Novritsch 0,49g BB kaal/weight [ENGLISH SUBTITLES ADDED]

{“en”:”Hello, this is Valle from Kaliiber Recently we had a discussion in the forums If Novritsch’s g BBs weight as much as advertised To find out what would be a better place than Tallinn University of Technology Let’s go to the lab to find out how much these BBs weigh Let’s put on 10 pieces Average for 10 should give us more or less the correct result Six Seven Let’s take a bigger spoon, it’s easier Eight Trying to get the right amount from here Eight Nine Ten not Showing zero 0.4815 So… We’ve now been to the lab and have the results BBs are pretty good and heavy But rather they weigh g, not g So let’s say… Weighing a single BB it is almost 0.482 But if [Novritsch] said they order 0.487 g from the factory Then these BBs are far from it So to round up to g might be a bit much for these BBs But the bottle is cool and the BBs are still very heavy Perhaps no need to fret over this issue but the truth is now clear Kaliiber out. “}

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