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{“en”:”Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Queenie Lee I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to work with people who are fun, funny, energetic, creative and insightful. And they happen to be 14 to 18 years of age. I really do think kids keep a person young, and I think that’s probably why, when I’m in the presence of adults, I sometimes don’t know how to act, so you’ll forgive me. So, inspiring the students of the future. What really works? 37 years of teaching experience have taught me that two things are needed: research-based teaching techniques and relationship. Relationship is huge, but we’ll talk more about that later. What I’d like to look at first are the techniques. I think probably most of us remember the teacher-centered classroom; this is probably what we are familiar with from our youth. You remember the teacher was up front in the center, the students were in nice neat rows, not allowed to talk to each other, and the teacher, the source of authority, downloaded information to the kids, who regurgitated it back up on a test designed to measure how much content they could remember.

Now, I have to admit, I love lecturing, but my students don’t always love it; it does not always inspire. So I was thinking, what really inspires? Years ago, I was doing lunch duty at school, standing in the lunchroom, being visible, watching kids go through the cafeteria line, and as I watched the kids going through the line, it occurred to me they love having choices. And so I said to myself, “Self, maybe that would work in the classroom. Let the kids have choices.” And so that’s what I did. I converted my classroom to a situation where student choice was a big part of the room along with four other Cs: Collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Actually, over ten years ago, the National Education Association identified those last four Cs on the list as essential 21st century skills that kids should learn, and I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve added choice to the top of the list not as a skill for kids to learn, but rather as a characteristic of the classroom. By choice, I mean a situation where many learning activities are available to students, designed to meet the many diverse learning styles that they have.

And the kids love it as much as they love choices in the cafeteria. Now, I think we’re made for learning this way. Imagine our early hominid ancestors out looking for food. Don’t you know that finding and tracking that woolly mammoth required critical thinking and problem-solving? It definitely required collaboration, teamwork. I mean, you wouldn’t want to do this by yourself. No way. And collaboration required communication. And then I imagine those people sitting around the campfire at night, reliving the adventures of the day’s hunt.

They must have had smiles on their faces when they were retelling the story of the hunt. And I know they smiled when they put those cave paintings up on the wall because creativity is a uniquely human, pleasurable, satisfying activity. So I believe our brains are wired for the five Cs. And since they’re wired for the five Cs, that authentic learning will happen when kids are allowed to engage in the five Cs. And not just learning, but I think kids will enjoy a classroom setup like this and even be inspired in this way.

Now, this requires – A classroom setup based on the five Cs requires a shift from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom. And this requires the teacher to remove him or herself from front and center, becoming more of a guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage. But this opens up opportunities to not merely teach, but to coach, to mentor, to nurture and inspire, and that’s why I love it so much. Now, time out. It’s important for me to mention these are not my original ideas; I stand on the shoulders of giants. Remember Plutarch? He said it a long time ago: “The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” And more recently, Albert Einstein: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” All right.

You’re going to have to bear with me. I’m going to get real goose-bumpy for a minute. One of the absolute, most exciting moments of my life, my professional life was meeting Albert Einstein just a few years ago. (Laughter) Changed my life, bumping into him in that wax museum. (Laughter) What a moment it was. So I stand on the shoulders of giants, giants like Montessori and Piaget, and Dr. Sam Postlewait, who was doing a lot of these things in his biology classes at Purdue University, back in the 1960s. I’m a product of the Purdue Biology Department; that’s where I fell in love with biology. I stand on the shoulders of giants, like Tom Watts and Steve Randak, who were doing this back in the 1970s in their high school biology classes.

I stand on the shoulders of many giants called elementary school teachers and special ed teachers. So, I’m a product of all of those mentors. So, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and student choice, what’s it look like? If I could just share with you briefly the experiences that I’ve tried with this: I’ve taken my ninth-grade biology classes and divided the school year up into two- to three-week units. At the beginning of each unit, the students are given a menu of all the smorgasbord activities that are available on the menu. Now, this has been challenging because I’ve had to write all of these activities so that no matter what combination of activities a student chooses to do, based on their learning styles, and no matter what order they choose to do them in, they’ll still achieve the required objectives for the unit.

It’s been fun; it’s been a challenge. But the kids love it. They love having the choice, and there are many times when they forget that I’m even in the room, and that’s okay. One of the things that is not required – There are two activities normally in every unit that are not required: One is the test at the end of the unit, and the other one is the computer tutorial. I’ve taken several summers and written these self-paced, interactive computer tutorials that the kids work through. They’re designed to take the place of the stuff I used to lecture on. Kids have told me in private, “Mr. Ruhl, we like the tutorials better than your lectures.” And that’s okay, that’s perfectly okay, because it’s all about them. And so if you came to visit my class on a typical day, you would see some kids working through the computer tutorials. You would very likely see some kids working on some website activities online. It’s possible you would see some kids in a corner of the room with headphones on watching a video related to the unit, writing out answers to questions that accompany the video.

I’m sure you would see students doing laboratory activities. You would probably notice some kids tending to their ongoing science fair projects, and I know for sure, you would probably find a group of kids off in another corner around an educational game designed to teach them about some biological concept related to the unit. And you would likely see some kids doing some hands-on, minds-on simulations, learning about some other biological phenomena. I know you would see some kids off in a corner filling out what are called “reflection sheets,” that are designed to get them to think about their learning, self-evaluate their efforts, take past knowledge and connect it to new knowledge. And there’s one other activity on the menu that a lot of kids really enjoy. It’s called “Arts and Entertainment.” It’s on the menu in every unit, and this is where the students take any concept they’ve learned in the unit and at home, develop some kind of a project presentation and then present it to the rest of the class on the last day of the unit.

Arts and Entertainment has to be nontraditional; it’s only limited by their imagination. So they can come in and perform a song, a skit, present a movie, present a model that they’ve built, poetry, any nontraditional way of demonstrating their knowledge of something they’ve learned in the unit. For example, these two young ladies in our biochemistry unit took it upon themselves to build a model of a chlorophyll molecule using gumdrops to represent the atoms. These two young ladies – they’re sisters – they happened to decide to demonstrate in a very creative way the fact that they each inherited half of their genes from mom and half of their genes from dad. (Laughter) Got to love them. This method of teaching, for me, I have found – 37 years experience – is not only effective, but it’s fun because it allows me to sit down with small groups of students while I’m team-teaching with that fleet of ten computers; it gives me the opportunity to sit down with a group of two, three or four or five kids and respond to questions that they initiate. It allows me the opportunity to listen to their thinking, and, teachers, when you do this, if you do this, the whole situation creates somewhat of a teacher paradox.

Because by removing yourself from front and center, you seem to become less important, but paradoxically, in reality you become more important because when working as a guide on the side, you’re freed up to use the most powerful teaching techniques I have ever run across in 37 years. They’re as old as the hills; it doesn’t matter what techniques are used, these two always work. I’m talking about two loves. First, the teacher’s love for the subject and passion for the subject. And secondly, the teacher’s genuine love for the kids. First, let’s talk about the passion. You know what I remember about third grade? I remember Jenny on the bus.

I’m not kidding. Third grade. No, the thing I remember most about the classroom in third grade is I remember our teacher every day after lunch would read to us for 10 to 15 minutes; she would read to us “Tom Sawyer.” What an adventure! We had black-and-white TV, we had cartoons on TV, but this was different. It was obvious to us that Miss Hershey loved reading, and she was passionate about reading to us. Tom Sawyer! What an adventure! At the end of the 10-minute reading period, I couldn’t wait until the next day to find out what would happen to Tom and his friends. I don’t know if Miss Hershey realized it or not, I should have written her a letter a long time ago. She inspired me to be a reader. But you see, she wasn’t saddled with state-mandated standards and state-mandated, high-stakes standardized testing, and so she was free to teach and inspire. I’ll never forget her.

She means the world to me. I should have written her a long time ago. Then for that other love. Teacher’s love for the kids. If there are any teachers in the audience, don’t get nervous. I’m not talking about warm, fuzzy, emotional love. I’m talking about genuine, decisional, put-the-other-person-first kind of love. It motivates; it inspires in a powerful way. I’m talking about the kind of love that – C.S. Lewis wrote about it in his book “The Four Loves.” He described it as “agape love,” the highest level of love known, a self-sacrificial kind of love, a love that’s passionately committed to the well-being of the other. This kind of love is not always emotional, but it is always decisional. So, teachers, great news. This means you can love your kids even when they’re not likable. Does that ever happen? Because this kind of love is not emotional, it’s decisional, and it motivates and inspires in a powerful way, and it’s as old as the hills.

So, teachers … an airtight lesson plan is important. A well-organized, consistent discipline plan is important. Effective use of technology is important. The standards are important, but, please, don’t let them stifle your creativity. All these things are important, but what the kids are going to remember most of all is you. Don’t forget that sixth C: Caring. That is the most effective, most powerful, most inspiring way of teaching: getting their attention, motivating them, inspiring them. What they’re going to remember most is that you looked them in the eye and asked them about their extra-curricular activities and their part-time jobs. What they’re going to remember most is that you just asked them in the hall how they were doing. What they’re going to remember most is you worked really hard in the first couple weeks of school to learn their names in the first couple days. What they’re going to remember most is that you went to their athletic events and their concerts.

What they’re going to remember most is that you led the class in loud, off-key choruses of “Happy Birthday.” What they’re going to remember most is that when they made the newspaper, you put their newspaper clippings up on the wall in the classroom, and you told them to autograph them, and you told them to do that so that some day when their autographs were worth lots of money, it would fund your retirement. (Laughter) What they’re going to remember is that you were transparent, and that you were real, and that you had the ability to laugh at yourself and laugh with them. So, what’s really important? How do we motivate? How do we inspire? Allow kids to involve themselves in the classroom in student-choice collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. But don’t forget that sixth C. It’s probably the most important one because the greatest of these is love. Thank you. (Applause). “}

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Study English – Series 1, Episode 5: Global Warming

{“en”:”Hello. I’m Margot Politis. Welcome to Study English, IELTS preparation. Today we’re going to look at a topic you’ve probably heard a lot about – global warming and the environment. First we’re going to look at ways of brainstorming, taking notes and developing ideas. Watch while we play some vision that contains ideas about the causes and effects of global warming. While you watch, try to note down some of your ideas about what global warming is. OK so you saw some ideas, and perhaps took some notes, during that clip. What were some of the ideas you saw? What has caused global warming? We saw gases in the air, cars, factory waste, and people cutting trees down. So if you made those notes, you’d get an idea that these were the things causing global warming. Now let’s listen to someone talk about the causes. Heat-trapping gases are building up in the atmosphere.

Heat-trapping gases are building up in the atmosphere. What else? So what is global warming? It’s the result of billions of decisions. It’s caused by decisions made by individuals – like driving big cars rather than small cars. And it’s caused by decisions made by corporations and nations, like dumping waste into the atmosphere. Global warming is caused by about people using big cars, and people dumping waste into the atmosphere. OK, so you’ve looked at the vision, and listened to the speaker, and you’ve made notes about some of the causes of global warming. Now let’s look for some of the effects. So after watching that, you might be thinking that global warming is having an effect on weather patterns, and on nature. Listen to the speaker. Nature is already responding to global warming. There have been changes in global weather patterns. Trees are flowering earlier. Birds are laying eggs earlier. Butterflies are moving up hills. So there’s been weather changes, and changes to the ways trees, birds and butterflies behave. So we have a list of causes, and list of effects. You might have identified those things from a text you’ve read, or from listening to someone speak.

This is how you can take notes. Once you’ve got your notes, you need to be able to link those causes and effects in sentences. Let’s look at a couple of different ways. The first and most basic way is just making a sequence of statements. This can sometimes be a powerful way of making a connection between things. Listen. Heat-trapping gases are building up in the atmosphere. Trees are flowering earlier. Birds are laying eggs earlier, and butterflies are moving up hills. From the sequence of information, we realise that birds are laying their eggs earlier because gases are making the earth warmer. So a simple list of statements can show a cause and effect relationship. But there are other ways too. You can use the language of cause and effect. We can say: X causes Y. Driving cars causes air pollution. There are many other word choices as well. Driving cars leads to air pollution. Driving cars results in air pollution. Notice you can also turn the sentence around. Air pollution is caused by driving cars.

Air pollution is the result of driving cars. Air pollution is due to driving cars. Listen to an example here. There have been changes in global weather patterns. Trees are flowering earlier. Birds are laying eggs earlier. Butterflies are moving up hills. So what is global warming? It is the result of billions of individual decisions. He’s talking about global warming. Global warming is the result of billions of decisions. Global warming is due to billions of decisions. And remember we can turn the sentence around, and change the phrase: Billions of decisions cause global warming. Billions of decisions result in global warming. Billions of decisions lead to global warming. When you’re writing about causes and effects, make sure you use a variety of these kinds of phrases. There are many to choose from. You should make lists of cause and effect language, and the kinds of vocabulary you can use to describe cause and effect relationships.

Now listen to another clip. Trees are flowering earlier. Birds are laying eggs earlier. Butterflies are moving up hills. So what is global warming? It is the result of billions of individual decisions. When you’re writing up your notes using cause and effect language, you’ll need to be able to follow or track the subject of the text. Let’s look at that now. What is global warming? It is the result of billions of individual decisions. The word ‘it’ here is called a referent. We use referents to identify and track subjects through a conversation or a piece of writing.

If you repeat the subject too many times, your work will sound boring. Listen to this: The woman came into the room. The woman sat down. The woman drank her tea. Look at how we use referents: The woman came into the room. She sat down. She drank her tea. When you are reading, you’ll need to be able to understand referents, and follow the subject through the text. Other referents are: this, that, these, those. Here’s the clip again. Listen to the way the referents are used. What is global warming? It is the result of billions of individual decisions.

The word it here refers to global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is the result of billions of decisions. And here’s another referent: What is global warming? It is the result of billions of individual decisions. You can’t manage that at the scale of the individual. He says: You can’t manage that at the scale of the individual. He means: You can’t manage global warming at the scale of the individual. But notice how the subject changes here. What is global warming? It’s the result of billions of individual decisions.

You can’t manage that at the scale of the individual. Managing the atmosphere has to take place at a global level. That’s why it needs international agreements. Managing the atmosphere has to take place at a global level. The subject of this sentence is ‘managing the atmosphere’. That’s why it needs international agreement. So the ‘it’ here no longer refers to global warming. Now ‘it’ is referring to ‘managing the atmosphere’. That’s why managing the atmosphere needs international agreement. When reading and writing, you must be very careful to notice when subjects change, and to be clear about which subject is being referred to. This can be quite tricky sometime. Next time you see a paragraph, try to highlight all the referents like: it this that these those he she they Then try to work out what subject they are all referring back to.

It’s a great exercise, and it will help your reading, writing and speaking skills. And that’s all for today. Hope you keep enjoying your English studies and Study English! I’ll see you next time.. “}

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Lesson 1 – Sam and Mel English for Children

{“en”:”Hello my name is Sam. What is… Hello. Oh hello. What is your name? My name is Mel. What is your name? My name is Sam. Oh. Goodbye Sam. Goodbye Mel. Hello Oh hello. What is your name? My name is Vicky. Hello Wicky. No. My name is Vicky. Your name is Wicky. No, no, no, no. My name is Vicky, Vicky, V, V, Vicky. Vvvicky Yes. What is your name? My name is Sam. Sham? No. Sam. Sham. S, S, Sam. S, S, Sam. Yes, my name is Sam. Goodbye S, S, Sam. Goodbye V, V, Vicky. Goodbye Mel. Goodbye Sam. Goodbye. “}

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Vehicles and Transport | Matt’s Tube # 2 | Learning Transportation, Learn English Kids

{“en”:”Dream English Kids Hello, Do you like vehicles? Me too! Matt’s Tube Hello and welcome to Matt’s Tube. My name is Matt. What’s your name? It’s great to see you. Today, I’m thinking about something. Do you know what I’m thinking about? That’s right. Vehicles! Tunes, you scared me. I’m sorry. I have an idea. Tunes, do you want to learn some vehicle names with us? You do, that’s great! Here we go! Airplane boat car dump truck fire truck Garbage truck Helicopter Motorcycle race car train Let’s sing a song about vehicles. Here we go! Let’s sing a song. And learn about the world trains run on tracks, trains run on tracks trains run on tracks Race cars are fast. Race cars are fast. Race cars are fast. Let’s sing a song. And learn about the world.

Fire trucks are red. Fire trucks are red. Fire trucks are red. Garbage trucks can fly. Garbage trucks can fly. Garbage trucks can fly. do-de-do-de-do Garbage trucks can’t fly. Oh You’re right Let’ sing a song. And learn about the world. Great job! My name is Tunes. My name is Bell. Are you ready for the Crazy Dance? Here we go! Hello, are you ready for the spelling game? if we make a mistake the dinosaur will come out. Yeah like that okay today’s word is … Let’s drive the car vroom vroom we did it we did it we did it. Yeah, we did it we did it we did yeah Hi, Tunes. Hi, Matt. Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you a question? Sure, go ahead. Hi, Tunes. Tunes, do you know a vehicle that has two wheels is really fast and and goes vroom, vroom? An airplane? No onion ice cream? No I know, a motorcycle! That’s right! A motorcycle! Great job! It’s time for Mystery Box. What’s in the Mystery Box today? Motorcycle Let’s count with Matt.

Let’s count with Matt. 1, 2, 3 just like that! Are you ready to count the flying garbage trucks? okay here we go ten flying garbage trucks Hi friends what’s that sound? It’s a fire truck. Let’s go and have a look Cool a fire truck Fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck Red firetruck red firetruck yellow fire truck yellow fire truck pink fire truck pink fire truck green fire truck green fire truck Fruit covered fire truck? What? Fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck Oh, yeah fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck Purple fire truck purple fire truck orange fire truck orange fire truck blue fire truck blue fire truck Brown fire truck Brown fire truck Food covered fire truck? What? Fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck Fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck fire truck I love fire trucks. Great job! Are you ready for a quiz? What do you see? Great job What did we learn today? What did we learn today? Hello again I had a great time today.

I hope you did too Today we learned that trains run on tracks. Race cars are really fast and Fire trucks are red We also learned that car is spelled C A R. I had a great time today. I hope you did too. See you next time Goodbye, see you, thank you Goodbye Dream English Kids Hi, you’re still here yeah, let’s watch another video!. “}

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Pre-K Promo (English language)

{“en”:”Did you hear the news? Full-day Pre-K for 4-year-olds is coming to Crowley ISD! Starting in the 2018-19 school year, CISD also will offer half day pre-k for three-year-olds. And, it’s free Free! Pre-K and Kindergarten Round-up is April 2nd through the 6th. To learn more about eligibility and to register, Visit crowleyisdtx.org/roundup. “}

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이상형 10명 한번에 만나기 X GLAM

{“en”:”Please choose your ideal type Mm.. Someone who isnu2019t cocky Someone I can learn from Iu2019d also like it if they were funny I like people who are on the buffer side sou2026 wide..shoulders? Since Iu2019m pretty tall, Iu2019d say someone whou2019s at least 180 cm? Oh gosh what do I do. I havenu2019t felt this way in so long! (Connecting) Wowu2026everyone has wide shoulders This is a little..

Scary Who would like to go on a blind date with me? u201cHellou201d u201cHiu201d u201cNice to meet you!u201d u201cHello Greenu201d u201cHi there~u201d u201cNice to meet you^^u201d So many messages..what do?? Weu2019re going to give you 30 minutes to narrows down to one person and exit all other chatrooms. 30 minutes?? (M) Hello (F) Hello (M) Hello. You look lovely today. (F) Thank you (M) Hello~ Youu2019re very pretty ^^ (F) Thank you (M) Hi (F) Thank you for waiting (M) Hello (F) Helko (deleting) (F) hello (M) hi (F) h..i.. (M) Hello there (F) Hello But Iu2019ve been saying hello tou2026 Oh no, Iu2019m so sorry! (M) Hello Green! (F) Hello This is so confusing, so Iu2019m really sorry but Iu2019m going to exit the chatrooms of guys with usernames I donu2019t like first. Iu2019m so sorry, thereu2019s nothing personal behind my reasoning.

Those who were unmatched can unveil their mask, pick up their chair, and leave. Oh nou2026 Oh nooo! Iu2019m so sorryu2026 oh gosh (M) What kind of weather do you like? (F) Weather like todayu2019s (M) You look even better in person (F) Thank you so much (M) This must feel like battle royal or something;; (F) Yeah, itu2019s pretty overwhelming Does Tomikau2026 not speak Korean? Sorry~ Our communication is.. very hard~ Heu2019s actually much more handsome than I anticipatedu2026Iu2019m kinda regretting thatu2026 lol This is still so difficult I donu2019t have enough time (M) What are your hobbies? (F) I like reading books at home (F) For exercise, I like swimming! Where do you live? What kind of guys do you like? Where do you and your friends hang out? Are you going anywhere today? Whereu2019d you take that picture? Whatu2019s your favorite food? Did you have lunch yet? Do you like drinking? Do you have a boyfriend? We are the same age~ Oh! You live alone~ Of course lol Ha..

This is really hard. Ah but really, I have no clue how to narrow this down (M) Iu2019m also a Yang. Family from Namwon. (F) Ah, omg Oh gosh, Iu2019m so sorry but we have the same last name so.. Wow, heu2019s attractive. Hm, I think Iu2019ll exit this one. Because, (M) u201cItu2019s great seeing that you care both about your health and knowledge!u201d He seems too much of a straight arrowu2026 I donu2019t think we would be a good fitu2026 Ah… (checking profile) Iu2019ll exit this chatroom. (M) u201cIt looks like you take the time to take care of yourself. I think the better you take care of yourself, the more you love yourself so as long as itu2019s nothing to over the top itu2019s good in my opinion.u201d This person seems.. a bit much for me You look great Is he mad? Thereu2019s only 4 rooms left now (M) What are you doing after filming? (F) Iu2019m meeting a friend. Butu2026I think Iu2019ll exit this chatroom.

(M) Do you smoke often? (F) LOL I donu2019t smoke. Do you? (M) E-cigs~ (F) Mm..Do you like to drink? He doesnu2019t seem to be very interested in me. It just seems like heu2019s doing it because he has to. Iu2019m leaving the chat. Now itu2019s even harder to exit because we all have had real conversations. (M) If you like a guy with wide shoulders, that means you must like a guy who works out? (M) Wow 4 left lol Iu2019m lucky to even be one of the last 4 (F) I like and appreciate that you keep the conversation going and itu2019s not overbearing (M) Ah hehe thank you.

Please let me know if I start being a nuisance~ ^^ (Scanning profiles) Oh.. ‘Looks like a herbivore dinosaur’ Oh wow, yeah that seems pretty accurate lol (M) Iu2019m actually looking for a tteok-bokki place right now. Samsung station Banjang Tteok-bokki has good reviews! keke Aw, he searched for tteok-bokki places after I told him I like tteok-bokki. Umu2026 This person.. This guy really looks like an athlete But I like this type of guy (F) What type of girl do you like? (M) I like someone who is outgoing. Mm. Outgoing. (M) Since Iu2019m outgoing as well, someone who can join me keke Uh.. I think Iu2019m going to exit this chatroom This person made a grammatical error thatu2019s on of my biggest pet peeves.

It might just be a typo but.. Hello. Oh wow heu2019s handsome. I think he seems more benevolent without the mask Appearance-wise he was seriously my type I wonder if he was Korean-American Oh, now thereu2019s only 2 people left But I really enjoyed something about each of them while we talkedu2026 so I think I need to chat a bit more to see. (M) I like a girl who likes similar food as me (F) Do you like pig feet, intestines, and chicken feet? (M) I donu2019t really eat it that often. Not saying I canu2019t eat it! If I had a girlfriend, Iu2019d eat it with her lol (F) Ah.. I canu2019t really eat it either. Thatu2019s why I asked (F) How do you feel right now? (M) Heheu2026I feelu2026good~ Kind of nervous kekeke I donu2019t know what to write.

(M) Do you have a favorite sport? (F) I like swimming (M) Brb, checking your shouldersu2026(looks at pic) (M) You look very pure~ (F) Not my personality though. Do you like the pure type? (M) Swimming is really good for you though! (M) Your cardiovascular endurance must be great lol Cardiovascular endurance LOL (F) Exercise has to be fun too (M) I bet you can blow a balloon real well (F) I should try. Now Iu2019m curious. (M) Thatu2019s called ironic charm.

I do look like an herbivore dinosaur, but Iu2019m also kind of honest to a fault as well lol Hau2026butu2026 This guy seems really nice. But Iu2019m wondering if itu2019ll be fun to be with him? (M) Is my chatting too mannerly? Yes, manner chatting LOL (M) The express lane to your heart (M) I like to have fun too, sometimes too much and my friends try to stop me lol. You know when youu2019re listening to a song and you feel like youu2019re the main character of a music video LOLL I think I can choose. I thinku2026 heu2019d be a good little brother. I feel comfortable talking to him but I donu2019t feel any attraction as a man. But I still think it was good that I talked to him until the end. Which one is he..? Hello He has a very kind appearance Hello (Scanning profile) You have good stamina? You have very wide shoulder Ah, itu2019s so strange doing this in front of him Why did you decide on this person? First of all, when I just said that I liked tteok-bokki in passing, he remembered that and searched for tteok-bokki restaurants.

I thought that was very attentive of him. Everything he said during our conversation was very funny too. Mr Oniva (*his nickname) I think he is not overbearing and knows how to keep the appropriate distance andu2026 heu2019s very attentive. I liked that about you. I think you’re that kind of person. At least, thatu2019s what I want to believe. Hello. You must have been hot under that mask.. “}

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Interview Questions for a UK Study Visa- english video

{“en”:”Hello everyone! welcome to my channel, I am Dori I am a teacher of English and today’s video is another request video but I think that it will be very very interesting for all of you know who want to study in the UK or the US and want a study visa for it so I read the question: “Could you please upload a video of how to behave with the visa officer and tricks and tips please okay so first of all what I want to tell you is that the visa officer that is going to interview you is a very experienced officer who really knows his job, so tricks won’t really work here. What I can do is to give you some general advice of what he expects to hear in order to give you that visa I believe that the majority of study visas are usually granted.

So, this video is about study visas and not work visas okay now as far as the UK is concerned, things are pretty easy as long as you can communicate in English quite well and you are able to provide reasons why you want to study in the UK and of course if you have all the required documents with you then you will probably get that visa. However, keep in mind that you must have already been offered a place on a course in an english university this is a requirement. Overall, you must be calm, organised and very clear and specific in your answers. These things help of course you should look decently dressed, ok So, during the interview if you don’t understand something or if you don’t hear something very well always always you can ask the officer to repeat the question or to talk a little bit more slowly so you can always ask something like that You can do these things and they are not going to count against you.

First things first, they will ask you your name and your date of birth the question could be something like that and in this case you will answer they will definitely ask you Where will you be studying? So, in this case you have to be clear and provide as many details as possible. So, if you can be specific for example you can answer something like that always always mention the university of your choice. The more information you know about it the better. So, be prepared before the interview because they will ask you some things about that.

For example, they may ask you in which case you have to know the exact start day of your program. So, you will answer, for example. Obviously, then, they are going to ask you some details about the course of your choice and the reasons of why you chose it So, again, it depends a little bit on your own personal choice and your own personal reasons so you have to be able to be really clear and specific of why you choose something like that and you have to know some things to talk about but as an example answer you could say for example. I strongly strongly advise you not to memorize answers. experienced examiners can really understand that and this is going to count against you but, of course always feel free to practice these answers lots of times until you’re able to talk about this matter without memorizing answers and without any extra help okay they will most certainly ask you So, you have to be able to talk about it a little bit about the university of your choice.

Answers like “well, this was the only university that actually accepted me” These answers are not going to work very well for you, so you have to be prepared for something else. For example, an answer could be Of course if you want to add even more advantages about the university of your choice you can feel free to add even more but this again is something that is based on your personal choice and preference They may also ask you Again, you may have your own personal reasons for choosing the UK but an example answer could be Of course they may not ask you all the questions that I give you here they may just ask you some of them but it is very wise to be prepared for all of them because you never know what they are going to ask you.

Another important factor for them is the issue of your residence So, they may ask you So, in this case you have to know what you are going to do in terms of residence, for example, you could answer Be sure that any answer you are giving is the truth because they’re going to ask you details about it most probably and you have to be able to answer them Another question could be again this is a little bit personal it is about what you intend to do but an example answer could be in this case of course you answer the truth they might ask you some information about the town that you are going to live in so be prepared for that too by saying some things about this specific town for example you could say you can also say that people are very friendly here or that you already have friends and relatives and you know more or less the city that you are going to live in.

As you can see, they may ask you different questions but they will be more or less around the same topics about your studies, about the university of your choice about where you are going to be staying and about the city that you are going to live in, more or less about the same topics so be sure to be prepared for these kind of questions They may also ask you about your IELTS score in which case you will answer your overall band score and if they ask you for a specific section that you may have a weakness be ready to answer how you intend to deal with it for example if you are a little bit weak for example in writing, you can answer something like so be ready to provide solutions if you already know that you lack some skills concerning your IELTS scores okay Overall, remember to be clear and to provide concise and specific answers be confident and show that you know what you are talking about good level of English in terms of reading speaking and writing and of course listening and communicating very well well, is kind of important but in case you’re already accepted by a university there then you probably have nothing to fear about Now, this is all about the UK if you’re interested in studying in the US well that’s a different story and we will talk about this in a following video in the part 2 of this video because regarding the US, things are a little bit different I hope this helps if you have any questions or comments please do leave them down below or in FB, T, G+ I’ve added all three links down in the Description box thank you very much for watching, good luck with your studies!”}

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Novritsch 0,49g BB kaal/weight [ENGLISH SUBTITLES ADDED]

{“en”:”Hello, this is Valle from Kaliiber Recently we had a discussion in the forums If Novritsch’s g BBs weight as much as advertised To find out what would be a better place than Tallinn University of Technology Let’s go to the lab to find out how much these BBs weigh Let’s put on 10 pieces Average for 10 should give us more or less the correct result Six Seven Let’s take a bigger spoon, it’s easier Eight Trying to get the right amount from here Eight Nine Ten not Showing zero 0.4815 So… We’ve now been to the lab and have the results BBs are pretty good and heavy But rather they weigh g, not g So let’s say… Weighing a single BB it is almost 0.482 But if [Novritsch] said they order 0.487 g from the factory Then these BBs are far from it So to round up to g might be a bit much for these BBs But the bottle is cool and the BBs are still very heavy Perhaps no need to fret over this issue but the truth is now clear Kaliiber out. “}

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