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{“en”:”Hello everyone! welcome to my channel, I am Dori I am a teacher of English and today’s video is another request video but I think that it will be very very interesting for all of you know who want to study in the UK or the US and want a study visa for it so I read the question: “Could you please upload a video of how to behave with the visa officer and tricks and tips please okay so first of all what I want to tell you is that the visa officer that is going to interview you is a very experienced officer who really knows his job, so tricks won’t really work here. What I can do is to give you some general advice of what he expects to hear in order to give you that visa I believe that the majority of study visas are usually granted.

So, this video is about study visas and not work visas okay now as far as the UK is concerned, things are pretty easy as long as you can communicate in English quite well and you are able to provide reasons why you want to study in the UK and of course if you have all the required documents with you then you will probably get that visa. However, keep in mind that you must have already been offered a place on a course in an english university this is a requirement. Overall, you must be calm, organised and very clear and specific in your answers. These things help of course you should look decently dressed, ok So, during the interview if you don’t understand something or if you don’t hear something very well always always you can ask the officer to repeat the question or to talk a little bit more slowly so you can always ask something like that You can do these things and they are not going to count against you.

First things first, they will ask you your name and your date of birth the question could be something like that and in this case you will answer they will definitely ask you Where will you be studying? So, in this case you have to be clear and provide as many details as possible. So, if you can be specific for example you can answer something like that always always mention the university of your choice. The more information you know about it the better. So, be prepared before the interview because they will ask you some things about that.

For example, they may ask you in which case you have to know the exact start day of your program. So, you will answer, for example. Obviously, then, they are going to ask you some details about the course of your choice and the reasons of why you chose it So, again, it depends a little bit on your own personal choice and your own personal reasons so you have to be able to be really clear and specific of why you choose something like that and you have to know some things to talk about but as an example answer you could say for example. I strongly strongly advise you not to memorize answers. experienced examiners can really understand that and this is going to count against you but, of course always feel free to practice these answers lots of times until you’re able to talk about this matter without memorizing answers and without any extra help okay they will most certainly ask you So, you have to be able to talk about it a little bit about the university of your choice.

Answers like “well, this was the only university that actually accepted me” These answers are not going to work very well for you, so you have to be prepared for something else. For example, an answer could be Of course if you want to add even more advantages about the university of your choice you can feel free to add even more but this again is something that is based on your personal choice and preference They may also ask you Again, you may have your own personal reasons for choosing the UK but an example answer could be Of course they may not ask you all the questions that I give you here they may just ask you some of them but it is very wise to be prepared for all of them because you never know what they are going to ask you.

Another important factor for them is the issue of your residence So, they may ask you So, in this case you have to know what you are going to do in terms of residence, for example, you could answer Be sure that any answer you are giving is the truth because they’re going to ask you details about it most probably and you have to be able to answer them Another question could be again this is a little bit personal it is about what you intend to do but an example answer could be in this case of course you answer the truth they might ask you some information about the town that you are going to live in so be prepared for that too by saying some things about this specific town for example you could say you can also say that people are very friendly here or that you already have friends and relatives and you know more or less the city that you are going to live in.

As you can see, they may ask you different questions but they will be more or less around the same topics about your studies, about the university of your choice about where you are going to be staying and about the city that you are going to live in, more or less about the same topics so be sure to be prepared for these kind of questions They may also ask you about your IELTS score in which case you will answer your overall band score and if they ask you for a specific section that you may have a weakness be ready to answer how you intend to deal with it for example if you are a little bit weak for example in writing, you can answer something like so be ready to provide solutions if you already know that you lack some skills concerning your IELTS scores okay Overall, remember to be clear and to provide concise and specific answers be confident and show that you know what you are talking about good level of English in terms of reading speaking and writing and of course listening and communicating very well well, is kind of important but in case you’re already accepted by a university there then you probably have nothing to fear about Now, this is all about the UK if you’re interested in studying in the US well that’s a different story and we will talk about this in a following video in the part 2 of this video because regarding the US, things are a little bit different I hope this helps if you have any questions or comments please do leave them down below or in FB, T, G+ I’ve added all three links down in the Description box thank you very much for watching, good luck with your studies!”}

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