot of vegetables.u201d u201cOur food is mostly fired.u201d u201cWe donu2019t eat much fruit.u201d u201cWhat is your country famous for?u201d u201cItu2019s famous for ice hockey.u201d u201cMany people know about our mountains.u201d u201cItu2019s famous for beautiful beaches.u201d u201cWhat is there to see in your country?u201d u201cPeople come to see our old castles.u201d u201cPeople come to see our historical places.u201d u201cPeople come to see our modern cities.u201d Alright, so there you have three questions that you can ask a foreigner about their country.

Itu2019s a great way to start a conversation. And itu2019s also a great way to learn something about another place. I hope this helps you and I hope you can try it soon. Thank you.. “}

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Present Simple vs Present Continuous – Learn English Tenses (Lesson 1)

{“en”:”Hello everyone and welcome to the first instalment of our grammar lessons. As I said in the introduction, we’ll be starting with the tenses And you’ve guessed right. The first two to learn are Present Simple and Present Continuous. So, I’ve made a presentation for you, and I’m going to now take you through the examples on this presentation and explain the usage of these two tenses. So by the end of this session you know exactly when to say ‘I do’ and when to say ‘I am doing’. So, Let’s go over to the presentation now.. “}

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The #1 Grammar Mistake English Language Learners Make

{“en”:”Hi there I’m Drew Badger the world’s number one English Fluency Guide and in this video we’re going to be talking about the number one grammar mistake that English language learners make I get so many questions from learners that have problems with being able to understand grammar or more importantly even if they do understand how grammar works they can’t use it automatically and fluently when they speak so I wanted to begin this video before talking about the actual mistake people make more talking about why you actually have this problem typically people will be not having the ability to use grammar automatically because they have learned it in a way that’s taught them grammar rules but hasn’t taught them how to actually use the grammar without speaking now people are learning the language like a robot or a computer in most traditional language classes they get a list of grammar rules and often even in the videos that you’ll see right here on YouTube with people are teaching grammar they’re doing it the traditional way to give you a list of things written on a whiteboard and they explain its this tense and then if we want to talk about the past then you change it and it basically goes on to explain things that you understand logically but because you haven’t trained yourself to use these things automatically that’s really what stops you from being able to get fluent now this isn’t your fault because this is the way that native speakers have taught non-native speakers for many many years or even people that are non-native speakers that are also trying to help other non-native speakers learn the language I’ve been teaching it it’s just a traditional typical way and this is what we were fighting against with English anyone and trying to help people see that you should be learning things visually and then understanding things and practicing them much more so that you can actually use them confidently and correctly automatically when you speak so the number one mistake people make is not with a particular grammar point it’s more about the learning of grammar in general you may have been learning this way ever since you began learning the English language or any other language you’re studying but it’s now your opportunity to change the way you learn so you can start training yourself to speak because what you really need to do if you want to use correct grammar automatically is to practice using grammar and to learn it the right way the first thing you need to do to become a master of grammar so that you can use it automatically is to learn it visually you don’t want to learn things where you’re just reading it in a textbook and getting a translation of what your verb is to what a verb is in English this is another one of the really big problems that people make and this is why maybe if you do hesitate when you speak this is one of the big reasons why this happens as an example if I’m trying to learn Spanish I don’t actually see somebody running or drinking or whatever and then learn the spanish word for those things i’m just reading in a dictionary maybe I see the word like I don’t know bear for drink if that means drink I don’t remember I took like a little bit of Spanish and failed it in school anyway but this idea of just having something in a textbook where you have to drink and then you have the opposite thing the translation of that next to it and then you’re just supposed to remember what those things are now some people are able to do this but I was not and I know a lot of the people that follow me here watching these videos have trouble understanding in that way as well so what you have to do number one is learn everything in English and the way you do that is doing it visually especially with verbs and this is why we have all these little video clips in these videos and I try to demonstrate things visually as opposed to just writing things up on a blackboard it’s important to see what things look like you know to have the spelling something like that but really the most important thing is connecting the meaning of something that you’re learning with the word that you’re trying to remember so I’m not trying to translate from your language into English but by taking a word where you’re seeing somebody running and then you see I ok the word is to run for that so the first step to grammar mastery is to learn everything visually through English the second step is once you’ve mastered the grammar itself to understand and practice using it by telling it in different ways as an example I could just maybe if I’m speaking in a very simple way talked about yesterday I went to a party or tomorrow I will go to a party so I’m taking something and I’m just making different sentences in my mind by practicing something and again I’m connecting the meaning of something not with a particular verb tense but in the same way children would learn it it’s almost like you know if we look at the verb to eat so if a child is listening to a verb like that and I here as a young someone says I eat dinner and I’m watching them they are eating right now ok I understand what that means I eat but if I here I ate dinner yesterday I’m actually hearing these as two different words it’s not until we get a little bit older that we connect oh these are different tenses of the same thing so we’re actually really getting to the meaning of something just this word eight means to do something in the past tense but then maybe like it’s a little bit easier to see when you have a regular verb but something irregular like to eat when it becomes eight something it becomes a little bit more difficult to understand but again this is why you should be connecting with the meaning directly so the first time you’re connecting with the meaning directly is seeing something visually and the second time is you’re connecting with the tents by hearing that thing and understanding what the meaning of that is so if you understand the time period ok yesterday my friend did something so we’re not talking about right now we’re talking about a period in the past instead of he does something now or he will do something in the future he did something in the past now these are both of the steps that we do in master English conversation but however you like to learn keep these two things in mind and that will help you improve your English grammar and use it and really become a much more competent user of correct grammar automatically well I hope you have enjoyed this quick video really it’s a very simple process for mastering grammar once you stop doing it the traditional way so if you’re trying to learn something like you’re a Spanish speaker and trying to learn English through Spanish or Portuguese or any other language Chinese French Italian you have to remove all of those other languages and connect exactly with the English language through visual exercises so something where you actually get to see what’s happening and learning in the same way a child does and then listening to stories which explain okay we have a particular tense and we’re trying to show you exactly how something works but we’re again connecting with the meaning of that as opposed to trying to drill tenses and remember grammar point all of these things are really simple and will help you improve but you have to actually practice these things so just take a few things maybe a few sentences and then play with that so learn it as a visual thing and then try practicing okay if I did that thing yesterday how would the sentence sound so yesterday I sindh to music today I am listening or right now I am listening to music if you have enjoyed this video do click that like button become a subscriber to the YouTube channel and do share this video with other people who also struggle to use grammar correctly it’s really not difficult to become a master of grammar but you have to stop learning at the traditional way finally if you do want to improve your grammar we can help you do exactly that at English anyone calm with the free quiz that you can take by clicking on the link in this video or on the link in the description below this video it will tell you exactly what you need to focus on whether it’s grammar or your pronunciation or anything else and we can help you improve your confidence in speaking fluency as a result of that so you can get started doing that today absolutely free and I look forward to seeing you at English anyone com bye bye”}

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Learn English through story The Lost World (level 2)

{“en”:”CHAPTER ONE Gladys Hungerton I often listened to Mr Hungerton. He talked to me about economics. It was very boring, but I was in love with his daughter Gladys. One evening, I listened to him for a long time. Finally, he left. I now had a chance to speak to Gladys. She was a proud woman and she treated me as a friend. She looked at me and said, ‘You’re going to propose marriage.’ ‘How do you know?’ I replied. ‘A woman always knows. But Edward, I don’t love you. I love somebody else,’ she continued. ‘Who?’ I cried. ‘Nobody really. I love the idea of someone.

I want to love a hero, somebody like the great explorers Richard Burton and Lord Stanley! A man who has nearly seen death. A great hero! When I marry I want to marry a great man.’ ‘Then I’ll do something great for you,’ I replied. ‘When you do, come back. We can talk about marriage then,’ she said. I left her and went to work. I was a journalist and I had to work that evening. When I arrived at the offices of the newspaper the Daily Gazette, I went to see my boss, the news editor, Mr McArdle. ‘You’re doing a very good job,’ he said when he saw me. ‘Thank you very much, sir,’ I replied. ‘I want to ask you a favour.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘Could you possibly send me on a mission for the paper? Then I could write some good articles for you.’ ‘What kind of mission, Mr Malone?’ ‘Well, anything with adventure and danger.’ ‘Do you really want to die so young?’ ‘No, I want to do something heroic with my life,’ I said.

‘Well, the age of exploration and romance is over. No, wait, I have an idea. What about exposing a fraud? You could show that he’s a liar. Do you like that idea?’ ‘Yes, anything is good,’ I replied. ‘Well,’ continued Mr McArdle, ‘I’m sure that you can talk to this man. You’re good at making friends with people.’ ‘Thank you, sir,’ I said. ‘So, try to talk to Professor Challenger.’ ‘Challenger!’ I cried, ‘Professor Challenger, the famous zoologist! The man who attacked Blundell, the journalist of the Telegraph?’ ‘Well, ‘ said Mr McArdle, ‘you said that you wanted adventure.

‘ ‘Yes, I do, ‘ I answered, ‘but what exactly has Professor Challenger done? ‘ ‘He went to South America on an expedition two years ago, ‘ he answered excitedly. ‘He came back last year. He certainly went to South America, but he doesn’t want to say where exactly. He started to tell everyone about his adventures. However, when people ask him questions he never replies. Something wonderful happened, or the man is a very good liar.

He has some photographs in bad condition, but scientists say that they are fakes. When journalists try to talk to him, he just throws them down the stairs. Well, Mr Malone, this is your mission. Goodbye. ‘ My meeting was over. Now I had to make a plan to meet Professor Challenger. I knew that he hated journalists. I decided to write him a letter saying I was interested in science. This is the letter that I wrote. Dear Professor Challenger, I am only a student of nature and science, but I am very interested in your ideas on the debate between the scientists August Weismann and Charles Darwin.

I would very much like to discuss some of your ideas. I believe you are the real expert on this matter. I have many questions to ask you about this fascinating subject. Please could I visit you at eleven o’clock tomorrow morning? Yours respectfully, Edward D. Malone. CHAPTER TWO Professor Challenger Later I received a letter from Professor Challenger. Dear Sir, I received your letter. You can come to my house. However, I am a great scientist and I do not need your good opinion of me. Show this letter to my servant when you arrive. I do not want any of those horrible journalists in my house. Yours faithfully, George Edward Challenger Professor Challenger The next day I went to his house. A servant opened the door. ‘Is Professor Challenger expecting you?’ he asked. ‘Yes, he is,’ I answered. ‘Have you got the letter?’ he continued. I showed the letter to his servant and walked in. A small woman stopped me. She looked more French than English to me.

‘Do you already know my husband?’ she asked ‘No, I don’t,’ I answered. ‘Well, then I must apologise for him now. He’s a perfectly impossible person. Do not argue with him. He can be dangerous. Do you want to talk about South America?’ ‘Yes, madam,’ I answered, because I could not lie to a lady. ‘Oh, that’s a very dangerous subject! Just say that you agree with him. Call me if he seems dangerous. I can usually control him.’ The servant then led me into Professor Challenger’s study. I was surprised when I saw him. He had a very large head and a big black beard. His chest and arms were enormous. ‘Well?’ he said. ‘I am the student who wanted to ask you some questions about Weismann and Darwin,’ I said. ‘Perhaps, your opinion of Weismann was too critical,’ I continued. ‘And recent experiments show that maybe he’s right.’ ‘Well,’ he said seriously, ‘you know that the cranial index is a constant factor?’ ‘Naturally,’ I answered, but I did not understand anything.

‘And that germ plasm is different from the parthenogenetic egg?’ ‘Oh yes,’ I cried and I was surprised at my courage. ‘But what does this show?’ he concluded. ‘I don’t know. What does this show?’ ‘It shows,’ he said in a loud voice, ‘that you’re one of those horrible journalists and that you’re not a young scientist! I talked nonsense to you: my words had no real meaning!’ He stood up, and I was surprised because he was extremely short. He began to walk in my direction. ‘You mustn’t attack me,’ I said. ‘But I will,’ he answered.

He attacked me and in a second we went quickly out of the front door into the street. Fortunately, just then a policeman arrived and said, ‘What’s happening?’ ‘This man attacked me,’ I said. ‘Do you want me to arrest him?’ he asked. ‘No,’ I replied, ‘I was wrong too.’ The policeman walked away. The Professor looked at me and smiled a little. ‘Come in,’ he said, ‘I want to tell you something more.’ We entered his house again. Mrs Challenger was extremely angry. ‘You’re terrible! You’re not a famous professor at a great university because you always attack people!’ she shouted. The Professor grabbed his wife and put her on top of a pillar. ‘Put me down!’ she shouted. ‘Say please,’ he answered.

‘No, put me down, now!’ she continued. ‘No, say please,’ he said again. ‘Please! Please! Please!’ she shouted. Then the Professor took her down and gave her a big kiss. After this the Professor and I returned to his study. ‘I’m going to talk to you about South America,’ he said. ‘Two years ago I went on a journey to South America. I went to the Amazon to check some observations of the scientists Wallace and Bates.

During my stay in the Amazon I became a friend of the Cucama Indians. They told me that there was a sick man that needed help. But before I arrived the man died. I was surprised, however, when I saw him. He was a white man, not an Indian. His name was Maple White and he was from the United States. He was an artist. Here are some of his pictures. I looked at them. Some were of the Indians, and others were of different animals like turtles and alligators. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘these don’t seem very unusual.’ ‘Look at the next one,’ he said. It was a picture of a cliff with a thin, high tower of rock in front of it. ‘I don’t know anything about rocks,’ I said. ‘Well, try the next picture then,’ he said. The next one was of a man next to a huge and very strange lizard.

‘Why did he draw this?’ the Professor asked. ‘I don’t know. Perhaps he drank too much gin,’ I answered. ‘Or perhaps he really saw this creature,’ he said. I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t want to fight with him again. ‘Anyway,’ he continued, ‘the Indians took me to the cliffs in Maple White’s drawings. I took some photographs. Most of them got wet during my journey home. Here is one that you can still see. Look!’ I looked carefully at the photograph. It was not in very good condition. ‘What do you see?’ he asked. ‘I see the same cliffs and the rock tower of the drawing,’ I answered. ‘Yes, of course. But what do you see on the top of the rock tower?’ ‘I can see a tree.’ ‘And on top of the tree?’ ‘A large bird.’ ‘It’s not a bird at all,’ he concluded, ‘and I shot it.’ He then pulled a wing out of a drawer.

‘Is that the wing of a gigantic bat?’ I asked. ‘No,’ he answered, ‘it’s the wing of a pterodactyl. Look at this book.’ He then showed me an illustration in a book that compared the wings of birds, bats and pterodactyls. ‘This is incredible!’ I cried because now I really believed him. ‘How is it possible?’ ‘It seems that a volcanic action pushed up a huge area of rock millions of years ago. This area was protected and so the animals on this plateau continued to live. They never changed, and they’re still there today.’ ‘Why don’t you tell other scientists about your discoveries?’ ‘I told them about them but they laughed,’ he said.

‘Tonight there’s going to be a lecture at the Zoological Institute Hall on “The Record of the Ages” by Mr Waldron. I’ll be there. Come and you’ll see the reaction of other scientists to my discoveries.’ I promised to come, and left Professor Challenger. Chapter three ‘Question!’ That evening I arrived at the Zoological Institute Hall. Outside there was a large crowd of people.

Inside there were professors and also a large group of students. They were happy and noisy. Mr Waldron, some scientists and Professor Challenger sat at the front. Mr Waldron began his lecture. He told us about the origin of our planet. He told us about the evolution of life from simple sea animals to fish and reptiles and finally to mammals. Then he began to talk about the dinosaurs. ‘Fortunately, those terrible reptiles were extinct long before humans appeared on this planet.’ ‘Question!’ someone said in a loud voice. Mr Waldron stopped for a moment, but then he continued, ‘Those terrible reptiles which were extinct before the coming of man.’ ‘Question!’ shouted someone again. Mr Waldron looked with great surprise at the scientists near him. He then saw Professor Challenger with a smile on his face. ‘Ah, I understand,’ said Mr Waldron. ‘It’s my friend Professor Challenger,’ and then he continued his lecture.

But it did not end here. Every time Mr Waldron talked about extinct prehistoric life, Professor Challenger interrupted him Then the students began to shout, ‘Question!’ with the Professor. ‘These interruptions must end!’ shouted Mr Waldron angrily. For a moment there was silence in the hall. Then Challenger stood up. ‘I must ask you, Mr Waldron,’ he said, ‘to stop saying things that are not scientifically true.’ Some people began to shout, ‘Send him home!’, and others, ‘I want to hear him!’ Professor Challenger sat down again and smiled. Mr Waldror finished his lecture quickly. Finally, Professor Challenger had his chance to speak. ‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ he began, ‘Mr Waldron is not a real scientist. He only explains our work to the general public. He is wrong when he says that certain animals are extinct. Nobody here believes me, but I am a prophet of science. I am like Galilee and Darwin, and I… (here there was a long interruption).

The Professor walked forward and raised both hand. Everybody became silent. ‘I won’t say anymore. You can, however, test my ideas. Do you want to send somebody as your representative?’ Then, the famous scientist Professor Summerlee stood up. ‘Are you referring to the discoveries that you made in the Amazon two years ago?’ asked Professor Summerlee. ‘Yes, I am,’ replied Challenger. ‘And why didn’t Wallace, Bates and other famous explorers of that region see these things?’ continued Summerlee. ‘Perhaps, sir, you have confused the Thames with the Amazon. The Amazon is a much larger river,’ answered Challenger. ‘It’s about 6,000 kilometres long. It’s not strange that I saw things that they did not see.’ ‘Yes, of course,’ continued Summerlee, ‘I understand the difference: we can’t test or prove your discoveries.

Perhaps you can tell us the exact location of your discoveries.’ ‘I can’t give that information now. Will you go on an expedition to test my discoveries?’ ‘Yes, I will,’ answered Summerlee, and the crowd cheered. ‘Then,’ said Professor Challenger, ‘you’ll have all the information you need to go there. But you can’t go alone. Who will go with Professor Summerlee to the Amazon?’ This was a difficult moment for me, but I thought about Gladys.

‘I will go!’ I cried. ‘Name! Name!’ shouted the audience. ‘My name is Edward Dunn Malone. I’m a journalist for the Daily Gazette,’ I answered. In front of me, there was another man standing. ‘What’s your name, sir?’ asked Challenger. ‘I’m Lord John Roxton,’ he answered. ‘I’ve already been up the Amazon. I know the area well.’ ‘Lord John Roxton is a famous hunter and traveller. He and Mr Malone will be perfect for this mission,’ said Professor Challenger. The meeting was over. I walked out of the hall into the night. I was walking down the street when somebody touched my arm. It was Lord Roxton. ‘Mr Malone,’ he said, ‘we’ll be companions on this adventure. My house is near here. Come with me, I want to talk to you.’ We went to Lord Roxton’s house. It was full of strange objects from around the world and the heads of wild animals. He gave me something to drink and a cigar to smoke. We sat down in comfortable armchairs and began to talk.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘we did it, young man. I certainly didn’t plan to go on this expedition. What about you?’ ‘No, not at all.’ ‘Can you shoot?’ he asked. ‘Quite well,’ I answered. Then he took out a rifle and said, ‘This is a very good rifle. I used it against the slave traders 3 three years ago. Sometimes, young man, you must fight for human rights and justice. I fought my own personal war against the slave traders in Peru. I killed many of them. In the end, I killed Pedro Lopez, their leader.’ He then took out another gun and gave it to me. ‘So,’ he continued, ‘what do you know about Professor Challenger?’ ‘I met him for the first time today,’ I answered. ‘And how did you become interested in this expedition?’ he asked. I told him a little about my meeting with Professor Challenger, and he listened carefully. Then he pulled out a map of South America and put it on the table. ‘I believe he told you the truth,’ he said. ‘I love South America. I’ve seen it all. I think it’s the most wonderful place on this planet.

Once you know it, you’ll understand that anything is possible – anything. The Amazon River flows through a forest almost as big as Europe. Why can’t there be something new and wonderful in such a place? And why can’t we be the men to discover it?’ We talked a little more and then I left. *** Finally, the expedition was ready, and Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton and I walked towards the boat. But before we got on the boat, we heard somebody shout. It was Professor Challenger. ‘I have a few things to say,’ he began. ‘First, I have no reason to thank you. The truth is the truth, and your expedition has no importance to me. My directions and instructions are in this closed envelope.

You must open it when you arrive at a town on the Amazon called Manaos, and only on the day and at the time which is written on the outside of the envelope. Is that clear? Mr Malone you can write anything you want in your letters to the newspaper. But you can’t give any details about your exact destination. Goodbye, sir. After meeting you, I hate journalists a little less. Goodbye, Lord John. I can see that you don’t know anything at all about science, but you’ll be able to hunt dinosaurs. And goodbye to you also, Professor Summerlee. If you can possibly learn anything, I’m sure this expedition will be good for you.’ After this, he turned and left. Chapter four Into an Unknown World We travelled across the Atlantic to the city of Para in Brazil. Here we hired a black guide named Zambo, who fortunately spoke some English. We also hired Gomez and Manuel, who were half Indian. They both knew the Amazon very well. Then we travelled by boat up the Amazon to the town of Manaos. Finally, it was 15 July at 12 o’clock, the day and hour when we could open the envelope.

We were all standing around a table. Lord John picked up the envelope and opened it. He pulled out a piece of paper. He put it on the table, but there was nothing written on it. He turned it over, but there was nothing there. Professor Summerlee laughed. ‘With this piece of paper Professor Challenger is telling us that this is all ridiculous, and that he’s a fraud,’ he cried.

‘Now, we can return home and tell everybody that he’s a terrible liar.’ Just then we heard someone say, ‘Can I come in?’ There, to our great surprise, was Professor Challenger! ‘I’m afraid I’m a few minutes late,’ he said. ‘Is everything ready for your journey?’ ‘We can start tomorrow,’ I said, ‘Good. You don’t need a map now because I’m here.’ The next day we began our journey up the river in a boat called the Esmeralda. At the beginning the river was wide. It was like travelling on a lake. On the fourth day we turned into a tributary. Two days later we reached an Indian village. We got off the boat here, and, on 2 August, Professor Challenger sent the Esmeralda back to Manaos.

Some Indians built two canoes for us, and we took two more Indians with us. They were with Professor Challenger the first time. They seemed terrified to repeat the journey. We got into our canoes and began to travel up the narrow river in the middle of the primeval forest. Fabulous tall trees stood over us. They were like the columns of a church. On the third day we heard a strange noise. ‘What’s that?’ I asked. ‘Drums,’ said Lord John, ‘war drums. I have heard them before.’ ‘Yes, sir, war drums,’ said Gomez. ‘Wild Indians. Bad ones not good ones. They watch us every mile of the way. They’ll kill us when they can.’ The drums seemed to say, ‘We’ll kill you if we can. We’ll kill you if we can.’ Our two professors were not afraid at all.

They were too interested in the wonderful plants and animals around them, or they were too busy arguing about scientific theories. That night we slept in the canoes in the middle of the river. We waited for an attack, but nothing happened. The next day we arrived at some rapids about a mile long. These were the rapids where Professor Challenger lost most of his photos on his earlier journey. We carried the canoes around them. That night we were about ten miles above the rapids. The next day we continued our journey until Professor Challenger said, ‘Look at that palm tree there. That’s the entrance to an unknown world.’ We pushed the canoes past the palm until we arrived at a shallow, transparent stream. It flowed through a low tunnel of green plants. The sound of the drums slowly disappeared, and the wild animals became less afraid of us.

On the third day we could no longer travel by canoe because the stream was not deep enough. We began our journey on foot. The characteristics of the land changed. We began walking higher up. The tropical forest disappeared, and there were only palm trees. After we left the canoes we walked for 120 miles. Finally we came to an area where there were no more trees. Then we came to a bamboo forest. It took us all day to cross it. The next day we climbed up a hill. Suddenly, Professor Challenger saw a gigantic bird fly up slowly from the ground. ‘Did you see? Did you see it, Summerlee?’ he shouted. ‘What do you think it was?’ Summerlee asked. ‘I believe it was a pterodactyl,’ he answered. ‘How absurd! It was just a big bird,’ said Professor Summerlee. Professor Challenger was too angry to speak and we continued our journey.

Lord John then came up to me. He was holding his binoculars. ‘That was certainly not like any bird that I’ve ever seen,’ he said to me. We crossed another hill and then we saw the high red cliffs of Maple White’s picture. They were about seven miles from our camp. Chapter five The Rock Tower That night we made our camp at the base of the cliffs.

The high tower of rock was near us, and on top of it was one high tree. ‘The pterodactyl that I shot was on that tree,’ said Professor Challenger. Professor Summerlee, for the first time, seemed to believe Professor Challenger. ‘But,’ continued Professor Challenger, ‘we still have a big problem. How can we get to the plateau? There must be a way up because Maple White arrived there. During my last expedition I explored to the east.’ ‘Well,’ said Lord John, ‘we should explore to the west.’ The next day we walked west, and we arrived at Maple White’s old camp.

There we found an indication left by Maple White. It pointed west. Soon we came to an area of bamboo under the cliffs. In the middle of this I saw something white. We cut away some of the bamboo, and discovered a skull and then a skeleton. The skeleton had clothes and boots. It was obviously a European. ‘Who is this?’ asked Lord John. ‘Every bone in his body is broken.’ ‘I know who he is,’ said Professor Challenger. ‘It’s James Clover, Maple White’s friend. Maple White didn’t come here alone.’ ‘It’s also clear,’ said Lord John, ‘that he fell from the top of the cliffs, or somebody pushed him. We were all silent. Did someone throw him? We began to think of the possible dangers in that unknown land above us. We continued walking until we saw an arrow marked on the rocks of the cliffs. ‘Maple White again,’ said Professor Challenger.

We continued for another five miles and came to an opening in the cliffs. There was another arrow pointing higher up. We followed this arrow and came to a cave. There was another arrow there. Lord John had an electric torch, and we entered the cave. But the cave was blocked by large rocks. This was the way Maple White arrived at the top. But now we could not use it. The next day we walked twenty-two miles around the base of the cliffs, and made camp again. Lord John shot a large animal called an agouti for our dinner. We gave half to the Indians, and we cooked half of it over a fire. That night there was no moon and it was very dark. Then something incredible happened.

Suddenly we heard the sound of gigantic wings from above. Then, for a second, in the light of the fire we saw a long neck, two red eyes and a beak with teeth. Then this creature flew away with our dinner. It was a pterodactyl! We were all shocked and Summerlee was the first to speak. ‘Professor Challenger,’ he said very seriously, ‘I must apologise. I was wrong.’ The next day we continued to walk around the cliffs. However, we didn’t find a way up to the top. Then, after five days we arrived at our first camp again. When we went to bed we were very depressed. The next morning Professor Challenger was very happy. ‘I have found a way to the top,’ he said. ‘How?’ I asked. Professor Challenger pointed to the top of the tower.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘we can get to the top of that tower. But there is a gap between the tower and the plateau.’ ‘When we are on the top I will show you,’ said Professor Challenger. With the help of ropes, we climbed to the top. Professor Challenger looked at the tall tree on the top and said, ‘This tree will save us.’ ‘A bridge!’ cried Lord John. ‘Exactly, my friends, a bridge!’ said Challenger. ‘And now our strong young friend will cut down the tree.’ He then gave me an axe.

I began to cut down the tree. It finally fell down, and made a bridge for us. The four of us then crossed. We were in the wonderful new world. It was a moment of victory. We walked forward a little bit and then we heard a loud noise. We returned to the edge of the cliff. Our bridge was gone. Then we saw Gomez on the other side. ‘I pushed the tree down,’ he shouted. ‘You can never get down now. You’ll die up there! I am Lopez’s brother, the man Lord John shot five years ago. Now I can die happy.’ Gomez began to go down the tower, but Lord John shot him. We were certainly trapped. We called Zambo, and with the ropes we pulled up some food. The next morning we made our camp. Then we began our exploration of the plateau, which we called Maple White Land. Lord John walked in front.

After we walked for a couple of minutes, he stopped. ‘Look at this!’ he said, ‘these are the tracks of the biggest bird in the world!’ ‘Not a bird,’ said Professor Challenger. ‘What then?’ asked Lord John. ‘A dinosaur,’ Professor Challenger answered. We continued walking and came to an opening in the forest. There in front of us were five of the most incredible creatures in the world – two adults and three young ones. They had skin like a reptile. They looked like gigantic kangaroos. Lord John held his gun. The two professors were excited and happy. Unconsciously, they held each other’s hand and watched like two young children. ‘What will they say in England about this?’ Professor Summerlee asked. ‘I know exactly what they will say,’ Professor Challenger replied. ‘They’ll say that we are frauds.’ ‘And if we take photographs?’ ‘They’ll say that they are fakes,’ said Challenger.

‘And if we bring back a dinosaur?’ said Summerlee. ‘Well, then, perhaps, they’ll believe us,’ said Challenger. ‘Iguanodons,’ said Summerlee. ‘You can find their fossil footprints all over the South of England. They lived there millions of years ago, but conditions changed. Here conditions haven’t changed and these animals have lived.’ We continued walking. Finally we came to a very large hole. At the bottom of this hole was a small area of water. Around this water were the pterodactyls’ nests. It was a horrible thing to see. Professor Challenger went too close and they saw us. They began to attack us. We were very fortunate to survive. That night, in our camp, Lord John came to talk to me. ‘Malone,’ he said, ‘do you remember the place where those pterodactyls were?’ ‘Very clearly.’ ‘It was a kind of volcanic hole.’ ‘Yes, exactly.’ ‘It had a blue colour.’ ‘Yes, but why?’ ‘Oh, nothing, nothing,’ he answered and walked away.

CHAPTER SIX I Was the Hero The next day we stayed in the camp. We were very tired from our adventures. That night we heard horrible cries from the forest. ‘What was that?’ I said quietly. ‘We’ve just heard,’ replied Challenger, ‘the sounds of a prehistoric tragedy. Some carnivorous dragon has killed an iguanodon.’ Then Summerlee raised his hand. ‘Quiet!’ he cried. ‘I hear something.’ Some giant creature was coming towards our camp. ‘I think it’s going to jump into our camp!’ I said, preparing my rifle. ‘Don’t shoot!’ said Lord John quietly. ‘If it jumps into our camp it’ll kill us all,’ said Summerlee. ‘I have an idea,’ cried Lord John. Then he did something incredibly courageous.

He picked up a burning torch from the fire. Then he went quickly out of the area of our camp. He ran towards the creature. In that moment we could see it in the light. It was all covered with blood. A moment later, the horrible creature ran away. ‘I knew it!’ said Lord John laughing. ‘That monster is afraid of fire.’ The next day, we found pieces of iguanodon on the ground. The two professors examined them carefully. ‘In my opinion,’ said Professor Challenger, ‘that horrible creature was an Allosaurus.’ That evening we returned to the camp and began to discuss our future plans. ‘Tomorrow,’ said Professor Summerlee, ‘we should try to leave this land.’ ‘What?’ said Professor Challenger.

‘We must explore it. I am surprised at you, Professor Summerlee.’ ‘Professor Challenger,’ responded Professor Summerlee, ‘If we are killed, nobody in London will ever know about our discoveries. We can return to London and then prepare a larger expedition. Now we must leave this plateau.’ ‘Perhaps you’re right,’ answered Challenger, ‘but first we must at least make a map of Maple White Land.’ ‘That will take too much time,’ said Summerlee. ‘There are no high mountains. How can we see all of the plateau?’ Then I had an idea. There was a very large tree near us. ‘I can go up to the top of this tree,’ I said. ‘There I can see all of the plateau and make a map.’ I began to climb the tree. After a minute or two, I saw something incredible: a face. The face of a horrible red apeman was looking at me. It made angry noises at me, but then it disappeared quickly.

I was shocked, but I decided to continue to climb. When I arrived at the top, I looked around. In the distance I saw a lake. Then I drew a map of Maple White Land. When I came down again, I described the apeman to my friends. ‘Perhaps,’ said Challenger, ‘It was a kind of primitive man between ape and man: the missing link! We must discover more about it.’ ‘No,’ said Summerlee, ‘we must leave this land. Now we have the map, we can try to return to civilisation.’ That night I was too excited to sleep after my adventure. I thought about Gladys. She wanted me to be a hero. I could go to explore the central lake alone. I could go during the night and be back before morning. I left the camp quietly and walked towards the lake. There was a bright moon and I could see well. I arrived at the edge of the lake at one o’clock. I climbed up on a large rock and looked around. I could see some cliffs on the other side of the plateau. There were a series of caves in these cliffs.

Now I could see lights in them! So, there were humans on the plateau! I could see many creatures in the lake. One had a long neck and swam in the water. Then I heard the sound of a large animal walking very near me. I saw it. It was very familiar to me. But why? Then I remembered, it was the creature in Maple White’s drawing – a stegosaurus. When I looked at my watch again, it was two o’clock. It was time to return to the camp. I walked and thought about my great discoveries. Then, after a few minutes, I heard something behind me. The sound came closer. I turned and saw that horrible monster, the Allosaurus. I decided to run, but the creature began to run too. He came closer.

I was terrified. I screamed. And then I heard a crash – I was falling down into a deep hole, and then everything became dark. I was unconscious for a few minutes. When I woke up, I smelled something horrible. Around me there were large pieces of old meat. I was in a trap for dinosaurs, a trap made by humans! I slowly climbed out of the hole, and continued my walk to the camp. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a rifle. I ran towards the camp, and shouted. Nobody answered. When I arrived I saw blood on the ground. All my friends were gone. I was alone in that world. But then I remembered Zambo.

I went to the edge of the cliff. Zambo was still there at his camp waiting for us. There was an Indian with him. Zambo climbed up to the top of the tower of rock. When he was opposite me I threw a letter to him for the Indian to take to the nearest village. Maybe he could bring ropes to help us climb down. Chapter seven Prisoners of the Apemen I went back to our camp and tried to get some rest. It was horrible to try and sleep here, but it was safer than the jungle! The thought that I could die in this place made me very unhappy. The light from Zambo’s fire was the only hope of escape from this dangerous world. The next morning Sir John woke me up. ‘Quick! Quick, young man!’ he said. ‘What? What is it?’ I cried. ‘Don’t stop to think or talk! Just get the rifles and some food!’ he responded.

In a moment we had everything and began running away. Finally, we found a place to hide and stopped to rest. I told him quickly about my adventures the night before. ‘But what happened to you?’ I asked him. ‘Well,’ he began, ‘early yesterday morning hundreds of apes started jumping down from the trees above us. They captured us all and took us to where they live. They tied Summerlee and me up. But strangely enough, Challenger looked a lot like the king of the apemen! They gave him special treatment. He stayed with the king and ate fruit. You see, this plateau is divided between the apemen and the Indians. The caves you saw with lights belong to the Indians. There’s a constant war between the two groups. In fact, yesterday, the apemen brought back twelve prisoners. They pulled the arms off of two of them and killed them. It was a horrible thing to see. We also discovered that they have a special ceremony. They take their prisoners to the edge of the cliff and then they throw them off.

That is what happened to James Clover, Maple White’s friend. Yesterday, they pushed four of the Indians off the cliffs. Early this morning I escaped and went to our camp. There I got you and the guns, and here we are.’ After we rested and talked, we ran quickly to where the apemen lived. We arrived and hid behind some trees. I saw something that I will never forget. There was an open area of grass near the edge of the cliffs. The small houses of the apemen were in the trees, and they were made of leaves. In this area there were about one hundred apemen. In front of them there was a little group of Indians and Professor Summerlee. Then I saw two other strange individuals.

One of them was Professor Challenger, and the other was the king of the apemen. Both of them were short with big chests and large heads. They were both covered with hair. The big difference between the two was that the Professor’s hair was black and the king’s hair was red. Then the apemen took one of the Indians and pushed him off the cliffs. They waited for their next victim. This time it was Summerlee. Two of the apemen caught him by the arms. Challenger turned to the king. He tried to convince him not to kill Summerlee. The king pushed Challenger away and then, in that moment, Lord John shot him.

‘Shoot them! Shoot, young man, shoot!’ he cried. Professor Challenger and I helped Summerlee to run away. Lord John continued to shoot the apemen. We ran and ran. Finally we arrived at our camp. We thought we were safe, but then we heard the sound of feet. Lord John went outside with his rifle and found the surviving Indians. They were very frightened. One of them, we thought, was their chief. We could not stay in the camp. The apemen knew where it was. We left with the Indians and found another place to hide. That night, before we slept, Professor Challenger came to me. ‘Mr Malone,’ he said very seriously, ‘you won’t write that I looked like the king of the apemen?’ ‘Professor, I’ll only write the truth,’ I answered. ‘Very good,’ said Professor Challenger, and went to sleep. The next morning we decided to go to the Indian caves.

We left the forest and walked across an open area. When we arrived at the lake, our Indian friends began to shout with joy. A large number of canoes were coming towards us. When they arrived on land, an older Indian came and embraced the young chief. They had spears and bows and arrows. They were there to save their young chief from the apemen. Then the young chief began to talk to his men. He told them that now was the time to attack and defeat the apemen for the last time. They were all together and they had the help of these strange men with great magic – our rifles. We, too, decided to go with them the next day to fight the apemen. That evening we made our camp by the lake. We saw many strange creatures in the water with long necks. One of them came out of the water onto the beach. ‘Plesiosaurus! It’s a plesiosaurus!’ cried Summerlee. ‘My dear Challenger, we’re the luckiest zoologists that have ever lived!’ Lord John was not interested in the wonderful animals. Again, he noticed the blue colour of the ground near some volcanic holes.

The next day more Indians came. Now there were about four or five hundred of them. We all went towards the forest to fight our war against the apemen. Before we arrived, the apemen attacked us. In the open, it was easy to defeat them. When we went in the forest it was more difficult. But, with the help of the rifles, in the end the Indians won. After the battle Challenger turned to us and said, ‘We’ve seen one of the typical great battles of history. What, my friends, is the victory of one nation over another nation? It’s not important. The result is always the same. The most important victories of human history were different. They were the victories of primitive man over tigers, of primitive man over apemen.

Now the future on this plateau belongs to man.’ CHAPTER EIGHT Back to London After the victory, the Indians invited us to stay with them in their caves. Lord John did not think this was a good idea. So, we made our camp near their caves. We now had time to observe the animals of the lake and the plateau. There were many fascinating things to see. But we wanted to go back home. The Indians never helped us. It was clear that they wanted us to stay. With the magic of the rifles, they felt safe. Every time we asked them for rope or wood to build a bridge, they just smiled. Finally, the young chief came to us. He gave us a piece of bark. We took it back to our camp and studied it.

‘It’s very important,’ I said. ‘He was very serious when he gave it to us.’ ‘Maybe it’s a joke,’ Summerlee suggested. ‘It’s clearly some kind of writing,’ said Challenger. ‘It looks like a puzzle,’ said Lord John. Then he grabbed the piece of bark. ‘I’ve got it! he cried, ‘How many marks are there? Eighteen. Well, there are eighteen caves above us.’ ‘He pointed to the caves when he gave it to me,’ I said. ‘Well, then it’s certain. This is a map of the caves. Here’s a cross. What is the cross for? It’s next to a cave that is longer than the other ones.’ ‘It’s a cave that goes to the other side of the cliff,’ I cried. ‘I believe our young friend has solved the problem,’ Challenger said. We got some torches and went to explore the cave. We didn’t light the torches at first. We walked in the dark because we did not want the Indians to see us. After walking a long way we lit the torches, and walked quickly. Then we arrived at a wall of rock.

We all became sad. ‘Maybe this is the wrong cave,’ I said. ‘No, young man,’ Lord John said, ‘this is the right cave.’ I looked at the mark on the map again, and I cried with joy. ‘Follow me! Follow me!’ I shouted. We ran back in the cave. ‘Here,’ I said, ‘is where we lit the torches. But the cave has two arms. We didn’t see the right one.’ We walked back a short distance and found a large black opening. We went quickly down this arm of the cave. After a while we saw a light. We ran towards it. We were at an opening on the cliff face. ‘It’s the moon!’ cried Lord John. He was right. We looked down from the opening and saw that we were nearer to the ground than we were to the top. It wasn’t going to be easy to get down, but with our rope we could do it. We then returned to our camp. The next evening we secretly took our things to the cave. Professor Challenger wanted to bring a large box but we managed to get it down.

We arrived at our old camp. There was Zambo and about twenty Indians. They helped us to get back to Para. I will not describe our voyage back to England. I will only say that the news of our great discoveries reached England before our arrival. We received many telegrams asking us for information. But we decided not to tell the newspapers anything about our discoveries. First we wanted to give a complete description of our discoveries to the members of the Zoological Institute. About five thousand people came to the Queen’s Hall to hear about our adventures. It was a wonderful evening. When we arrived in the room, the audience cheered for a long time. Then Professor Summerlee began his presentation.

He talked about the new insects and plants. He told everyone about the prehistoric animals from the Jurassic period. He described the iguanodon, the pterodactyls, the allosaurus and the stegosaurus. He also talked about the apemen and the Indians of the plateau. At the end of his talk, a scientist named Professor Illingworth stood up. ‘This is all very wonderful, certainly,’ he said, ‘but they have no real proof!’ The audience began to shout, and Professor Challenger stood up. ‘Well, sir,’ Professor Challenger said, ‘Summerlee has his collection of plants and insects. Doesn’t that convince you?’ ‘No, it doesn’t.’ ‘We have some photographs.’ ‘Photographs can be faked,’ Professor Illingworth said. ‘Do you want to see the creatures for yourself?’ Professor Challenger asked. ‘Yes, of course,’ Professor Illingworth answered. ‘And you will accept that as proof?’ ‘Certainly,’ answered Illingworth. At that moment, Professor Challenger made a signal. Zambo and I came up to the stage. We carried a large, heavy box which we put down. Professor Challenger took off the cover. He looked into the box and said, ‘Come out, you pretty thing!’ Then, a young pterodactyl jumped up onto the edge of the box.

Everybody was shocked. Some ladies screamed. Suddenly, the pterodactyl flew up over the heads of the audience. It flew around in large circles. ‘Shut the windows! Shut the windows!’ Professor Challenger shouted. But, there was an open window, and the pterodactyl flew out. Now everybody believed us, and the crowd carried us out of the hall on their shoulders. We were heroes. But what about Gladys? Now, I really was a hero. Well, when I arrived in England, there was no telegram from her. I was very worried and went directly to her house. When I went inside, she was at the piano. ‘Gladys!’ I cried, ‘Gladys!’ She looked at me with surprise. She was different. ‘Gladys!’ I cried.

‘What’s wrong? You’re my Gladys – Gladys Hungerton?’ ‘No,’ she said, ‘I’m Gladys Potts. This is my husband.’ Life is certainly absurd. I said hello to a short man with red hair. ‘I told my husband about us,’ Gladys continued. ‘We have no secrets. Anyway, you left me for your adventure. So I don’t think you really loved me very much.’ I turned to leave, but then I decided to ask Gladys’s husband a question. ‘How did you win her?’ I asked. ‘Did you go to the North Pole? Did you travel with pirates?’ ‘That’s a little personal,’ he replied. ‘Well, just one more question then,’ I continued. ‘What’s your job?’ ‘I work in an office,’ he replied. I left Gladys and her new husband. I felt angry, but I also laughed at the absurdity of the situation. I will now describe one more scene before I finish. Yesterday, Professor Summerlee, Professor Challenger and I had dinner at Lord John’s house. After dinner, Lord John spoke to us. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘there’s one thing I want to tell you. Do you remember that I noticed a strange blue colour around the volcanic holes? Well, I’ve seen volcanic holes like that only in South Africa near the great diamond mines of Kimberley.’ Then he opened a little box and took out about thirty stones.

‘Well, I found these near the hole where we saw the pterodactyls. I didn’t tell you about them earlier because I wanted to be certain. Anyway, an expert looked at them. He said they have a price of at least two hundred thousand pounds. Of course, we will divide this money equally. Well, Challenger, what will you do with your fifty thousand?’ ‘I think,’ Professor Challenger said, ‘that I’ll build a private museum. That has always been one of my dreams.’ ‘And you, Summerlee?’ ‘I’ll stop teaching and work on all my collections,’ he replied. ‘I’ll use my part of the money,’ Lord John said, ‘to prepare another expedition to our plateau. And you, young man, of course, will use your money to get married.’ ‘Not now,’ I said sadly.

‘But if you want me, I’ll be happy to come with you.’ Lord John said nothing, but he offered me his hand. – THE END -. “}

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{“en”:”Hey guys, howu2019s it going today? My name is Brandon. And in this video, weu2019re going to help you improve your English speaking ability. When you first meet somebody, you might want to ask them a million questions. But, actually, you want to keep a balance of giving and asking questions. And in this video, weu2019re going to show you how. So keep watching. Whenever, Iu2019m traveling abroad, Iu2019m always wanting to meet new people, have good conversations, and just have a good time. But, generally, all the conversations are almost the same. They always ask the same questions. Where are you from? What do you do? Why are you here? Where do you live? How old are you? And so on and so on. Those arenu2019t bad questions. But it just feels like Iu2019m being interviewed. And I donu2019t want to be interviewed. I want to talk to you. I want to learn a little bit about you. So if you ask me whatu2019s my favorite sports team, After tell me yours, and tell me why.

The key is keeping a balance. Between asking and giving information. Balance is key. So the next time you see me walking down the street, or any other foreigner, go up and say, u201chiu201d. Start a conversation. Ask them some questions. But donu2019t ask them one million questions. You want to start a conversation. And a conversation is sharing information between two or more people. So make sure you give them some information about yourself, too. If you like this video, make sure you like and subscribe.. “}

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Learn English With Movie Clips : Madagascar 3 (Part-2)

{“en”:”Make a wish, sweetheart. Your wish has come true! Oh, yay! My tummy is speaking to me! Oh, gross! I wouldn’t eat that side of the cake if I were you. Alex, what was your wish? I wished we could go home. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love this. But it’s not the real thing. That’s because it’s a mud model, Alex. It’s not actually New York. I hope that was clear. What are we doing? Here we are relying on the penguins to come back for us.

But… we should just go to Monte Carlo and get them. How do a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippo walk into a casino in Monte Carlo? I don’t know. Ask the rabbi! – Hey, I’m serious. – Come on! We can do it! We can do anything! It’s us! We’re us! Yeah, that’s right. We’ve gone halfway around the world! Compared with that, Monte Carlo’s just a hop, skip and a swim away! Yeah. To home. – Home! – Home. – Home. – Cheeseburger. Tell you what, bet those penguins will be glad to see us.

Yeah, they’re probably bored out of their minds! You pillow fight like a bunch of little girls! Chimichanga! These pillows are filled with baby birds!. “}

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{“en”:”Chapter six The Ball The ballroom in the palace was very big. There were hundreds of men and women dancing in the centre. Along the walls there were long white tables. They had candles and all kinds of food on them. At the top of the room, on a stage, were three large chairs. The Queen sat in the middle and Zigfried sat on her right. The chair on the left was empty. It was for the Princess who would be Zigfried’s wife. “Which Princess do you like the best?” “The one I will choose is not here yet.” “But you have met them all, surely?” “There is another one, mother, and she is a surprise. You will see.” Every time a new guest arrived, the ballroom doors were opened, and everyone fell silent.

A servant called out the guests’ names as they entered. Each time this happened, the Prince became very excited. But Odile never arrived. It was almost twelve o’clock. Zigfried had promised his mother that he would choose a bride by midnight. The two large doors opened. “Please, let it be her!” It was a giant cake with 18 candles on it. Everyone in the room began to sing. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Prince Zigfried, Happy Birthday to you!” Zigfried and his mother walked towards the enormous cake. “Now, make a wish and blow out all the candles.” No one heard him, but Zigfried said, “I wish Odile would come and be my wife.” He blew out the candles and everyone cheered.

The doors opened. “Princess Odile.” It was Odet dressed as Odile. She wore a long white dress and long white gloves. The gold crown was shining on her head. She held a bouquet of flowers in her arms. She smiled as she walked towards the Queen and Prince. She gave the Queen the flowers, then bowed. “Mother, this is Odile, the Princess I met in the forest.” “I knew your father. I’m sorry. I thought everyone had died in the fire. You must be the only one who lived.” Odet did not know what the wizard had done to Odile’s parents. She stopped smiling. “Oh Mother, her story is too sad to tell. Let us enjoy this evening together. We are her family now.” “Do you mean you wish to choose Princess Odile as your wife?” “Yes, Mother, I do.” The Queen raised her hand for the men to sound their horns.

Everyone was quiet. “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the engagement of my son, Prince Zigfried. After tonight, he will be the King of this land, and he has chosen Princess Odile to be his wife.” Zigfried and Odet danced together. Everyone around them clapped their hands. “Odile, I knew you would come. How did you escape from the evil wizard?” “I… I ran away.” “And he did not see you?” The Prince stepped back so he could look at Odet’s eyes. His heart sank when he saw those eyes. They looked like Odile’s, but there was something missing in them. He didn’t love her. Odet began to lie about her escape from Rocford. “I saw a falling star in the sky. I closed my eyes and made a wish. When I opened them, I was in a carriage pulled by horses. That’s how I got here. It must mean we were meant to be together. Oh Zigfried, tell me you will love me forever.” He held her close, because he did not want to look in her eyes. He knew he had loved Odile when he had first seen her. Now he didn’t know. He thought there must be something wrong with him.

“Odile, I promise always to love you and never leave you.” Chapter seven Odile Escapes Odile stood at her window, looking at the stars and the moon. There were bars at the window, but they were not necessary. Her window was high above a river. If she tried to escape, she would almost certainly fall into the water and die. Her bird, Patrice, chirped behind her. She turned to look at the bird. “Oh Patrice, I understand you. I am in a cage, too. But you must want to get out. I’m sorry I never thought of it. I have kept you locked up just like Rocford has kept me locked up. Because you are my only friend in this world, I wanted you to stay. But you must be free to fly.” Odile took the bird cage to the window. She opened its small door. “Fly away, Patrice, and be free! Find another bird to love. It is the only thing worth living for.” The bird flew from its cage, through the bars on the window, into the night. Odile closed her eyes. She imagined that she was Patrice flying over the forest and lake.

She flew into the garden of the palace, she landed on a palace wall and looked into a large window at the ball. Beautiful women in beautiful dresses were dancing with handsome men. She saw the prince with his mother and the cake with the eighteen candles. Then, Odet entered the room dressed as her. When she opened her eyes, she found to her amazement that she was outside the palace window. When she had set the bird free, she had also set herself free.

Because she believed with all her heart in love and freedom, everything that she imagined came true. The wizard knew that Odile hated him, and it made him angry. He wanted to make her love him, so he decided to have a ball for her. Using his magic, he made a large room full of people dancing. He changed himself into a young man again, the same young man he was when he had taken Odile from her parents.

He went to her room with flowers. He knocked on her door. “Odile, I have a surprise for you.” There was no answer. He couldn’t even hear the bird. “Odile, it’s me, Rocford. I’ve decided to take you to a ball.” When there was no answer and he heard nothing, he became angry. He made the door disappear. His anger turned him back into the old, evil man that he was. He saw the bird cage on the floor. The room was empty. Roaring with anger, he turned himself into an owl and flew from the castle towards the palace. Chapter eight The Prince Chases the Princess When Odile saw Odet dancing with Zigfried, she ran to the palace entrance. The guards stopped her. “Who are you?” “My name is Princess Odile. The Prince is expecting me.” “No. Princess Odile has already entered. You must be lying.” “Please, you must believe me. That is not Princess Odile. She is lying.” But the guards wouldn’t believe her. She ran back to the window and knocked hard on it. Everyone turned to look at her. The Prince could not believe what he saw – two Odiles.

He looked at Odet. “What is going on?” “I don’t know. The evil wizard must have changed someone to look like me.” Odile kept knocking on the window. She was crying. Zigfried could now see that she had the same eyes as the swan. Rocford flew down next to Odile as the owl. He held her in both arms. “Did you think you could escape from me?” The Prince ran from the ballroom.

He saw Odile fighting with the wizard. “Take your hands off her, Rocford.” Rocford let go of Odile’s arms. “I should have killed you that day at the lake. But I will be happy to do it now.” The wizard lifted up his hand. Odile stopped him. “Wait! Don’t do it. I’ll go with you. I’ll do what you want. Just don’t hurt him.” “Odile, what are you saying? Don’t leave me again!” She could not look at him, because if she did, she would not want to leave. “I’m doing this for us. If you die, I will die with you. It is better for us to live and hope to be together one day.” Odet ran out of the palace.

She still looked like Odile. “Who is this, then?” “It is Odet, the wizard’s evil daughter. She only looks like me. Look into her eyes and you will know.” “I knew it.” Odet also had magical powers. She changed herself back to her real body. “It is too late Zigfried. You promised to marry me and love me forever. If you do not keep this promise, you will never be able to keep another.” Odet changed herself into a bird.

The wizard was an owl and Odile was a swan. They flew together away from the palace, back to Rocford’s castle. The Queen and many others came out of the palace to see what had happened. Zigfried went after Odile. “Guards, bring me my horse.” “Zigfried, where are you going? Where is the Princess?” “She has gone away, Mother, and I must find her.” The guards brought the prince a beautiful white horse, and gave him his sword. “Do you want us to call the men, Your Highness?” “No, this is something I must do alone.” “Zigfried, do not leave the palace alone. If something happens to you, we will be without a king. It is your duty to stay with me!” “Mother, being a King means nothing if you are not with the woman you love. I would rather die than leave Odile with that evil wizard.” The Prince spurred his horse on and rode quickly towards the dark forest.

Chapter nine The Fir Rocford, Odet and Odile flew onto the tower of the castle. They changed back into people. Odile was weeping loudly. The wizard just laughed his evil laugh and said: “Odile, now I know how to get you to marry me. If you don’t, I will kill the Prince, and you will watch him die.” “Father, you do not have to kill Zigfried. He has already promised to marry me. He cannot break such a promise.” “Neither of you has a heart. How can you ever expect to be happy if you know that someone does not love you? But you will see. Love is stronger than spells. You will never succeed in getting what you want.” At this, they saw Zigfried coming towards the castle on his horse. “We shall see which is stronger, love or hate!” The wizard made a wall of fire appear in front of Zigfried. Zigfried could only think of Odile. He rode right through the fire without getting hurt.

Odile said triumphantly: “You see. I am right.” As she ran from the wizard, he tried to block her way by making the doors close in front of her. But Odile just ran faster and escaped through each one. The Prince saw Odile on the steps going up to the tower. He took her in his arms. “Odile, I will never let you leave me again. Say that you will stay with me forever.” “I will, I will! I love you Zigfried!” The wizard appeared at the top of the steps. Odet was behind him. “You will not escape death this time, Zigfried.” The Prince took out his sword. Odile tried to stop him. “Do not fight him, Zigfried. If he kills you, I will lose everyone I’ve ever loved.” “You are right Odile. Zigfried is only a boy. He is no match for me. Now, come back to your room, and let this little boy go home to his mother.” “Rocford, your words will not discourage me.

I would kill you now, but I will give you one last chance to live. Let us leave in peace and never come near Odile again.” “You really are a little boy if you think that you can harm me.” Rocford raised his hand, and Odile flew through the air to where Odet stood. Zigfried ran at Rocford and tried to stab him with his sword. Rocford put his hand up. The sword touched it and turned into water. Without a sword, Zigfried attacked the wizard. Rocford threw Zigfried down the steps. He picked up a stick and turned it into a sword. He pointed it at Zigfried’s heart as he lay on the ground. “Rocford! Don’t!” “Say you will marry me Odile, and I will let him live.” ”Don’t do it Odile! Don’t make yourself more unhappy just for me!” The wizard prodded Zigfried with the sword. “And you have promised to marry me, Zigfried. You said you would always love me.” “I said that because I thought you were Odile.

I would never marry you. I would rather die.” Zigfried took the wizard’s sword and pushed it deep into his own heart. “Zigfried, no!” Something strange began to happen. The castle began to shake. Large stones fell from the ceiling, and Rocford and Odet were killed. Odile ran to Zigfried. She took the sword out of his heart and pulled his body out of the castle, before it fell to the ground. Chapter ten The Wedding Dawn broke in the forest, but no birds sang. The castle was nothing but a pile of stones. The only sound was Odile crying over Zigfried’s body. “Oh Zigfried, my one true love! Why did you have to die?” At this, the Prince opened first one eye, then the other. “You’re alive! Oh, Zigfried!” She hugged the Prince and cried tears of happiness.

“I love you, Odile. I knew that my love was stronger than that sword. Nothing is more powerful than a person’s heart. Tell me you will marry me, and I will love you forever.” “Of course I will Zigfried. You have made my dreams come true. We were right to believe in love!” They left the old castle together on Zigfried’s horse. When they came to the lake near the palace, they saw Ozlowe. He was not a statue anymore. He stood scratching his head. All of the wizard’s spells had been broken when he died.

The Prince was full of joy. “Ozlowe!” “Master Zigfried, I don’t know what happened. I was standing here about to shoot a swan.” “That will teach you never to kill anything. This is Princess Odile. She was the swan you tried to kill.” Ozlowe was very confused. “Prince Zigfried, I think I’d better go to bed. I don’t feel very well.” When the servants and the Queen heard about Zigfried and Odile’s marriage, there was a big celebration. All the people in the land and the surrounding kindoms were invited to the wedding. It took place at the edge of the lake, where Zigfried had first seen Odile. Odile wore a beautiful long wedding dress. Zigfried’s mother walked towards them. “Zigfried, I want you to know that what you did was right.

Though I asked you to stay at the palace, you left for a better reason. You should always follow your heart, especially when it is full of love. You father would be very proud of you.” Zigfried’s mother was so happy she had tears in her eyes. The Prince took Odile’s hands. They stood together in front of the lake. The Queen put the King’s crown on Zigfried’s head. The priest spoke to the new King and Queen. “Marriage is a wonderful thing. And what makes this marriage special is that the love you have for each other will affect everyone in this land. Through your happiness, we will become happy. Through your love for each other, we will love each other. Is this what you want? Is your love strong enough to lead a land of people who need joy in their lives?” Odile spoke first. “It is.” “Of course, it is!” “Then by the power that is given to me by God, I pronounce you husband and wife.” At that moment a joyful chirp was heard and a little bird flew from a rose bush and sat on Odile’s hand.

“Patrice, my little friend! You’re back!” Then Odile turned to Zigfried and said: “You see my beloved King, love is stronger than anything in this world. When you love somebody or something you never lose them.” Zigfried looked lovingly into his bride’s eyes, they kissed and everybody cheered.. “}

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Quick English Conversation: Meeting a Black English Teacher

{“en”:”Hi, everyone. My name is Brandon And in this video, we’re gonna help improve your English speaking ability. This video is going to be about my experiences with my students and their interactions with me as their black teacher. I hope you learn a lot. Please stick around. A lot of times when my students first meet me, this is the first time they are meeting or interacting with a person of my skin color. And the only interactions they’ve had prior to this is from music and the media. Movies, rap music – whatever. So when they try and greet me for the first time, they try to recreate the scenes from those movies. Such as doing a crazy handshake. And I don’t know what… I don’t know what they’re doing okay they’re…

They’re hipping and they’re hopping. Another thing they try to do is talk a lot of slang with me. “Hey, Dawg. What’s up? What’s up bruh? Where you from, man?” No. That’s not how you you start a conversation. And the third, and the worst thing they sometimes do, is they use bad words. I’m not gonna say these bad words, but just know never start a conversation using bad words. It’s very rude and crude. The proper way to do it is… if you’re meaning anybody, a black guy or whatever, treat them as any other person. You put your hand out. You say, “Hi, nice to meet you. My name is … What’s your name?” That’s it. In conclusion you guys. I’m just like any other person . I’m just like any other teacher. You do not as you treat me any other way just because the color of my skin. If you liked this video, please sub and subscribe. And thank you for watching.. “}

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Learn English and Improve Vocabulary through Story: Swan lake (level 1)

{“en”:”Chapter one Prince Zigfried Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a Prince. His name was Zigfried, and he was very unhappy. His father, the King, had died, and since then, everyone in the palace had forgotten how to smile. Without his father, Zigfried thought he would never feel happy again. Every day, Zigfried sat at the window in his room in the palace, looking at the birds in the trees. “How can they sing and fly so free? They must not feel like me.” His servant, Ozlowe, tried to make the prince smile by telling him jokes or doing funny tricks for him. But the Prince would not smile. “I know you love me Ozlowe, but I cannot smile. My heart is broken.” Ozlowe would not give up. “Let’s go for a walk, good Prince. Maybe we can find something outside which will make you happy.” “If you wish Ozlowe, but I don’t think there’s anything that can make me happy.” Ozlowe put on his hunting cap, and he took his crossbow.

He enjoyed hunting and he hoped to catch a bird or a rabbit for the Prince. They walked through the forest until they came to a lake. On the lake there was a beautiful white swan. It had a gold crown on its head, that only Princesses wear. The swan swam towards the prince and looked into his eyes. The swan’s eyes were so sad that Prince Zigfried felt sorry for it. “Here is a creature which feels worse than I do. But why do you have that crown on your head?” The swan opened its wings and cried out. “I think it’s trying to tell me something.” Ozlowe had his crossbow in his hands. He wanted to shoot the swan. “I’ll get that swan for you. Prince. Just one minute.” “Ozlowe, no!” Before Ozlowe could shoot, a magic owl flew from a tree and took Ozlowe’s cap off his head.

This cast a spell on him, and he was turned to stone. The Prince did not understand. “Ozlowe, what has happened to you? Speak to me!” He looked back at the lake. The swan was gone. “Everything I do goes wrong. This must have happened because of me!” The Prince returned to the palace sadder than before, thinking to himself: “If only Ozlowe were here! There is nothing good in my life any more”. Zigfried’s mother came to see him that night. She had something important to say. “Zigfried, soon you will be eighteen years old. You must take your father’s place as King. I am having a ball on your birthday so that you may choose a wife, and I will invite all the princesses from the other kingdoms.” “But I do not wish to marry, Mother.

I do not love anyone.” “You will learn to love someone. First, you must stop thinking of yourself.” “If this will make you happy, I’ll do it, Mother.” “It is not for my happiness that I am doing this. It is for yours, and all the other people in this land. You see, love is more powerful than we know. Without it, you will not be a great King.” His mother left him. He sat at the window, thinking of what she had said. He wanted to love someone with all his heart, but he didn’t know who it would be. Chapter two The Beautiful Princess On the morning of the Royal Ball, everybody was very busy in the palace. The Queen’s maids were preparing the Queen’s dress. The servants cleaned the floors and windows, and the cooks were cooking enough food for a thousand people. The prince looked handsome in his red outfit. But he was still not happy. He left the palace to be alone and think, and went to the stone statue of Ozlowe. “It’s my birthday today Ozlowe. I’m eighteen. That means that I must marry someone and become King. The problem is I don’t want to get married; I don’t love anyone.” There was a quiet splashing in the lake.

Zigfried looked and saw the beautiful swan with the gold crown. “There it is! The beautiful swan has come back.” He went closer to the water to look at it. Its eyes had the same sadness in them, but it was happy to see Zigfried and it swam close to him. Zigfried looked into its eyes and talked to it. “I think you understand me. I think you know how people feel.” A tear fell from the swan’s eye. “Don’t cry. You should be happy that you are a swan. You will never have to marry someone you do not love. You will never feel sad when someone dies.” The swan made a loud cry. Its wings moved back and forth at its sides. Suddenly, an owl appeared as if from nowhere and flew at Zigfried’s head, but it missed. The owl flew off, and the swan began to swim away. “Wait. Don’t leave.” Zigfried ran round the edge of the lake, following the swan. He had to run fast to see where it went.

Soon, he was in a part of the forest he did not know. Tall trees blocked out the sun. It was very dark. The swan swam to an ugly old castle. When it left the water, something magical happened; the swan turned into a beautiful Princess. She had long blonde hair and she wore a long white dress. The crown was still on her head. Zigfried ran to where she stood at the castle door. “Wait! Where are you going?” The Princess stopped, but she did not look at him. “Look at me, please. My name is Prince Zigfried and I want to know who you are.” The Princess turned to look at the Prince. She had the same dark, sad eyes of the swan. “My name is Princess Odile.” “But why were you a swan? Why do you look so sad?” “An evil wizard called Rocford cast a spell on me. I may only leave the castle during the day as a swan.” “Where is this wizard? I will talk to him. I will tell him this is wrong.” “No, you mustn’t. He will hurt you, I know. He does not want me to see another man.” “Tell me where this man is! I will fight him and free you.” “No, you must leave.

He is dangerous.” “I won’t leave until I see him; You must be set free.” “Please. You are very kind, but you must go away.” “I won’t!” She looked into his eyes again. “If you want to do something for me, you will leave now.” “Odile, I will leave if you want me to. But I want you to come to the ball tonight. I must choose a wife and I want to choose you.” “I can’t. The wizard won’t let me.” “Find a way. Promise me you’ll try.” She spoke softly. “All right. I’ll try.” Chapter three Odet Zigfried left, and Odile went inside the castle. Odet, the wizard’s evil daughter, was behind a tree. When she saw Odile talking to the Prince, she was jealous; she wanted to go to the ball, and what was more, she wanted to marry the Prince. She didn’t like Odile, because she was so beautiful and kind. But the wizard loved her, so Odet couldn’t do anything to hurt her… until now! Odet went to the wizard’s room, but he was not there. The room looked like a museum. There was an Egyptian statue against one wall, and large aquariums full of strange fish.

On a table stood many different coloured bottles. Odet opened one of the bottles. Smoke came out of it. It smelled of burning wood. The magic owl flew into the open window, unseen by Odet, and changed back into the wizard. “Do you like the smell?” “Oh, Father! You scared me.” “You wouldn’t be afraid if you were not in my room when I wasn’t here.” “I know father, but I have something very important to tell you. It’s about Odile.” The wizard opened his eyes wide. He was a tall man, with a long, white beard and long, white hair. He wore a big black hat and a long black robe with stars on it. “Tell me what you know!” “First, you must promise to do something for me.” “What is it?” “I can’t tell you now. First, I must tell you about Odile, then I will ask for something. Will you do it?” “Tell me, before I turn you into a frog!” The wizard was very much in love with Odile. He would change his daughter into a frog because he wanted to know about Odile.

“Today, I saw Odile talking to Prince Zigfried. The Prince asked Odile to go to the royal ball tonight. He wants to marry her and free her from your evil powers.” The wizard turned in a circle and pointed his hand at the floor. Fire came from his fingers and hit the floor. The whole castle shook. “I should have destroyed the Prince today, when I saw him with Odile.” “You saw him, too?” “Yes, at the lake. I attacked him, but I was only an owl. Odile knew this and she left him. He must have followed her here.” “Oh yes Father, and he is so handsome! You should see his face!” “Silence!” The wizard turned himself into a large, stone ball. He threw himself against the walls, making the castle shake again. Alone in her room, Odile felt the castle shaking. She hid her head under a pillow on her bed; she hated it when the wizard got angry. The wizard changed back into himself in his room. “Now Father, you promised you’d do something for me.” “I never promised you anything!” “Oh, Father.

I want to go to the ball! I want to marry the prince.” The wizard angrily raised his hand again. Then, he thought of something. Slowly, he lowered his hand. “You would like to go to the ball, wouldn’t you?” “Oh yes, Father!” “And you would like to marry the prince?” “Yes, I would.” “Then you will, and he will think that you are Odile.” “Oh Father, what a wonderful idea!” She put her arms around him. His body was cold as stone, and his eyes were filled with fire.

Chapter four A bird in a cage Odile’s room was at the top of the castle tower. Rocford had put her there, after he had taken her from her parents. She was the most beautiful Princess in the land, and her parents were good and kind. Rocford had asked her father if he could marry Odile. “We must ask my daughter what she thinks.” Odile was brought to the wizard. “Odile, this man lias asked to marry you. He says he is very rich and that he will make you the happiest princess in the world. What do you think?” Odile looked into the wizard’s eyes. “Do you promise to love me forever, with all your heart?” Will you love me so much that you will not think of what you want, even if it hurts you to do this?” The look in her eyes and her questions made Rocford uncomfortable. “Why do you ask me such questions? I told your father I could give you everything you could want.” The Princess smiled and turned her head away.

“I’m sorry Father, but I will not marry this man. He does not know what love is.” They did not know then that he was a wizard. Rocford had looked like a Prince. He wore beautiful clothes and looked very handsome. But, when he heard what Odile said to her father, his face began to change. It became old and ugly. His clothes changed from blue to black. “You do not know what you are saying, you silly girl. I do not have to ask for what I want.

I am a wizard, and I can do anything I please.” He waved his hands through the air, and a fire started in the castle where the Princess and her parents lived. He had turned Odile into a small bird in a cage, and carried her to his castle where he locked her up in a tower. The entire kingdom was destroyed by this fire, and her parents were killed. There was a real bird in a cage in Odile’s room at the wizard’s castle. The wizard had put it there so that Odile would remember the power he had over her. He only let her leave the castle as a swan because he did not want other men to fall in love with her.

At night, she stayed in her room talking to the bird, who was her only friend. She called the bird Patrice, because it was her mother’s name. “Oh Patrice, what should I do? The ball is tonight, and I am a prisoner here. I believe the Prince loves me with all his heart. I saw it in his eyes. He loved me even as a swan.” The bird began moving its wings wildly. It always knew when something horrible was about to happen. “What is it Patrice, what are you afraid of?” Odile heard keys in her locked door.

She put the bird and its cage behind a curtain, because she did not want the bird to see what was about to happen. Chapter five Odet’s New Voice The wizard entered Odile’s room with Odet. Odet was the same age and height as Odile, but she had dark hair. However, she wasn’t as beautiful as Odile, and this made her very jealous. The wizard spoke first.

“Sit down, Odile. I would like to ask you something.” The wizard waved his hand and a large and very comfortable pink chair appeared. Odile sat on it. “Odet tells me that you would like to go to the ball tonight. Is that true?” “Yes.” “If I let you go to this ball, will you promise to marry me?” “I have told you, I will only marry a man who loves me and who I love.” “But you know I love you.” “If you loved me, you wouldn’t keep me locked up in this castle. You wouldn’t have killed my parents.” “You are a fool! Would you like to marry the Prince? Is that it?” “He loves me more than you do.” “How do you know? He left you here with me. That shows you that you are wrong. He is afraid of me. He can’t love you very much if he is afraid.” “He did it for me! I asked him to do it!” “And did you tell him that you would go to the ball?” “Yes.” “Then you lied. You knew I would not let you go.” “I said I would try. He knows that if I do not go it is not because I do not want to.” “And how does he know this?” “You do not have to cast a spell on someone or make them rich to love you.

You understand it by looking in their eyes. You know it by the way they speak and act.” “You are a dreamer!” “And you have no heart!” “Silence!” The wizard raised both his arms and the castle shook. The curtain on the wall fell down, and the wizard saw the bird in the cage. “Ah, the bird.” “If you hurt that bird you are worse than I thought.” The bird flew wildly as the wizard walked towards it. He picked up the cage. “Now, why would I hurt this bird? It is like me. It has no heart. It does not feel anything when I do this.” The wizard pointed his fingers at Odet. She changed into Odile. She had the same blonde hair, the same eyes. She was even wearing the crown. Odile stood up. “Tonight, Odet will go to the ball as you, Odile. Zigfried will marry her and we will see what true love is.

Your hearts are nothing compared to my magic.” “You may look like me Odet, but there is something missing from your eyes. The prince will know this.” “He does not love you Odile. He only loves what you look like.” “I almost forgot!” The wizard waved his hand. “Odet, say something.” When Odet spoke, she sounded just like Odile. “Hello, Prince Zigfried. It’s me, Odile. I love you.” Odile ran to her bed, crying. She fell on the bed and covered her face. Rocford laughed loudly. He took Odet out of the room and locked the door behind him. When Odile looked up, only the bird was with her. It too, had a tear in its eye.. “}

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