Our Approach to Language

We see it once we believe it.

Everyone makes choices as to where to focus their energy, either on obstacles or opportunities. To fixate on our issues, or specialise in solutions, we may harp on about what’s wrong with the planet (as noted in most news media), or else we contemplate what’s right with the planet. What we nurture in a positive environment grows in abundance.

That’s why our community shares one easy, unifying mission: to unleash the ability of optimism.

Optimism isn't irrational cheerfulness or “blind” positivism, rather it’s a practical strategy for approaching life. Optimism empowers English language learners to explore the planet with open arms, having an eye fixed toward solutions, progress, and growth. Optimism makes life an enormous amount of fun.

Optimism enables language learners to live a cheerful and fulfilling life – “Life is sweet!” In contrast to X-ray vision, bullet speed, or Herculean strength, a happy and fruitful life is accessible to everybody. The “Life is sweet” Superpowers will assist you in overcoming obstacles, allowing you to drive forward with bigger purpose, as you revel in the ride of life.

In the Beginning

Paul has always enjoyed travelling and in 1997 he took a giant leap towards his goal of journeying further afield by moving to Turkey and in total he stayed there for 3 years. This led to a full-time career in TEFL which took him as far afield as Indonesia and Pakistan. Paul now plans to move back to Europe - let's just hope Brexit doesn't prove to be too much of a stumbling block.

Paul & Friends

This blog is maintained by Paul Rafferty

with a little help from his friends!

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Paul Anthony Rafferty


Paul is a Certified hypnotherapist and qualified English language teacher. Whilst teaching English in Turkey in August 1999, Paul experienced a massive earthquake; shortly after Paul travelled to Thiva in Greece and then onto Athens where unbelievably, another earthquake took place. Some years later Paul moved on to Riyadh in the KSA where he ended up chest high in water following severe flooding.

English teaching for Paul has certainly been eventful!

Whilst maintaining this blog, Paul also designs courses. He has completed a course in neuro linguistic programming. If you would like to preview the course, please go here:


Marlon Trinidad Grey


Marlon comes from the volcanic region of Baguio City in the Philippines and he is well-versed in teaching the English language. He and Paul first met at Al Jazeera International Academy in Riyadh where Marlon worked alongside Paul as Administration Supervisor both in Riyadh and at the prestigious Al-Baha University in the remote mountainous region of Al-Aqeeq, Saudi Arabia. Marlon continues to work full-time at Al-Jazeera International Academy and recommends the Academy to students living in Saudi Arabia wishing to learn English. Marlon says:

"Al Jazeera International Academy is a fantastic place for Saudis and other nationalities to come and learn English. We have native English speakers teaching English and everybody is welcome to attend our friendly, vibrant academy".


British Degree Courses

Partner College

Global London College are situated in Holborn, Central London. They assist students travelling to the United Kingdom with college and university placements.

For information contact: Miss Aung or Mr Loni Dranga.

+44(0)207 538 7626

Paul recommends Global London College to any students who intend travelling to London for the purpose of studying a recognised degree course.

Online Classes

Email me for my online classes.

I will begin teaching privately when I finally leave Saudi Arabia in February 2018.

My private email address is:

Skype: paul.rafferty5

Skype lessons can be made via PayPal