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{“en”:”Welcome to EnglishClass101.comu2019s English in Three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn English. Hey everyone, Iu2019m Alisha! This series will teach you some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English. Itu2019s really useful, and it only takes three minutes! In this lesson, youu2019re going to learn some new ways to ask someone, u201cWhatu2019s your name?u201d including one that you can use when youu2019ve forgotten someoneu2019s name. Now, u201cWhat is your name?u201d was probably one of the first questions you learned when you started studying English.

I have to tell you, though, that most native speakers of English would never say this! In English, just like in other languages, it is often more polite to be a little indirect. Of course, the easiest way to avoid asking the question directly is to not ask at all! Just introduce yourself, and most people will respond by doing the same. When introducing yourself, simple is nearly always best. Just say… u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha!u201d To show that you want to know the other personu2019s name, just add, u201cAnd you?u201d at the end. u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha! And you?u201d u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha! And you?u201d Just like before, take out my name, Alisha, and put your name in its place. After you say this, the other person will tell you his or her name. Okay, now letu2019s talk about an embarrassing situation that happens to EVERYBODY: youu2019ve already met this person once before, but youu2019ve forgotten their name! The most polite thing to do in this situation is to apologize and ask again.

Thereu2019s a simple way to do this thatu2019s also polite. u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d This sentence is very similar to u201cWhatu2019s your name?u201d but it has three important differences. First, we say, u201cIu2019m sorry.u201d A small apology can go a long way. After that we say u201cWhat was your name?u201d This is just like u201cWhat is your name?u201d but instead of u201cisu201d, we use the past tense u201cwasu201d.

This is really important, as it tells the other person that you remember meeting them. You havenu2019t forgotten HIM or HER, youu2019ve just forgotten the NAME. This little word makes all the difference! u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name…? Finally, we add u201cagainu201d to the end. This is another hint that tells the other person that you remember learning his or her name before, but you just canu2019t recall it right now. u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d This phrase is appropriate for both formal and informal situations. Now itu2019s time for Alishau2019s Advice! In the United States, itu2019s normal to address people by name in conversation more than once. In both formal and informal situations, itu2019s a way to show respect or interest in the other person, and can help you make friends.

It is also a great way to practice someoneu2019s name so you donu2019t forget it! If you are talking to someone named Ann, for example, instead of just: u201cWhat do you do for fun?u201d, you could say: u201cAnn, what do you do for fun?u201d You can also put the name at the end of the sentence: u201cWhat do you do for fun, Ann?u201d You donu2019t want to say the personu2019s name too often, or it will sound a little strange, but if you practice someoneu2019s name like this, you wonu2019t forget it. And people love to hear their own name! In this lesson, we learned what to say when we forget someoneu2019s name. In the next lesson, youu2019ll learn what to say when you want to get in touch with someone, whether by telephone, email, or even newer ways to communicate. Whatu2019s your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and join us next time for the sixth English in 3 Minutes lesson! See you next time!. “}

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Learn Arabic – Arabic in 3 Minutes – Do you speak English?

{“en”:”Maru1e25aban u01e7amu012bu02bfan, u02beanu0101 Carole! Hi everybody! Iu2019m Carole. Welcome to ArabicPod101.comu2019s Al-u02bfarabiyyah fi u1e6falu0101u1e6fi daqu0101u02beiq. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Arabic. In the last lesson, we learned the most common forms of greetings in Arabic. Do you remember them? We introduced maru1e25aban and Al salu0101mu u02bfalaykum , as well as u0161ukran and u02beilu0101 al-liqu0101u02be. In this lesson weu2019re going to learn a very useful phrase: u201cDo you speak English?u201d If you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance in English, this phrase can be a lifesaver.

And because youu2019re asking it in Arabic, you can be sure that everyone will understand what youu2019re saying, even if their answer is no. Are you ready? then letu2019s start! Here’s the basic way to ask if someone speaks English: Hal tatakallamu al-u02beinklu012bziyyah? if you are talking to a male and Hal tatakallamu012bna al-u02beinklu012bziyyah? if you are talking to a female. [slowly] Hal tatakallamu al-u02beinklu012bziyyah? Hal tatakallamu012bna al-u02beinklu012bziyyah? Hal means “Dou201d.

u201cYouu201d and u201cSpeaku201d are merged into the same word u201ctatakallamu u201d for males and u201ctatakallamu012bnau201d for females. u02beinklu012bziyyah means “English,” This is an indirect way of asking someone to speak to you in English. There are many ways of making it clear that you’re asking the person to speak English to you, for example: Hal biu02beimku0101nika al-takallum bil u02beinklu012bziyyah? also means “Could you speak English?” Hal biu02beimku0101nika? means u201ccan youu201d or u201dcould youu201d, u201care you able tou201d, or u201cis it possible tou201d and can also mean the u201cabilityu201d of the person to speak English.

Again, if you are talking to a female you should change the last accent of ka to ki. So the question becomes: Hal biu02beimku0101niki al-takallum bil u02beinklu012bziyyah? Al-takallum is a noun that means u2018speakingu2019 and bil u02beinklu012bziyyah is u201cin Englishu201d. To be more formal we could add the word u201cpleaseu201d to the request, to make it: Hal biu02beimkanika al-takallum bil u02beinklu012bziyyah min fau1e0dlika? In this case, the question cannot mean the personu2019s ability to speak English anymore, because you are obviously asking them to speak English to you. Since in Arabic the word u2018pleaseu2019 literally means u2018from your favoru2019 it should also be changed according to the personu2019s gender.

So in case of a female, we should also change the ka ending of u2018pleaseu2019 in min fau1e0dlika? to min fau1e0dliki? The question becomes Hal biu02beimkaniki al-takallum bil u02beinklu012bziyyah min fau1e0dliki? The responses you will receive could be one of these three: Nau02bfam. “Yes.” [slowly] Nau02bfam. Qalu012blan. “A little.” [slowly] Qalu012blan There are a few ways of saying u2018nou2019 in Arabic Lu0101 or Kallu0101. u201cNou201d “No, I donu2019t speak English.” is Lu0101, u02beanu0101 lu0101 u02beatakallamu al-u02beinklu012bziyyah [slowly] Lu0101, u02beanu0101 lu0101 u02beatakallamu al-u02beinklu012bziyyah It is exactly the same structure as in English. Lu0101 is u2018nou2019, u02beanu0101 is u2018Iu2019, lu0101 means u201cdonu2019tu201d, u02beatakallamu is u201cspeaku201d (me) and al-u02beinklu012bziyyah is u201cEnglishu201d.

Since this last one is a negative statement, we need to say lu0101 before the verb, u02beatakallamu or speak. lu0101 literally means u2018nou2019, but when placed before a verb it negates this verb, becoming u201cdonu2019tu201d or u201cdoesnu2019tu201d. Notice also that the verb, u02beatakallamu is slightly different than tatakallamu which we learned before. Remember, the verb changes depending on the pronoun used. We are now talking about u02beanu0101 , Arabic for “I,” Thus u201cI do not speaku201d is: u02beanu0101 lu0101 u02beatakallamu Now itu2019s time for Caroleu2019s Tips. For those of you who are not native English speakers, you can obviously use this question with any language you need. Arab people study other languages at school depending on the country they live in, so maybe you will get lucky! Just substitute al-u02beinklu012bziyyah with al-faransiyyah for French, Al-u02beiu1e6du0101liyyah for Italian, Al-u02beispu0101niyyah for Spanish, or Al-u02bealmu0101niyyah for German.

In this lesson you learned how to ask if someone can speak English. In the next lesson weu2019ll learn how to say u201cexcuse meu201d and other ways to apologize in Arabic. I’ll see you in the next Al-u02bfarabiyyah fi u1e6falu0101u1e6fi daqu0101u02beiq lesson. u02beilu0101 al-liqu0101u02be!. “}

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Learn English – Asking About Hobbies, What do you do for fun?

{“en”:”Welcome to EnglishClass101.comu2019s u201cEnglish in Three Minutesu201d. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn English. Hey everyone, Alisha here! In this series, weu2019re going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English. Itu2019s really useful, and it only takes three minutes! In this lesson, youu2019re going to learn how to ask what someoneu2019s hobbies are – without using the word u201chobbiesu201d! Youu2019ve probably seen the question, u201cDo you have any hobbies?u201d, or u201cWhat are your hobbies?u201d in an English textbook before.

However, native English speakers almost never use the word u201chobbiesu201d when asking about them! A much more natural way to ask the same question is: u201cWhat do you do for fun?u201d Letu2019s practice this question. u201cWhat do you do for fun?u201d u201cWhat do you do for fun?u201d You can also ask: u201cWhat do you do in your free time?u201d u201cWhat do you do in your free time?u201d So how would you answer this question? Letu2019s look at how native speakers would do it! The easiest way is to say: u201cI like to…u201d or just u201cI like…u201d followed by what you like to do. For example, if you like watching movies, you could say: u201cI like to watch movies.u201d or u201cI like watching movies.u201d u201cI like to watch movies.u201d or u201cI like watching movies.u201d And if you like golf, you could say: u201cI like to play golfu201d or u201cI like playing golfu201d.

u201cI like to play golfu201d or u201cI like playing golf.u201d You can emphasize how much you like your hobby by adding a word like u201creallyu201d in front of u201clikeu201d. For example: u201cI really like watching movies.u201d On the other hand, if you want to play down how much you like something, you can say u201ckind ofu201d. For example: u201cI kind of like playing tennis.u201d Now itu2019s time for Alishau2019s Advice! If you donu2019t have any special hobbies, or donu2019t want to be specific, a good way to reply is: u201cI like hanging out with my friends, and stuff like that.u201d u201cI like hanging out with my friends, and stuff like that.u201d Just use u201cI like…u201d and add u201changing out with my friendsu201d, and then add: u201cand stuff like that.u201d How do you answer the question: Where you from? It doesnu2019t even have a verb! Weu2019ll cover this and more in the next English in 3 minutes lesson. See you next time!. “}

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A, AN, THE – Articles in English

{“en”:”Articles Learning article in short Hello And welcome to the next video Today I’m going to teach you about a very difficult confusing fun maybe grammar point called articles *wink* Oh, really ? Yeah Articles are confusing there are many many rules in english about articles I do not have the time the energy to teach you all of them but I’ll do my best Okay? And What are articles first of all ? Articles are A AN and THE Articles come before a noun A noun is : a person a place or a thing So I’m going to generalise here and say that before most nouns in english you have to use an article Of course there are millions of exceptions to what I’ve just said Sometimes we do not use an article with a noun That’s a whole other lesson Hold the time warp for your brain we’re gonna stick to these ones When to use A AN and THE before a noun in a proper english sentence We use these when we speak when we write and they’re very important in grammar So There’s no way to avoid these I’ll help you don’t worry The first one is AN AN’s easy It’s the easiest we’ll do this one first AN is a singular noun huh is used in the singular nouns it’s in article and we use it before the noun that starts with a vowel now the pronunciation of this word sounds like va-will the vowels in english we have five vowels in english they are A E I O and U now Everyone who speaks spanish portuguese italian any of our latin american friends or latin language speakers you’re gonna mix up these two vowels E and I Let me teach you one thing that will help you If you can remember that you have to dot your I you’re gonna get the pronunciation of this word so this word or this letter sorry When you write this letter You always have to put a *ping* a dot in the middle of the word so you’re going to remember that this I you can make a nice little EYE here to help you So, I When you write this word by itself you have to use a capital so this would only be in the middle of a word but the pronunciation is the same I So If you have a vowel A, E, I, O, U that begins the noun you have to use AN for example “eye” yey We have to say “an eye” because the word eye begins with a vowel If the word begins with this word with this letter I for example “ice cream” yey We have to say “I’d like AN ice cream” Do you like ice cream ? Or If the word begins with a vowel sound How can, what is a vowel sound Ronnie ? A vowel sound is usually always the letter H for example the word “hour” We do not even say the H word it sounds like we’re saying “our” So Because this word “hour” sounds like a vowel because the H is silent We have to say “an hour” Ok, you got it? You with me? “an hour” so AN We use before a vowel or before a vowel sound usually a noun that begins with an H The next one is A The very first letter of our alphabet A is a vowel Don’t let that confuse you A We use for again a singular noun All of these are going to be used with singular nouns If the noun is plural if the noun has an S Do not use an article So A We use for a singular noun in a general form You can think of this easier as using, replacing it with the word “any” So If you go to a coffee shop and they have five muffins and they’re all the same muffin You’re going to say to the person that works at the coffee shop “Hello” “I’d like A muffin” You do not get to choose or pick what muffin you get You can choose the flavor but you cannot specifically choose which muffin you would like It’s the same as saying “any” It’s like saying “I’d like any muffin” “Just get me a muffin” “I want a muffin” “I’d like anything” “Just give me something” Okay ? It’s used for when you don’t care which one it is You just want one of something A If my nose was stuffy and I had to blow my nose I would ask someone “Do you have A Kleenex ?” I don’t have to go through the box of Kleenexes “No, I don’t want that one” “No, yes, this, no” You’re just gonna get A Kleenex and you’re gonna blow your nose Okay ? So A and AN the only difference is AN you use before a vowel as an example You can say “I’d like a cookie” I was going to write coffee maybe I want a coffee right now but I would definitely rather have a cookie I don’t care which cookie you give me Just give me a cookie I’m the cookie monster Okay ? So “I’d like a cookie” I’d like any cookie The next is THE THE next is THE THE is opposite to A THE means something very very very specific general and specific are opposite this means you actually choose which one you are going to get Think about this when you go shopping You do not walk into a store and go “Hi, could I have a shirt ?” “I don’t care what it looks like I don’t care how much it is “Just gimme a shirt” This never happens Ladies When you go shopping for shoes You just don’t go into the shoe store and say “Just a pair of shoes please” “Just a pair of shoes” “Don’t care” “Size 8, fine, anything” No We want to go though all of the shoes We want to try them all on We want to get a handbag and match them with our shoes and choose the shoes of our dreams So you’re not going to say “A pair of shoes” You’re gonna say “THE” shoes Another very confusing thing about THE is the second time you talk about the same noun in a phrase you have to put the second noun with THE for example This is a little more difficult “I bought some fruit” Okay ? “Fruit” is an uncountable noun If the noun is uncountable we do not use an article “I bought some fruit” “THE fruit was bad” But Ronnie you just said if it’s an uncountable noun we don’t use an article What are you doing ? Have you lost your mind ? No This is a grammar rule The first time I talk about the fruit I use no article because it’s uncountable but the second time I’m talking about the same noun I have to I don’t know why I just have to it’s a rule So I have to say “THE fruit” “THE fruit was bad” The third point when we use the article THE the article THE I’m using articles all the time is when the speaker and the listener or the reader whatever, if you’re reading or listening know they both know which noun you are talking about for example If you and your friends go to the same school you have to say “THE school” If I were talking to my friend on the phone and I said “Hey, yeah, hum Oh, I left my book at the school” My friend and I both know what school I am talking about In my city there are 2,5 million schools There’s a lot of schools in Toronto There are 2,5 million people and a lot of people go to different schools but because my friend and I go to the same school I have to say “THE school” “I’m going to go to THE school tomorrow” You and I both know we’re talking about the same one Okay ? The next one is we use with countries but only 1% of the countries of the world So I ask you What country are you from ? I am from Canada We have listeners from all over the world I would guarantee that 99% of you would not use an article with your country name I come from Canada Below Canada there’s a country it’s a big country called anyone know? Below Canada ? Geography time The United States of America or, shorter the USA A lot of people, their ancestors in Canada came from a country a group of countries called the United Kingdom THE United Kingdom hum There’s a country in the middle east called the United Arab Emirates If anyone from there ? I went there once in an airplane It’s cool The United States The United Kingdom The United Arab Emirates All of these three countries we have to use THE because there is the word “united” in the title of the country I do not say “the” Canada I do not say “the” Japan If the word has “united” in it I say “the” The second one is if the country has more than two words in the name you’re gonna say “the” for example “New Zealand” New Zealand only has two words I do not say ‘the’ New Zealand If it has more than two words I have to put “the” in front of the country The last one is the most difficult If you are like me and did not do well in geography class this one’s hard we have to use THE if the country is comprised of tiny or small islands I do not expect everyone in the world to know which countries are made of small islands but to help you out off the top of my head the Philippines if you look at a map The Philippines has many tiny little islands that make one country another example would be The West Indies The Canary Islands these are all places that have small islands that form one country So If you look at Japan for example Japan has maybe five or more islands but there are quite large so we cannot use this as “the Japan” They have to be very small islands I hope you understand this If you have a question please leave me a comment if you need more help with this please ask me bye”}

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English language: EASY ways to learn – sharing my secrets!

Hello my dear subscribers! Today I want to share my tips on learning English language I know many of you dream of having a great English language without accent and this was my dream for many years I struggled to learn things, to learn the accent. Today I want to share my most effective tips that I used to learn English language. Now the first thing You have to have a very specific goal like getting into a foreign university or getting a job with an English language employer but I know on different stages of our life we don’t have these specific goals The target is to make learning English your lifestyle. You can do it by doing many different things like the first thing you can do is super easy is just set your iPhone or android or whatever phone you’re using to English language So you’d see all of those English words every day during your life like send a message, watch a video everything should be in English Maybe you’d think you know all of those basic words but really you’d meet so many nuances you’d remember and it’ll stick to your memory and you’d be able to use them later.

The second thing you need to do is surround yourself with English I know this is very difficult. I’m from Russia and not many people speak English here. It’s not like in Finland In Finland everybody speaks perfect English. Finnish people are watching, how do you do it? That’s amazing! But in Russia not everyone speaks good English. There are some people but…

It was very difficult to surround myself with English language But now in the years of media and technology we have YouTube And it is the best thing you can do like switch on a YouTube blogger who speaks English and the best thing to do is maybe select a YouTube blogger who is coming from your country because he would still have a slight accent. I have slight Russian accent. It would be easier for you to understand him or her. It would also motivate you because you would see the person from the same background.

You’d see him speaking English language without an accent. I watch VitalyZDTv He’s from Russia but he films in English and probably you know him, he’s a prankster and he does a lot of pranks he’s amazing. If you’re from Russian speaking background, watch his video. Another thing you can do All of us have Internet and you can watch news on the Internet If you like American English, watch CNN. You can also read their articles It’s not necessary that you only watch the videos.

For British English watch BBC. And I know that some people say than news produced by their country may be biest like maybe there’s propaganda involved. This is a good motivation to watch news in English language you’d get a different view on what’s happening in your country and what’s happening in the world. For many countries this is a problem. So do that, just watch news in English. But make sure that you understand that CNN news are influenced by American culture. BBC is influenced by British culture. Having a video playing on the background for example, I’m watching English language YouTube vloggers when I’m washing up or cooking something. It’s not necessary that I listen to every single word they say but I have this English language background. It really helps. Another thing you can do. Listen to English language songs. This is the easiest part. All of us listen to, I don’t know who’s the most popular now? Justin Biber I know many of you hate him. Justin Biber, Britney Spears all of those names. Pick whoever you like There’s radio one in the United States. I love the music, I listen to it every time in the car and they have the best hits.

You can stream it online or you can download English language songs to your phone. Make sure you read the lyrics before you listrn to it. Listen to it for a couple of times. Read the lyrics and then go back to the song. You’ll be amazed how many thing you understand. When you first listen to the song if it’s a n English rap song, You’d hear you wouldn’t get what they say. But after you read the lyrics, those sounds would make sense. Would make more sense anyways. You’d get a couple of words. Please do that and if you want more details how to learn English using songs please use the link below to see how I do that and how best language schools over the world do that.

Also remember that we live in the digital age. There’re so many things you can do online. like the most basic thing Google translate When you’re translating words from English into your language. Please make sure you know how this word is pronounced in English because memory is not only our brain, memory is also our eyes, ears, senses. When you hear the word as well, you’d make greater progress remembering it. The second thing you can do when you’re googling a word try to google it in images there’s a special section in Google, called Images If you google for a word there you’d get pictures and icons of that word and that would help you remember the word.

I also use stickers like this is one of the best methods you can do place a sticker to different objects in your appratement like sofa lamp, bed. If you’re watching this video, you probably know all of these basic words But try your kitchen. like do you know what buckwheat is? oatmeal wholegrain bread All of those very specific things you’d need when you come to the States. or come to Great Britain you have to know those words. Use your kitchen as a place where you learn like I use containers for grains I just sign them with the words I need to know Another thing you can do our brain is good in remembering things in space You can also use the objects in your room for specific words and it’s not necessary to put a sticker with a word window on window You can put something like admission and then your brain would remember that on window we have something connected with a university. Admissions when you put this weird gear on your face. You use it to learn something. They put you in imaginary room where you can see the objects or words placed on different objects.

Use it in real life. Place diffrent words all over the place. There’re lots of apps you can use to learn English Duolinguo is one of the best which is basically for beginners There’s easy ten to learn just words There’re lots of youTube bloggers like me 🙂 If you like my videos or other youtube bloggers who speak English and teach you different sfuff.

When you download all the apps to your iPhone, make sure you have a screen for all of those apps So for example my first screen when I open my phone, I see this. I see all of the apps I use every day. My second screen is clear. I only have the apps I need to use. they’re connected with my work.

You can do the same with your English language apps. Place them on a separate screen, make sure it comes second and have no more than 6. When you’re waiting for somebody, pick up your phone and and try using some apps You’ll see your target, empty screen five or six apps for English and you’d basically use them to spend your time waiting. I get a lot of questions from people like what books do you recommend to read I’d say if your English is intermediate or pre-Intermediate try children books. I read Jacqueline Wilson the British author, she writes book for children age 12-14. It’s really easy to understand them. The plot is basic. She uses very easy words. Please check her. I leave a couple of books on Kindle. I’ll try and find for you. The second thing you can do is pick up a book written by a guy who speaks your language who comes from your culture.

Try to read his books in English. Translation from your own language would be simplier and you use concepts you’d understand. Maybe it’ll also work for you. The best way is to pick a book that captivates your attention the one you’d be reading. whatever happens. Like for me this book is Gone girl This is an absolutely amazing book I enjoyed reading it and and then watched a film. Watch a film first with English subtitles in English and then read a book. It’s amazing, you’ll like it. It’s a bestseller everybody in the world liked it you’d also like it. The most important thing comes last you can forget what I’ve said I’m just kidding. Right now will be the most important thing You have to talk to native speakers. Try to do it every day. At least for 5 minutes. I know an amazing company that does it My company linguatrip.com We help you connect with a person who wants to speak English he can be located anywhere in the world.

You need to do is just click a button You’d be instantly connected to that person and you’d be able to speak English to them and ask “how’s he doing today” “what’s he do for living?” “what does he do during summer holidays?” Ask him whatever you want. You can talk to him for 1 minute or you can talk for 30 minutes. It’s really up to you. Please try and do that. Let me know what you think. It’s a really great thing to do. Also you can hire a skype tutor who’s also a native speaker.

The difference between the person who wants to speak English and study with a native speaker I mean the teacher that the teacher would be explaing your mistakes and give you some grammar and vocabulary. The price would be higher but it’s good to have feedback. because when you’re just talking to a person They wouldn’t be correcting you the goal would be to make sure they understand you. Try and travel to English speaking countries try and spend your vacation in places where people speak English or speak English well like in Finland Amazing guys You can go there and they speak English. All of them. or Sweden Swedish people are good at languages. Great Britain, USA, Canada Australia, New Zealand whenever you want to go Malta Malta is a small European country where second native language is English. Try and go to Malta as well. The best thing to do is stay with a host. Stay in a host family You can book it by Airbnb or homestay.com or you can use linguatrip.com for booking language courses in country where language is spoken and also homestay we make sure hosts talk to you in English.

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