Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is an IELTS Reading paper evaluated?

In total, you will be requested to answer forty queries, so as to assess what amount of the reading passages you find easy to comprehend, the queries often paraphrase (use totally different words with constant meaning) the words that are concealed within the text. The queries assess a range of reading skills together with your ability to undertake the subsequent tasks: a) Establish the writer’s overall purpose. b) Follow key arguments during a text. c) Identify attitudes and opinions. d) Locate particular information. e) Distinguish main concepts from supporting details. f) Draw out information from a text to finish a diagram, brief statement, table or set of notes.

How long will the IELTS reading paper take?

The exam takes an hour. During which, you are required to complete 3 separate sections comprising of forty queries. Also, you will need to transfer your answers onto a separate answer sheet (there isn't any time beyond that already stated, given for this).

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