Eric Liu talks about how his English teacher helped him become a leader.

{“en”:”My favorite teacher by far was my 11th grade English teacher, Jim Steinmeyer. He was a great teacher. He taught me a lot about writing, but what he taught me more about was just presence and the ability to be both in command of yourself but also know when and how to use lightness and a gentle touch to draw things out that the heavier hand might not do. And to be a teacher gives you an excuse every single day to be a practitioner of how to be a human being. See that possibility in somebody and know just how activate it. He had so much to do with my ability just to think clearly. Actually great leadership is about how well you listen, so learning how to listen… that kind of great teaching and great leadership. There is no better way to leave some kind of mark in the world than to be a teacher. Invest in the future… inspire a child… teach.. “}

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