English Conversation ★ Sleep Learning ★ Listen To Spoken English Conversation. Binaural Beats

In this video we use advanced binaural beats to help you identify and remember English words being used conversation. The video features multiple dialogues of typical everyday English conversation. Listen to this as you go to sleep and leave on whilst you sleep for greatest effects. We use 3 different binaural beats in this video, the first one enhances your learning ability, the second initiates sleep learning and the third improves memory. A: Hi, how are you doing? B: I’m fine.

How about yourself? A: I’m pretty good. Thanks for asking. B: No problem. So how have you been? A: I’ve been great. What about you? B: I’ve been good. I’m in school right now. A: What school do you go to? B: I go to PCC. A: Do you like it there? B: It’s okay. It’s a really big campus. A: Good luck with school. B: Thank you very much. A: Isn’t it a nice day? B: It really is. A: It seems that it may rain today. B: Hopefully it will. A: How come? B: I like how clear the sky gets after it rains. A: I feel the same way. It smells so good after it rains. B: I especially love the night air when it rains.

A: Really? Why? B: The stars look so much closer after it rains. A: I really want it to rain today. B: Yeah, so do I. A: It would be nice to go to the beach sometime this weekend. B: What’s the weather going to be like? I may want to go too. A: The weather this weekend is supposed to be warm. B: Will it be good beach weather? A: I think it will be. B: It wouldn’t be good if it got cold this weekend. A: I want this trip to be perfect, I hope it stays warm. B: This California weather is so uncertain, it’s impossible to know what’ll happen. A: I know. Every day the weather seems different. B: I would love it if it wasn’t always so unpredictable. A: That would make it easier for us to make plans. B: I know. Things are easier when you know what the weather’s going to be like. A: Tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? B: I enjoy drawing and painting.

A: You know how to draw and paint? B: Yes, I do. A: When did you learn how to do that? B: I learned back in high school. A: Oh, so you took an art class? B: Yeah, I loved that class. A: I see that you’re pretty talented. B: Thank you very much. A: I wish I had a talent like that. B: I’m sure you have a talent. It’s just hidden. A: Which movie is your favorite to watch? B: I have to say, my favorite movie is Superbad. A: Is that right? Why? B: Honestly, it is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. A: You’re right.

That movie is hilarious. B: I didn’t think you saw that movie. A: I went to see it the day it came out. B: I was laughing through the whole movie. A: I couldn’t help laughing, either. B: Same here. A: I bought the movie. Would you like to come to my house and watch it? B: Of course. A: What is your favorite kind of music? B: I listen to various types of music. A: What genres? B: I enjoy listening to both Rock and R&B. A: What interests you in that type of music? B: I enjoy the different types of instruments that they use. A: That is a perfect reason to like a certain kind of music. B: That’s exactly what I think too. A: Did you go to the basketball game on Friday? B: No, I couldn’t make it. A: You missed a really good game. B: Oh, really? Who won? A: Our school did. They played really well. B: Too bad I was busy.

I really wanted to go. A: Yeah, you should have. It was really exciting. B: So what was the score? A: The score was 101-98. B: Man, that was a really close game. A: That’s what made it so great. B: I’ll make sure and make it to the next one. A: Did you make it to school today? B: I always do. Did you go to school today? A: No, I didn’t. B: You should have, but have you seen any movies lately? A: That was an odd change of subject. B: Maybe it was, but answer the question. A: No, not recently. B: I want to go to see a movie this weekend. A: What’s stopping you then? B: I don’t want to go alone. A: So, will you be at school tomorrow? B: No, I want to go to the movies instead.

A: Have you heard what happened? B: Heard what? A: Debrah already had her baby. B: I didn’t know that. A: I thought you knew. B: I honestly didn’t know. A: The baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces. B: That’s good to hear. A: Will you go and visit them? B: Of course I will. A: I just wanted to give you the good news. B: Thanks for letting me know. A: Well, it was nice talking to you. B: It was nice talking to you too. A: We should really hang out again. B: That would be fun.

A: Where do you want to go? B: I think we should go out to eat. A: That sounds good. B: All right, so I’ll see you then. A: I’ll call you later. B: Okay, I’ll talk to you later then. A: See you later. B: Bye. (Longer Pause Here) A: How’s it going? B: I’m doing well. How about you? A: Never better, thanks. B: So how have you been lately? A: I’ve actually been pretty good. You? B: I’m actually in school right now. A: Which school do you attend? B: I’m attending PCC right now. A: Are you enjoying it there? B: It’s not bad. There are a lot of people there. A: Good luck with that. B: Thanks. A: I wish it was a nicer day today. B: That is true. I hope it doesn’t rain. A: It wouldn’t rain in the middle of the summer. B: It wouldn’t seem right if it started raining right now.

A: It would be weird if it started raining in ninety degree weather. B: Any rain right now would be pointless. A: That’s right, it really would be. B: I want it to cool down some. A: I know what you mean, I can’t wait until it’s winter. B: Winter is great. I wish it didn’t get so cold sometimes though. A: I would rather deal with the winter than the summer.

B: I feel the same way. A: The forecast says that it will be warm on the weekend. B: So do you think it’ll be perfect weather for the beach? A: It sounds like it will be. B: I really hope it doesn’t get cold. A: That would ruin things, I want to go so badly. B: The weather in California is unpredictable, so you never know. A: That is true. The weather is constantly changing. B: It would be nice if the weather would never change. A: That would be great, then we could plan things sooner. B: True. Predictable weather would make life easier. A: Are there any hobbies you do? B: When I have time, I sometimes draw and paint. A: Oh, you actually do that? B: Every so often, I do. A: Did you always know how to draw and paint? B: I was taught in high school how to draw and paint. A: You had an art class? B: Exactly, it was my favorite class.

A: Well, it’s good that you’re so talented. B: I appreciate that. A: Talent is a great thing, I wish I had one. B: Everyone has a talent. They just need to find it. A: What’s your favorite movie? B: My favorite movie is Superbad. A: Oh, why is that? B: It’s the funniest movie that I’ve ever seen. A: That’s true. It is a very funny movie.

B: You’ve seen it before? A: Yes, I saw that movie the first day it came out in theaters. B: Didn’t you laugh through the whole movie? I did. A: Me too. That movie brought tears to my eyes. B: Mine too. A: I have it on DVD at my house if you want to come over and watch it. B: Sure, let’s go. A: What type of music do you like to listen to? B: I like listening to different kinds of music. A: Like what, for instance? B: I enjoy Rock and R&B. A: Why is that? B: I like the different instruments that they use. A: That’s a good reason to like something. B: Yeah, I think so too. A: Were you able to attend Friday night’s basketball game? B: I was unable to make it.

A: You should have been there. It was intense. B: Is that right. Who ended up winning? A: Our team was victorious. B: I wish I was free that night. I’m kind of mad that I didn’t go. A: It was a great game. B: What was the score at the end of the game? A: Our team won 101-98. B: Sounds like it was a close game. A: That’s the reason it was such a great game. B: The next game, I will definitely be there. A: Did you go to school today? B: Of course.

Did you? A: I didn’t want to, so I didn’t. B: That’s sad, but have you gone to the movies recently? A: That’s a switch. B: I’m serious, have you? A: No, I haven’t. Why? B: I really want to go to the movies this weekend. A: So go then. B: I really don’t want to go by myself. A: Well anyway, do you plan on going to school tomorrow? B: No, I think I’m going to go to the movies. A: Did you hear the news? B: What happened? A: Our cousin went into labor and had her baby last week. B: She did? Why didn’t anyone tell me? A: I would’ve thought that somebody would have told you.

B: No, I had no idea. A: Well, she did, her baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces. B: Oh my God, that’s great! A: Are you going to go and visit her and the baby? B: I think that I might. A: Good! I just thought I’d let you know. B: Thanks for telling me. A: I had fun talking to you. B: It was really nice talking to you also. A: I think we should really do something sometime. B: That should be loads of fun. A: What do you want to do next time? B: Would you like to go to dinner or something? A: Yeah, let’s do that. B: Okay, until next time then. A: I’ll call you so we can set that up. B: Talk to you then. A: All right, see you. B: See you..