Learn English – Easy English Day 1

{“en”:”Hi and welcome to Day 1 of Easy English Seven Day Course. Thank you so much for being here. I believe you are here because you have a deep passion for learning english. You want to you get a better job, you want to not be embarrassed when you try to speak english uh… with your friends or you want to pass standardized tests. Like the TOEFL test. Well, I promise to help you with that.

My goal is to help you learn english quickly easily and while having a great time. But, before we get going you may be asking: Why do I care about this Easy English Seven Day Course? Why do I care about your method? What’s in it for me? You may wonder, what’s in it for me? That’s a good question and it’s a fair question. Here at letsdoenglish we have studied many different ways of teaching english. We’ve studied textbooks, grammar based teaching methods, we’ve taught one on one with students. We’ve studied many books, many methods, talked to scientists and authors and we feel that we have found the best techniques for you to learn english quickly, easily, and while having fun. My goal is to help you become as fluent as possible within six months of today.

If you follow these techniques you will learn english, quickly easily and you know what? We’re going to have a great time. Rule number one is never study grammar. Don’t study textbooks and don’t study grammar. Let me ask you a question you’ve studied english for years already. You’ve taken classes you’ve followed textbooks you’ve gone to school and tryed to learn english so why aren’t you fluent already? Here’s the reason. The reason why you are not already fluent in english is because you’ve been studying grammar. So today’s rule is never study grammar. Well, you may ask if i don’t study grammar then what do I study? How do I learn english? Instead of studying grammar, You listen two conversations. You have to listen too many many conversations. Now, this may sound too easy and like it’s not hard enough but I could show you the science behind these techniques.

For instance, many books have been written about these various the the specific technique. For instance, this book this book, “The Natural Approach” by doctor Steven Crashen, is incredible. He talks about how to acquire language by just listening to conversations. This book, “The Way of the Linguists” talks about this as well. Many other books here. “Fluency through TPR storytelling. The list goes on and on. At LetsDoEnglish, we don’t teach using grammar. We teach through english conversation and storytelling and as you listen to stories you pick up the english language you don’t have to try so hard. You just listen and you learn. So, what are some ways that you can listen to english conversations? Well, we have materials available that teach you english through conversation. You can also listen to audio books on tape with your ipod and headphones.

You can also listen to english speakers, but you will want them to speak slowly. We’ll talk about that later. But today’s rule, Rule Number #1 is: Never Study Grammar. Instead listen to english conversations. Okay. I need you’re help. I need you to tell me if you understand what I’m saying. I need you to tell me if i’m speaking too quickly or if i’m speaking too slowly. If this is too easy for you. Each day of this course there will be a survey with the email if you will answer the questions on that survey everyday for the seven days of the course I will send you a very valuable free gift. I will send you a section from our teaching tales the product that we sell. I will send it to you absolutely free so go ahead and answer the questions on the survey and I’ll see you tomorrow.. “}

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