Words for IELTS Writing 1/10 (2018)

Words for IELTS writing hello there my name’s Ben Worthington in this tutorial we’re going to look at words you can include to improve your IELTS essays and then we’re going to look at formulas for improving the words in your IELTS essays and the reason why I want to look at the formulas is because if you know the formula then you can quickly improve any essay but if you’ve only got three four five words then okay you’ve got those extra words but you have to wait for the ideal opportunity to insert them into your essay and sometimes the ideal opportunity does not always arise which can cause you to force the word into the essay which makes it sound unnatural and that’s definitely what we do not want to do so first in this tutorial we’re going to look at three good words that we can use and I will explain why they are useful valuable words and then I’ll give you two strategies that you can use to improve any essay to improve the words in any essay that you write let’s get started so the first word is ascertain now the reason why I chose ascertain was because it’s not very common in everyday spoken English or even that common in written English so if you show the examiner that you can use these fancy words or words that are less common you’re going to help impress her or him so let’s see what does ascertain mean well it means to determine okay so we could say it is increasingly difficult to ascertain the reasons for more regulations in the workplace okay more often than not more red tape makes it increasingly difficult for employers to employ so ascertain here we could just interchange it with determine but ascertain like I said is slightly less common shows the examiner you’ve got a wide lexical resource or helps to persuade the examiner that you’ve got a wide lexical extensive lexical resource next one beget now if you’ve had beget before that’s fantastic if you haven’t it basically means to cause to bring about so in this instance we could say government regulations often beget more bureaucracy red tape and inefficiencies and once again what we’re doing is we’re changing something that’s quite common or widespread often cause bureaucracy and we’re upgrading it for something that’s less frequent that’s used less often and once again we’re showing the examiner we’ve got a more extensive lexical resource than our students than our colleagues who are also competing with us okay next one tantamount what does tantamount mean well it basically means virtually the same as okay and another reason actually I’ve just remembered another reason why we should consider improving our vocabularies not because we’re going to show the examiner that we know how to use less common words it’s just that these less common words often can only be used in certain circumstances and often have specific grammar rules in this case it’s tantamount to so we’re not only going to improve our lexical resource but we want to slightly improve a grammatical range and accuracy okay so I’ll give you an example to place a modern McDonalds-style restaurant in one of these areas would be tantamount to architectural architectural vandalism or would be almost the same as architectural vandalism and I don’t need to explain which sounds better in that instance hopefully it’s clear now let’s move on to some of the formulas that you can use to improve your academic English and I want to be specific here we’re looking at improving academic English because if we do this with messaging our friends we’ll look a bit weird or like a little bit odd so first one topic-specific vocabulary this is probably one of my favorites because I think it’s the easiest and the quickest to improve your score and I mean I won’t go into how we get topic-specific vocabulary but if you can see here I’ve marked it in green and it basically means these are the words that you would only find when we’re talking about a specific topic topicspecificso you can see we’ve got performers promoters for the questions about sports events spending money that’s roughly the idea okay so performers promoters entertainment spectacle not only was that an example of topic-specific vocabulary it’s also a collocation collocations help your language sound more natural and it’s less likely to make a mistake using a collocation because they come together so you can’t really mess it up so we’ve got to entertainment spectacle performers promoters and also you’ll see as well that there are lots of other words underlined in this paragraph beget aspire to cultural wealth monetary considerable wealth can you see this is sort of like slightly more advanced vocabulary that you’re not going to find on the street or talking especially in the spoken English most likely not in spoken English but this is what we’re aiming for if you want to get a band 7 or above a good control solid control of vocabulary that shows like a higher ability and topic-specific vocabulary uses slightly less frequent common words that’s the way to go so that’s one example the next example is once you’ve finished finished writing your essay what you do is you go through it okay and you look for opportunities to improve it hopefully you’ll be looking for opportunities to correct it as well but at the same time why not look for opportunities to improve that vocabulary so a good place to start is to look for words like good bad nice verbs like to be to have to get and we can upgrade them okay we can upgrade and we can show the examiner that we know how to use words slightly less common and more specialized and more specific I’ll give you an example so in the paragraph before we said entertainment spending is definitely a good development if we say entertainment spending is a positive development or is definitely a positive development then we’re using vocabulary that’s less common and positive and good in this instance are interchangeable okay and then I’ve gone on to improve the rest of the paragraph slightly changing the meaning in some cases but either way it’s definitely better so when they have access to these events okay I changed that from upon purchasing access for such events it sounds more academic it sounds more advanced when they have access is very basic okay and then once again in the basic paragraph I’ve said they have the opportunity to spend some nice time with their family and friends brah how basic does that sound fair enough it’s easy to write it’s simple and it’s clear but it’s basic it’s terribly basic it’s almost criminal so the upgraded version would be I will just start with the second part they gained the opportunity to spend quality time quality time another collocation I’ve substituted gained for have and I’ve also elaborated the sentence and make memorable experiences with their friends and family and it means you know when you’re spending a nice time probably you’re going to be making memorable experiences but here I was a little bit more specific and I just wanted to emphasize that so those are the ways that you can improve your writing okay you can improve your writing by improving the words and if we look at the last two sort of like tips I gave you these are formulas and adopting formulas is much more powerful than just learning the specific words so if you can adopt these formulas and go through your paragraph look for opportunities to change the vocabulary from generic and normal and standard to topic-specific and at the same time look for opportunities to upgrade your language okay my name is Ben Worthington I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you want more help or if you’re in a hurry and you really just want to get IELTS out of the way then have a look at the online course we’re getting lots of success at the moment they’re like how I explained before you get some feedback it’s a very fast way to improve and yeah basically makes IELTS a lot easier so have a look at that it’s at ieltspodcast.com my name is Ben Worthington and have a great day and good luck with your IELTS preparation

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