Learn English – Easy English Day 2

{“en”:”Hi there, welcome to day two of the Easy English Seven Day Course Today’s rule is listen before you speak. Always listen before you speak. When you’re trying to learn english at first you need to listen before you try to say the words. This is another rule that seems easy, but this, but modern science has proven that this rule is true. One huge problem with current English teaching methods is that they try to make you talk before you’ve listened long enough. When you try to speak before you have listened, it’s embarrassing and frustrating and just ERRR, makes you mad and you don’t want to be mad. So, how much should you listen before you try to speak? You should listen to a piece of audio five times before you try to say the words out loud. So, how do you do this? How does that work? Well, when you watch videos on YouTube and you’re trying to learn the words you want to speak the words, listen, watch the video five times before you try to say the words. If you’re listening to you a song that you love in English, listen to it five times before you try to learn and speak the words.

If you do this, you will find that when you do eventually try to speak the words you will already know them. You will understand how they fit together in the language you will be able to you pronounced them. Today’s lesson, lesson number two, day two: is always Listen Before you Speak. Listen, listen, listen. Okay, thanks for being here today, I’ll see ya tomorrow.. “}

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