Pokemon Go -0.51.0 50000 Xp within 30 minutes(English) 1.21.0

buy cheap viagra jelly {“en”:”Whatsapp Guys!!! My Name is Monish and today im going to show you How you can earn 50,000 XP in just 30 minutes. Their is no Hack or Tool used for this trick We use a single Item provided by a Pokemon Go which is Lucky Egg The benefit of this Item is , we get double the Xp we earn in the active 30 minutes. So let me show you how do we use Lucky Egg ? So Lets Get Started. So let me show you How you can earn Lots of Xp in 30 minutes with the help of Lucky Egg. You can use Lucky Egg, But in which of this it would be more beneficial depends Upon your Decision. As you can see we get 1000 Xp for Evolving a new Pokemon 600 Xp for Catching a New Pokemon , 500 Xp for Evolving a Pokemon 500 Xp for hatching a new pokemon and others. Whenever I meet People or Friends in Park, Stores or Nearby Places They say i dont go for small Pokemon like ratatta, Pidjey, spearrow or weedle. When i ask them, Whats the reason They simply say this pokemons dont have enough Cp for Gym Battle. They forgot this are the Pokemon’s which give more Xp while Catching because you see lots and lots of Pidgey in your nearby Surrounding So through this Trick im going to show you how you can earn 50000 Xp.

So lets get Started. First You have to Go in Items, Click on Lucky Egg through which the Lucky Egg Gets activated for 30 min After this I need to evolve as much Pokemons i can evolve within 30minutes. Sorry Guys i forgot to show you that My total Xp is 3640 for now including Abra Now i evolve the Pokemons and Fast forward the Evolution. I have evolved 15 to 16 Pidgeys, So now I will evolve some Rattatas. I have Evolved 10 Ratattas , So now let me Go for some weedle. Evolution of Weedle has been over, So now Let me go for Eevees I have not named any Eevee till now, So let me name them first. So here you can see, I got 50,500 Xp in just 30 minutes If you had done this without any Lucky Egg You had got only 25,000 Xp. I have approximately Evolved 48 to 50 Pokemon because of which I got 50,500 Xp in 30 minutes of time You can say this is some type of Pidgey or Ratattas Magic because of them you get so many Xp in less amount of time.

This is the reason i go for smaller ones Make a entire use of Bag and then go with the Lucky Egg Item So here we started with some 3650 Xp I think i forgot, somewhat 3600 Xp So now you can see i have 54290 Xp So here you can say that i have covered my 50% of level 22 with the help of Lucky Egg. Friend If you loved this video dont forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe my channel and folow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank You And here im going to show you how you can remove a soft ban Evolveing a Magikarp, This is to show you on which Cp you should evolve a Magikarp How you can catch Rare pokemons with the help of Pokesnipers in Pokemon GO. “}

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