IELTS Speaking Test Band 9

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Good morning ma’am may I come in, yes please thank you so much this is the speaking test of the International English Language Testing system taking place on Saturday the 21st of October at the Falcon Center the Center number is FC two six zero one the candidate is Harish Rao and the candidate number is zero zero zero eight five zero zero the examiner is Manjita Osta and the examiner number is two zero zero five zero one good afternoon what’s your full name please my name is Harish Rao and what should I call you you can call me Harish now in this first part I’d like to ask you questions about yourself let’s talk about where you live where do you live in your country? I live in a place called Bombay which is now called Mumbai it belongs to the west part of India in the state of Maharashtra it’s called the city of dreams because many people aspire to make it big in Indian films which is called Bollywood.

Would you recommend others to visit it and why? yes definitely I would definitely recommend people coming into Bombay for few things especially to witness the amazing enthusiasm when it comes to Bollywood and cricket and in order to taste mouth-watering food in the city and also be part of the array of processions which happen for different festivals across the nation at different times of the year. Has it changed in the last decade and how? yes definitely I think there are a lot of changes which have happened in the past decade few things notably changed are pollution and population. I think they have increased an alarming rate property prices have also skyrocketed due to which it’s costing an arm and leg for a middle-class family to afford a decent place in the city mainly where there are facilities available like highly accessible public transport good schools and colleges and also shops to shop your groceries or to buy clothes it’s become really very costly on the upside though they have been a lot of changes in the infrastructure in the city they have been a lot of colleges which have come up due to which numerous number of people are going to colleges as compared to before there have been a lot of malls which have come up due to which a lot of spending habits which has been seen amongst people of the city there are lot of varieties of things to shop these days because of these things now let’s talk about interests and hobbies what’s a favorite hobby? Coming from the city of Mumbai it gives me an opportunity and platform to you know pursue a lot of hobbies few would be food related hobbies and movie related ones I am a foodie so I like to try out a lot of cuisines plethora of them available in streets of Mumbai or probably in fancy restaurants I am also a movie buff so I like to watch movies on action genre more than the comedy ones especially the Transformers and the Mission Impossible and The Matrix it’s just amazing to watch so many of them and also a couple of Bollywood movies where our actors show amazing movie action which are really entertaining.

What hobbies and interest you had when you were in school? Well I was an avid Philatelist and had a hobby of collecting a lot of stamps from different countries in the world I was fond of history and a lot of historical monuments like Statue of Liberty and Taj Mahal being part of the stamps used to really make me collect those and also you know different historical figures like Queen Elizabeth or Gandhi or Hitler will also make me make me feel that the stamp is quite significant in it’s value that’s nice do you think one should be encouraged to take up hobbies professionally? Well I believe that hobbies can be taken up professionally and I’ve seen a lot of examples in the world who have taken hobbies professionally and they made it big in their in their passion all right now let’s move on to food so what cuisines are famous in your city? well there are lot of cuisines available in the city which I I cannot recollect a lot of stuff but there are three main dishes which are which I’m really fond of namely Vada Pao Pao Bhaji and Pani Puri there are amazing street food available in the city of Mumbai and probably available 24 by 7 if you want to hunt those in the streets and I really love them which this you enjoy the most as a child? the one which I loved the most was Vada Pav it’s an amazing potato dumpling which is deep fried and then it’s available at practically any Street which you go where you see street food available and it’s it’s wrapped up into a hot bread and so with a lot of spices should the restaurant modify their cuisines as per the customers need or should they stick to the original recipe? the world is becoming a global village and Fusion is becoming the mantra these days I believe that customizing the food as per the spice level and the allergens should definitely be encouraged by the restaurants now I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes you have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make some notes if you wish do you understand? Sure.

I’d like you to describe a sport which you think is underappreciated okay so you have one to two minutes to speak on this topic don’t worry if I stop you I’ll let you know by the timer is up you may start to speak now please according to me table tennis is a sport is underappreciated it’s commonly called as ping pong if it’s played in leisure but it is also called as table tennis if it’s played as a serious sport table tennis as a sport is practiced almost in all countries in the world and it’s also part of the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games the equipment needed for it is a good blade a nice set of rubbers which are quite speedy and spinny a rock solid table a net which which doesn’t sag a really firm flooring which gives good grip to your foot and you don’t slip and many other things probably a good Robo if you want to increase your agility and reflexes or if you don’t have a training partner so you can use the robot to play with I think even after having so many positives in this sport it is still under appreciated because of various aspects like few other sports for example in India cricket or badminton now or tennis they are highly marketed because of the commercial aspect of it I am not saying that the players in belonging to the sport don’t do a lot, yes they practice a lot but there are various and commercial aspects from money perspective from a power and influence perspective because of which these games are highly seen in India which probably overshadows table tennis I would say that cricket majorly overshadows table tennis because there are so many people who follow cricket as a religion more than a sport there’s a lot of betting going on when it comes to cricket probably a match you might see about a billion dollars in bet mainly because it’s so much popular in the inner most cities and inner most villages in India because people love the spirit of cricket.

Would you like to play this sport ever? actually I do play the sport and I treat it very seriously mainly because it helps me in my agility and my day to day hand eye coordination different kinds of neuro related activities and it definitely develops a lot of senses basic senses in you so I love to play table tennis and I would like to take it to a professional level at some stage thank you can I have the paper and the pen back please, yes, thank you. now you’ve been telling me about sports so I’d like to ask you some more questions related to it let’s talk about the attitude to in sports do you think sports should be given the same importance as academics in your country? well I believe yes it should be given the same importance of the academies in my country because I believe that sports and academics go hand in hand and why do you think that because a human body does a lot in terms of academics by consuming its mental energy so there has to be some compensation to that by giving some physical energy emitting some physical energy so I believe that in order to have a complete stable state of mind and body you need to play sports as well and it also helps in developing a lot of neurological skills reflexes agility which also help in being really alert in your academics and also having a good presence of mind overall.

Why do you think that parents encourage their children to focus more on their studies than on sports activities? well it’s because of the majority of the population back in India they it belongs to the middle class society which has a lot of social economical pressures due to which academics has been always in the forefront because that’s the sole way of earning money in a most natural and a normal way if you consider sports sports requires a lot of commitment and it may also sometimes be possible that you may not succeed and in the sport to the level that you can earn a stable set of income so that’s reason why parents being concerned encourage children to be more on academics than on sports do you think sports is treated merely as a hobby in your country? well it’s perceived to be taken as a hobby in my country kids to take it seriously when they play any sport in childhood but there are social economical pressures which let them take priorities on pursuing academics more than sports after certain age if they belong to a middle class or probably a poor family in order to sustain some good stable income in the future so it is perceived but I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people who want to pursue sport seriously but not given the platform to be successful in that in that sport what are taking or whatever they are talented in but if given a platform I think they would probably take sports as a career if given a choice which sport would you play for the rest of your life and why? I would play table tennis and basketball for the rest of my life because it comes really naturally to me I love the fact that there’s a lot of adrenaline and there’s a lot of you know my senses are kept alive till the day I die when I place these kind of sports so I would keep playing these sports for the rest of my life sure now let’s move on to talk about the gender aspect of sport do you think women are considered to be less strong than men when it comes to sports? On no, women are equally talented as men and in fact sports has its own beauty it’s not at all related to gender it’s actually related to how you perform from an absolute scale perspective and you decide your scale you decide where you want to go you decide how far you want to reach in that sport and it’s absolutely nobody stopping you just because you’re woman or a man.

Thank You Than you very much Harish this is the end of the speaking test. Thank you. Hi welcome back so I hope you’ve made note of the IELTS speaking test format and you understood how to answer each section well I know a lot of you are looking for speaking partners because I get that question a lot in my emails in the comment all my messages which come to me so let me tell you that I personally use Cambly. Cambly is an amazing app it basically helps you do a one-on-one practice lesson with native english-speaking tutors they would basically be from countries like the USA Canada or the UK and no matter where you live in or what time zone you are in you will always have a tutor at hand that’s the beauty of it it has tutors 24/7 all you have to do is just select one future and start speaking or practicing why don’t I do one thing I’ll quickly show you how to use it hey guys hi so this is the Cambly app which I have on my phone so all I need to do is just click onto it set up an account of course and on top you see there is home there is tutors and there is topics so we will click on to tutors and these are the tutors which we will get there are different tutors from different english-speaking countries like UK USA Canada Australia and you can choose which tutor you want so let’s see you will also know that there are these green dots beside each tutor which shows that they are available a red dot would mean that they are busy the moment and you see that faces are changing this means the tutors are being updated as per their time zone so let’s pick up a tutor so I think I will go for let’s say Sarah Sarah has been scored four point nine out of five so there’s a rating if I click onto Sarah this is the profile of Sarah so we know that whom are we talking with and what experience our tutor would have so let’s quickly get on to Sarah.

So Hi I’m Sarah and you are Manjita. Yes Sarah, that’s lovely I’m happy to hear that you could pronounce my name correctly very few do that, I am really glad to meet you how are doing today. I’m really great and hope you’re doing well as well I had prepared to speak on a particular topic and I wanted to have a quick chat with you share that with you and probably understand if I can make it better. (absolutely) so I wanted to speak sure and I wanted to speak on the most memorable day of my life well my last birthday was the most memorable day of my life I went to ski to New Zealand it was great breathtaking experience the snow was good the weather was good I was really excited the equipment’s were heavy but I was happy to use them and the best part is that I was able to ski now I’m really glad about it it was I was happy and it was a great experience so that’s it That is super English Manjita.

Thank you. Usual words are not stronger sometimes in the way that you say things for example you could say the weather was absolutely fabulous okay rather than saying the weather was nice the ski was great the ski was wonderful yes I I guess I got what you are trying to say (I am delighted to be there). yeah yeah nice is a very average word okay it’s a nice day and the weather is nice the pudding is nice the dog is nice but if you’re having the best day of your life things are much better than nice mm-hmm probably I can say that the view was mesmerizing absolutely mesmerizing awesome wonderful superb perfect all right sure great Sarah nice talking to you I think I got a lot of ideas and going ahead (you’re welcome) yeah and and I’ll try adding these adjectives in my preparation as well bye it was a pleasure to talk to you okay bye-bye well it’s that simple this video was done in association with Cambly and they’ve been very kind to help my viewers and subscribers with a special discount so if you’re looking for using this app I highly recommend it and please give it a shot if you are looking for specific links or further description everything is there in the description box below all you have to do is just hit the link and you will get your discount code by the way my dear keep practicing all the very best and you are my rock star and you will be a champion soon best of luck with your IELTS speaking test you you

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Hey everyone, it’s Monday and you know that after school I release videos and today I’m going to give you ten English hacks, which hopefully will help you with your English studies.The other thing is that my competition for the upcoming (VCE study guides autumn workshop) has finished. So the winner will be announced right at the end of the video, so stay tuned. One: Do Mind Maps. Mind Maps, one of the best way for you to visually collect the information in one spot. When you read an entire book, especially if it is a long book and it is around 300 pages- Wuthering Heights, anybody? – then it becomes quite hard to remember the events in sequence or even to remember the events at all.

Unless you’ve read it about a hundred times. So reading books over and over again is fine but potentially it’s not the most effective way. But if you just start writing things down, putting thoughts to paper, it really is one of the most active ways that you can learn. When you first start studying a text, my recommendation is to have an A4 page, then start creating a Mind Map with everything that you know. That will help you understand where your missing gaps are in knowledge and that will help you note – . Ok, I need to work on this particular thing, or this particular character. Number two: Teach your parents the text? So one of the best ways of learning, and I won’t repeatedly say one of the best ways, but seriously one of the best ways of learning is to teach your parents.

It is much different learning a text than teaching a text. It is a way of testing you to see how much you know about the text. And when your parents ask you – Oh, why did that character do that? ; or I’m not too sure about this part, why did this happen? With those types of questions, that might actually help you think- Oh, you know what? I hadn’t really thought of that before. So that also helps you to then realise again where your gaps in knowledge are and you can work on it. Number three: Highlight your texts in different colors. I’ve mentioned this before in my previous video. However, if you’re not doing this already, please start doing this ASAP. There is no point highlighting a whole book in yellow because when you flip through your book trying to find that one specific quote, how are you going to find it? Only when you separate your pages into different colors, will you then think to yourself – Oh, the theme of Love is in pink, so I’m just going to flip through the pages that have pink on them because it’s going to make it ten time quicker and also just easier for me as well.

Number four: One of the best ways of learning vocabulary is to learn the vocabulary from the book itself. I think one of the biggest angst for all students is to learn vocabulary. And while you can go out and start reading articles and start reading different books – because anything to do with reading will absolutely help you – if you are unsure where to start off, then start from your book itself, because generally the book will give you a lot of nice vocabulary that will fit perfectly into your essays. Number five: Rather than reading your book a hundred times and think – Oh my gosh, the more I read, the better I’ll get – once you’ve read it or you’ve read it for a couple of times, start reading different sources about your text.

So whether that’s going online or having a look at articles that review your particular text, have a look at different study guides that talk about your text – just read as much as you can about that text, because that’s how you’re going to open up your interpretation and your understanding of the book itself. Number six: Studying a film. If you are, again, don’t watch like a hundred times over and just think – Oh, each time I watch it, it’s just about an hour and a half, that’s pretty easy.

I’ll fit in an hour and a half now and just watch it casually. One of the best things that you can do is to dedicate yourself to one really intense viewing of your text. So what that means, is rather than just watching it through which can lead you to passive learning, be active about it. Every single new scene – pause. Once you’ve paused, have a look. Have a look at the camera angles. Have a look at the mise-en-scene. Have a look at the costumes. Have a look at the lighting. Done that? Next Scene. Pause. Go again. Next scene. Pause. Go again. This may seems really draining, and a really tremendous task – in which it is – because if you’re pausing every time, it’s not going to take you an hour and a half.

It will probably take you a full day. So with something like this, treat it as a project and do it over many different days or even weeks leading up to your sac or exam. Number Seven: When you’re correcting an essay, read it out loud. It’s very hard to mark on your own essay because you obviously wrote it and so when it comes to editing, a lot of times you can’t pick up your own errors. And that’s absolutely okay. But you know what can help you with the errors? Your ear. So when you’re thinking and you’re writing on paper, have you ever accidentally skipped a word, and then just realise – Oh my god, I don’t know why I wrote that? Or I can’t believe I skipped that word.It’s because in your mind you’ve done it, but not necessarily connected with your hand.

But when you force yourself to read out loud, it’s really, really surprising how well your ear works as a replacement teacher in a way. Guys, just try it, I know that sounds so silly, and trust me, when I got taught this I was like – Oookay – but honestly it is one of the things that helped me improve drastically and I even do it today. When I mark my students’ essays, I’m always reading it out loud. Because when you read out loud, your ears pick up a lot more than your head does. Number Eight: When you’re memorizing quotes, don’t just write quotes on a full A4 piece of paper and just go tell yourself – OK, I’m going to sit down and I’m going to memorize all of these 30 quotes now. One, two, three, four, five, six…. How are you going to memorize that? It’s going to be so boring and it’s going to be so draining.

What you should do instead is apply those quotes. So when you start practicing writing or even if you’re doing plans, write those quotes down that you think work in really well. It’s only when you start applying those quotes into the context of the situation. So writing an essay, or writing a plan, do you actually absorb it much more than just staring at a piece of paper or your laptop and just go – “Funny Business in a Women’s Career The Things You Dropped Along Your Way the things you drop on your way Up the Ladder so you can move faster, the things you drop on your way up the ladder so you can move faster” Number Nine: I can’t push down this pinkie – but number nine.

If you’re struggling to understand the context of a particular text that you’re studying – so if it’s set in the 1950s or if it’s set in The American Dream- so if you’re really struggling to get the hang of it or you just want to know more, go ahead and learn it. And one of the best things that I used, was crash course on YouTube. It’s just a really cute and simple way of accessing that information. In a way it’s engaging for you as well. Number ten: Fetch ideas from your friends, so with your friends go through prompts together, and it’ll will surprise you that you might respond to a prompt in a certain way but your friend might have responded in a completely different way, and whilst it might not be the way that you want to go about it, it’s still nice to know what the different ideas are out there and how people can just look at a prompt and just have completely different perspectives or understanding of that prompt.

English is a subject where the more ideas you have the better and healthier it is for you. So I hope you guys enjoyed those ten tips, they are a combination of some of the techniques that I personally adopted along with some other techniques that i’ve seen other students adopt which have turned out really well for them. Competition time! Firstly, I just want to say a massive thankyou to everybody who joined in on the competition, there were so many of you and I’m absolutely so flattered that you guys are wanting to join the workshop though only one of you did win. So.. the winner, I’ll pop down right here.Congratulation, and if you are the winner please shoot me a message on the VCE study guides facebook page.

For those of you who weren’t able to secure that free spot, don’t worry, each of you have been sent a link to a special vip access, so hopefully even if you didn’t win, I will still get the opportunity to meet you and teach you. If you guys enjoyed this type of hack video, please give it a thumbs up, and I’ll create some more hack style videos in the future, subscribe if you haven’t already and comment below if there is anything you would like me to touch base on in the future. Other than that, I just wanted to let you guys know at the start of the year I was doing weekly videos, released on monday, however, workload has really increased since school has started, and I’m tutoring a lot again, unfortunately it’s just a lot of work load, so I am only going to be releasing a new video every fortnightly monday.

So don’t worry I’m not disappearing, but I just wanted to let you guys know that, okay? By doing this, it will also give me more time to create better videos for you guys, rather than just rushing through and just trying to churn out videos on time every monday. So yes, fortnightly mondays, I will see you guys in a fortnight. See you, bye!.

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