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betnovate rd cream buy {“en”:”This is mark. Thanks for watching [okay] ready, my house. Why? My house why oh, okay good okay? Let’s practice some rooms Good the bedroom no the kitchen dinging good the baby around Yes, okay, now. What do we do in these rooms, okay? Where do we get dressed which room get dressed? No Got in the bedroom. We get dressed in the [bedroom] good. Where do we pour milk? In the kitchen good we pour milk in the kitchen. Where do we take a bath? Yeah, we take a bath in the bathroom good Where do we watch TV? Watch TV now things okay Ready, [okay] challenge shuffle or wait wait wait.

Sorry. Let’s do the big ones first. Where’s the towel? Yeah, where is the top look at all sorry sorry sorry let’s practice first, okay? You say it’s okay, right? Good, okay, nice. Okay. Where is the table? [it’s] in the bathroom right the towels in the bathroom. Where is that so far? Yeah, good. It’s in the living room. Where is the [bed]? [good] Where is the refrigerator? Okay now Here we go Okay, I’m not going to show you Here you [can] see the [card] here. You can’t see only listen. Okay? Where is the pillow? Nice. Yes, it’s in the bedroom good. Where is the telephone? Yes, it’s another room Where is the Ball? the Ball nice great Where is the toothbrush? Nice, it’s the bathroom Where is the vacuum cleaner? Nice, you guys are great Where is the alarm clock in the bedroom nice? Nice, okay, good Where is the glass? [yes], it is. Okay. One more. Where is the shower? [ha] [ha] [ok] Let’s review Ready real quick ready, go Good job nice.

Nice. Nice. Nice ok great ok. “}

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