Use these 5 words to score high in IELTS speaking

Hi guys I’m Manjita and thank you for being my darling subscribers today we’re going to talk about something which is very very important I will teach you five power packed words of vocabulary which you can definitely use in your English speaking section of IELTS and you will score higher marks trust me it’s good to use simple sentences but use some great vocabulary, not a lot of them just space it really well and use just five or six good vocabulary or great words in English and then that’s the mantra of scoring good marks well the very first one which I want to share with you is called plethora plethora, means a lot of stuff, right.

Now this word plethora plethora so this word you can use for a lot of things you can say while if you’re talking about hobbies you can say I have plethora of hobbies a lot of hobbies but this is my favorite one or I went to a particular place it has plethora of food items plethora of cuisines plethora of malls plethora of shopping complexes so now you know whenever you want to use the word a lot or great options use plethora okay.

Well let’s talk about the second word and that is mesmerized mezmerizes mesmerized okay it means that you awe struck you’re charmed this you can use for any place which has caught your attention it was so beautiful so you will use the word mesmerized and in a verb mesmerized because it’s a past tense so you can say the lake or the place or the holiday destination or the picture the painting it was so beautiful that I was mesmerized okay so now you know how to use mesmerize so try using this word describing anything which is beautiful okay it could be a beautiful dream it could be a beautiful place it could be a beautiful concert it can be anything so use the word mesmerize alright the third one we’ll talk about is however yes however however however right this word is used when you have to describe two contradicting sentences okay for example you’re explaining your hobby so I used to play football however now I love cricket okay so the two different things you’re talking about so you connect them with however all right I was a very active child however now I just love to sit on my couch okay or I used to love singing however dancing is my new hobby so I’m talking about two different contradicting sentences I’m connecting them using however, okay the next one recapitulate recapitulate we will say it together…recapitulate recapitulate recapitulate recapitulate okay it means it’s another words for summarizing so usually in your third part of IELTS you’ll have a “state your opinion” kind of a form where the examiner will say….

So in your opinion this is good or that is good you feel this is better or that is better so at the end when you say to summarize instead of using the word summarize you can save well to recapitulate this in my opinion is good to use the word recapitulate for summary okay practice this recapitulate alright and the last one of course we all are caught in to this most of the times and that word is dilemma alright dilemma dilemma dilemma it means when you are in a situation where you have to make – I mean you are between two difficult choices and both are unpleasant so well you have to choose one and that point but you have to make…

When you have to difficult choices to consider you are in a dilemma I was in a dilemma you choose this or that, right, it was a difficult situation I was in a dilemma dilemma okay. So now you have got all the five words in-front of you. All you have to do is practice to pronounce it clearly and my tip is whenever you use these words in whatever sentences you’re forming in the sense… in whatever situation comes in try to use these words of course in the correct form and at the correct places but I’ve given you these generic words you can use them in whatever situation is coming in front of you, if it’s hobbies or its food its shopping centers whatever you can use plethora very nicely if it’s about describing a beauty or how enchanted you were you can use mezmerize right so you’ve got the whole gist of how to do it please practice to pronounce it practice it in front of the mirror and whenever you use these words or whichever of these 5 words which I’m saying pause as in by pause I mean take it slow okay the place was really beautiful and I was so mesmerized by the beauty of it so you note my speed that I paused or I slowed down I stressed when I said the word mesmerized okay and then went ahead so the listener understands…

Okay, you are using interesting vocabulary some difficult but relevant words and in the appropriate places and then you score marks. Bye, I’m sure these words will help you let me know that did you find them useful or not and have you started practicing and using them. All the best for your IELTS and your general English learning journey and you will rock because you are my rock star bye bye, take care. .

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U.S. Money: Do you have change for a dollar? – English Language Notes 24

{“en”:”Can you name these coins? This is a penny. Itu2019s worth one cent. A nickel is five cents. A dime is ten cents. A quarter is twenty-five cents. In the U.S., quarters are the most useful coins to carry these days, but sometimes we donu2019t have any on us. I asked my Twitter followers to identify this object. Do you know what itu2019s called? Itu2019s a coin change machine or simply a change machine. Itu2019s very convenient when you need coins, but only have bills. In this lesson, letu2019s talk about how you can ask for change. And I don’t mean the kind of change we make to the world around us. I mean making change, like one set of money for another. One large bill for smaller denominations.

There are many coin-operated machines, like… gumball machines, candy machines, laundry machines, arcade games… small rides like a carousel or merry-go-round. I often need coins for vending machines when I want to buy a snack or cold drink. So how does a change machine work? Help me out. “Insert” is a fancy word for “put in.” And “dispense” means “to give.” Basically, with a change machine you go from bills to coins. Four quarters make a dollar, so if you insert a five-dollar bill, how many quarters will the machine dispense? Can you do the math? But what if there isn’t a change machine around?What can you ask someone? It isn’t always appropriate to go up to a stranger and ask for change, but you could go up to someone who’s working at a cash register. Here are some useful ways to ask for change: Okay. How about asking for smaller bills. You only have a twenty-dollar bill, for example, and you need smaller bills like ones and fives. Or maybe you need two tens. What can you ask? This kind of situation might happen at the cash register. In the U.S, we also have rolls of quarters.

So at the bank, you can give a ten-dollar bill and ask for a roll of quarters. Many drivers keep quarters in their car to feed the parking meters. If you get asked for change or if someone asks you to break a large bill and you can’t, just say something like this: By the way, do you carry a lot of cash on you? I bet some of you are already making payments with your smartphones. Let me know in the comments. And by the way, while we’re talking about money, have you seen my grandmotheru2019s coin collection? It has some interesting pieces. If you’d like to see U.S. and foreign currency AND practice intonation patterns, click on the link to that lesson. Thatu2019s all for now. If you found this helpful, then please like this video and perhaps you could share it with someone else learning English. As always, thanks for watching and happy studies!. “}

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Hypnotherapy in Brighton

Quick English Conversation: Meeting a Black English Teacher

{“en”:”Hi, everyone. My name is Brandon And in this video, we’re gonna help improve your English speaking ability. This video is going to be about my experiences with my students and their interactions with me as their black teacher. I hope you learn a lot. Please stick around. A lot of times when my students first meet me, this is the first time they are meeting or interacting with a person of my skin color. And the only interactions they’ve had prior to this is from music and the media. Movies, rap music – whatever. So when they try and greet me for the first time, they try to recreate the scenes from those movies. Such as doing a crazy handshake. And I don’t know what… I don’t know what they’re doing okay they’re…

They’re hipping and they’re hopping. Another thing they try to do is talk a lot of slang with me. “Hey, Dawg. What’s up? What’s up bruh? Where you from, man?” No. That’s not how you you start a conversation. And the third, and the worst thing they sometimes do, is they use bad words. I’m not gonna say these bad words, but just know never start a conversation using bad words. It’s very rude and crude. The proper way to do it is… if you’re meaning anybody, a black guy or whatever, treat them as any other person. You put your hand out. You say, “Hi, nice to meet you. My name is … What’s your name?” That’s it. In conclusion you guys. I’m just like any other person . I’m just like any other teacher. You do not as you treat me any other way just because the color of my skin. If you liked this video, please sub and subscribe. And thank you for watching.. “}

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Study English in London

Learning English – Lesson One (Introduction)

{“en”:”Hi everybody this is Misterduncan England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so welcome to the very first episode of my series of English teaching videos before I begin we will take a look at some of the common questions that often arise when talking about learning the English language and more importantly learning it as a second language so the first question must be why do we need to learn English of course one of the reasons why we need to be able to speak English nowadays is because the world is becoming smaller thanks to the internet and our developing global economy more and more people are using English as a common way to communicate with each other so now it has become unavoidable that companies and large businesses will need to employ people who can speak more than their own native language that is where English comes in it is now officially considered as an international language of course learning anything is difficult and english is no exception however there are ways to make the situation easier I have come up with my own list of general rules for learning English do you want to hear them do you want to know what they are ok let’s go learning English takes time and patience it cannot be rushed try to relax and take it easy the most important thing you need in the beginning is a good vocabulary without words you have nothing to work with you must start with a strong foundation or base and slowly build on it day by day you must view English as a part of your body just as you would an R or a leg it must become a part of your everyday life they practise is very important do not worry about making mistakes in fact the more mistakes you make the more you will learn from them just like learning to ride a bike sometimes you fall off so what do you do you get back hard and try again do not look at english as just another subject your attitude to english and the way you view it will decide how well you progress just as we say in English no pain no game the two most important words to remember when learning English our practise and confidence practise English everyday and be confident you will find that the more you use English the better your English will become and the more confident you become then the more you will want to use it make it a rule to tell yourself I can do it I can do it yeah please remember my lessons are aimed as everyone so hopefully you will find something useful in each one maybe you will find some of the words I use very easy but you will also see some words that may be new to you remember my lessons are aimed as everyone even teachers are very welcome to join in learning English should be a fun experience and I hope with the help of my video lessons you will discover just how much fun it can be i hope you enjoyed my first lesson this is mr.

Duncan in England saying thanks for watching and…bye bye for now.. “}

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Global London College

BEST WAY To Learn English Language Fluently | 6 Easy Steps & Lingoda Review

Trip to Barcelona – VLOG & VISUAL VOCABULARY

We are on our way to… Welcome to the incredible city of Barcelona! On this trip we’re going to teach you, and show you some new vocabulary words. These words are not in any particular order. They’re just related to our trip. Enjoy! We’re getting off to a little bit of a late start today, but that is okay. Just taking it nice and easy. Today’s agenda… We are at the beautiful Barcelona coast. And the coast is just the land that is next to or near the sea. Other words for this might be waterfront or shoreline. But “coast” is the most common word you would hear to describe this location. How long does this take you to make? Nine hours. Nine hours? Yeah, I finished now. Very cool! So if you walk along, on the beach in Barcelona, you can see a lot of street vendors. And these are people just trying to sell you things. And they sell anything from carpets, to scarves, to glasses, sunglasses, and mojitos. These guys are everywhere. Barcelona is the city of balconies. And a “balcony” is a raised platform hanging from the side of the building, surrounded by either a railing or a piece of the wall.

And we can see them around here. They’re everywhere. How far did we go today? We have 28,839 steps. Nice! So today, we are going right…here. The architecture in Barcelona is insane. It is so intricate. It’s so unique. And so different than anything else I’ve seen. Architecture is the way a building is designed and constructed. And it can be constructed in different styles. Like this one is designed by Gaudi, who is a Spanish architect. And you can find his buildings all over Barcelona. I like this too. These are really cool. Look…a little snail! A little ladybug! The interior symbolizes a forest with the columns as the trees the branches, and then the lights are the leaves. Thank you audio guide! Here’s some more famous architecture by Gaudi. His work can be found all over the city. So right now we are on our way to… What? Oh…I thought we were going to do that cute couplish thing where they finish each other’s sentences. Güell park! So this is a column. And a “column” is a vertical structure that helps hold up a building.

And often you find them in historical buildings. We saw them in Temple de Sagrada Familia. And as you can see, in this park, these columns are holding up this platform above. There are a lot of columns in Güell park. We are at the Labyrinth Park. So this is just a maze of trees which we’re going to try and get through. Uh-oh. What’s happening? Well, we have hit a dead end. So a “dead end” is just…like a pathway or a street that comes to complete end and there is nowhere to go. As you can see, we have hit a dead end, and we have to turn back around. I think everybody else is lost as well. We’re having a lot more trouble with this than we thought. We keep circling back around the the front, but I think we’re making a little progress now… Oh-no! Oh-no! Another dead end! We’re not. We’ve now attempted this twice and we’ve ended up, each time, right back here at the entrance.

How does it feel? Horrible! I want to get back in there. Alright. Let’s give it another go! Keep hitting dead end after dead end. I think this is the end. We made it. Success! Should we do it again? No! I’m scared. So this massive building right behind me is called a “stadium.” And a stadium is typically where sporting events take place. And inside the stadium there are thousands and thousands of seats where people can watch these matches. Now, this stadium is home to FC Barcelona, which is perhaps the most famous sports team in the world.

Let’s take a look inside. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed our trip to Barcelona. And before we go we’d like to practice what we’ve learned today, so we want you to choose one of the words from this lesson and write a sentence in the comments below. We’ll see you next time! It’s only fitting we end with some sangria and paella..

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Live English Lesson – SUNDAY 16th July 2017 – Learn English – With Mr Duncan in England

Yes that is my address for my youtube channel and here we are all again today together reunited on the World Wide Web good afternoon and welcome hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so so here we are again on a Sunday first of all can I apologise because last week I wasn’t here I had some slight problems here that I had to sort out also last Sunday I was at the top of a tree with mr. Steve cutting some of the branches off one of my conifers so I was very busy last Sunday I had some things that I had to sort out and also I had to help mr. Steve with one of our big trees in the garden so that’s what I was doing last Sunday of course I was with you on Monday I did a short live stream on Monday just to explain why I wasn’t here but we are together once again live on YouTube thanks a lot for joining me today once again sorry for last Sunday to those who were waiting for me I did have one or two people say mr.

Duncan where were you yeah mr. Duncan we were waiting for you last Sunday but you didn’t appear on the Internet what happened well I’ve already explained what happened so I I do apologize very much for that welcome to a Sunday it’s very dull damp and dismal today which is a pity because we’ve had some lovely weather recently we’ve had some lovely hot summer days but today it is very dull damp and dismal look at those words they are all pretty pretty negative words very negative and dull something that is lifeless or dark damp something that is soaked it is wet it is clammy it is unpleasant and of course dismal dismal something that is dark or dull or unpleasant something that’s not very nice to look at we can say it is dismal so today sadly we have no sunshine it is a dull damp dismal day here in England so I do apologise we’re not going outside today sadly I won’t be going out into the garden because today unfortunately it is raining we’ve had a lot of rain here today so as I’ve already mentioned it is dull damp and dismal alright I think we’re all clear on that I have had some complaints during the week besides the message is asking where I was last Sunday I’ve also someone I’ve had someone write to me saying mr.

Duncan sometimes you repeat yourself especially when you are saying hello to your viewers you seem to repeat yourself over and over again when you are saying hello mr. Duncan sometimes you are like a broken record now I must say I think that is very unfair one of the reasons why I like to say hello to my viewers is because you have been with me for all of these years don’t forget I’ve been here doing this for over 10 years on YouTube so I really like to return the fact that you have been here supporting me and it is because of you you are the reason why I come back every week to do my live streams so that is the reason why I am here I am only here because of you so I love saying hello to my to my students and also my viewers all around the world so that’s the reason why I do say hello to many of my viewers and many of those who are watching today for example in the live chat so I will be saying hello to some people so I do apologise to those who think sometimes I am like a broken record but I can say now that sometimes I do repeat myself but of course don’t forget we always have new viewers joining me all the time so for some people they might discover this live stream without knowing what it is so sometimes I have to explain what this is so those who have just joined me will know what is going on so that is the problem that is one of the things about doing something live and doing something for a long time so because I’m here for two hours I sometimes have to explain the same thing again and again it’s a little bit like learning English really because when you learn English it is very good to repeat things this is one of my tips for those who are learning English never be afraid to repeat things if you are learning new words if you are trying to remember things if you are trying to get words to stay in your brain then it is good to repeat things never be afraid to repeat things that you are learning or things that you are reading especially when you are trying to remember them lots of things coming up today lots of news first of all a few days ago I had a special visitor we hosted mr.

Steve’s mum yes mr. Steve’s mum came to stay mr. Steve’s mum stayed here a few days ago and we had a lovely time do you want to see where we went we had we had some lovely day trips we went to a place called the long mynd there it is the long mynd in Shropshire not very far away from where I live but this is a beautiful area lots of beautiful green hills and the views from the top of these hills is absolutely stunning so there it is this is some video footage that I shot on my mobile phone so this place you can see now is called the long mynd and there are some sheep they look very happy and content in fact they were sitting right next to the car and there is another view of the long mynd in a moment you will see mr. Steve and his mum walking along in the distance there in a very far distance you can just see the wrekin so that is where I live near the wrekin and there I am walking along walking along the long mynd long mynd means long Mountain and there is the view and look can you see in the distance there is mr.

Steve with his mother walking along the top of the long mynd if you look just to the right you can see some houses in the distance that place is called church Stretton Church Stretton and there it is a close-up of church Stretton a very beautiful place very close to the long mynd very scenic so there there it is look at that mr.

Steve’s mum came to stay for a few days looking across towards the mountains and there is the wrekin once again in the distance just towards the top left and there is mr. Steve with his mum walking along it was a beautiful day even though it was very cloudy the weather was lovely it was quite warm quite humid hopefully in a moment we will get to see mr. Steve and his mum close up but where are you mr. Duncan why can’t we see you well you can’t see me because I’m the one doing the filming that’s the reason why oh look at that some some crows are gathering above one of the hills so there another shot taken at the long wind whilst mr.

Steve and his mum were enjoying a walk there they go off into the sunset off into the distance sadly there is no sunset just lots of cloud so mr. Steve’s mum came to stay with us for a few days she had a lovely time and I must say mr. Steve’s mum has a lot of energy in fact she has a lot more energy than I do I was complaining at this moment I was complaining because I was feeling a little tired but mr. Steve’s mum just wanted to keep walking and walking so I think it’s safe to say that mr. Steve’s mom has more energy well certainly more energy than I do and there is the wrekin once again in the distance can you see it right in the distance and that is near to where I live another shot a little closer giving you a a sense of the landscape so this particular place is very scenic very wild you really should come here in the winter in the winter this place is amazing it’s really cold and very windy very few people come up here during the winter only the bravest of walkers will come to the long mynd during the winter months because it gets very wild here as you can imagine Iah Muhammad says boring bye bye I love saying goodbye to people there you go then well you don’t have to watch it he’s gone now so there’s mr.

Steve and his mum I think they’re waiting for a bus it looks like they’re waiting for a bus I have news for them there aren’t any buses up here hi there so there we go that was our little trip to one of the local landmarks around this area a place called the long mynd I’m sure later you will be looking it up on the Internet I’m sure later you will be checking on Google to find out where the long mynd is talking of Google have you ever googled yourself have you ever gone on to Google and put your own name into the search engine have you ever done that I have and I must admit I did get some very interesting results I did get some interesting results from my search when I entered my own name a little bit later on we are going to do just that I am going to put my name into Google I am going to put mr.

Duncan into Google and I’m going to see what we get I’m going to do it live I have done it before but today I thought it would be interesting to put mr. Duncan into Google and see what appears but have you ever done that have you ever put your name or maybe a name of someone you know or maybe the place in which you live have you ever put it into Google as a search have you ever searched for yourself so that is one of the questions I’m asking you today have you ever googled yourself a little bit later on I will Google mr.

Duncan just to see what happens so the live chat is up in running we have lots of people here today in a few moments we’re going to have a look at some video footage some video clips from many of my lessons of course on my youtube channel there are lots of video lessons and just in case you were wondering all of my video playlists are under this video so underneath this video you can find all of my video lessons teaching you the English language all under this video you can check those later on if you wish we’re gonna have a look at one of my lessons that I did during October 2013 and also we are going to take a look at excerpts from my full English lessons as well so all at to come also you may have noticed behind me there are some questions on the board so first of all have you ever googled yourself another thing I thought would be interesting to talk about today if you wish to if you want to do you know any British TV programs are you aware of any British TV shows do you watch British television programs so are there any British TV shows that you know do you know any British TV shows and when we talk about TV shows we are talking about TV programs made in Britain so anything really anything that’s made in England or maybe something made in Scotland or maybe Wales or Northern Ireland anything made in Britain or the UK do you know any British TV shows a little bit later on I will show you some British TV shows yes all of that coming later on as well we have so much stuff to do today also I have some big news for you it looks as if I am going to get new neighbors per person who lives next door to me has decided to sell their house I don’t know why I don’t think it’s my fault I don’t think that living next door to me is all that bad to be honest so I don’t think it’s my fault that my neighbors are moving but they are and they are selling their house so it looks as if very soon I’m going to get some new neighbours oh my gosh new neighbors coming here very soon and can you see the way I spell neighbor you will notice that there is a you the letter U in neighbor because of course the spelling is British English spelling so very soon I have a new neighbor but who will it be I must admit I’m feeling very nervous because of course sometimes neighbors can be very good and sometimes neighbors can be very bad and annoying so very soon I am going to get a new neighbor living next door to me but who will it be I don’t know let’s have a little look at the live chat let’s have a look live chat is up and running Abbas is here hello Abbas thanks for joining me today Maria I’m saying hello to Maria hello Maria thanks for joining me today on my live chat it’s a Sunday afternoon here in the UK it is just coming up to 25 past two on a Sunday afternoon shifty shifty yaoi says hello from Peru oh hello to Peru I don’t have many people watching in Peru so thank you very much for joining me today Moscow is here this is England calling Moscow Moscow do you read me hello to Olga watching in Moscow a big privet to you Tong Lam is here hello mr.

Duncan hello Tung glam thanks for joining me today Zaheer is here good evening mr. Duncan how are you I’m okay thank you very much it’s lovely being here once again did you know or do you know that today it is just over one year since I did my first ever live stream it was just over one year ago on the 15th of July 2016 when I did my first ever live stream just over one year ago in fact it was one year ago yesterday so I’ve now been doing my live streams for exactly one year Wow and don’t forget I’ve been on YouTube for over 10 years hello from Andrew hello Andrew watching on the thin Mongolian border very interesting deep-pan xu is here thanks a lot for joining me is that here says mr.

Duncan are you as fit as a fiddle I am I am as fit as a fiddle but I think mr. Steve’s mum has more energy than I do it’s very embarrassing for me mr. Duncan I missed you that it that comes from Margaret Ruth thank you very much for that PA Thank You Pierre Pierre has said a little bird has told me that on the 12th of August it is a great day because you will never guess I will never guess I think I know the reason why August the 12th is special because it’s my birthday yes my birthday is coming up in around about 4 weeks time oh now last year if you remember I did a live stream on my birthday but will I do a live stream this year on my birthday you will have to wait and see sharra blade or sheera blade is here good afternoon mr.

Duncan Here I am Peter from Brazil I really love your live stream thank you very much you are welcome no problem ta go hi mr. Duncan hello mr. Duncan ramón díaz from the Dominican Republic so many people are here today Silvia from Brazil is here of course I have lots of people watching in Brazil I always learn new things with you thank you very much Silvia for that wonderful landscape thank you very much one person said it was very boring but don’t worry they’ve gone now because I blocked them for all hi mr. Duncan from Vietnam yes lots of people watching in Vietnam mr.

Duncan what is cynic cynic a person who is a cynic is a person who always looks at the negative or the the dark side of something the negative side a cynical person always questions everything around them they are they tend to be very negative a person who has a negative view of things or they think maybe there are hidden reasons for things occurring they are often described as being a cynic cynic a person is cynical Pedro is here hello mr. Duncan you live near a mountainous area I don’t live too far from the mountains that you saw earlier I don’t live very far away in fact I think I can see them from my house even though they are very far away Lian lui agrees with me thank you very much Lian yes mr. Duncan I agree repeating makes us learn faster yes I agree as well because as I mentioned earlier many people are very afraid they are scared they are very worried about repeating things again and again but I always say that one of the main parts of learning anything new is repetition never be afraid to repeat things and of course that includes my video lessons you can watch my lessons many many times the more you repeat it the more will go into your head the more you will remember so thank you Leon for agreeing with me there are some people who disagree but whatever mr.

Duncan what is the time there you can see the clock down there that is the live clock it is now coming up to half-past two now we are going to have a look at an excerpt from one of my October lessons that I did in 2013 many people have asked about my special lessons that I did way back in 2013 and I did them over the whole of October so I did 31 lessons in October and what you are about to see is the first-ever dunctober lesson dunctober of course is a combination of Duncan and October and it’s worth mentioning that in this video there is a very special guest. do you remember that were you around in 2013 when I did my special October lesson so there it was a clip of my first ever October lesson that I did in 2013 it was a very special month way back in 2013 when I did a lesson every day so there were actually 31 lessons that I did during October 2013 so I hope you enjoyed that and of course mr.

Lomax did you see mr. Lomax was also in the video many people are asking many people always ask who is mr. Lomax mr. Duncan who is he mr. Lomax is one of my friends that get involved now and again and he happens to be a monkey Monica says I am NOT a morning person mr. Duncan I feel the same about getting up in the morning I hate waking up in the morning I hate getting out of bed in the morning because I always feel so groggy I always feel so sleepy so tired so I don’t like waking up too early there’s nothing worse than having to wake up very early in the morning one of the worst things to do is if you have to catch a plane if you have to get to the airport for a very early flight now that to me is one of the worst things you have to do so you have to get it very early maybe four o’clock or five o’clock in the morning and then you have to travel to the airport because you are catching a very early plane so I hate that I don’t like waking up too early I normally wake up at around about 8 o’clock in the morning so that’s my my normal waking up time a lot of people joining in now I think they are watching from the beginning of course you can follow this from the beginning you can rewind this actual livestream if you are watching it now because YouTube is amazing talking of YouTube because YouTube is owned by Google a little bit later on I am going to Google myself I’m going to put mr.

Duncan into the Google search engine and I’m going to see what happens when I search myself so have you have you ever googled yourself have you ever looked for yourself on the Internet some people say that if you do that you are very narcissistic you are very self-centered and egotistical but I think it’s fun I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking for yourself on Google nothing wrong with it so a little bit later on I am going to Google myself right now I think we should have shall we have a Flash word yes we will have a Flash word and then after that we are going to have a look at today’s mystery idioms yeah the mystery idioms are back and we will be taking a look at those very soon but right now let’s have a flash word today’s Flash word will be done it will be given it will be read out in the living room that’s nice oh look a change of scenery now we are going to change the scenery slightly so here I am now sitting in my living room and we have yes we have a flash word to show you can you see it I hope so I hope it is clear on your screen so today’s first flash word is stalemate stalemate stalemate stalemate is an english noun and verb the word stalemate is an english word that in noun form means to reach a point where there is no opportunity to continue stalemate refers to there being no possible further action or progress the negotiations between the workers and their employee ended in stalemate a situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible in the game of chess a position counting as a draw in which a player is not in check but cannot move except in to check in other words the other person cannot win the other person cannot win as a verb the word stalemate means to do something that brings about the actual stalemate so stalemate can be used as both a noun and a verb to reach a point where no further action or progress is possible stalemate we will often hear about political negotiations between leaders of countries and quite often they will debate or they will talk and perhaps at some point they will reach a moment where they cannot continue because neither will agree so one party will not agree with the other one they will not come to a solution they cannot reach a solution so we can describe that situation as being stalemate I hope you enjoyed our first flash word for today and now we’re going back into the studio by the way mr.

Steve is in the garden today so you might actually see mr. Steve walking around behind me at some point okay let’s go back it’s a very busy one today a very very busy busy lesson and there here I am here I’m Banach so I have a new neighbor soon my my neighbor my current neighbor has just put their house on the market and I’m sure it will sell very quickly because lots of people want to live around here because it’s very scenic so I might be getting a new neighbor soon but who will it be I must admit I feel a little nervous about that but not to worry I will be as kind and as friendly as I can to my new neighbor I will welcome them to the neighborhood so there is no problem there back to the live chat because we have lots of people queuing up now on the live chat let’s have a look fatty-fatty says hello everybody practice makes perfect if someone wants to make a conversation in English I am ready lots of people are very eager these days to learn English English is a growing language growing all the time lela lela rude ani says yes mr.

Duncan more than once I have googled myself I don’t think there’s anything wrong with googling yourself if you want to see what the Internet has about you or about me I think it’s fair I think it’s okay to look onto the onto the Internet and have a little peep have a little look to find out what the Internet has stored about you why not mr. Duncan I need to learn too much or very much maybe very much is a better way of expressing that Estella says I googled myself on Facebook to see how many people with my name there were ah that’s very good it’s amazing if you go onto the Internet and certainly if you think you have an unusual name maybe you think your name is very unusual you might be surprised to find that there are many people in the world who share your name so yes I think that’s quite an interesting point to make Thank You Estella Estella Viloria who apparently has googled herself there is some big news coming today just in case you are a viewer of one particular TV programme Doctor Who do you ever watch Doctor Who Doctor Who is a British TV show and today they will be announcing the producers of the program are going to announce the new Doctor Who have you ever watched Doctor Who it’s a very popular program Doctor Who started in 1963 and it’s still running now fifty-four years later so 54 years Doctor Who has been running with a slight break of course because at the end of the 1980s they stopped making the program and then they started making it again in the late 1990s if I remember rightly there was a feature film and then they started making the TV show again so today they will be announcing the new actor who will be playing Doctor Who and apparently lots of people think that the new Doctor Who will be a female a female Doctor Who for the first time ever a lot of people have their own suggestions their own ideas who will be the new Doctor Who this will be the thirteenth actor the thirteenth actor to play Doctor Who apparently do you ever watch doctor there are lots of interesting TV shows made here in Britain there is Doctor Who for those who aren’t sure and that is a DVD taken from one of the very first stories this particular story comes from 1964 so this is the very early days of Doctor Who do you ever watch it I can’t watch it much nowadays I used to watch it when I was a child so I used to watch Doctor Who when I was very little and it used to scare me so much it was a really scary program so children of my age when I was about seven or eight I used to watch Doctor Who all the time even though it used to scare me so much I used to go behind the sofa I used to hide behind the sofa because I was so afraid there are of course lots of British TV shows around some of them I’m going to mention right now now I am a very big fan of satire I like satire satire means to make fun of something or to have or make jokes about a certain thing so these are two TV shows that I watched many years ago when they are on and these particular shows are satires of the news so these two programs satire the news they make fun they are sarcastic towards the way in which news is reported so those are two programs that I used to watch have you ever seen them are you familiar with these TV program let’s have a look at another one I’m sure many people will be familiar with this TV show the office of course originally a British program but of course there was also a version made in the USA so there are two versions of this TV program the original version was made in Britain it is a British TV program and then later there was an American version a version made in the USA starring that guy the one with the beard Ricky Gervais –ts can you see him there he is thought Ricky Gervais is the star of the office have you ever watched the office it is a comedy show talking about and showing life in a typical British office another TV show now this is also satire Alan Partridge have you ever heard of Alan Partridge a very popular TV show in the 1990s it also was made into a movie as well so there it is I’m Alan Partridge have you ever seen it and of course we couldn’t talk about British TV shows without mentioning this programme of course yes mind your language mind your language a British TV show made in the 1970s and 1980s and this TV programme takes a humorous look at a group of students who are learning English as a Second Language many of my viewers many of you have watched this now on YouTube and this is a British TV programme made many years ago in the late 1970s believe it or not but very popular very popular now finally I don’t know where to start explaining this here is a TV show that was made in the early 1980s and this covers something that is very hard to explain if you are not familiar with this type of performance now you could see on the cover of this DVD there are two ladies two elderly ladies can you see them their names are Dame Hilda Brackett and doctor evadne hinge they are known as hinge and bracket and they were very very popular during the 1970s and 1980s they appeared a lot on British television now the thing to note about these two ladies is that they are not actually ladies they are actually men pretending to be ladies something that is very unique to British humour so when we talk about British humour quite often more often than not it involves men dressing up as ladies and pretending to be ladies so there it is a TV show that I used to watch and I still do in fact it’s very funny very humorous and very entertaining as well dear ladies is something I used to watch starring hinge and bracket when a man dresses up as a woman for entertainment we call it drag drag so when you do a drag performance you are a man dressing up as a woman and performing as a woman this is very unique to British humour when you think of British humour you always think of men dressed as women so there we go plenty to keep you occupied on a Sunday afternoon I think back to the live chat now men dressed as women aah Oh Deary me I’m sure I’ll get complaints about that mr.

Duncan please send a special big hello to murabba leila says can you send a big special hello no robber mr. Duncan and murabba mr. Duncan indeed hi mr. Duncan I like watching skins oh yes that’s a very popular TV show I don’t think it’s made anymore but it did have quite a few quite a few seasons I think four or five seasons skins talking and looking at the the way that teenagers live their lives yes I think so yes very good skins Thank You Jean Santos for your message I have watched Sherlock Holmes says Eliana yes Sherlock Holmes made into more than one TV program there have been many versions of Sherlock Holmes made over the years including many movies and also on television Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed one of my favorite actors to play Sherlock Holmes is a man called Jeremy Brett during the 1980s he played Sherlock Holmes on television in the UK and he was brilliant I think he was the best actor ever the best portrayal ever of Sherlock Holmes was by an actor called Jeremy Brett many years ago mr.

Duncan I like the nice smile on your chest oh there it is yes my little smiley face saying hello to you all because it’s a Sunday and it’s live English for those who want to get into with me or if you want to follow me on Facebook here are the details do-do-do-do-do there it is live English for a Sunday and we are now live across the world wide web with just nine minutes away from three o’clock I am with you until 4 o’clock UK time and don’t forget you can catch me every single Sunday I am here every Sunday from 2 p.m.

UK time lots of people on the live chat I like to say hello to my life chatters even though some people think it’s a waste of time but it isn’t because my viewers that is you you are the most important thing to me so I like saying hello to you Jay Pierre says what about Monty Python yeah Monty Python absolutely brilliant from the 1970s and early 1980s yes Monty Python they were on television and of course they made a few movies as well including Monty Python and the Holy Grail Monty Python’s the life of Brian very controversial because it deals with religion and of course as I said they appeared on television here in the UK during the 1970s their style of humor is very surreal it’s very unusual very odd have you ever seen a movie called Alfie with an actor called Jude Law asks Pedro yes the original version of that particular movie starred Michael Caine so actually Alfie with Jude Law was actually a remake of the original movie which starred Michael Caine hello my name’s Michael Caine do you know who Michael Caine is a very famous actor Yuliya says hello mr.

Duncan I am from Ukraine I am very glad to be here well I’m glad you are here as well because without you I would be talking to nobody and that’s very strange let’s have a look now at one of my full English lessons and then after three o’clock we are going to go onto Google I am going to Google myself it sounds very rude isn’t it so I will be googling myself live on YouTube in around about seven or eight minutes time but right now we are going to have a look at an excerpt from one of my full English lessons sometimes after eating a meal you might find that your stomach starts to feel uncomfortable you might feel pain or get an ache perhaps the food you ate does not agree with you this phrase expresses the fact that perhaps you are sensitive to certain types of food I rarely eat spicy food as it does not agree with me I never eat onions as they don’t agree with me in other words that particular type of food will upset your stomach if you eat it an upset stomach is a bad stomach which can lead to you spending a long time on the toilet here’s a funny word can you see it it looks like the word fishing but spelt differently what the heck is that all about well I will tell you this word is indeed pronounced as fishing but as you can see it is spelt with a pH at the beginning this particular fishing means to attempt to obtain someone’s personal details such as their address or bank details by pretending to represent a large well-known company this is normally done in the form of an email for example you might receive an email from someone saying that they are from a big bank they tell you that your account has been changed so you must send them your personal details such as your credit card details or password so the account can be reset of course the person writing is not from the bank they are just trying to get your personal details they are fishing they are trying to get your personal information from you through deception the person doing the deceiving is called a Fisher so the next time you receive an email from someone saying that they are from your bank or a large company or the orphan of a millionaire be very careful as there is a chance that someone is fishing for your personal details and your money I love idioms don’t you there are many expressions around that relate to our own existence there can be no doubt that life has its ups and downs there are sunny days and dark days happy times and sad times we must take the rough with the smooth there will always be unexpected things that come along to try and throw us off the path to happiness but we must take it on the chin we have to grin and bear it we must put on a grey face good fortune can be described as an upturn when things start to get better we can say that there is light on the horizon a glimmer of hope means that there is light at the end of the tunnel things are getting better as I said many years ago in one of my earlier lessons without sadness we would never really know what it is like to be truly happy it’s time to take a look at another buzzword a buzzword is a phrase or sentence that is used a lot during a certain period of time today’s buzzword is the sentence lessons must be learnt this phrase seems to be used a lot these days it is normally spoken after a terrible event has taken place when more could have been done to prevent or ease the effect of something bad occurring we often state that there are lessons to be learned we normally hear those who are in charge or who have authority saying this some might say that by using this sentence a person is admitting guilt or is taking the blame for something without facing the consequences if not enough was done to prevent a bad or tragic thing happening we will often state that there are lessons to be learned all lessons must be learned ten ways to say one thing in English in English there are many ways to say one thing a sentence can consist of many different words to express what is in essence exactly the same it is possible to use different words to say the same thing there are various ways of expressing one thing there is more than one way to say one thing to say one thing in English can be done by using many different combinations of words the words are different however the meaning remains the same you don’t have to use the same words all the time to state one particular thing syntax does not confine those who know how to use it a thousand words can say one thing but not always together do you know someone who is a nosey Parker perhaps you yourself can sometimes be a little nosy a nosy person is someone who is interested in other people’s personal affairs you are over inquisitive and feel the need to delve into others lives perhaps you like watching what your neighbors are up to a nosy person might be described as having been prying spying or snooping on others to pry or snoop is to be nosy for some reason we seem very interested in the lives of those in the public eye the lives of the rich and famous seems so glamorous and perfect so the possibility of finding out what really goes on in their day-to-day lives is very seductive with the wide range of glossy magazines and reality TV shows now available to view featuring celebrities of all shapes and sizes many of us have without realizing it become nosey Parker’s the phrase nosy Parker was first used on a postcard that depicted a person spying on people from behind a bush badoo badoo badoo so there it was an excerpt from one of my full English lessons that was in fact full English number eleven that wasn’t the whole lesson that was just part of it just an excerpt from that particular episode and of course don’t forget all of my lessons are available on my playlists the playlists for all of my English lessons are under this video everything that I’ve made all of my English lessons are under this video the playlists are down there I hope that’s clear mr.

Duncan you forgot to reveal today’s mystery idioms okay let’s do that now then shall we because we are now coming up to five minutes past three another fifty five minutes to go and we are now going to reveal today’s mystery idioms if you think you know what they are let me know it is something for you to scratch your head with today so here we go two well-known English four they are in picture form all you have to do is guess what the phrase is are here is the first one today’s first mystery idiom but what is hid what is the mystery idiom do you have any idea it is a common English phrase something used in English but what is it and here is the second mystery idiom there are two for you to guess and here is the second one I think this one is very easy I think this one is easy just say what you see say what you see so there is the first one a well-known idiom a phrase used in English and here is the second one I think this one is very easy in fact I think they are both quite easy if you think you know what they are if you think you have an idea what they are please let me know and I will reveal the answers towards the end of today’s live stream and mystery idioms a lot of people seem to like the mystery idioms now I’m often asked to show them can I just apologize once again for not showing up last week I had some things that occurred that I had to deal with last week some things that I had to sort out last week so I do apologize for that we were talking about TV programs because today they are going to reveal the new Doctor Who who will be the new Doctor Who and an even bigger question will it be a lady ooh a lady Time Lord so a lot of people seem to think that the new Doctor Who will be a woman so we will wait and see because today it is going to be announced right after the final of Wimbledon because the men are playing today in the final and right after that we will find out who will be the new Doctor Who Wow unless of course you never watch Doctor Who in which case that means nothing to you whatsoever we were talking about British TV shows Estella says mr.

Duncan I saw dr. house is that a British program no it is not it is actually made in the u.s. it was it is finished now dr. house but of course it did star a British actor pretending to be American it’s very confusing I know so dr. house was er was a US TV show but it starred a British actor playing an American doctor so yes I think I understand that I don’t understand the word Google can you explain it well Google is the name of the search engine on the Internet so when you google something it means you search for something on the Internet so Google is the name of the company that owns the search engine and of course YouTube is well so the very thing you are watching now is owned by Google and of course Google can also be a verb so you can Google something which is what I’m going to do right now I have my mobile phone here my little smartphone so let’s have a look shall we let’s Google mr.

Duncan and see what happens few people are asking about the tennis I think it’s Roger Federer playing in the final today a lot of people seem to think that Federer will win today I’ve got an email here is this anything to do with today’s program let’s have a look Abdul Omer has sent me an email just before we go to Google Thank You Abdul for that Abdul Omer has sent me a photograph eventually it will open oh I see Abdul has sent a picture of a cup of tea and he says mr.

Duncan you are my cup of tea oh there it is just to show there it is thank you very much okay it’s time to Google myself now so here it is there is Google there is the search engine of course it is available on most mobile devices and computers so now I am going to enter my name I’m going to put mr. Duncan into Google and see what happens who isn’t as exciting I’m going to cheat here because I’m going to say my name so I’m not going to type it I’m going to say it mr. Duncan oh okay then that was quick very polite isn’t Google polite so Google has come up with well first of all Google has sent me that as the search for the search for mr. Duncan on Google so there it is that is the top search for me on Google and of course it is my first ever English lesson lesson one which has over 11 million views now so that’s what happens when you go onto google let’s have a look what else comes up we have lots of my video lessons including my first ever full english lesson there it is can you see it’s my first full english lesson let’s have a look what else comes up many of my English lessons come up let’s have a look at photographs now let’s have a look what photographs come up when we search for mr.

Duncan oh okay then there it is you can see some of the search results there I don’t think all of these people are me most of those photographs are me but for some reason David Cameron who used to be the prime minister of this country apparently David Cameron also comes up on the search for mr. Duncan I don’t know why and as you can see lots of photographs from my lessons let’s go further down some more lots of photographs taken from my lessons you can see now quite clearly that there are lots of English lessons on the internet made by me you are some more I hope there aren’t any rude pictures here I’m taking a big risk here so there are quite a few photographs the interesting thing about these pictures is that many of them are not actually posted by me many of these photographs are actually posted by other people and that includes people who steal my video lessons so there are people on YouTube who actually steal my lessons and then re-upload them pretending to be me which isn’t very good really I don’t like that at all so that’s what happens when you search for yourself on YouTube or should I say on Google sometimes it’s very confusing because Google owns YouTube so sometimes you can get a little bit confused so have you ever googled you yourself have you ever looked for yourself on Google and did you find anything interesting when you went on there another question today do you know any British TV shows are there any British TV programs that you have watched in the past are there any and if you have watched them what were they it’s a Sunday afternoon it’s mr.

Duncan live on YouTube it is live English on a Sunday live to the world on YouTube thank you to Jean Santos who says I was watching skins and I didn’t like it a TV show all about the lives of teenagers Juan Carlos says mr. Duncan I liked the series the office very good recommendation the office a very popular TV show made many years ago I think it was made in 2000 2001 and there I have the DVD this actually is the box set so this particular box set has all of the episodes of The Office and of course later it was made into a TV show in the States as well so it has been made in the UK and also in the United States as well some other programs that I showed you earlier including this dear ladies this is one of my all-time favorite TV programs it is a program a comedy program so it is funny about two elderly ladies who live in an English village but the strange thing is the unusual thing is that they are both played by men and the lady or should I say gentleman on the left actually lived he used to live in the place where I was born the same town Stafford so there they are hinge and bracket dear ladies can I just say now this is one of my all-time favorite TV programs sometimes British humour can seem very unusual to other people around the world and one of the things that British humour involves is men pretending to be ladies right now there is a tea show on the BBC called mrs.

Brown’s boys and mrs. Brown is an elderly Irish lady who is a man it’s actually a man pretending to be a woman so this is something that does occur quite often in British humour British humour some people find the British humour very odd very unusual maybe you do mr. Duncan I’ve watched every episode of mind your language mind your language I have watched every episode have you ever seen the fourth season now there were three seasons made of mind your language and then later on there was a fourth season but the fourth season has vanished it has disappeared no one knows where it is so on the DVD there are three seasons but the fourth one has vanished it was made I think it was made in 1986 but no one knows where that particular season is it vanished without trace Estella said yes I’ve watched mind your language do you feel like mr.

Brown at times mr. Brown was the teacher in mind your language yes I suppose I may have been influenced by mr. Brown because I used to watch mind your language when I was very young so perhaps mind your language has influenced me just a little bit maybe maybe mr. Duncan I like to watch Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch hello I am Benedict Cumberbatch Jamelia says I love British sitcoms sitcom shall I write that down for you I’m going to write that down on a piece of paper and then show it to you because that’s why I am here sitcom sitcom we often use this in British English to mean a comedy program sitcom sitcom means situation comedy so comedy that involves everyday situations and that’s why we call it sitcom sitcom so mind your language is a British sitcom Jamelia says I love British sitcoms such as Monty Python my family oh yes my family have you ever seen that that was made many years ago it used to be one of the most popular TV shows on BBC many many years ago also Gavin and Stacey which stars James Corden I don’t like James Corden I can’t stand him really can’t Mika ODIs here hello Mika thanks for joining me today I’ve watched one of the British programmes unfortunately I can’t recall its title but I know the men’s name it’s Gareth Malone and he made people sing for the competition I think that might be something called the choir I think it was called the choir I might be wrong Faisal is here hello Faisal thanks for joining me lots of people on the live chat today lots of people to say hello – even though some people don’t like it when I say hello to my viewers they get very annoyed mr.

Duncan I googled my brother’s name and the first result of googling his name was his Facebook account oh well maybe perhaps there aren’t many people who share your brother’s name just a suggestion that’s all Sammy Sammy KJ says hello mr. d’Ancona from Petrus near xn Provence in France hello to you I used to watch Columbo yeah although Columbo wasn’t made in Britain it was actually made in the United States but I love Columbo I really do my wife my wife is a big fan of yours I’ve got a say mr. Duncan my wife my wife is a big fan of yours ah there’s just one more thing if you watch Columbo you will know that that that was a very bad impression of Columbo I apologize for that mr.

Duncan can you please enter this video online I I don’t know what you mean by that do you mean the address of the video hi mr. Duncan it’s my first time here Ricardo Ricardo Almeida hello Ricardo and welcome to my live chat on a Sunday afternoon I am live now on YouTube it is 20 minutes past three o’clock don’t forget we have our mystery idioms for you to look at there are today’s mystery idioms that is the first one what is it a well-known phrase in English and there is the second one I think this one is very easy who knows it might not be make maybe you find it very difficult but to me it’s easy let’s just say this particular adieu idiom is something you do very often so this idiom is something you do very often and this one is something that can happen from time to time so there they are today’s mystery idioms but the question is what do they mean what are they what are today’s mystery idioms I have a new neighbor coming soon because the person living next door to me is selling their house at the moment so I think in the near future I am going to get a new neighbor will they be prepared to live next door to mr.

Duncan I wonder they will look out of their window and they will see me standing in my garden talking to myself into a camera they will probably think what have I done this area is crazy it is my first time here in your channel I really like this very useful Thank You jeans sent us once again for saying hello very kind of you to join in gavin yang says my favorite TV show is the it crowd the IT Crowd yeah I like that one as well it is a situation comedy set in a large company and the stories revolve around the people who work in the IT department very funny yes the IT Crowd or the it crowd very nice yes that is a British TV show mr.

Duncan I listened to everyone who speaks English clearly and slowly I understand what he says but if he speaks quickly I don’t that is a common problem with those who are unfamiliar with different types of accent and different types of speed of speech so yes it is something that you Jen get used to overtime so at first it may seem very difficult but as time goes by as you become more familiar with English you will begin to hear you will begin to understand what people are saying even when they are talking quickly we have someone watching in Italy hello a big hello to Italy Anna Anna Napoli donto or Napolitano Anna and Napolitano did I pronounce that well I hope so I am watching you now from Italy thanks a lot mr.

Duncan I am now watching in Pakistan I like this so much uma uma Frug in Pakistan my favorite TV show says hyung is Britain’s Got Talent oh I see you like watching the talent shows some people say mr. Duncan you should go on british britain’s got talent as a singer i don’t know why i’m not very good at singing i’m not a singer mr. duncan your neighbour is selling the house how much why are you thinking of buying it do you want to live next door to me trust me you don’t you don’t want to live next door to me really miss shunt is here hello miss shunt thanks for joining me you are a little bit late today because we are only here for another half an hour Brazil says hello thanks a lot Brazil lots of people watching in Brazil today earlier on I googled myself have you ever googled yourself have you ever put your name or the place that you live in have you ever entered it into the Google search engine of course Google is the company that owns the largest search engine in the world it’s true and of course Google also own YouTube which is where you are watching me now mr.

Duncan is your speaking speed average in the UK it’s pretty much average yes most people in their day-to-day lives will speak at this speed pretty much pretty much normally people will speak at a an average pace so nothing too quick nothing too slow because you want people to understand what you are saying of course maybe when you get excited if an English person gets excited maybe their speech will speed up maybe they will actually speak faster but for most of the time people speak it at an average pace a bit like me really I googled my name and it shows 69 thousand results says Marcio Wow so there are lots of people with your name or you are very famous so it’s one of those Olga says mr. Duncan your mystery idioms is the first one bind the hand and the foot and is the second one penny from heaven let’s have a look shall we no you are wrong with both of them at the moment so there they are today’s mystery idioms there is the first one and there is the second one I thought this one was quite easy just say what you see I will give you the answers to the mystery idioms later on ray kikuna asks mr.

Duncan do you like the British sitcom Blackadder yes I do I really do now that particular program was made way back in the 1980s a very old TV show Black Adder starring Rowan Atkinson so Rowan Atkinson also played mr. bone hello my name is mr. boo oh we are getting some guesses now coming through on the mystery idiom thank you very much for that loan ah thank you very much for your guess hyung Dean says pronounced by English English or English America which is easier I don’t know really what you mean there I’m not sure what your question is are you saying is it easy is it easier to pronounce things with British English or is it easier to pronounce things with American English it really depends it really depends there aren’t any rules there aren’t any laws that say you must speak one type of English so some people prefer American English whilst others prefer British English but really I think they are both is difficult because you have to learn them so anything you have to learn is difficult at the beginning interesting coincidence mr.

Duncan I’ve watched bladder bladder not bladder Black Adder I watched Black Adder for the first time one week ago Oh Olga what a coincidence how strange David Zapata says have you ever watched Dragons Den oh yes that’s a very interesting TV show that is where people try to put their ideas forward to a panel of business people so maybe there are people in the panel who can offer money to help this particular person start their business or to produce the product that they have invented yes I think so Dragon’s Den a very interesting TV show hello mr. Duncan he’s the first one tied tie the knot or one tied knot and the second one is one side of the coin Thank You Nishant let’s have a look they are not the ones that you said no so there is the second one and there is the first one but what are they they are today’s mystery idioms but what are they live English on a Sunday afternoon as live as life can be I hope you are well today I hope you are SuperDuper feeling happy for those who have just joined me I am now live on YouTube and you can catch me live every Sunday from two o’clock UK time I’m planning to go to England with my wife maybe you can suggest some nice place to meet Thank You mr.

Duncan Thank You Shira blade when are you coming here when are you coming to the UK Alanya or a liner eyeliner Ben deti says I saw mr. Ben here in Brazil on a theater watching Roberto Carlos a Brazilian singer mr. Ben I don’t know who mr. Ben is there was a cartoon in the 1970s called mr. Ben and that was a man who used to go into a clothes shop and he used to put a uniform on and then he would go out and have an adventure mr. Ben I’m sure there are episodes of that on YouTube I’m pretty sure of it and it was a kids TV show so it was aimed at children hello mr. Duncan hi I hear that we can use i-ight with were in wish sentences I don’t know what that means I I hear that we can use I with were I’m not sure what you mean by that do you like mr. bean the movie I liked the first one I liked the first mr. bean movie but I didn’t like the second one when he goes on holiday I didn’t like that one I didn’t think it was this funny but I did like the first one the first one was very funny when he was he was having to take the painting – I think he was taking it to France or somewhere so the first one was better mr.

Bean the movie was better but I didn’t like the second one I didn’t think it was funny mr. Duncan hello from Kazakhstan straight away on the live chat popped up right in front of my eyes Nick ZV says hello thank you very much for joining me today you are very very kind I’m going to show you an excerpt from one of my full English lessons now this is taken from full English number 19 looking at many many different subjects here is a good example of an English word that is often used incorrectly the word paraphrase is one that is often misused it is on occasion placed within a sentence by mistake to paraphrase something means to change the wording of a sentence so as to make it clearer to emphasize the meaning of something might require you to paraphrase you reword a sentence so as to make it appear more clear teachers often paraphrase sentences so as to allow their students to recognize the important points of a subject to express something in as clear a way as possible might require some paraphrasing to take place even here in my English lessons I often paraphrase so as to ensure that my explanations come across as clearly as they can many people believe that to paraphrase is to shorten a sentence this is not true to emphasize and clarify a sentence is to paraphrase the word originates from the Greek word para which means modification and phrasing we means tell can you see what I’m doing here I’m moving these empty plastic bottles to the recycling box at the back of my house they will then be collected by the local recycling plant and taken to a place where they will be melted down and reused to recycle is the process of reusing something over and over these days recycling is carried out all around the world almost anything can be recycled the most commonly recycled materials include water paper and plastic many electrical devices can now be recycled to most metallic objects are also recyclable from discarded cans right up to disused cars many things these days can be recycled we often hear the word sustainable used when discussing recycling this word refers to the action of maintaining a balance between the use and replacement of materials needed for the manufacturing of everyday items sustainable forests and sustainable oceans being the two most common places where things such as wood gas and oil are found it’s time to take a look at another buzzword a buzzword is a word or phrase that is used during a certain period or is generally popular today’s buzz word is prank the word prank can be used as both a noun and verb a practical joke or trick played on someone is a prank to do something mischievous to someone so as to get a reaction from them is prank you play a prank on someone or you prank someone you create a fictitious or fake situation for someone to deal with such as an angry phone call this is a prank another example is you might arrange for a friend to be arrested by someone pretending to be a police officer to make someone believe that something bad is happening when it isn’t is to prank someone the prank is the trick or joke to prank someone is the action of playing a prank pranks are quite amusing for those watching from afar but not so for the victim of the prank we can use the phrase hoax to mean prank you hoax someone it’s a hoax believe it or not the word prank has been in use for over 400 years how are you enjoying today’s full English is it okay I hope so they say that English can be a confusing language to learn with many clauses and rules to remember a good example being the differences between the words less and fewer in standard English you should only use fewer with things that are countable and less with things that are uncountable in their general use the words less and fewer refer to having a smaller amount or not so much of something so less is used with uncountable things there sugar less water less light less money less time whereas fewer is used with countable things fewer cats fewer people fewer words fewer days we often use less and less in a sentence to show a decrease or steady fall it is worth remembering that when numbers are being discussed the word less is used to show that one number is smaller than the other less than three less than ten the confusion between less and a few is a common one even among native English speakers oh I’m just doing my neck exercises this is something I like to do from time to time to to get my neck to stay supple so I can I can move around easily because sometimes especially when I wake up at the morning I get I get neck ache I get an ache in my neck so that’s what I’m doing I’m just doing my neck exercises and that was a full English episode that was full English number 19 don’t forget you can find all of my lessons on my youtube channel my playlists are all underneath this video everything that I’ve made all of my playlists are under this video don’t forget also you can watch this later you can watch this whole live stream again as many times as you want and hopefully there will also be subtitles as well underneath later not now so if you are watching this live there are no subtitles but later hopefully there will yeah the big question today who will be the new Doctor Who do you watch Doctor Who have you ever watched it Doctor Who a very popular TV show made here in the UK and today they are going to reveal the new Doctor Who because the current actor is leaving the show so there will be a new Doctor Who but who will it be we are the Daleks we will exterminate mr.

Duncan sorry about that there is a DVD of one of the very early Doctor Who episodes this particular wand in my hand was made in 1964 so this episode of Doctor Who is older than me I know there aren’t many things that are older than mr. Duncan but this is older than me this episode of Doctor Who today we are going to find out who the new actor will be the new actor playing Doctor Who in fact they are supposed to be revealing it around about now so I will have a look now just to see have they named the new Doctor Who yet no not yet we are still waiting I have a feeling that my livestream will be finished before they announce who the new doctor who will be at the moment the BBC is showing tennis live tennis from Wimbledon and then afterwards they are going to tell everyone who the new doctor who will be do you watch it do you watch Doctor Who I used to watch it a lot when I was a kid and it used to scare me so much it really did put the willies up me they did definitely so who will the new Doctor Who be and still they are not telling us they really want to keep us in suspense I think so I will check back to see if they have announced the new Doctor Who but they haven’t at the moment please give some examples of until and till well to be honest until and till mean the same thing so when we say until tomorrow or till tomorrow so till is an abbreviation of until I mr.

Duncan I’m planning my next vacation in 2018 and until then I am saving my money I would like to know a nice place to visit there are so many nice places to visit he in the UK lots of lovely places you can go to the South of England you can go along the coast you can travel around the UK you might even want to visit me well not me personally but maybe you can come to Shropshire and have a look around because lots of beautiful views exist here in Shropshire as we saw earlier so there is the video that I showed at the start of today’s livestream so perhaps you can come and visit the long wind may be a very beautiful place not very far away from where I live and we went there the other week because mr. Steve’s murmur was here mr Steve’s mother stayed here a few days ago and we went for a lovely walk across the hills of Shropshire very nice so shirah blade I hope you managed to save enough money to come to the UK because there are lots of places lots of wonderful places to visit mr.

Duncan what is the name of the song you use in your fault English lessons I’ve searched Google but I can’t find it I find the music you use is very great the reason why you can’t find the music is because it is not available commercially you have to buy it through a special company and of course you have to also buy a special license which allows you to use it so that particular type of music the music that I use in my lessons and in many of my videos are I buy especially for my video lessons and also I have to pay some extra money as well so I can use the music I have to pay a license as well I have to pay for the license so I can use it let’s have a look at a flash word shall we have a flash word or a flash phrase I don’t really know let’s go into the other room and find out dooby-dooby-doo if you just tuned in it is a Sunday afternoon and it’s mr.

Duncan live just another 10 minutes to go and then I will have to say a goodbye but for now here we are with today’s oh it’s a flash phrase everyone yay a flash phrase today’s flash phrase is I hope you can see that go to town the flash phrase is go to town the phrase go to town is an English expression the phrase go to town is an English expression that means to put a lot of effort and work into something to do something with wild exuberance is to go to town exuberance I love that word exuberance to do something enthusiastically and with lots of extravagance is to go to town I really want to go to town with my next project they really went to town with the wedding banquet this year I want to go to town with my Christmas light display to be extravagant enthusiastic passionate when doing something is to go to town so there it is go to town is today’s flash phrase live on YouTube I will be going soon thanks a lot for your company today but now I must go back into the studio because we are going hopefully to find out who the new Doctor Who will be isn’t it exciting who will be the new doctor who who who will be the new Doctor Who I don’t know I have no idea have they announced it yet is there a new Doctor Who no they still haven’t announced it Oh Deary me it’s like waiting for paint to dry isn’t it so it looks like Roger Federer has won Wimbledon again but now the question everyone is asking who will be the new Doctor Who are we going to find out I’m sorry if you’re if you’re getting bored there and you don’t watch Doctor Who okay we’ll talk about something else shall we I wish I could learn English directly with you through Skype says hyung Dean I’m very sorry about that I don’t do Skype lessons that’s the reason why I do this because I want everyone to have a chance to learn English with me and of course if I did want to one teaching you would have to pay for it as well but of course all of this is free it’s free it doesn’t cost you anything mr.

Duncan mr. Duncan will be the new Doctor Who I don’t think so I don’t even have a sonic screwdriver or a TARDIS I don’t have either of those things so at no I don’t think I’m going to be the new Doctor Who somehow a lot of people seem to think the new Doctor Who will be a lady a female Doctor Who or maybe maybe not who knows mr. Duncan what is the name of the son oh I’ve read that one already I’m sorry I’m reading all the messages again mr. Duncan do you really have snakes in your garden not here no not around here there are snakes that exist in the UK but most of them are not poisonous but they are quite scary I am a new subscriber you are great and I am from Nepal and I have a grandpa in the US he lives in Portland very nice place Portland very nice good choice thank you rich rich cannot gangs Oh for that thank you very much mr.

Duncan what does the word crash room crash room I’m not sure I’ve never heard of crash room it sounds sounds very interesting it sounds like a room where people crash into each other I not sure crash room I’ve heard of classroom but I’ve never heard of crash room Pierre is going all Pierre catch you later Pierre a big guitar from Pierre and Irene and of course birkoff the dog and four hens as well in France thank you very much for that I am going in a moment but before I leave you let’s have a look at today’s flash not flash they are today’s mystery idioms I’m just getting so excited because because they’re going to announce the new Doctor Who I can hardly contain myself so here we go today’s mystery idioms I am now going to give you the answers so the first one it looks very interesting but what is it what is the flash mystery idiom to get caught in red tape is the first mystery idiom to get caught in red tape the meaning is to be prevented from doing something due to complex rules and regulations so to get caught in red tape means to be prevented from doing something due to complex rules and regulations and it does happen a lot and the second mystery idiom what is the second mystery idiom I hear you ask I said that it’s something that we do quite often something that we all do often sometimes twice a day sometimes three times sometimes 20 times a day the second mystery idiom is spend a penny yes spend a penny that is today’s second mystery idiom and the meaning is to urinate all go to the toilet for a pee pee or a wee-wee is to spend a penny so we can use it as an idiom for going for a wee-wee you can spend a penny I must go I need to spend a penny so there they were today’s mystery idioms but the big question is who is the new Doctor Who do we have it do we have a new Doctor Who please someone tell us no still not this is unfair this is very unfair we’re just coming up to four o’clock and they really are keeping us in suspense they are not telling us who the new Doctor Who is it’s very annoying oh come on BBC stop it stop playing games with us please just tell us who the new Doctor Who is so I can finish my live stream even people on Twitter are getting angry now they’re getting very angry they are saying come on tell us who the new Doctor Who is stop keeping us in suspense just get on with it oh dear nope still nothing people are starting to swear they’re starting to use bad language now on Twitter and that’s the reason why I’m not going to use a screenshot so I’m not going to show you what people are saying now on Twitter because quite a few of them are swearing they are saying tell us who the bleep Inge knew doctor who is please tell us do you they are really milking this aren’t they they are really milking this it’s not fair okay mr.

Duncan I don’t know this idiom spend a penny well now you do if you spend a penny it means you go for a wee-wee it means you go to the toilet it is a nice polite way of saying go to the toilet how long will you be live I am going in a moment I normally go at four o’clock but I’m waiting for a few more moments because I want to announce who the new Doctor Who is who will be the new Doctor Who I’m sure you can’t wait to find out really I have never seen Doctor Who says Julie come on they are really making it very difficult for us still nothing still no doctor who still no results they are really being very mean so the Wimbledon final is over and Roger Federer has won are you surprised by that still nothing still absolutely nothing I have a feeling that Twitter has broken because now Twitter isn’t even updating there aren’t any updates now coming through on Twitter so I have the feeling I have a strange feeling that Twitter has actually broken because of this I can’t even get the latest updates now I don’t know why please someone tell me who the new doctor who is so I can go and spend a penny still they are keeping us waiting apparently Owen Wilson the famous actor American actor was it Wimbledon today I’m sure you’re pleased to hear that so who is the new Doctor Who come on stop messing around stop keeping us waiting I’m sure the BBC is doing this on purpose Deary me I don’t know so did you get the mystery idioms right did you get the right Juan Francisco asks hello mr.

Duncan I’d like to know why you decided to become an English teacher that was many many years ago that was 14 years ago that I decided to become an English teacher something I was interested in doing whilst I was still young sometimes you have to do things when you are still young or else you’ll never do them and that’s the reason why I decided to try teaching many years ago over 14 years since I started teaching I can’t believe it do you make your live videos everyday asks L go I don’t do this every day if you want me to do it every day I don’t mind I can come here every day and say hello to you if you want as long as you watch of course doppelgänger says I think the new doctor who is Theresa May it might be I’ve always thought that Theresa May might be a time traveler you might have something there have they told us yet who the new doctor who is this is very unfair they are really really making us suffer here people on Twitter are getting very angry they are saying where is the new bleeping Doctor Who bleeping I say bleeping because I want to leave out the swear words are we going to find out who the new Doctor Who is maybe it’s Daniel Craig that would be funny wouldn’t it so instead of being James Bond doctor Daniel Craig it could be the new Doctor Who ah nobody suggested that maybe I’m right it doesn’t look as if we’re going to find out who the new Doctor Who is before I finish no nobody is telling us they’re keeping it a secret for as long as they can that’s it I don’t know about you but I can’t wait any longer mr.

Bergin it’s like waiting for the new Pappa Pappa rimsky do you remember oh there might but oh I see the new pope yes it’s a bit like waiting for the new pope they have smoke that comes out of the chimney so if the smoke is white it means they haven’t decided but if the smoke is black it means they have chosen the new pope so at the moment we are waiting for the new Doctor Who but who will it be who will be the new Doctor Who I love your t-shirt mr. Duncan where did you get this I bought this t-shirt many years ago I’ve had this t-shirt for about ten years and it still looks brand-new mr. Duncan when are you normally live I am live every Sunday from p.m. so you can catch me live on YouTube every Sunday from p.m. UK time that is when I am live on YouTube I am going in a minute thanks for your company today I will see you next Sunday and maybe I will do a live stream during the week as well maybe I will do a surprise livestream during the week what are the differences between clever smart and bright they can all mean the same thing so a person can be clever they can be bright and they can be smart it basically means the same thing a person who is very intelligent or has many abilities we are going to look one more time to see who the new Doctor Who is come on have you found out yet no still not there are lots of people playing pranks now on Twitter they are all saying that the new doctor who are people who clearly will not be dr.

Who and that includes me I’m not going to be the new Doctor Who okay definitely not this is very very hard to do isn’t it I’m sure if you’re watching this at the moment you are thinking mr. Duncan why are you talking about this most people don’t even know who Doctor Who is many people think that the new Doctor Who will be a woman I’m not sure I think it won’t be I have a strange feeling that the new Doctor Who will not be a woman just a thought just a thought Julie G says goodbye mr. Duncan I hope Jodie Whittaker is the new Doctor Who that would be fantastic Jodie Whittaker I think she is she’s an actress isn’t she a young actress I think Judy Dench would be a great Doctor Who Dame a Judy Dench should be the new Doctor Who yes definitely I think so she should mr. Duncan you should make a video about pronunciation I have made a video all about phonetics and how to pronounce English words I have done that and it is available on my youtube channel wow I’m really staying here for a long time today we are going to check one more time to see if they have announced who the new Doctor Who is if they haven’t they still haven’t this is crazy I think the BBC is trolling us they are trolling I think the BBC are playing a big prank that’s what I’m starting to think now Oh Deary me there are no live updates even there are no live updates they are still talking about tennis some people are saying maybe Roger Federer is the new Doctor Who now that would be very interesting yes I think so so Roger Federer has win Wimbledon but we still don’t know who the new Doctor Who is that’s very very very disappointing I’m going now I think I think we’ve talked enough about who the new Doctor Who is because they’re not going to tell us arm it says mr.

Duncan do you like Top Gear I don’t like Top Gear no I’m not a fan of Top Gear I’m not really interested in cars to be honest mr. Steve likes top gear but I don’t I’m not really interested Shire blade says what about Chris Marshall maybe he could be the new Doctor Who Chris Marshall is a British actor he isn’t very old but yes maybe who knows this might be one of the strangest endings ever they are still talking about Wimbledon they are still going on about Wimbledon they are doing this on purpose I think the BBC are trolling us all I think they are actually playing a prank they are playing a prank they are keeping this going as long as they possibly can that’s it then I gave them a chance but they they decided to to talk about tennis rich Kenzo says how to be lucky how to be lucky I don’t know I don’t know how to be lucky I’m still trying myself to be honest maybe one day goodbye mr.

Duncan have a nice week Ana Ana Duarte says goodbye I am going now it would appear that we are not going to find out who the new Doctor Who is and to be honest I I’ve lost complete interest now I’ve lost complete interest because they they really are playing games no we are still waiting for the announcement well I hope it’s danger dee Dench that’s all I can say I’m going I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s live English we have gone 14 minutes over what we normally do I’m going I’ll see you next Sunday thanks for taking part thanks for saying hello this is mr.

Duncan in England saying thanks for following me today and I will see you next Sunday at 2 p.m. UK time and sadly we will not find out who the new Doctor Who is see you next Sunday and of course you know what’s coming next… ta ta for now. 8-).

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