How To Be An Excellent Teacher

{“en”:”Hi, I’m Carolina Massie from Greater London Tutors, and I’m going to give you some information on how to teach certain subjects. Here’s the basics on how to be a good teacher. It’s important to be relaxed and easy-going because students respond to confidence. You’re going to stay professional at all times and remember that it isn’t a joke at the end of the day. Being creative really helps, finding different ways to teach, keeping it interesting, keeping it exciting, keeping it fresh helps.

Obviously, having the knowledge of your subject and being up to date in your subject is really important. But you don’t have to know everything and the more you’re willing to learn from your students, the more they’re willing to learn from you. Have a passion for your subject, so the more enthusiastic and passionate you are about your subject, the more enthusiastic and passionate the students might be. Obviously, being enthusiastic. Allow your students to develop an understanding in different ways and different speeds, different students then at different speeds, and they might learn better gradually, some might learn better by listening, some might learn better form reading, so just find the best way for your student. Demonstrate empathy. Students will get things wrong, this is the first time that they will be learning something, so it’s obvious that they will make mistakes. When students make mistakes, it’s a great way to start. You can encourage students to make mistakes so they never feel pressured or bullied by any of the students.

It’s important to set appropriate targets and goals and clear tasks, always setting the appropriate target for the age that you are teaching for. Use regular informal assessment as well as formal assessment and make sure to give positive feedback. You can use a multisensory approach, use different materials as many different materials as you can find to keep it interesting and keep it fresh. And obviously, encourage students to think for themselves. These are general tips on how to be a good teacher.. “}

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