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{“en”:”Hey guys, how are you going? Freezing hey, absolutely freezing today. Today as promised we are going to look at the word CROOK. There are 4 main uses of the word crook. Um yeah, 4 ones that we use commonly, there may be others but I wouldn’t worry about them too much, this is enough for now. So the first one crook, I’m crook, I’m sick, I’m as crook as a dog, I feel crook in the guts, Oh my guts, my stomach, I feel crook in the guts, yeah? You can also say, I’m feeling crook, yeah? My wife’s crook, the kids are crook, everyone’s crook.

Um, I’ve just written some notes, I’ll just check I’ve got them all here, Oh you can ask a question, Um,” Are you feeling crook?” Sick, “are you feeling sick?” Um, “Have you been crook,” “Where have you been crook? Where have you been? Have you been crook?” Yeah, so. Anyway that’s the first one and I’ve written some notes for you to look underneath the video, there’s um, a comprehensive lot of notes, um so you can check up on that as well. o.k? The second meaning is, um for a part of your body to not be working well. So for example you could say, “I’ve got a crook back.” which means I’ve got a bad back.

Yeah, or “I’ve got a crook knee, it’s not good, it hurts in the cold. Maybe like today, it’s freezing, maybe your knee plays up in the cold, which means, If it plays up it means, it doesn’t work well, yeah, maybe, you’ve got arthritis or something, um, yeah, so let me just check, other words that you can use instead of crook here are words like dodgy which means not good and we’ll look at in another lesson but you can say I’ve got a dodgy knee or a dodgy back yeah or a dodgy ticker T I C K E R means “heart,” I’ve got a dodgy ticker it means I’ve got a bad heart I’ve gotta be careful. Um yeah or “bung,” a very Aussie word, B U N G I’ve got a knee or I’ve got a bung leg, yeah, um yeah I’ve got some sentences here for example, ‘She’s got a crook back, she shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy.

O.k. So that’s the second meaning for your body part not to be working well. The third meaning can mean and this is not slang this is just a word um used as a noun, like he’s a crook, um like a criminal an untrustworthy person, you wouldn’t trust them, yeah, so ” Be careful of that guy, he’s a crook.” For example, someone who’s like does um yeah small crimes like stealing and car theft they’re a small time crook. Big, big time crook you know like mafia type, type people, um, yeah really really bad dudes anyway, um, so yeah for example um, “She was a crook, (past tense) she was a crook but she’s changed now.” And oh as an adjective you can actually use it as an adjective that um for example he’s crooked which means he’s he’s not honest yeah, if you’re straight, then this means that you are um you’re not dishonest, there’e another meaning but we won’t go into that now, o.k.

Um the fourth meaning I’ve got here um this is very Aussie again and not not as common as the others but it’s still used a lot in Australia, if somebody goes crook on you they get angry with you, so for example, “My mum went crook on me last night, my mum went crook on me last night because I hadn’t done my homework,” yeah? Or “I’ll get crook on you if you, um, yeah, if you don’t clean up your mess, so you can say, “on you, with you,” um often, more often on you, I’ll get crook you, it sounds quite strange but it’s just an expression which means angry, so yeah you can say, “Dad went crook on me because I smashed his car,” which my dad actually did go crook on me and fair enough I I smashed 2 of his cars and blew up another motor, so he went crook on me and I I probably deserved that, sorry dad, um, yeah, that was a long time ago, all is forgiven now.

Um there is another meaning, actually, I’ll just give you the question for that, ” Did your parents go crook on you for getting home so late last night?” That’s another way of saying get angry with you. but there another word “crooked,” which means not straight, yeah, for example here, you can see here, I’ve drawn a crooked line, it’s not straight and underneath a straight line o.k? So that’s a different meaning although in some ways it’s similar isn’t it? You could have your hat on crooked, here it’s on straight, hey man you recognise that? Or it can go on crooked, yeah, maybe your collar is crooked, your shirts all crooked, um or a picture, the picture’s straight here now, let’s bring that a bit closer for you, it’s straight, now it’s crooked so you need to straighten up, it’s crooked, now it’s straight, crooked, straight, o.k.

um, that’s it for today, I hope you learnt a lot, it’s a well used word, um worth learning all of those meanings because we do use it in many different ways, o.k. I think next time, we’ll have a look at the word, “dodgy,” to help you out with some more Aussie slang, this is Mark from Mark’s English lessons, Aussie slang, um, thank you guys for all the likes and subscriptions, and for supporting me and I’ll continue to support you o.k? Have a great day, keep warm, rug up, rug up, R U G means to keep warm, yeah, you wear a hat,a scarf, beanie, well hat and beanie the same thing, but keep warm, wear a nice big jumper and jacket. O.k take care, see you soon. Bye.. “}

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Lesson 1 – Sam and Mel English for Children

{“en”:”Hello my name is Sam. What is… Hello. Oh hello. What is your name? My name is Mel. What is your name? My name is Sam. Oh. Goodbye Sam. Goodbye Mel. Hello Oh hello. What is your name? My name is Vicky. Hello Wicky. No. My name is Vicky. Your name is Wicky. No, no, no, no. My name is Vicky, Vicky, V, V, Vicky. Vvvicky Yes. What is your name? My name is Sam. Sham? No. Sam. Sham. S, S, Sam. S, S, Sam. Yes, my name is Sam. Goodbye S, S, Sam. Goodbye V, V, Vicky. Goodbye Mel. Goodbye Sam. Goodbye. “}

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Study English in Brighton

Only 1% Can Pass This English Test

{“en”:”English is an amazing language, but it can also be really annoying some of the rules in the English language just don’t make any sense they contradict each other and to be honest they’re kind of, some of them are kind of stupid and that’s exactly what we’re looking at today. There is some weird English rules always that English is just an impossible language to speak because the rules always contradict themselves. Here we go. For example, we’re gonna start off with a game. This is the English game. Maybe some of you guys have seen this before already all you have to do is place the word, “only” anywhere in the sentence, so the sentence says, “She told him that she loved him.” Okay, “last,” but only after she.

She only told him that she loved him. So that basically just means that’s all she told. Him she could have said more. Let’s put it after told. She told only him that she loved him. So she only told him and no one else. She told him that she only loved him. And she told him that she loved him only, so it’s crazy how one word can choose a sentence to have four different meanings.

ONLY in the English language. So if we gotta give her a round of applause to the English language. Ladies and gentlemen English with all is one of my worst subjects to me. I was like really good at science Second place was math, and then I would say it was probably like English or geography I was also really good at history, but guys. How’s it going welcome to reaction time today? We’re just gonna react to some some weird rules in the English language He’s gonna be like games or funny sayings so without further ado Let’s just jump right into it how to English 101 with your teacher tall fishman All right class so this is how to English no word queue. You guys don’t know what it means It’s a line of sequence of people or vehicles waiting their turn it can also be a list of data items commands so pronunciation and cue as it shows the rules are write down five letters Q u e ue But you only pronounce the first letter that’s stupid right welcome to the English language so five different letters to make the word Q Where reality you could just put Q What a sound are the same, but why do you need five letters for one word cough ruff though through okay? Look how they’re all spelled.

They look almost identical, but why don’t these words rhyme? I don’t understand Why didn’t words rhyme even though they all look identical? Why isn’t it tough like rough and cough or trough why is it though in throat I? Don’t know can someone answer that it makes. No sense it even says down here for some odd reason Pony and bologna Rhyme, yet these words don’t all rhyme so stupid stupid.

We should learn different languages that make more sense This is a cool fact that you probably never heard before a 16th century man wrote God BW e in a letter to someone as an abbreviation for may God be with you so God be with you and it appeared as God B Y which was then read by the recipient as goodbye And that’s why people say goodbye because of 16th century chat speak. I’ve never heard of this in my life It could probably be fake But if someone wants to talk check it fact check it and let me know down in the comments is this the real reason people Say goodbye because it was actually God be with you okay, farewell God be with you And then it was interpreted as goodbye this one is comical if Wilma is pronounced womb and tomb is pronounced tomb shouldn’t bomb be pronounced boom I Don’t know now look at this.

This is a pineapple, and this is the word pineapple in different languages We got a bunch of different languages here in our mean. It’s uh non-us Danish I’m gonna Dutch on us um pretty much every single language It’s fun on us. Just maybe pronounce all different well guess what is in English? pineapple pear pineapple everything’s Ananas except for pineapple English Jump so this sentence right here Actually has seven different meanings depending on which word you accentuate more for example if he said I never Said she stole my money, or I never said she stole my money Or I never said she stole my money, or I never said she stole my money this sounds Do you guys understand it’s giving me a headache right now Depending on which word you’re stressing right now the meaning of the sentence can be completely different. Just try it out yourself Oh, my god. That’s crazy. I never said she stole my money could be my brother’s Jesus Christ That’s kind of beautiful all right So this is why commas are so important if you misuse? Commas this is what it could sound like so with proper comma usage I add eggs Toast and orange juice and without it.

I had eggs toast and orange juice disgusting combination and finally if you guys can read this Perfectly without messing up you speak English better than 90% of all English speakers I’m gonna attempt to try it like the first 10 lines If you guys want to check it out is gonna be first thing in the description all these photos and this if you want to Try it out for yourself. Let’s do it. Are you ready English language Okay, dearest creature in creation to study English pronunciation. I’ll teach you in my verse sounds like corpse corpse horse and Wars I’ll keep you Suzy busy Make your head with heat grow dizzy tear And I or just will tear so shall I or hear my prayer Just compare heart beard in hair and heard daizen diet Lord and word Soreness were to retain in Britain mind the ladder how it’s written no I surely will not plague you with such words as play with such words a plaque an arm and a goo But be careful How you speak say break and steak but blinken Street cloven oven how and low? script receipt show poem and toe hear me say devoid of trickery daughter laughter and Territory typhoid be typhoid measles no, okay This is it guys dollar some funny things in the English language try this out for yourself send it to your friends Hope you guys enjoy But before you guys go check out some more videos or you can also check out free time my second channel right here Why do challenges and have some vlogs one of my friends and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already for more cool? For more videos like this and I’ll see you guys next time.

Hope. Hope you have a good one and peace out!. “}

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Jobs and Occupations for Kids | What Does He/She Do? | Kindergarten, EFL and ESL | Fun Kids English

Hey everyone! Let’s talk about jobs. I wonder what he does and what does she do? Here we go! He’s a carpenter. He’s a carpenter. She’s a hairdresser. She’s a hairdresser. He’s a construction worker. He’s a construction worker. She’s a nurse. She’s a nurse. He’s a doctor. He’s a doctor. She’s an office worker. She’s an office worker. He’s a firefighter. He’s a firefighter. She’s a shop assistant. She’s a shop assistant. He’s a police officer. He’s a police officer. She’s a teacher. She’s a teacher. That was great stuff everyone let’s do it one more time in a big voice.

Listen and repeat. He’s a carpenter. She’s a hairdresser. He’s a construction worker. She’s a nurse. He’s a doctor. She’s an office worker. He’s a firefighter. She’s a shop assistant. He’s a police officer. She’s a teacher. Well done everyone. You did it! Thanks for watching. See you next time! Hi guys. Thanks for watching click on our logo below to subscribe for more fun kids videos. Thanks again, and see you next time!.

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Talking about Illnesses: English Language


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Cinderella Cartoon Full Movie | English Fairy Tales For Kids | Princess Fairy Tales

Cinderella There once lived a pretty young girl called Cinderella, with her father, stepmother, and two stepsisters called Drizella and Anastasia. The stepmother and her daughters were very cruel, making Cinderella do all the chores. Cinderella, Cinderella! Look at the time! Cindrella still hasn’t brought in my tea. Ooooh! I feel a headache starting. I’m sorry mother, I was ……. Stop making excuses you lazy girl. Just then, Anastasia calls out for Cinderella. Where has that lazy thing gone? Where is my dress you were supposed to iron? I was just going to bring it up to you. Look at you, you filthy thing. Wash yourself before you touch my dress.

Dirty wretch! This was poor Cinderella’s life. Every day she toiled from morning to night, doing all the household work. Every night, tired, she went up to the attic, where slept on a bed of straw. One morning, when Cinderella was in the kitchen, she heard her stepmother and sisters talking very excitedly. Mama, this is an invitation for the prince’s ball! He has invited all the pretty ladies of the kingdom to find his bride among them. Mother, Anastasia, we have to visit the dressmaker to make beautiful gowns. Ooooo! I am so excited. I am going to get a green gown and wear my lovely emeralds with it! And I will get a gown in ice blue and wear my dazzling diamonds and sapphires with it. My daughters will be the belles of the ball, I’m sure. The next few days, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters visited dressmakers, hair stylists, jewelers and shoe shops, while poor Cinderella did all the work. Finally, the day of the ball arrived. With Drizella, Anastasia and their mother getting dressed, each kept calling out for Cinderella to help them get dressed and make last minute touches to their makeup.

The coach has already arrived. We better leave if we are not to be late. Cinderella’s father, stepmother and step sisters left for the ball, and Cinderella kept looking till they were out of sight. She then went to the kitchen and sat down among the cinders. Oh mama, why did you go away and leave me? Suddenly, a blue light filled the room. Cinderella rubbed her eyes to see clearly, and saw a queer old lady with soft white curls on her head.

Her dress had flounces, and jewels sparkled on her dress. In her hand she had a wand, the tip of which glowed blue. Who … who.. who are you? I am your fairy godmother. Now now, stop crying and tell me what the matter is. N..n.. nothing, nothing is the matter. Hummm. Then, why are tears streaming down your cheeks? Ah, I see. You are upset because you could not go to the prince’s ball with your parents and sisters. Now stop crying. You are going to the ball. Really? I can go to the ball? Of course, my dear. But how, godmother? I have nothing to wear and no way of going there. Hmmmm,… Can you get me a large pumpkin? A pumpkin? What for? You ask too many questions, child.

Just do as you are told. Cinderella brought a big fat pumpkin from the garden. The fairy touched it with her wand, and before Cinderella’s amazed eyes, the pumpkin changed into a beautiful coach. Now we need six horses to draw the coach. Go and fetch me six mice. Cinderella quickly got the mouse trap from the kitchen corner. The fairy touched the mice with her wand, and they immediately turned into six beautiful horses. Next, the fairy godmother changed a nice fat rat with big whiskers to a coachman, and six lizards into footmen. Well, there we go, all set for the ball. Now why do you have that gloomy look on your face? Fairy Godmother, how can I go to the ball dressed in these rags? Silly child, I haven’t forgotten about your clothes.

Come here, stand in front of me. One touch of her wand, and lo and behold! She was transformed into an absolutely beautiful princess, in a shimmering dress of gold and silver, with shining precious stones. Her hair was piled up into a fashionable style with a dazzling tiara on top. And, on her small, slim and pretty feet were two pretty glass slippers. Oh godmother, is this me? Yes dear, it is indeed you. You are beautiful to look at, and a loving soul also.

Now off you go to the ball. Cinderella hugged her fairy godmother and started towards the coach. Just a minute, child. Remember, my power will stop at the stroke of midnight. The coach shall become a pumpkin, and you shall be back in your rags, so make sure you are home before the clock strikes midnight. I will remember that. Thank you so much for everything, and goodbye. Cinderella sat in the fancy coach and left for the ball. When she reached, the ball had already started. As Cinderella stepped in, everyone turned to look at her. Cinderella stood uncertainly at the door, when the prince himself came forward to guide her in.

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as beautiful as you. Would you please dance with me? Cinderella let the prince guide her to the dance floor. She couldn’t believe that the prince himself wanted to dance with her! Who is that creature, Anastasia? Doesn’t she look familiar? She is a bit pretty, but she can’t compare with us. The prince shall soon leave her and make his way to us. However, the prince couldn’t take his eyes off Cinderella. Cinderella had never enjoyed herself so much in her entire life. When she glanced at the clock, it was about to strike twelve. She pulled herself away from the prince and ran down the stairs. In her hurry to leave, one of her little glass slippers fell off.

The prince ran after her, but Cinderella was nowhere in sight. As he turned away, Cinderella’s little glass slipper caught his eye. This is the slipper of the lovely lady I have spent the evening with. This has to be love, for I cannot think of a life without her now. Oh, my love, I will find you and will make you mine. The next morning, the prince called for his courtiers. Take this glass slipper to every corner of the kingdom till you find the fair lady whose foot it fits.

The courtiers went to each and every home to search for the prince’s sweetheart. Finally, they reached the house where Cinderella lived. We have been sent by the prince. All the fair ladies in this house are requested to please try on this slipper. The one whose foot fits this slipper shall be the prince’s chosen wife. Drizella, Drizella, come quick. The prince’s courtier has come with a slipper. The prince will marry the one it fits. Oh, I’m sure I’m going to be the chosen one. You may try it on also if it makes you happy, sister.

Humph! Always full of yourself as usual. Here, boy, let me try it on. Anastasia tried the slipper on, but no way would her large foot fit into the tiny slipper. I don’t think that slipper can fit anyone other than a child. Drizella then tried the slipper. Her foot was slimmer than Anastasia’s, but it would not fit into the slipper, though she tried to squeeze it in in every way possible. Excuse me, ladies, is there any other lady in this house? Of course not! You are just wasting your time. No way will this fit the foot of a lady. As the courtiers were about to leave, they caught sight of Cinderella near the kitchen door. This young lady has not tried on the slipper. Please, this way… Oh, I don’t think… Come, come. Every lady must try it on. Cinderella came forward shyly and hesitantly to try on the slipper.

She slid it on, and the slipper fit her perfectly. Her stepmother and sisters were shocked.. When did she go to the ball? I don’t believe this! Oh, will someone get me my smelling salts? We have good news, Prince. We have with us the young lady whose foot perfectly fit the glass slipper. The prince immediately recognized Cinderella, even though she was not wearing the grand clothes that she was wearing on the day of the ball. The king and queen were also overjoyed that their son had chosen such a beautiful bride. My darling, I would have recognized you no matter what you wore. You have stolen my heart, and I cannot wait to make you my princess. There was great feasting and rejoicing in the kingdom when the prince married Cinderella. Cinderella’s family was also invited, who were very repentant of the way they had treated her. However, the good soul that Cinderella was, she forgave her family. I am blessed to find such a wonderful husband.

I shall request him to allow my family to stay at the palace also. I wish I could see my dear godmother just once more to thank her. Cinderella and her prince lived happily for many years, ruling wisely over their kingdom..

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Learn Colors For Kids Children Toddlers With Frozen And Spiderman Cartoon In English Funny 2017

Learn Colors For Kids Children Toddlers With Frozen And Spiderman Cartoon In English Funny 2017.

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How to Write Better Sentences – Easy Fun Way – basic ESL

Hello everybody. This is Justin Time and Ralph MacBook from Say hello, Ralph. Hello, everybody. Today we are going to show you some different ways to make better sentences. Here we go. Yes, that’s very important. Here is a writer that is not being kind to his readers. He’s not giving much information. That’s right, Ralph. And as you can see, the writer is very happy because he can see his cat in his mind. But the reader doesn’t know what to think. Yes, he’s just guessing. And the reader is getting information really slowly. Oo’ecky, Justin. Yes, we haven’t got a happy reader here.

Oh, he’s got it. Hang on. Hang on. Don’t start celebrating yet. The reader’s still not happy. Let’s have a look at some of the problems with these sentences. The grammar is okay. Yeah, but they’re very short and they give the information very slowly Start stop. Start stop. Start stop. Readers don’t like that. And we’ve got a lot of repeated words. We’ve got 4 x it, 2 x is, 2 x has. Yeah, I see what you mean, Justin. Ralph, do you think you could put all that information in one sentence? I’ll give it a try. Let’s see. That’s great, Ralph. Thank you very much. Just look at problems. All gone away It makes it very hard for the reader.

Yeah, and it’s very slow to get information. Only 12 words in one sentence. Yeah, and it’s all one idea in one sentence. That’s great! Yes, information. That’s what we need. What important things, Justin? These things, Ralph. Okay, let’s just take a look at some sentences and try to make them better. Ralph? Yeah, er, sure. Sorry, you took me by surprise there. Yeah, that’s good. Nice one Ralph! More information too. How about this one? And this? Spot on, Ralph! Very nice. More information and smooth. How about this one? Yeah, nice and smooth that one. Why didn’t you add any more information, Ralph? I just think there is enough information in that sentence. We don’t want to over do it, do we? Well, that’s very true because if we put too much information in the sentence, then it becomes very difficult to read again.

Yeah, that’s right. Three or four bits of information in a sentence is good. Yes, you’re right. Ok let’s have a look at some other ways of making sentences better. What do you mean related ideas, Justin? Well, it’s two ideas that are about the same thing really. You’ll see. Now, there is no need to be afraid of using these words. Trust me. Let’s take a look at some examples. Yeah, two things done at almost the same time. Yes, the good and the bad about the bike. What he did, with the result. The problem and the reason for the problem. Ok, let’s work on a few examples using these words.

Very good, Ralph. Fantastic, Ralph! More information and more interesting vocabulary too! Let’s look at some important points to remember. Justin. Yes, what is it, Ralph? I’ve got some great quotes from famous writers. Can I read them out? Yeah, sure Ralph. Great idea! That is so true, Ralph. If you read a lot, you will see how to write. Yes, Ralph. That’s a fact. If you write something, read it again the next day and try to make it better for your readers. How many times did you rewrite this presentation, Justin? Oh, about 10 times, Ralph. 10 times! Well, I had to think very carefully about my readers. I want them to understand everything. If I put a word that is too difficult in, they will stop listening and not learn anything. Yeah, I see what you mean. You’re right. I hope this video will help you to make better sentences and happier readers! For more English self-study fun, stop by

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