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Hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford And at this time of year a lot of people are are going to be having parties Yes it’s that festive season and I have a special lesson for you And were going to be talking about people that you would not invite To your party so let’s go Which kind of guest would you not invite? A party animal loves to party all the time A party pooper loves to ruin the party A party crasher comes on uninvited to the party A clingy guest never leaves you alone A flirt likes to seduce people A social butterfly talks to everybody for 30 seconds A wallflower is too shy to talk A performer likes to show off The first guest is a party animal This is somebody that loves parties so much They have to go to each and every single one they love to go to parties It’s their profession So if you have a party animal at your party probably they will be the last one to stay Party pooper a party pooper or a downer If somebody that is always saying something which is depressing Bringing everything and everyone down They are spoiling the party The party crasher this is somebody who is never invited to the party In the first place They just decide to drop in, visit you unexpectedly And this is somebody who often will spoil the party because they don’t fit in Yeah they don’t match with the rest of the people at the party The next one is clingy or needy guests Criimi means that it sticks to you That you can’t get rid of it it is like a glue it is sticky Or clingy So a clingy guest is somebody who’s always talking to you and then you say I Gotta go now Oh just one more last thing And they keep the conversation going and you can never get rid of them why? Because they’re clingy they are needy Flirt Is somebody who is always hitting on the guests or making a pass at the guests As they make their rounds Giving them that special look Or doing that special thing that attracts the opposite sex The texter, somebody who is texting people rather than talking to people at the party Somebody who looks like they don’t really want to be there Because they are not talking to people they are texting The social butterfly somebody who is very social and easygoing They like to make their rounds talking to everyone at the party From group to group from guest to guest To make sure that they can talk to everybody they only have 30 seconds to do it so So hi how are you? Blah, blah, blah! OK, Gotta go! The wallflower, traditionally used at a dance, a high school dance That’s the person that everybody’s on the dance floor But this person is standing off to the side and they don’t really want to talk to anybody Because they are shy The show off this is somebody that wants to be the center of attention So they could maybe take some dance classes and try to show off Their new dancing skills with their dancing partner It could be somebody who plays a musical instrument It could be somebody just wants to make a speech and gets up on the table So I hope you enjoyed all of these different kinds of guests that maybe you would not invite To your next party I hope that you all have a wonderful festive season this holiday season And I look forward to seeing you all in all our next English lesson Bye for now

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