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Hi, I’m Mister Paul. Welcome to my blog! During this lesson, you’ll be able to find out how to answer task one of the IELTS general writing examination. Within the general IELTS writing examination, task one involves writing a letter. Usually, you have got to try and do 3 things in your letter. You have got twenty minutes and you have to put in writing a minimum of one hundred and fifty words. During this lesson, you’ll discover a way to set up and write a general task one IELTS answer.

You’ll learn easy methods that you’ll be able to use to put in writing a far better answer and improve your IELTS writing score. Let’s begin by going over a sample question: Your neighbour has been creating a great deal of noise recently. This has resulted in certain issues, and you wish to raise them to prevent the problem from escalating. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter: – state evidence of the noise and make a case for the issues this has caused for you – say what’s going to happen if the matter isn’t resolved.
Planning for IELTS general task one answers is simpler than for different IELTS writing tasks. All general task one queries have an identical structure. This implies that your answer will have identical formats on every occasion. The question asks you to try and do 3 things. All paragraphs should have their own clearly defined purpose. So, your answer can have 3 short paragraphs.

You will need a brief introduction. Simply write one sentence to clarify why you’re writing; like this: I’m writing to complain regarding the noise levels emanating from your house over the past few weeks. The introduction could be completely different in different tasks. For instance, if you’re writing to a lover, you’d write something abundantly less complicated. There’s an additional issue you’ll need to consider whilst planning: tone. Once we say ‘tone’, we tend to mean how formal or informal your letter ought to be. Task one of the final IELTS writing examination is where tone is clearly mentioned within the rating system.

You need to put in writing in an applicable tone, and your tone must be consistent. What tone does one suppose you wish were here? Ought your letter to be formal, neutral, or informal? Most likely, your letter is somewhere between neutral and formal. You’re writing to your neighbour, therefore it’s not necessary to be overly formal. However, let’s not forget you’re writing to complain and that adds formality. In my experience, the most common mistakes with task one answers isn’t obtaining the right tone. Either candidates select an inappropriate level, or they combine completely different levels within the same answer. Each of those mistakes can hurt your score. So, before you write something, consider how formal your letter ought to be. Now, you have got a plan; let’s write our initial paragraph! Check out the start of a letter: Emily, how’s it going? I’m really writing as a result of problems I have with noise coming from where you are living.

I’d like to know the reason for the noise levels. I mean, what on earth are you doing that’s causing so much noise? I can hardly hear myself think while I’m talking to somebody who’s sitting next to me – it’s that loud. Please inform me as to what’s occurring matter is tone. As you detected before, it’s a typical mistake to combine formal and informal language.