Substitute Teacher in Vietnam (Key & Peele Parody)

{“en”:”So Vy’s Vietnamese and some names sound really funny if you mispronounce them in English. So we decided to do a parody of Vietnamese names and Chad as a substitute teacher in Vietnam. And all of these names are real Vietnamese names. All right, listen up! I’m y’alls substitute English teacher Mr. Clay. In this class we do not speak Vietnamese. We speak ‘Merican. Let’s take attendance. Bich Nguy. We got a Bich Nguy is this class? Yeah Uh, you mean Bich Nguy? Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be… I said no Vietnamese in this class. I got my eye on you Bich Nguy. Phuc Ngo Anybody Phuc Ngo today? Yes sir? Uh, my name Phuc Ngo. Are you a couple fries short of a happy meal, Phuc Ngo? No You want to flipping go Phuc Ngo? No cause we could go right now! Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining! A Chau Chu Tran Can I get an A Chau? Now one of y’all better not say some silly ass name cause my temper’s getting hotter than a billy goat’s ass in a pepper field.

You mean A Chau? Son of a bitch! You say your name and say it right! Right now! A Chau Say it right! A Chau right A Chau correctly! A Chau God Bless you Now, Dai Trinh Anybody Dai Trinh? You better be sick! Or died trying to catch a cold from A Chau over here. Uh, yes sir Why didn’t you answer me the first time I said it huh? Uh, huh? I mean I said it like four times. Dai Trinh. Because the people, they call the Dai Trinh Son of a bitch! You done messed up Dai Trinh! Now get your ass down to Mountain Dew’s office right now! uh, who the hell? Mountain Dew! oh, principal Mai Tien Do? Get out of my god damn class before I kick ya where the good lord split ya! Now who else wants to go to Mai Tien Do’s office? You Mai Ho? How about you Hung Dong? You want to go Tu Diep? No, no go, no go Tu Diep, no go! You want to go to the principal’s office Nu Tong? No Looks like you’re about to break Hy Minh Now! Harry Dick! I’m here Mr.

Clay Thank you! Do you know a funny name, if so leave it in the comments below. Let’s see who comes up with the funniest name. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, hit the subscribe button and check out this video over here because Vy and I went to Vietnam and we got a massage there, and it was pretty intense, I’ll just say that.

I think you’ll get a good laugh so check that out. See you next time!. “}

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