English Language Center: Andrea Guevara

{“en”:”(calm music) – Venezuela is a beautiful country. We have great weather, gorgeous mountains, beautiful beaches, people is really friendly, so it’s a really nice place to live. Right now, we are suffering for a lot of issues, political, and it’s not as stable. It was the right time to move forward and look for new opportunities. Hello, my name is Andrea Guevara. I was a student in the Sturm College of Law. I graduated May 2015 from the LLM program in IBT. When I start searching for university, I was looking for ones that have more credibility and certifications and recognitions, and DU met all the requirements. So I needed to improve my English, my writing skills, and it was a step that I need to take over, you know, to move forward and you know have good grades. It was really helpful. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and the ELC I took two classes that it was just focusing on vocabulary. It was just words, all day. I need to learn like a dictionary. DU and the ELC program is really friendly. The professors are so good. They are like moms and dad.

They will help you. They understand like what you’re going through. And they’re there for you, to support you. I think it was really interesting to know other cultures. I met few girls from Saudi Arabia, and I never expect in my life to meet someone and be friends with a Saudi. Denver is an incredible city. You know, to go to the mountains and just go hiking or go to the river and do whatever you want to do. It’s a great place, really interesting. I think my experience overall here in the Sturm College of Law was great as well at the ELC program.. “}

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