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Hello everyone, my name is Anna. This is ‘English Like a Native’ and we are going back to basics. We’re going to cover greetings. Now before we start I want to tell you about a wonderful website called italki. Itaki is a website that connects students with amazing language teachers, because there’s no better way to become fluent in English, than to work with a teacher; a real teacher, one on one.

It’s the most efficient and effective way of learning language, so if you don’t have a teacher yet then why not check out italki, and as one of my viewers you get $10 credit when you sign up for your first lesson all you have to do is click on the link in the description box below so why not? It’s like buying one and getting one free. Right now let’s get started. To greet someone you could purely and simply say “Hello”. Hello can be used in any situation: informal or formal. Hello. But what are some other formal greetings we could use? If you’re greeting them in the morning you could say “good morning” If you’re greeting them after 12 o’clock midday you could say “good afternoon” but if it’s after p.m.

Then you would say “good evening”. Be aware that you would only say “goodnight” when you are ending the interaction and leaving. Goodnight. I’m not going yet. If you’re in a formal situation and meeting someone for the very first time you might say “It’s a pleasure to meet you”, “it’s very nice to meet you”, “I’m pleased to meet you”. If you’ve met this person before then you might say “it’s nice to see you again”, “it’s a pleasure to see you again”, “I’m pleased to see you again”. You may have heard the phrase “how do you do?” but this is very old-fashioned. How do you do? How do you do? If in a formal situation you want to make an inquiry into their well-being then you may say “How have you been?”, “How are you?”. Let’s now look at an informal situation. In an informal situation with friends you could just say “hey” or “hi”. If you want to find out how they are, then you may say “How’s it going?”, “How’s life?”, “How are you doing?”, “How are things?”, “What’s happening?”, “What’s new?” If you haven’t seen the person for a long time you may say “Long time no see”.

You may just hear “Alright?”, “You alright?” or “Sup?” which is kind of slang for what’s up. Sup! So there you go, many different ways to say “hello, how are you?” in English let me know which greeting you preferred in the comments box down below. If you’re not already a subscriber then please do press that big red subscribe button and I love a thumb so if you liked it then please press the like button. Until next time, take care, bye. Oh as I still have your attention I just want to do a massive shout out to all of my patrons, without your generous support this channel would not be possible. Now if you are watching and you’re not a subscriber then press this lovely little round button and why not check out some of these other awesome videos. In the description box below there are lots of links, go and have a look. Have a nice day, bye :).

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