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{“en”:”Here’s how to practice listen a minute record yourself apartment and listen apartment apartment apartment an apartment is a rented room or set of rooms meat meat meat means to see and speak to someone for the first time new new new means not known before recently bought or rented nice nice nice means good and enjoyable Street Street a street is a road in a city town or village try-try try means to make an effort to do something welcome welcome welcome is used as a friendly greeting to someone who arrives at a place here’s how to practice listen apartment record yourself apartment and listen apartment cook cook cook means to prepare food for eating especially by using heat dinner dinner is the main meal of the day excuse excuse excuse means to forgive someone for making a mistake or doing something wrong find find find means to get or discover something or someone that you are looking for here-here-here means in this place or at this location live live live means to have a home in a specified place near near near means close to something or someone sorry sorry-sorry means feeling sorrow or regret supermarket supermarket the supermarket is a store where customers can buy a variety of foods and household items there there there means in that place or at that location want want want means to desire or wish for something wrong wrong means not suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose situation or person at work we answer with our name hello this is John hello is Ana there now you try it with your name ask for a person like this if it is a wrong number we say I’m sorry you have the wrong number now you try it egg bag a bag is a soft container used to hold money and other small things big big big means large in size book book a book is a set of printed sheets of paper that are held together inside a cover or a long written work coffee coffee coffee is a dark-brown drink made from ground coffee beans and boiled water lamp lamp a lamp is a device that produces light little little little means small in size map map a map is a picture or chart that shows the rivers mountains streets etc in the particular area not-not-not makes a word or phrase negative or gives an opposite meaning pen pen a pen is a writing instrument that uses ink pillow pillow a pillow is a bag filled with soft material that is used as a cushion usually for the head of a person who is lying down toy toy a toy is something a child plays with world world the world is the earth and all the people and things on it it is a map now you try it it is a big book now you try it it is not a pen now you try it I have a pen now you try it you do you have a bag yes I have a bag now you try it bathroom bathroom a bathroom is a room with a sink and toilet and usually a bathtub or shower beautiful beautiful beautiful is very good or pleasing having beauty bedroom bedroom a bedroom is a room used for sleeping eat eat eat means to take food into your mouth and swallow it house house a house is a building in which a family lives to kitchen a kitchen is a room in which food is cooked living room living room a living room is a room in a house for general family use relax relax relax means to spend time resting or doing something enjoyable sleep sleep sleep means to rest your mind and body by closing your eyes upstairs upstairs upstairs means on or to a higher floor of a building wash wash wash means to clean something with water and usually soap where are you now you try it we usually use a preposition like in with a location some locations like upstairs have no preposition I am upstairs I am in the kitchen now you try it you across from across from across from means on the opposite side from someone or something behind behind behind means in or to a place at the back of or to the rear of someone or something elevator elevator an elevator is a machine used for carrying people and things to different levels in a building every every every is used to describe how often some repeated activity or event happens or is done jim-jim a gym is a room or building that has equipment for sports activities or exercise lobby lobby a lobby is a large open area inside and near the entrance of a public building such as a hotel or theater lounge lounge a lounge is a room with comfortable furniture for relaxing mail room mail room a mail room is a room in which mail is processed and sorted next to next to next to means at the side of someone or something parking garage parking garage a parking garage is a building in which people usually pay to park their cars trucks etc rooftop roof top a rooftop is the cover or top of a building or vehicle work out work out work out means to perform athletic exercises in order to improve your health or physical fitness across from where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge now you try it where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge next to where is the gym it’s next to the mailroom now ask about the mailroom where is the mailroom it’s next to the gym behind where is the gym the gym is across from the lounge it is behind the lobby now you try it the gym is behind the lobby boss boss a boss is the person whose job is to tell other workers what to do bothering bothering bother means to annoy someone or to cause someone to feel annoyed busy busy busy means actively doing something excited excited excited means very enthusiastic and eager about something nervous nervous nervous means having or showing feelings of being worried and afraid about what might happen News News News is information that is reported in a newspaper magazine television news program or website office office an office is a building or room in which people work at desks doing business or professional activities reading reading read means to look at and understand the meaning of letters words symbols etc recording recording record means to store something such as sounds music images etc on tape or on a disk so that it can be heard or seen later show show a show is a television or radio program working working work means to do things as part of your job writing writing write means to create a book poem story etc by writing words on paper or on a computer what are you doing I am writing now you try it what are you doing now you try it answer with working I am working are you writing yes I am writing now it’s your turn are you recording answer yes I am recording are you reading the news yes I am reading the news are you doing your show answer yes I am doing my show after noon after noon afternoon is the middle part of the day the part of the day between noon and evening apologize apologize apologize means to express regret for doing or saying something wrong before before before means at an earlier time evening evening evening is the last part of the day and early part of the night job job a job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money later later later means happening near the end of a process activity series life etc light light a light is a source of light such as an electric lamp morning morning morning is the early part of the day the time of day from sunrise until noon now-now-now means at the present time studio studio a studio is the building or room where an artist works surprise surprise a surprise is an unexpected event or piece of information yesterday yesterday yesterday means the day before today times of day today is a new day let’s not talk about yesterday now you try it today is a new day let’s not talk about yesterday every day I do my morning show now you try it every day I do my morning show come by this afternoon now you try it come by this afternoon I am recording my evening show now you try it I am recording my evening show Celsius Celsius Celsius means relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 100 degrees and the freezing point of water is at zero degrees change change change means to become different Chak Chak Chak means to get information by looking at something asking about something etc cold cold cold means having a very low temperature degree degree a degree is a unit for measuring temperature Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit means relating to or having a scale for measuring temperature on which the boiling point of water is at 212 degrees above zero and the freezing point is at 32 degrees above zero forecast forecasts a forecast is a statement about what you think is going to happen in the future phone phone a phone is a device that is connected to a telephone system and that you use to listen or speak to someone who is somewhere else snowy snowy snowy means having falling snow or covered with snow sunny sunny sunny means having plenty of bright sunlight temperature temperature a temperature is a measurement that indicates how hot or cold something is warm warm warm means somewhat hot not cool or cold whether weather weather is the temperature and other outside conditions such as rain cloudiness etc at a particular time and place windy windy windy means having a lot of wind Americans often make sounds also called interjections that have many meanings interjections can convey different feelings depending on the intonation of the speaker’s voice one example is Oh in the video you hear honest a Oh twice the first time she says Oh is at the beginning of the video oh hi everyone in this case all means that Ana is surprised by something notice her voice goes up when she says oh oh hi everyone the second time you hear Ana use Oh is at the end of the video when she says oh I see Mexico in this case all means that Ana understands a statement and that she does not like it notice that her voice goes down this time oh I see Mexico here are two examples listen oh hello now you try it make your voice go up you listen oh the weather is bad today now make your voice go down ahead ahead ahead means to or toward the place where someone is going bus bus a bus is a large vehicle that is used for carrying passengers especially along a particular route at particular times coffee shop coffee shop a coffee shop is a small restaurant that serves coffee and other drinks as well as simple foods department store department store a department store is a large store that has separate areas in which different kinds of products are sold exit exit exit means to go out of a place left left left means located on the same side of your body as your heart Metro Metro a metro is an underground railway system in some cities also called subway right right right means located on the side of your body that is away from your heart station station a station is a place where buses trains etc regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off straight straight straight means in a straight or direct way then then then is used to indicate what happened or happens next turn turn turn means to cause your body or a part of your body to face a different direction wawk wawk wawk means to move with your legs at a speed that is slower than running when we tell someone how to find a place we say we are giving them directions listen to Ana giving Ashley directions exit the Metro in turn right then at the bus station turn left then walk straight ahead now you try it exit the Metro and turn right now you try it then at the bus station turn left now you try it then walk straight ahead you Bank Bank a bank is a business where people keep their money borrow money etc or the building where such a business operates bye-bye-bye means to get something by paying money for it cash cash cash is money in the form of coins and bills Corner corner a corner is the place where two streets or roads meet errand errand an errand is a short journey that you take to do or get something fast fast fast means moving or able to move quickly get-get-get means to obtain something ice cream ice cream ice cream is a frozen food containing sweetened and flavoured cream library library a library is a place where books magazines and other materials such as videos and musical recordings are available for people to use or borrow mailbox mailbox a mailbox is a public box in which letters and packages are placed to be collected and sent out post office post office a post office is a building where the mail for a local area is sent and received return return return means to bring give send or take something to the place that it came from or the place where it should go sell sell sell means to exchange something for money send send send means to cause a letter an email a package etc to go or to be carried from one place or person to another stamp stamp a stamp is a small piece of paper that you buy and then stick to an envelope or package to pay the cost of mailing it store store a store is a building or room where things are sold when someone helps us we often say thank you listen to Anna thank Marsha for helping her find things in their neighborhood thanks Marcia you know our neighborhood so well now you try it Thank You Ana for helping me learn English clown clown a clown is someone who often does funny things to make people laugh different different different means not ordinary or common unusual feel feel feel is used to describe or ask about someone’s physical or mental state gardening gardening garden means to work in a garden to take care of the plants in a garden guitar guitar a guitar is a musical instrument that is held against the front of your body and that has usually six strings which are played with your fingers or with a pick homesick homesick homesick means sad because you are away from your family and home joke joke a joke is something said or done to cause laughter laughs laughs laughs is to show that you are happy or that you think something is funny by smiling and making a sound from your throat ha ha make make make means to build create or produce something by work or effort Park Park a park is a piece of public land in or near a city that is kept free of houses and other buildings and can be used for pleasure and exercise photo photo a photo or photograph is a picture made by a camera raise raise raise means to keep and take care of animals or crops remind remind remind means to cause someone to remember something rodeo rodeo a rodeo is an event in which people compete at riding horses and bulls catching animals with ropes etc sheep sheep a sheep is an animal with a thick woolly coat that is often raised for meat or for its wool and skin spoon spoon a spoon is an eating or cooking tool that has a small shallow bowl attached to a handle sweater sweater a sweater is a warm usually knitted piece of clothing for the upper part of your body when we see a friend who is sad we can ask what’s wrong listen to Marsha ask Anna what’s wrong I’m thinking about my family I am feeling homesick you want to talk about it now you try it what’s wrong do you want to talk about it band band a band is a usually small group of musicians who play popular music together because because because means for the reason that birthday birthday a birthday is the day when someone was born or the anniversary of that day bored bored bored means tired and annoyed by too much of the same thing or not interested drum drum a drum is a musical instrument that is played by hitting a layer of skin or plastic with sticks or with your hands exercise exercise exercise means physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier fight fight fight means to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone party party a party is a social event in which entertainment food and drinks are provided politician politician a politician is someone who is active in government usually as an elected official president president a president is the head of the government in some countries pop it pop it a puppet is a doll that is moved by putting your hand inside it or by pulling strings or wires that are attached to it queen queen a queen is a woman who rules a country and who usually inherits her position and rules for life shop shop shop means to visit places where goods are sold in order to look at and buy things sword sword a sword is a weapon with a long metal blade that has a sharp point and edge unusual unusual unusual means different or strange in a way that attracts attention usual usual usual means done found or used most of the time or in most cases or normal or regular watch watch watch means to look at someone or something for an amount of time and pay attention to what is happening in the video anna says that what she is doing today is different listen to honor telling why she is doing different things this is a drum band I never listened to a drum band but today I am listening to a drum band because it’s Shakespeare’s birthday this is sword fighting I never sword fight but today I am sore sighting because it’s Shakespeare’s birthday look there are many things to do in Washington DC some usual some unusual today I am not bored because it is William Shakespeare’s birthday these sentences show a cause and effect the cause is William Shakespeare’s birthday party the effects are listening to a drum band sword fighting and not being bored now you try it tell about a reason you are studying English why are you study in English”}

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{“en”:”This is mark. Thanks for watching [okay] ready, my house. Why? My house why oh, okay good okay? Let’s practice some rooms Good the bedroom no the kitchen dinging good the baby around Yes, okay, now. What do we do in these rooms, okay? Where do we get dressed which room get dressed? No Got in the bedroom. We get dressed in the [bedroom] good. Where do we pour milk? In the kitchen good we pour milk in the kitchen. Where do we take a bath? Yeah, we take a bath in the bathroom good Where do we watch TV? Watch TV now things okay Ready, [okay] challenge shuffle or wait wait wait.

Sorry. Let’s do the big ones first. Where’s the towel? Yeah, where is the top look at all sorry sorry sorry let’s practice first, okay? You say it’s okay, right? Good, okay, nice. Okay. Where is the table? [it’s] in the bathroom right the towels in the bathroom. Where is that so far? Yeah, good. It’s in the living room. Where is the [bed]? [good] Where is the refrigerator? Okay now Here we go Okay, I’m not going to show you Here you [can] see the [card] here. You can’t see only listen. Okay? Where is the pillow? Nice. Yes, it’s in the bedroom good. Where is the telephone? Yes, it’s another room Where is the Ball? the Ball nice great Where is the toothbrush? Nice, it’s the bathroom Where is the vacuum cleaner? Nice, you guys are great Where is the alarm clock in the bedroom nice? Nice, okay, good Where is the glass? [yes], it is. Okay. One more. Where is the shower? [ha] [ha] [ok] Let’s review Ready real quick ready, go Good job nice.

Nice. Nice. Nice ok great ok. “}

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