Learn English from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Learn English from Riyadh Saudi Arabia hi my name is David Claussen and a viewer of my channel is from Riyadh and I was curious about it so I knew we could learn a lot of English from it so I am here in Colorado and we’re gonna go over here to Riyadh Saudi Arabia it is the capital of Saudi Arabia and this right here is the Arabian peninsula and a peninsula is a body of land that is surrounded by water this is all the water here here is the Arabian sea and I’ll show you a better picture here here is Riyadh like I said it’s the capital here is the Persian Gulf the red sea and then if we go down here we have the gulf of Aden and over here is the Indian Ocean so I love food and a good place to start is the national Saudi Arabia dish and a dish can mean food is the Kabsa and it’s an orange colored rice with lamb or chicken and this is a lamb right here so you know here’s a lamb lamb a lamb and here is a picture of Kabsa so that looks good it can have chicken or lamb and here’s that rice has nice spices in it so this is a Kabsa another dish that they have is called Shawarma I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right and in English we call it a kebab of we have these Colorado, United States a kebab and they’re made of lamb you can see right here and they are very good so you can see that in Saudi Arabia and another one is called Mandi which is can be chicken or a sheep and it is a nice dish you can see Mandi right here so those are three great dishes or things to eat in Saudi Arabia now if you go there in Riyadh you want to see this kingdom tower or the kingdom center and it’s the beautiful skyscraper you can see here with the triangle here another great site is the Masmak citadel which is right here and another name for that is a fortress or it’s the old part of town so this is a citadel the Masmak citadel or fortress and if you’re there another popular destination are these Souqs I guess you pronounce it but it’s an open market this is a market where you can go buy things shopping a market and another great thing to do is to do the camel trail of Riyadh you take a camel this is a camel and you go out and there’s they say there’s a beautiful view of the desert with the camel ride and I did look up the best hotel in Riyadh if you have a lot of money it’s the Al Faisaliah hotel I think I’m pronouncing that right and this very beautiful I’ll show you some pictures here’s the lobby let’s take a look here you can see the nice stairwell these are stairs and nice china here’s a really good view you can see of the city this is a view of the city of Riyadh so that’s kind of a quick video on Riyadh I know I didn’t say everything about it but I try to keep these videos quick if you learn something you learn some English please subscribe to my channel and I will make many many more fast videos to help you with English so thanks for your time take care bye bye To subscribe to more fast English videos, click subscribe and then this button click “Email with new uploads” and then you will get every video up to date for you, so thanks for your time, bye bye

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