BEST English Teachers on YouTube and Internet 2018

{“en”:”Hi there, Vladimir here with another video on how to learn English Who are the best teachers on YouTube and Internet in general There are so many of them or dare I say: many of us. People calling themselves English teacher, coach, instructor guide, specialist, expert the first, number 1, the best so many to choose from everybody selling their online course I made a video to help you choose 2 questions video This video is about my favorite online/YouTube teachers of English they taught me about 80% of what I know in terms of vocabulary and grammar Here they are Here are my favorite online teachers of English Jack Nicholson George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Jr Charlize Theron, Harrison Ford One of my favorite teachers is a guy by the name of Quentin Tarantino He taught me a lot of slang For my presentation English I have to thank this amazing teacher Steve Jobs taught me so much about the art of giving presentations you can find his free lessons on YouTube Other teachers I learned a lot from you can find on TED and believe it or not, their lessons are free of charge with transcripts and everything For advanced learners of English I would recommend Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld Chris Rock and Louis CK So many of them, I canu2019t list them all special thanks to Joe Rogan, Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel Those are some of my listening coaches, guides, teachers For my reading which is even more important My reading instructors, coaches and teachers are the BBC, CNN, Japan Times, the Economist, Wikipedia to name but a few and what all those teachers have in common is that they don’t charge for their lessons But I left the best for last my favorite online/YouTube teachers of English are these 2 guys: Cambridge and Longman dictionaries By far, the best English teachers on YouTube and the internet and believe it or not their invaluable Grammar & Pronunciation lessons are completely free all you need is Internet These were/are my English teachers, they taught me almost everything I know in terms of vocabulary and grammar speaking of grammar, I do need to thank Google Those are my teachers, and dare I say everybody who has ever mastered English learned from the same teachers Let me let you in on a secret: no one has ever learned a foreign language watching YouTube videos of people calling themselves language teachers The problem with those you call English teachers is that their videos lack Context A situation with beginning middle and end a story Context is essential, you canu2019t remember without context Why does a video giving a list of arbitrary expressions have over 11 million views There is no context, no one can remember that many expressions My teachers/movies provide context: Why, Where and with Whom you can use a certain expression one at a time Why does a video of a person pronouncing a random list of words have million views 10 words, we fixed those what about the remaining 10,000 words, 100,000 words, are they pronounced correctly? are there gonna be another 1000, 10000 videos for you to watch you have Cambridge and Longman for that, free online dictionaries with examples sentences Teaching a language is NOT about being a human dictionary What about me? Every YouTube video I upload is designed to wean you off YouTube videos of people calling themselves language teachers I try to convince you to Stop watching videos of people calling themselves teachers most of whom have not mastered a foreign language themselves Stop watching videos of talking heads but instead watch movie scenes TED talks, podcasts and read read books, online articles, blogs Reading is more important than Listening stop watching and start reading And I suggest you start with my book Virtually Native a book that will give you a tried & tested method for learning English teach you how to use monolingual learner’s dictionaries, how to practice your pronunciation, how to remember vocabulary and grammar, how to use movies to learn English My book is available on Amazon and”}

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