Mister Paul

Mister Paul’s Vision

I want to be able to provide a future learning platform whereby all English language learners are able to maintain a coherent working knowledge of English.

I try to give students a mix of workable solutions to all their language needs solving issues along the way.

Although at the time of writing I do not make use of the Callan Method of direct English, it is my intention to teach the method both online and in house.

The Callan Method uses a system of quick fire questions and answers from teacher to student, whilst correcting the student as he/she goes.

I hope to improve the language skills of all learners regardless of their age, background or ability.

Mister Paul’s Story

Mister Paul’s humble teaching beginnings started with a TEFL Certificate course in 1996 which, in turn, led to a summer school teaching post in Seaford, East Sussex, on the south coast of England. Paul’s duties were to teach traditional method English in the mornings using Headway books, and in the afternoon, taking the students on trips to London, Guildford, Hastings, Brighton and Eastbourne. The students were made up of kids and young teenagers from Spain, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Italy and Russia. Next stop was Eskişehir, in north western Turkey, where Paul again taught traditional method English from Headway books, this time at a school of some 1,000 young teenagers. Initially contracted for one academic year, Paul ended up staying on for a second year before going to teach Business English to up-and-coming managers  in Warsaw Poland. Again, staying in Poland for two years, Paul came across the Callan Method which was later to prove pivotal in his teaching career. Returning to Turkey, Paul took on a challenging position for six months at a university in Mersin before travelling to Ankara where he taught English to mixed level adults. After this, he went to the Catalan region of Spain and it was there that, for a total period of three years, Paul taught the Callan Method of English. Later, Paul returned to the UK and began working as Principal of Great Chapel College in central London, swiftly moving on to take up a role of Principal and Director of London College of Business, promoting the college courses including of course, the English language in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia as well as Pakistan. After a few years Paul sought a new adventure and travelled to Saudi Arabia where he taught English to students on the King’s Scholarship Program at Al Jazeera International Academy in Riyadh before taking on the post of Project Manager at Al Baha University’s English Language Unit high in the Sarawat mountains; something he did for two separate academic years. Sometime later, Paul spent a couple of years teaching English to military personnel at Saudi Arabia’s National Guard in Riyadh. Taking a year out from the Saudi experience, he travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico and spent several months teaching in company and at the college; at one stage Paul gave English classes to members of Mexico’s popular Chivas Football Club.

Paul has often been invited to give talks at conferences in both Baha and Riyadh; notably and more recently, Paul participated in a televised Round Table discussion on the future of education In Saudi Arabia, where he gave his observations on the teaching of English throughout the Saudi education system outlining his ideas on possible improvements.

At the time of writing Mister Paul is still teaching English in the KSA.


Meet the Team

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Mister Paul

Paul Rafferty


Paul Rafferty, often referred to as ‘Mister Paul’ by his students has been involved in Teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1996. He has been responsible for course syllabication rules and has prepared students for IELTS and Cambridge First Certificate examinations. Paul makes use of wide-ranging resources and is experienced in Power Point presentations as well as graphic and video design. Paul seeks to promote online courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of students less able to attend classroom lessons. At the moment he is teaching on behalf of Al Jazeera International in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he works closely on projects with Marlon Grey Trinidad.

For students wanting to follow courses in the United Kingdom, Paul has established a professional relationship with Global London College.

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