Порошенко, Вакарчук, Фреймут: #@)₴?$0 з Майклом Щуром #24 with english subs

{“en”:”Glory to Jesus! You’re watching <i>#@)u20b4?$0</i> and I’m your host, Michael Schur. And now: the news! Do you eat while at a party? Do you sweat? Do you use the loo? Then you’re definitely not Olga Freimut! Because she does not eat, does not take a shit and does not sweat. No, she’s still alive.

It’s just that she’s a real lady! I was fortunate enough to become the director of the school that teaches girls how to become real ladies. I deviced for you ten rules: what does it mean for me to be a real lady? So I’ll explain what’s happening. TV host Olga Freimut was appointed a Director of the fake school in a reality show where simple Ukrainian girls are made into, so to say, ladies. Well… More precisely they make girls feel ashamed of their bodies and to lose their individuality. I am the new director of the new School of Ladies. (speaks Russian) This season will be a *****! And the new director gave birth to the newest “Home Bible” which will surely help women to become a potential victim of domestic violence. First rule: Real lady is never cold nor is she hungry. I’m not even going to mention [whispers] she never need the loo. She never need the loo. Here to comment on this flow of consciousness is our real-lady expert, Freimutoslava Olchenko.

Sorry, I need to go to the loo. I’ll be right back. The women’s edition of “Mein Kampf” strted with a sentence: “Real lady is never cold nor is she hungry. And she never needs the loo either.” So, Freimut believes that the real lady is an anorexic with an intestinal disorder, insensitive to low temperatures. Before letting me go to my girlfriends’ birthday parties my mother used to feed me wheat kasha, so I wouldn’t eat anything at their houses. It was cruel but it worked. I always looked decent, even at the age of 8. Yes, at 8 years old, when you eat wheat kasha instead of festive dishes at a party you look decent, but then something goes wrong, and you start looking like a crazy person. Sorry, I need the loo. For example, my mom used to make me go to the loo in the morning so that when I come to my girlfriends’ birthdays I wouldn’t go to the loo there. It was cruel, but it worked. I always had a full bladder. Even at the age of 8. Second rule: Imagine that someone is constantly watching you. Even at the manic level.

If you can’t imagine, remember: insomnia, head injuries, alcoholism and amphetamines will help you to stimulate paranoia, which will help to constantly think that you are constantly being watched. And if you’ll get hospitalized and a doctor will diagnose you with a chronic malignant psychosis on the ground of alcoholic encephalopathy – don’t be too quick with conclusions! Maybe you’re just a real lady. Imagine what God is watching you, and God is a man. In the loo, I felt as if some man was watching me. Maybe it’s because you ate meatballs there? Where else should I eat them? In the kitchen? When you’re home alone and your hand automatically goes for a meatball… I really hope you don’t have such things at home. But if you already have meatballs and you just automatically reach for them – just remember, that someone’s watching.

Take a plate, even better: forget about meatballs and take something more attractive. But what can you take that’s more attractive than a bowl of meatballs? You can always take Moscow! [the song “Take me into captivity” is playing] My third rule is what being a real lady means to me. You should only eat what you associate yourself with. You should only eat what you associate yourself with. Want to be a real lady? Eat real ladies. If you want to be associated with a Salceson [a type of black pudding] – eat Salceson. But if you want to be associated with some kind of a beautiful fresh fruit you should eat apples, pears and plums. If you go to the loo people will associate you with a loo. You should do your business under a rose bush. Sorry, I need to go under the bush. You have to dress up right. Wearing expensive clothes is not a must, although it is, of course, important. It’s not a must. But it is important.

But not a must. Get away from me, you effing tramp in a cheap coat! If you don’t have a lot of money yet choose clothes from natural fabrics. Synthetics can let you down. In a hot weather, you’ll get sweaty and stinky. And a gunny sack clothes is always a winner! Moreover, you can even chew on it while no one’s watching. What if it used to contain black pudding? Avoid conversations about physiology. If you are already sick and everyone says: “Olya, what’s wrong with you? Are you ill?”, don’t tell them what you have. Tell them you have anaemia, arrhythmia, or just depression. It sounds good and makes you mysterious, like a real lady. “Anemia”, “arrhythmia” or simply “depression” – it sounds good and makes you into a mysterious real lady. But there are more romantic and mysterious names of diseases – salmonella, helminthiasis.

Just remember nnever to confuse depression with diarrhea. And even better, say that you are on the brink of suicide. It sounds beautiful and attracts necrophiles. And the last rule, but for me, it is very important. Do not eat garlic and onions. Just… don’t even ask why. Just… Listen to me: just don’t eat it. Because garlic and onions lead the way to loneliness. Garlic and onions lead the way to loneliness, and Freimut’s advice leads the way to a compulsory psychiatric treatment, which will help in turning you from chicken back into a real person. By the way, recently in the forest near Kyiv a girl, brought up on the pieces of advice of Olga Freimut, was found. And was left there, because this country won’t be able to handle two real ladies. No yielding, no sympathy.

But Olga Freimut did not stop on advising. Now she is visiting the offices and looking for people who has ever written something bad about her on social networks. In the middle of the session, Freimut broke in with the crew asking: why did I call her a chav in a Facebook comment? Olga Freimut came to my colleague’s daughter at work because she wrote on her Facebook that Olga Freimut is a loon. It’s not a joke! Later, Olga Freimut explained, that she’s been shooting a new show about haters, who write bad things about her on the Internet. Who here called me a loon and a chav? Olga, no one here ever called you a loon or a chav. These are quotes from Facebook. Where is the office of that?… Where’s the office of this stupid Facebook? Where? Where is it? Open up, you dumb Facebook!!!! [FACEBOOK] Open up, you dumb Facebook!!!! Stupid Facebook, open up!!! Open the door!!! [Changes the word Facebook into Freimut] In the city of Skole, Lviv region, the political situation is literally in a hanging state.

The mayor of Skole came up with a punishment for corruptioners. He’s even ready to finance the making of new… gallows. If you are glad Ukraine is heading for Europe, don’t be. For some is moving to Europe at the time of the Middle Ages. Four and a half meters high. Here we’ll have a pipe, or an H-beam, that I already have. In addition to the gallows, there is another effective way to check if the person takes bribes. You tie a 100-kilogram stone to a suspect in bribery and throw them into a deep river.

If they drowned – they were an honest man if they didn’t – they must have bribed someone to get a lighter stone. So they need to go to the gallows! It was checked on witches! We take a rope and tie them by their legs. And then we give them 20 birches on the ass. On the ass? The gallows needed only for birching people on the ass is like a guillotine that you just use for shaving.

And we’ll birch them on the ass until they cry bloody tears! Interesting proposals and a very good mayor. He shold be the art director of ISIS executions. Here, at a distance of about 80 centimetres, a noose made of rough cable or metal which that won’t… cause any injuries. Mayor Moscal is a humanist and a liberal! “They will cry blood’! but without injuries. The gallows from Mayor of Skole are like a Johnsons Baby Shampoo: gentle and do not irritate the eyes! But bloody tears will be shed… When each mother and father will explain to their child, forming their personality: that there are consequences if you do any kind of drugs or if you steal stuff. Of course, child’s personality is best formed by the image of a person being hanged upside-down from the gallows and given birches. You just say: You see, son, a bad man is hanging from the gallows with a naked ass and the good men are giving him birches until he cries blood! So remember, if you steal they will break every bone in your fingers one by one. And you’ll use drugs they’ll put a bag over your head…

Why did you suddenly gone grey? Go do your homework! And pull up your pants. Walking around with a naked but… The mayor stresses that this won’t be a lynching, just a shaming solely for educational purposes. “Just a shaming solely for educational purposes.” Apparently, this is how Mr Moskal was elected a mayor of the city of Skole. Many laws that are not implemented, unfortunately. That’s society for you! And why? Because there is no punishment. Correct!Hang people upside-down @ raise the standards of living! It’s not just a rope, it’s a rope we’re using to ascend to a developed civil society! The prosecutor’s office affirms: 3 years ago the initiator of public punishment was himself caught on the extortion of money, namely, 18 thousand hryvnias.

He was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months of imprisonment. Who’s first? Will Prosecutor’s Office throw the Mayor of Skole to jail or will Mr Moskal open the first gallows in Ukraine? If the mayor makes it first, Skole will become a first Ukrainian city where you can really hang out. Look! What’s that crawling up there? A turtle? No, only koalas can crawl from branch to branch so slowly.

-Maybe it’s a snail? -Are you kidding? Oh! Now I get it! It’s Petro Poroshenko introducing sanctions against Russia. Finally, a limit has been found to Dalai Lama-esque patience of Petro Poroshenko. There are things that he will never tolerate from Russians. Russian special services have used deadly poison in an attempt to liquidate Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Notice the emotional state of Poroshenko caused by the poisoning of a former Russian spy in another country? This is no longer a joke, this is serious! The Kremlin has crossed the Rubikon. We won’t tolerate this! This was the first use of chemical weapons in Europe over the past 70 years. Crimea annexation was also the first in Europe for the last 70 years. And it happened a tad bit earlier than the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter.

But they didn’t poison the cat then! British police believe that Skripals were poisoned next to their own home. In the house, two dead guinea pigs and a Persian cat were found. Poisoning a cat! Barbarians… Such barbaric behavior of the Kremlin together with the continuation of aggression and murders of Ukrainians in the Donbass, occupation and violation of human rights in the occupied Crimea… …coupled with the murder of a cat and two guinea pigs… …by poisonous Russian propaganda and interference in the electoral processes of other states became the last drop in the cup of our patience.

Apparently, Poroshenko’s patience cup looks like this: The war with Russia lasts for 4 years. But the cup of patience of the President overflew at the exact moment when Western countries began expeling Russian diplomats for poisoning on the UK territory. Ukraine, United States of America, Canada and the 14 member states of the European Union announced their decision to expel from their territories about a hundred of Russian intelligence officers under the diplomatic cover. After the cup of patience overflew, Poroshenko decided to punish Russian oligarchs as well for sponsoring a war on the Donbass. Poroshenko has promised to introduce sanctions against Russian businessmen similarly to the actions of the United States. The sanctions will involve Mr. Deribaska… Deripaska and other oligarchs. For the sake of justice, some sanctions against Russian business Poroshenko had already introduced earlier. Russian social networks, military enterprises, Aeroflot, propaganda channels, state banks. But he just couldn’t get to the Russian diplomats and oligarchs. Apparently, he wasn’t sure before that the Russian oligarchs are sponsoring the war and the Kremlin.

And now, after sanctions have been announced by the United States – they started to suspect something. The reaction of Ukraine will be very quick and decisive. We would very much like the President’s reaction to be even faster and more resolute. Russians have captured Ukrainian hostages again – Poroshenko ceases coming to the church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Russians transported tanks to the Donbas again – Poroshenko ceases going to the church of the Moscow Patriarchate, even for Easter. Breaking news! In Odessa there was a master class, how to pass responsibility not to predecessors, but to successors.

(spoken in Russian) Odessa citizens have posted a video where a person in a wheelchair was denied transportation in two trolleybuses. One of the drivers said that there’s another transport coming, but the next one did not even stop. I know for sure that in Uzhgorod, for example, such a shameful behaviour from the driver’s side of the trolley bus would be simply impossible! There are no trolleybuses there. (speak Russian) There’s another one coming right behind me… But you have to let the man in! Where are you rushing to? Open up and lower the rump…

There’s the exacly same trolleybus coming. We asked our expert on inclusivity, Dmytro Shchebetyuk, to comment on drivers’ actions. He’s live from the trolley stop. Some other stop. Of some other troleybus. In another city. And Dmytro is a completely different person in a wheelchair. By the way, I’m no Michael Schur either. Dmytro, can such behaviour from trolleybus drivers be considered as caring about a person in a wheelchair? As it’s well known that the Ukrainian trolleybus is like an Italian mafia: it’s easy to get in and impossible to get out. Yes, Michael. I can understand the trolleybus drivers. Today you let a man in a wheelchair in, and tomorrow you have to fend off those pesky pregnant women! And Odessa troleybus drivers can’t let <i>that</i> happen.

(spoken in Russian) Are you **** serious? And besides, I don’t get why everyone suddenly decided to care about such nuisance as the rights of a person in a wheelchair and no one – and I mean NO ONE – took notice of a moral downfall of Odesa citizens. Such an intelligent woman swearing! (spoken in Russian) Are you *** serious? Serious? But of course! Driving a huge 10-meters trolleybus is really a serious matter for only serious people. Why the stupid questions? By the way, both drivers were dismissed from work. And for what? They just read Olga Freimut’s pieces of advice “8 ways not to let people in a wheelchair in a trolleybus”. Thank you Dmytro. It was our expert on inclusiveness Dmytro Shchebetyuk, who drew attention to how Odessites are trying to cover their low morality by fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. What is common between adolescent sex and Vakarchuk’s campaign in politics? You prepare for it so long and feel so uncertain. And then it’s over in an instant.

But then you want to try again. For a year I was a deputy in the Verkhovna Rada. And I was the first person in the history of Ukraine, who refused the position voluntarily. Recently, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk addressed the students of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and, as a true Ukrainian politician, spoke about how he hated politics. I… I am very glad that today I can not be called a politician. I’m happy that I’m not like them. Because God forbid, I should be like them. Because God forbid, normal people live such lives as they do. And this must be stopped. Why don’t you say it already: are you running for president!? Why is he circling around it like a deputy around the issue of removal of immunity? I don’t care about the power, but… But! Even at his inauguration, Vakarchuk won’t be completely sure whether he’s going into politics.

It is not a question of the surname, and certainly not my ambitions – they do not exist. Then why gather people and talk about politics, that you do not care about, for half an hour? It’s like organizing a conference on a topic “Woodcutting with a woodcutter”, talking for a long time that you have no interest in wood, cutting or woodcutters, and then throw a wooden bear figurine, that you yourself made under the table during the speech, in the audience! Dear politicians, pull yourself together! Pull yourself together, you still have time! Pull yourself together! It’s typical phrase of a typical Ukrainian politician on a typical Ukrainian political talk show! How did it happen that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is in the ratings? You should ask our esteemed politicians.

They are to blame that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk appears in the ratings. Is that why Ziandzha, Monatik, Khlyvniuk, Jamala, Shurov, Dobkin couldn’t get into the presidential ratings? Maybe because they didn’t flirt with the potential voters with the articles about lifting the moratorium on land sales? There are people that make you say “Jesus”!. We conducted our own audio investigation and found out that almost all songs of Vakarchuk have a political subtext. Just you look. Mr Svyatoslav, how do you rate the relationship of Petro Poroshenko and Igor Kolomoisky? Cold… And what would you say to Trump concerning the conflict with Russia in Syria? Should he stop the attacks or continue with shooting? Shoot!… Svyatoslav, when you dream of a presidential chair, what does it say to you? Embrace me.

Embrace me. Embrace. Imagine how meek the music, theatre and cinema scene would be if you only knew those five actors they show on TV. And this is exactly the case with Ukrainian politics. And it’s the same with the music scene! Vakarchuk is everywhere. Every Independence Day we celebrate with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. These two concepts will soon be so close that after 20 years everyone will celebrate Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s Independence Day. And finally, one more quote from the lecture from the frontman of the Okean Elzy: “My greatest insight is understanding, that the world is not black and white, but that it’s 50 shades of gray.

” So the world is a bad movie about BDSM? After the ban on the social network Vkontakte, Ukrainians began to feel acute shortages of banal answers to banal questions. Millions of teens are left without depth and wisdom of the meaningless quotations about the meaning of life. But the Ministry of Education came to the rescue deciding to update the lists of foreign literature for highschoolers. Paulo Coelho, Stephen King and Bob Dylan. From the first of September 10-11 year students will have a new foreign literature program. In general, the new program does look modern and progressive. There you will find Julio Cortazar, Haruki Murakami, Milan Kundera, Ken Kesey and Neil Geyman. But how close did the emperor of meaningless aphorisms Paulo Coelho creep to the consciousness of Ukrainian schoolchildren? If he there because of the Radical Party quota? Ut was created by teachers. They organized a working group and invited teachers from all over Ukraine to send their suggestions online. Then they counted the results and introduced into the program those that got the most votes.

Now everything is clear. Coelho is an engineer of women’s souls, and he knows well that there is a temptation, no female Ukrainian can resist: a ticket to the concert of Oleg Vynnyk. Oleg, Oleg, Oleg! Vote “Alchemist” – get a ticket to Vynnyk! Just don’t act so surprised when your offspring will tell you they want to become a business coach of a head of a school for real ladies. For me, as a teacher, it is way easier to work with this program. Oddly enough. Although there’s a ton of new books, it’s easier.

Of course, it is. Even the list of ingredients on a “Maggi” stock cube is harder to work with than with Coelho’s works. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. We really need to do something about it. The National Security and Defense Council has to review the Coelho problem at the next possible meeting! Maybe you did not know, but Ukraine has banned Vkontakte not only because of the FSB and to protect the information. The main danger was in those damn statuses from the Alchemist! u201cEach day, in itself, brings with it an eternity.u201d “Your eyes show the strength of your soul.” “The Good will win anyway.” Oh, sorry, the last quote was from Vakarchuk.

That’s just ****. That’s some top notch ***. For the first time, I would have to agree. The school program has been changed, and now we should change teachers. Not all, of course, but those who calculate their psychological age according to tests in social networks and rejoices, when gets 14. Who else can call Coelho a writer but the Alchemist – a must-read book? On the other hand: what one to do when Vakarchuk’s Twitter has been silent for 12 hours and you need to somehow swallow your spinach-beetroot smoothie and get ready for an unexpected meeting with Olga Freimut who’ll storm your office any moment now? “The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” Paulo Coelho.

And now our new column “You asked – we did.” Dear #@(u20b4&$0. We really like the way you make your program. And you have very nice hosts. Although you do lack spirituality. Can you do something interesting about spirituality? We, of course, could not refuse the viewer from the city of Khodorsv, Lviv region, who wrote this letter. And invited the head of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Legalife-Ukraine”. You will be surprised, but there’s sex in Ukraine. And there is sex for money.

And there is a huge sex industry. And there are sex workers. Even if you want to think that this is not the case, it is. And today we are talking to Natalia Isaeva, sex worker, with experience of more than… -15 years. -15 years. -Hello. -Hi. Tell us how what’s the deal with legalization in Ukraine. I would like to talk about a legal status. So that people would agree: “Yes. They exist”. And didn’t just shrug us off. They exist. In Sweden, there’s a system where the state is trying to regulate sex business by punishing a client. The buyer himself, a man, is punished for buying sex services from women. Acknowledged that one can “bake buns” but not “buy them”… But, criminal clauses, such as, pimping, organization of cities of prostitution – they still exist. As in Sweden, so is in here. How can I ensure my safety? I can’t hire a bodyguard, I can’t hire a manager to recieve calls. Because they will automatically be considered as pimps.

And be prosecuted. That is, the state does not give me security. And I can’t provide it for myself also. You’ll be just putting another person under criminal responsibility. In Sweden, sex workers have not gone anywhere. They chose it as their way of earning money. But there are less customers now. There are less good clients who do not use violence. Who in Ukraine earns most from prostitution? Those who punish for it. First of all, it’s the police. First of all, the department that deals with human trafficking. Then there are local departments. They have schemes, and then everything comes to Kyiv. What if there was some kind of legalization procedure, with payment of taxes for what you do? What budget could the country receive? If you take the estimated quantities given by organizations who provide preventive services for sex workers: there are currently 80,000 people who trade sex for money.

But it is not clear whether it’s only women or are there any men. Because there are also male sex workers. Do men who provide sex services come to your meeting and discuss issues? Well, there… There are different fields. Those organised ones where both men and women provide their services. Like apartments or… Those don’t usualy come. Because they are protected, the business has existed for some time now. Mostly we have people coming who experience violence. Those who provide their services at the “pleshka”…

-Where? -“Pleshka”. These are places where, for example, men who have sex with men gather. They call this places “pleshka”. -Like in the Shevchenko Park? -I don’t… I can’t tell you where, but there are such places. -“Pleska”. -Yeah… Like with the girls who stand at bypasses. They are more likely to come. If something happens to them they come for the services. They go to the organization, receive condoms, counselling, test for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis. Here male and female prostitutes are people, who spread HIV, drug addicts who abandoned their children. Well, such is a public opinion. But look at me, I have two children. I never left them, I have a husband. Do they know what you are doing? They do. I personally try to make people not to be afraid to show their face.

Thank God, now most people who were or are engaged in… trading sex for money, can show their faces. And they say: “I am here. And I am human!” -I have two legs and two arms. -Yes, and I’m just like you. Sex business and family. How do people take it? My husband has accepted my past. For some, men treat this as a job. Because you go, you provide services and come home. Some say that it’s infidelity. Well, there are such cases. He calls it infidelity chewing on a sausage she bought with the sex services money. It is also possible. Does your husband use sex services? No. He doesn’t. -Do you have an open dialogue? -Yes. We often have elections in the country. And I did not hear anyone talking about the protection for sex workers.

Here it’s considered rational protecting animals. -Because with an animal you can show your face. -Take a selfie. With a cow. I once was asked a question: “If I submit this bill tomorrow, how much will sex will workers vote for me? ” I say: “Stop. Why should they vote for you? It is their choice. ” I’m against people voting for buckwheat. For some 100 hryvnias to increase the pension. We talked about the sex industry in Ukraine, about legalization. Remember, prostitution is like the production of bread – it exists. Because there are people who need bread and sex services. To lime or not to lime? This rhetorical question has split the country. There’s a genuine war between admirers and opponents of lime-painted curbs. The streets are covered with lime, authorities just shrug. The situation is critical. The cities and villages are actively tidied up with lime for the holidays. But, it turns out there is a formal ban on liming.

I have in my hands a bag of powder that is outlawed, and for using it you can be brought to justice! And it’s not a Colombian products, as someone might have thought, but an ordinary lime for painting curbs. Who does it, why and at what cost do we have this liming holiday? We are dealing with a criminal group, who walks the same streets as our children swinging its brushes! It is forbidden to paint with lime decorative trees and small architectural forms. These rules were approved in 2006. So, if you see limed trees on the street, it does not mean that the spring has come it means that there was a crime! And if they are limed as in the photo – a particularly serious crime! We urge residents to comply with current legislation and do not use lime for painting trees, curbs, etc.

The fine is from 340 to 1700 hryvnias. What should people of the old formation do now? Their creative space have been shrunked! At first, everyone booed the swans from the tires, and now this?! We’re gonna have a rally! I’ve been liming all my professional life. -(whispering) How much? -26 years. -That’s a lot! -I’m one active granny. This is Lyubov Ivanivna, better known in the criminal-lime world as Baba Lyuba. She is a lime dealer.

26 years ago, absolutely for free, she was first given a try at liming the curb. She liked it, but the second time was for money and she could not resist the temptation. That’s how she stood up on this shaky, white track. Now only God can stop her. And ZhEK. Because there was not enough lime. If they give me some I’ll paint everything. It turns out that all this time the politicians didn’t do what needed distributed buckwheat before the election. They should have been giving packages of lime! After all, the path to the heart of a pensioner lies through a limed curb! It is forbidden to paint with lime decorative trees and small architectural forms.

The Ministry of Regional Development explains. And specifies: “The prohibition should not offend aesthetic feelings of the population”. XXI Century is the time when, even the ban on liming curbs can offend someone’s feelings. Now it’s clear what the letter “L” means in the abbreviation LGBT. Lime, gays, bisexuals, transgenders. But there are those who are trying to fight this colossus with limed legs – public services of Ivano-Frankivsk region. They decided to go against the system and stopped liming. Truth to tell, it’s all good, it’s European standards. And all we want is some showing off. Limed curbs are like an imitation of an order in the city. What is he talking about, that heretic! Maybe we should also stop burning leaves in the autumn and start clearing off the snow in winter?! No, the country is not ready for such changes! Today in our musical live a Ternopil band called Tik Tu, which means “Only You” in Lithuanian. This is the first case in the history of our program, when the band performs personally for you. Yes, for you, Dobroskok Tetyana Victorivna, born in 1983 in the city of Dnipro.

And for you, Vakarchuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich, born in 1975 in Lviv. Well, hello Tik Tu! -Hello. -I am glad that you finally got to us. Hello. -And we’ve got to you too. -Deary! -Starting with a flirt! -Yup. I’m just very surprised, it’s the first time I saw such a rider! Okay, a barbecue set and gymnastic mat in the compartment – that I can understand. Why do you need a female anteater? Sometimes we get sad and we need some fun. Well, a female anteater sure can provide some fun. I’ve also read that some British agency took your track for its advertising. What was it and how did it happen? They just wrote us, and we answered “Yes”.

And that’s it. -Seriously? That easy? -Yeah. It’s very simple. Have you earned some dough? A lot money. $40 thousand. We’ve bought all our instruments with it and then we were able to come here. Did she just bamboozle me? She wouldn’t dare! So cruel. So, what song are you going to perform for us? A very charming song… -What? -I said she’ll sing. You were looking at me but she’ll sing. I just heard “Jgnbdjfseb”. It’s a very charming song. And it’s called “Promin” [A beam] Is it from a new album? It’s from a very old album. -An old one? -It’s from our first album.

What year was the album? 1973. It’s the first band who’ve brought us old shit.. “}

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