DRAGON BALL SUPER OP 2 (English Cover)

{“en”:”Fired up and ready to go Wired as the new arc unfolds Grab onto fate never let go Deep inside I know I’ma fight And I let my powers run right I can’t get no satisfaction (Hey Hey) There’s monotony (Hey Hey) Creeping up on me I can’t live a, normal life that’s just not me~ (Lets fly high) (Hey Hey) So I’m moving on (Hey Hey) Soon I will be gone I’m unstoppable Dragon Ball Let’s go ‘Cuz even though the door is locked And they’re expecting me to knock I’ll just break (Hey) Through the door (Hey) I’m stronger than I was before The time has come for me to rush It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I can’t be stopped (Hey) Just wait and see (Hey) There are no limits binding me I persevere through the limit break Gods and men alike are blown away”}

As found on Youtube

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