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On the one side is the assumption that coercionincreases the chances of a patient receiving treatment that will improve their quality of life in thelong term (Torrey and Zdannowicz 2001)

On the one side is the assumption that coercionincreases the chances of a patient receiving treatment that will improve their quality of life in thelong term (Torrey and Zdannowicz 2001). Enlargements ofthese submucosal veins constitute in-ternal hemorrhoids, which are related to elevated venouspressure in the portal circulation (portal hypertension).There are no teniae coli at the level of the rectum; the lon-gitudinal layer of the muscularis externa forms a uniformsheet

Enlargements ofthese submucosal veins constitute in-ternal hemorrhoids, which are related to elevated venouspressure in the portal circulation (portal hypertension).There are no teniae coli at the level of the rectum; the lon-gitudinal layer of the muscularis externa forms a uniformsheet. In other words order Gabapentin online overnight theoutcomes of these studies challenge clinicians with the possibility to obtainsubstantial clinical improvements without using products or materials applyingsurgical techniques that do enhance per se blood clot and wound stability. p53?Pro mutant was shown to be excessively sensitive to Mdm2-mediated ubiquitination and degradation order Gabapentin online overnight as well as to Mdm2-mediated inhibitionof transcriptional and apoptotic activities [169].

Thesestructures aredistributed throughoutthe sarcoplasm in a networkofintermediate filaments contain-ing the protein desmin. Patterson H et al (1997) Amplication and over-expression of the MDM2 gene in human softtissue tumours. Fife KH, Berns KI, Murray K (1977) Structure and nucleotide sequence of the terminalregions of adeno-associated virus DNA

Fife KH, Berns KI, Murray K (1977) Structure and nucleotide sequence of the terminalregions of adeno-associated virus DNA. Copyright 2003 by the AmericanSpeech-Language-Hearing Association. Sakamuro D et al (1997) The polyproline region of p53 is required to activate apoptosis butnot growth arrest

Sakamuro D et al (1997) The polyproline region of p53 is required to activate apoptosis butnot growth arrest. nNOS expression may be more impaired in idiopathic gastroparesisthan in diabetic gastroparesis. 1988 ; Tobiasand Garrett 1997; O’Rourke and Crone 1982 ;Johnston et al. However,assuming a normal distribution of the normative data, aZ-score = ?1.0 (one standard deviation below the mean)would reflect a percentile score of sixteenth percentile, aZ-score of ?1.5 would be in the seventh percentile anda Z-score of ?2.0 would be in the second percentile. The two adult criteria are com-bined into one category for preschool children. Musculoskeletal involvement of brucellosis in different agegroups: a study of 195 cases

Musculoskeletal involvement of brucellosis in different agegroups: a study of 195 cases. As density increases order Gabapentin online overnight thesound of the tone becomes quieter. American Journal of Speech-LanguagePathology, 22, 126–145.

Prostategland is tender, warm, swollen, and boggy. (2004) Neuropathological substratesof psychiatric symptoms in prospectively studied patients withautopsy-confirmed dementia with Lewy bodies.

The nucleus of the cell is smaller than that of the basophilic erythroblast and the heterochromatin is much coarser.

Often acetaminophen is prescribed to help relieve pain and enablepeople to function, but acetaminophen can also cause side effects. Currently patients breathing oneffects is to avoid an excessively tight ?t

Currently patients breathing oneffects is to avoid an excessively tight ?t.

However, auscultationrequires a lot of practice to develop expert pro?ciency. Associatedwith hypertrophy, cardiac muscle undergoes remodeling whichmay involve changes in various functional proteins suchas myosin, creatine kinase, Na+K+ATPase, matrix components,etc

Associatedwith hypertrophy, cardiac muscle undergoes remodeling whichmay involve changes in various functional proteins suchas myosin, creatine kinase, Na+K+ATPase, matrix components,etc. Aspirin orother nonsteroidal anti-in?ammatory drugs (NSAIDs) areconsidered to be the most common cause of erosive gastritis,accounting for about 50 % of cases (Levine 2008b )

Aspirin orother nonsteroidal anti-in?ammatory drugs (NSAIDs) areconsidered to be the most common cause of erosive gastritis,accounting for about 50 % of cases (Levine 2008b ). The Joint Commission, anoversight body that accredits hospitals in the United States, recommends voluntaryreporting of sentinel events and “never events” such as wrong-site surgery and gos-sypiboma (retained foreign object), by accredited hospitals (Joint Commission2012). The DNA extends between each particleas a 2-nm filament that joins adjacent nucleosomes.

At somecenters, in addition to the 24-hour CT, a follow-up scan employing multimodal CT or MRImay be obtained several days after an acute intervention. Dementia patientswho are in pain tend to express their pain through theirbehaviors. Intracortical electroencephalography in acute brain injury.Annals of Neurology

Intracortical electroencephalography in acute brain injury.Annals of Neurology. It is not enough to pursue the knowledge of wine inthe laboratory alone order Gabapentin online overnight it must be spread through the wineries in order for thisknowledge to become part of daily practice. Another important point, as mentioned earlier,is that p53 gain of function mutants act differently depending upon the location andtype of mutation in p53

Another important point, as mentioned earlier,is that p53 gain of function mutants act differently depending upon the location andtype of mutation in p53. Most polyphenols are rapidlyconjugated (typically sulfated and glucuronided) order Gabapentin online overnight andvariably metabolized, often with an uncertain biologicalstatus of their multiple metabolites.
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{“en”:”Who are you??? I’m here under cover. I’m the agent of NABU! And I’m the agent of SSU! And I’m the agent of PGOU! And I’m a briber! Well, not a briber! They’re just provoking you to take bribes! Provoker! I’m not a provoker. I’m the agent of NABU! And I’m the agent of SSU! And I’m the agent of PGOU! And I’m Scooby-Doo! And I’m Didgeridoo! And I’ll be going too.

Are you thinking about how we all got into this situation? So, this spring NABU started investigating corruption in State Migration Service Of Ukraine. An undercover NABU agent started working on the first deputy of the State Migration Service Dina Pimakhova. She was appointed to the post on February 1, and in spring already some man started to try gaining her trust, the man who introduced himself as Sergiy Tytunkov, an Arab investment fund ‘Mubadallah’ representative.

This Sergiy Tytunkov is, in fact, a NABU agent. He presented himself as a representative of a foreigner who needed to obtain a Ukrainian citizenship urgently. The official replied that this could be done for a certain amount of money. The NABU agent was following the potential briber for half a year more, in order to reveal all participants and all components of the corruption scheme for obtaining citizenship in our State Migration Service. But instead of the scheme he himself was revealed. As Pimakhova claims, she, as a state official, wrote to the SSU about her new friend. As Pimakhova claims, she, as a state official, wrote to the SSU about her new friend. And she had no idea that it was an undercover NABU agent schmoozing her all this time. This lady from State Migration Service was ready to do everything the guy asked for. She even named the price for this great care: 30 000 USD. And just like that u2013 boom! And in half a year she runs to SSU. What went wrong? Where did this agent mess up? Did any unknown knowledgeable people from the SSU tell this lady that somebody is trying to catch her on a bribe? Pfff, naaah, that can’t happen.

Did any unknown knowledgeable people from the SSU tell this lady that somebody is trying to catch her with a bribe? Pfff, naaah, that can’t happen. She just realized that bribery is a scourge terrorizing the impoverished body of the Ukrainian society. And just when the bribe was already around the corner, she started crying. And it was right when random passers-by from SSU met her. Although random passers-by from SSU do say that she took that bribe. There is a statement of one of the persons involved in our investigation that claiming that allegedly there was a provocation for a bribe toward her, although the fact of the bribe itself was documented a few months ago. And a third version! Third one! Third version!!! The number is three! And maybe the NABU agent is just not that attractive of a man, who doesn’t know that much about alcohol and dilutes cocaine with flour? And this was the version our freelance screenwriter, Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko, came up with. They discussed the question of drinking something stronger than wine with her. They discussed intimate and questions of other kind.

In my opinion, these actions are immoral and illegal. I don’t think anyone in our country would want the agents to try for months pushing someone to tell something through vodka, sex and drugs. Drug addicts! Alcoholics! Harlots! Giganteers! Whatever this means! Yesterday’s investigation of the PSU and the SSU… of course, our investigation actually stopped the operation. The president also reacted to this incident. There’s so much noise, fuss and feathers that sometimes it really reminds you of a Latin American carnival. Well this clearly isn’t a Latin American carnival. Carnivals are fun and and joyful. And what’s happening here is more like a Texas chainsaw massacre of the hopes of the Ukrainians. So who’s going to jail now? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who’s going to jail? Who? Who? Not me.

Who? Who’s going to jail? Who? Who? Not me. Who? Who’s going to jail? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? And now we’re going to show the true undercover professionals to you, NABU amateurs. And MIA is going to help us with this. Namely, the main quartermaster of the National Police u2013 Mr Ivan Naumov. This car isn’t in his declaration. But we’ve been seeing him on this Chrysler for two weeks. Well, this is the usual undercover level for a National Police quartermaster. He’s a quartermaster! That’s a decision-making post. Procurement, construction, vehicle fleets, weapons, clothes, everything! That’s why the undercover should be an appropriate one. An undeclared car rides around the city with an unregistered number plate. But that’s not it! There’s another undercover level! Right in the middle of the street his subordinate is changing the Chrysler’s number plate for the real ones.

The car is registered with this number plate exactly, but not as Naumov’s property. And then that subordinate changed the number plates of all cars parked down the street. Then he changes the numbers on the buildings. And then he replaced the surname of Iryna Herashchenko for Anton Herashchenko’s one. And no one noticed! And now Anton Herashchenko has a woman’s surname! Hehehehe. He’s walking around just like that! Hehehehe. And I have a couple of questions for you still. Nah. I’m late. Goodbye. Ivan Viktorovych, whose car is this and why there is someone else’s number plate on it? Someone else’s number plate must be an undercover work.

You see, NABU suckers, what an undercover work is? Even Naumov doesn’t know about it! And this is not the maximum capacity of the National Police. Just look at Naumov’s mother-in-law working undercover! This is Maserati Levante. The SUV of the luxury Maserati brand. Costs 90 000 USD. The formal owner of the Maserati is Tetyana Zachyniayeva, a 60-year-old mother-in-law of the police quartermaster Ivan Naumov. Well maybe the woman wanted to support a local producer and bought a car with a trident. Luckily, she saw her mistake and is now selling the car. Right across the road from a decent house, the policeman quartermaster’s mother-in-law is building a second, very indecent one. A mother-in-law’s word is a law. If she says she wants to live in a regular five-storied building u2013 here, please! A five-storied mansion u2013 not finished yet, but already impressive. Houses, land, Maserati. And no one knows where did she get it all from. That’s serious undercover work! How can I answer for her? Isn’t she your family? So what? She’s my mother-in-law.

She’s your mother-in-law. And where did she get… <br> That’s right. … such property? I don’t have anything to do with it. Maserati, a quarter a million dollars land. A huge house is being built at the Dnieper shore. So ask her. A huge house is being built at the Dnieper shore. So ask her. Don’t be shy, Ivan! Say it as it is u2013 this is all undercover! You see a piece of a naked land u2013 you cover it with a five-storied building! You see a parking place under the rain u2013 you cover it with a Maserati! And all this together is a big undercover special operation! The MIA authorities want us to forget the story with the backpacks of the son of thisu2026 Ermu2026 What’s his name?u2026 I forgot.

The new MIA initiative has divided the country: pedestrians, who want to live, are against drivers who are not afraid to kill. pedestrians, who want to live, are against drivers who are not afraid to kill. From January 1, Ukraine will limit the maximum speed in cities up to 50 kilometers per hour. Well, that’s a reasonable proposal. It’s like everywhere in Europe. What’s the problem? Well this is bullshit! You understand?! No one will follow this. Why bullshit? It’s a new law! You do follow other laws, and not say that’s bullshit, right? You don’t kill and eat people, you’re trying not to drink wine out of your enemies’ skulls, you don’t tolerate incest. Although I can imagine how during the times of the primitive communal system there were debates on banning cannibalism. Why? No, really? People did not understand how to live without human sacrifices.

Well this is bullshit! You understand? The incest ban was equally badly accepted. No one will follow this. But they did! They overcame themselves! And now it’s not accepted to sacrifice people to the gods, have sex with the relatives or watch the ‘In-laws’ tv-series. That’s just a kick on the driver’s pocket. Another burden on the people who have already suffered so much. There’s a lifehack! Dear, that will be a kick only in the case of you breaking these rules. And if you don’t break them, there won’t be any burden on the impoverished people.

It’s that simple. Take note and use it! Well because that’s an idiocy! If everyone will drive 50 km per hour, just imagine Naberezhne highway, Peremohy avenue. There will be much denser traffic. Oh no! Ten kilometers slower! And this will eat up a ton of time! Yes, we counted! If you were driving down this avenue for 30 mins before, you are now going to drive for 35 minutes! Horrible! 5 endless minutes! It’s one and a half ‘Oy mama na svyata ya ne bula svyata’ songs longer! Well because this is idiocy! The one who exceeds speed will always find an explanation of why they did it! Why did the driver break something? He could have driven a sick child, well, to the hospital, well … To take a wife who’s about to give birth to the maternity hospital.

He could, well, chase a criminal. Yes, I was driving at 150 km/h because I was chasing a criminal. There was my wife giving birth at the front seat, and a granny with a heart attack and a horse with appendicitis at the back. It has an opinion on this as well. This law is the embodiment of the bullshit present power! Prlrprlrl. I’m telling you, with these limitations the road from Kyiv to Cherkasy will take minimum 6 hours! Attention, Cherkasy residents! Bohoslovska is coming to you! You have six hours for evacuation! Well this is bullshit, you understand? No, ladies and gentlemen. This is not bullshit. This is a social contract and rules of coexistence. When you, hidden in two tones of metal, are speeding for 120 km/h, and these bone sacks are pressing against the roadsides, not being able to move for more than 5 km/h u2013 what chances do they have? Where’s the bullshit, when people just want to survive? But no! You want the full freedom. You want to fly down the avenues, pedal, cut, overtake, speed! Everything but not think about the mortality rate of defenseless bags during road accidents.

It’s not bullshit. It’s common sense. The case about an accident is heard. The word is given to the prosecution. This terrible road accident has led to the destruction of the vehicle! Let’s hear the victim. Mhhhhvvvveeeffffaaappprr. What? Remove the airbag from him! So, how it all was? That’s what I was saying! So, I, as usual, was skipping traffic down the sidewalk. So I’m driving, not breaking anything, 60 km/h. And this dickhead comes. Full walking speed, almost jogging there! And crashes into my car! And this is not the first time! It’s the fifth car that crashed into him. And this is only on this sidewalk! He’s a serial pedestrian! Look, look what happened to the car! Oh no no, so our pedestrian defendant knocked a pregnant car again! What a horror! Pregnant with who? Who, who. With a human! Wait, he crashed into me! You need to look where you’re going! I protest, Your Honor. My client did not have a chance to avoid an accident. There were 10 centimeters between the car and the wall! 10 centimeters? Not so little! How are you going to prove there was no passage? Ok, let’s hold an investigative experiment! Let’s do it! Please, let the other party demonstrate us how a person can squeeze in here? That’s ok.

There’s enough space to walk by. Yes, that’s enough space! Two people can walk in here! Even three people can. Even Mr Judge can walk by. And he’s one for three people. Mr Judge! Mr Judge, please! Voila! So your arguments are not arguments. You better ask him why is he so strong that the car crashed on him? Good question. Please invite the witness. Good afternoon.<br> Good afternoon. Please tell us, have you met the defendant? Yes, this is our neighbor. I myself am a cannibal. Last summer I wanted to eat him, broke all my teeth! Horrible fellow… <br> You may leave. This is insane! I am a pedestrian! I was walking down the sidewalk! Why the hell are you judging me at all??? And who can we judge then? Why the hell you are judging me at all??? And who can we judge then? Dear, if you just died calmly, we would not have judged you! I’m sorry, I have my communal payments in a week, I can’t die! Paying communal payments? Well…

I approve. Meanwhile, the court limits your freedom of movement. Withdraws shoes. Paying communal payments? Well… I approve. Meanwhile, the court limits your freedom of movement. Withdraws shoes. And the right to use legs. So what, do I have to walk with my hands now? Yes. I protest, Your honor! Do you want me to break my car against him again? Yes, no walking along the sidewalks! Crawl through the sewers, walk along the wires, you can fly by attaching yourself to a kite. Or better, buy a car and drive along the sidewalks, like us all! A scandal at the international summit of mayors in Kyiv! The heads of the cities from Ukraine, Europe and America gathered in Kyiv for a summit to exchange experience and share their developments.

At the summit they presented a Ukrainian robot. Her name is Kiki. And Vitaliy Klitschko was hitting on that robot girl in front of all these people! Hahahaha! However, the robot turned out to be a typical representative of the patriarchal society and said that after that cyber-harrassment she felt even better. How are you? Oh, I’m better now. But Klitschko didn’t stop at that and continued pushing a robogirl. They need to make you a boyfriend. <br> Why would Kiki have a boyfriend? And what if she doesn’t like guys at all? And what if she doesn’t like guys at all? What if she has long been devoted to a slow cooker? Which city do you like? Kyiv. A true Ukrainian robogirl! How nice it is that they showed Ukrainian innovations at the international summit where mayors of 150 cities gathered! You want to look at her again and again! This pride is burning your chest! And we decided to find out who actually made this Ukrainian robot.

And now coming to you live, our special correspondent Robotyslava Kravchenko. Greetings, Michael! Kiki the Ukrainian robotgirl was made in Russia. Where? Russia? Please show the video. Her name’s Kiki. Hi Kiki! Hello Natasha! Oh! I am a fan of your art. The manufacturers have named the robot Kiki, because it’s short for Kikimora. Russia is dancing, Europe is crying. Whose ass is the nicest one in design? A Russian robot has already traveled around famous Russian cities with presentations, cities such as Gus-Khrustalny, Klyazma, Khanty-Mansiysk, and the village of Mukhodoevo and Lyhaia Pozhnia of the Vladimir region. Greetings. I’m Kiki. A robot promoter of a new generation.

So this is a robot promoter? So. Kiki may be rented for any event. Even for a summit of mayors, to be admired by Mr. Klitschko, thinking that she was made in Ukraine. That is, the mayor of the European capital was making advances towards the Russian advertising doll, which he considers to be a Ukrainian national achievement? Yes, this is totally fucked up. Dear men! Congratulations on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland! Yes, this is totally fucked up. Sensational news! In Lutsk the journalists have found a ziggurat of erotica, the epicenter of orgasms or Mezhyhirya of love or … An erotic massage salon or a brothel? For about three months already, right under the nose of the law enforcement officers in the center of Lutsk, an intimate massage salon has been working. Aha. The journalists conducted an investigation and found out that under the sign of an erotic massage salon there was a brothel working.

And under the signboard of the bread store there is a temple of gluttony, and under the signboard of any bank – a tabernacle of thirst. So, the Lutsk journalists have made a revealing news story, but when you’re watching it, you may think this is an advertisement. A deluxe erotic VIP massage promises immersion in the world of relaxation and oblivion in the company of two nude masseuses with champagne. How much champagne should one drink in order to forget you’re in Lutsk? Erotic massage salon ‘Caramel’ in the center of the city offers round-the-clock erotic massage, which will be done by one, or even two masseuses. The girls will be naked, and after the explosion of your emotions out of pleasure, they will shower with you. See! They care about the hygiene of the citizens! At a critical moment when the water is turned off, you can come and wash yourself! You can join a game that becomes an erotic massage and after its complete, the ecstasy is guaranteed to you.

And the journalist of the “Avers” TV channel boldly got a job where the ecstasy is guaranteed! The first day of study – I’m doing a classical massage to one of the salon’s employees. In the process I’m wondering about the features of the profession. Aha. You had a boyfriend? Well of course. You jerked him off? Yes. That’s it! Aha. You jerked him off? Yes. That’s it! That’s it! No ceremonies, no waste of time. Had a boyfriend? Yes. Done a handjob? Well… That’s it, go work! This is probably the most consise training course in erotic massage in the world. Not only that, actually, the training course of anything. I understand – just imitation, using your breasts, buttocks, hands.

God forbid the actual contact with the mucusu2026 No intercourse, God forbid! You hear that, journalists? Not intercourse, but imitation. How did the law enforcement officers react to the almost a brothel right under their very noseu2026 Wait a second. What kind of definition is that u2013 “almost a brothel”? How is it actually? Is it like a brothel from one side, and from another u2013 the NewsOne TV live? From one side, looks like Lutsenko – and from another, a the prosecutor general. You turn it like this – it’s a Russian citizen, like so – a criminal authority, and like so – a mayor of Odessa! Phony stuff. Well, did you know about this salon before or not, or have you already? … Well of course we knew. And this is the most interesting twist of this story u2013 a mysterious hero, who is slightly lifting the veil over this almost lewd almost story. I only know one thing, that this house is on the balance of MIA. Looks like a department of the Ministry of Too Internal Affairs started working in Lutsk.

And here’s what head of the police says. Believe me, if there are results, there will be no concessions to anybody. It’s possible that after the police check new services will appear in the salon: Hot decree, buttocks search and position 102. The next day, just opposite the court in the car doors we find ads for body massage for men! They are looking for potential customers in front of the court. Well it makes sense! When you leave the court, sometimes the only thing that can return your belief in humanity is a massage with the help of someone’s buttocks. And now “Inclusiveness”, our usual segment. Let’s ask what problems, difficulties and horrors Dmytro Shchebetyuk will tell us about this time. No, Michael, I won’t tell you about the difficulties! I’m tired of that! Life is bright and I want to enjoy it.

And today I wanted to dance. And here I am. In the dance hall. Hello! Shall we dance? Hello! With pleasure! Please meet Olena Chinka – a four-time world champion in para dance sport. Ukrainian para dance sport team is one of the best in the world. And this year it won the first place in the number of awards at the world championship. I previously thought I could not dance, but when I saw Nadiya Savchenko dancing I realized that I also had a chance. You are a master of sports of the international class. Can I learn something from you in a few minutes? I think so. Mostly, if anything, the partner is to blame, u2013 he or she didn’t lead you right. Let’s do this together. You’re leading me like that. One. To yourself this way. Two. And you’re winding. Three! Wow! You’re doing it so … And you’re pointing at me, your partner. And we bow. Four. To yourself this way. Two. And you’re winding. Three! Wow! You’re doing it so …

And you’re pointing at me, your partner. And we bow. Four. How long the para dance sport has been popular in Ukraine? 20 years. It all started here at the “Berezil” club. It all started with rehabilitation. And then it turned into sports. Let’s do, one. Go. Two. Arms. Three. We’re doing capture. Capture on wheels. Aha. No. With this hand we’re doing capture. Oh, and the thing with the hands… Aha. We’re doing three. And turning, four. And one. Two. Three. With shoulders. Four. Hehe! And once more. One. Two. And three. And four. See. It’s not only the bow you can do already. We did it! Yees! Thank you! And how many people do para dance sport just for their pleasure? You know, we all do it for pleasure! And now we’re doing chau00eenu00e9s. Sha wat? u0421hau00eenu00e9s! Oh! u0421hau00eenu00e9s. No! u0421hau00eenu00e9s. Oh! u0421hau00eenu00e9s. You spin. Turn. We’re sticking to a point. You see? The head stays in one place. The body turns. And so they can’t already … Even like so? Yeees! Wow! I take my eyes away. I already see myself. And I turn the wheelchair. Let’s turn.

The head stays. Eyes. Taking eyes away. And turn. Stays. Eyes. And turn. Aha! Then you’re helping yourself turn with one hand?! Yes. Aha! In 10 years of doing this I realized that it’s more convenient for me to do it like this than… Aha! Then you’re helping yourself turn with one hand?! Yes. Aha! In 10 years of doing this I realized that it’s more convenient for me to do it like this than… Cool! And you thought that’s the only way you can dance on a wheelchair? Wrong again! See?! How many movements we did today together?! Yees! See, how cool! It’s only because of your skill! And your positivity! You’re such a man! By the way, if I find a wheelchair with a folding back, I can become a limbo champion. Tango, it’s when we’re showing our character, right? Aha.

Like so? The Vienna Waltz is such a beauty, a pleasure! Foxtrot. This is already such, a very close relationship! Between a woman and a man. But, you know, very hidden. Somewhere there, on the inside. Samba is getting to know each other. We can do it with you. Uh-huh. There, boom, it all can be done. Samba is getting to know each other. We can do it with you.

Uh-huh. There, boom, it all can be done. It’s … Circles, very-very different. Such beautiful movements. Cha-cha, this, again, is when there’s a kink. And, again, there’s a rumba. Aha. A dance of love. Well, we can try rumba. Rumba… Well, come on. There, there… Yes. Cool! Yes! More, more! Come on! I like it! And now – superposition! Superposition! Yes. This hand you’re pulling to the partner.. Then … No, that’s how you put the hand. Like you want to stroke me. And now – superposition! Superposition! Yes. This hand you’re pulling to the partner.. Then … No, that’s how you put the hand. Like you want to stroke me. Aha. This is a dance of love, you know? Yes. One. Hey. And to the sides.

Hop! I’m very tired. And I did not learn anything. I’d better go quietly, and dance as I can. This dance is called Shchebetango! An avalanche of children’s playgrounds swept Ukraine. Dear children, I sincerely congratulate you on the birthday of the playground! At one of the openings a forceful kissing of the children was reported. The avalanche also reached Zaporizhia. And the locals’ healthy skepticism was completely swept away by the shock wave. Residents of the Independence Street in the Shevchenko district say that their children saw a playground near their houses for the first time a day before. That’s how a kid who would have spent at this playground for at least 5 minutes would look like. And the children cried: “Auntie Lyuba, when will you make this playground for us ?!” And now, they came out and they’re all so grateful: “Grandma, we will now be only at the playground!” Waist-deep mud is not a problem in Zaporizhia. On the contrary – it’s a joy. And this little one, it’s impossible to tear her away from the swing. Ahoy, woman! Maybe she has just frozen up to it? You need to distinguish between physical phenomena and a joyful ecstasy.

Although, let’s be frank: the builders took care of the children and even equipped a slide with a rope u2013 now the kids there at least have some chance of getting out of this marsh alive. In this quarter, there are 25 private houses, and each has children. Ladies and gentlemen, recount the children urgently! Some could have already been sucked into the mud. They say they’ve dreamed of a children’s playground for a long time. We have been working on this playground for several years. Quiet, woman, your dream came true. And now we have to look for the meaning of life againu2026 What about a dream of a new school bus? It was difficult to pick up the place for the installment of such a playground. So, they first thought to install a playground in the middle of a livestock burial ground.

But someone was already ahead. They had to look for a new place. And the reaction was very, very positive, accordingly. By the way, have you noticed that throughout the whole story about the playground they didn’t show any children? None! Or maybe the children just went all grey and covered with wrinkles from all the experience? This is Nina, she is 9 years old. And this is Lyuba – she’s about six. 200 thousand hryvnias were allocated from the city budget for the construction of the playground. And we found an agreement to install this playground on the Prozorro site. 450 00:29:20,200 –> 00:29:26,280. According to the contract, 153 000 hryvnias was spent on the purchase of the equipment for the playground. Even a superficial comparison of the prices on the Internet shows that during installment of the playground around 100 thousand hryvnias was lost somewhere in the mud.

The average carousel costs about 7-8 thousand hryvnias. Both swings together are about 9 thousand, a slide – up to 16, a sandbox – 2 thousand. There’s also a bench and a garbage bin a thousand hryvnias each, some building materials. If you generously multiply the retail price by half, you’ll get 55 thousand. Where did 100 thousand hryvnias more go? There’s only one explanation – the playground stands not in the usual pit, but in the prime therapeutic mud. You fall from a slide and score your knee, and then you get up healthy already. And the little one, it’s impossible to tear her away from the swing. Well, don’t worry, not everyone succeeds the first time. The main thing is you’re trying! Maybe next year, they won’t have to tear the children off a swing with a chisel in the cold. Hottest news! In Chernivtsi, they shot dog shit through a hole in a coin! The monument itself is made of black metal and plastic in the form of a coin. The obverse depicts an American dollar. And on the reverse there is a portrait of Maria Theresa. Do you think this was somehow needed in this story? What does this mean? No.

Seriously not. This is a story about the monument. But the cameraman was bored. And he shot shit. That is, I knew that they like showing shit on Ukrainian TV, but not so literally! Just shit. Look closer. Shit. And in our musical live today is a band from Poltava called “Meleron”, who play psychedelic indie rock! And this is exactly what we all need right now! You call your style a psychedelic indie rock. Where did you find psychedelics in Poltava? I was there! Quiet, cozy city! And besides the psychedelic city council there’s nothing there! For the most part, we just love “Phaser”, the guitar pedal. How is it connected with Poltava, with places in Poltava? It isn’t. This is connected with psychedelics. Psychedelic. In fact, the one who invented this pedal was born in Poltava.

Is there a monument to the one who invented the Phaser pedal? Phaserenko. Well, we’re raising money. Still. Phaserenko?! Hehe. Phaserenko. Well, we’re raising money. Still. Phaserenko?! Hehe. I read that your motto is: “A world of pleasure which you don’t have to pay for!” Yes. Does this mean that your all concerts will be free of charge? Or what does it mean to you? Well, not all concerts will be free. But, it’s in Poltava where we’re trying to create such a minimal fest of our own. Which is called “Concert of Dreams”. And play for free for our friends. And friends of friends. And, well, friends. Parents come.

And grandparents, aunts. So, there’s that. Cats, dogs. Cool! I’m very glad. Well done, you! What are you going to perform today? The song is called “Monaco”. “Monaco”. Is it a new one? Or an old one? A hit? This is our first album. Cool! Thanks, guys. Your word. Sing. Thanks. The Meleron band! Peace. Love. Meleron.. “}

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{“en”:”zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seveteen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty thirty-one thirty-two thirty-three thirty-four thirty-five thirty-six thirty-seven thirty-eight thirty-nine forty forty-one forty-two forty-three forty-four forty-five forty-six forty-seven forty-eight forty-nine fifty fifty-one fifty-two fifty-three fifty-four fifty-five fifty-six fifty-seven fifty-eight fifty-nine sixty sixty-one sixty-two sixty-three sixty-four sixty-five sixty-six sixty-seven sixty-eight sixty-nine seventy seventy-one seventy-two seventy-three seventy-four seventy-five seventy-six seventy-seven seventy-eight seventy-nine eighty eighty-one eighty-two eighty-three eighty-four eighty-five eighty-six eighty-seven eighty-eight eighty-nine ninety ninety-one ninety-two ninety-three ninety-four ninety-five ninety-six ninety-seven ninety-eight ninety-nine one hundred. “}

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{“en”:”Hello, everyone. I’m Robin and welcome to this video. In this video I’m going to talk about the four language skills Whenever we study a language, there are four very important skills, we need to know and practice. So that’s what I’m going to talk about in this video. I’m going to talk about the four skills. And I’m going to teach you how to use these for skills to improve your English language ability. Ahh, this is an introduction video, so I’m not going to go into too much detail. But I still think it’s a very important video to help you improve your English.

So the four language skills. We also call them the Four Core English skills. ‘Core’ means center. Very important. Ok these are very important skills. And I.. I think you already know these skills. The first two: speaking and writing. Now speaking and writing… these are called productive skills or output. Ok, so you have an idea or some information… and you want to give that to another person. You have to create language. Okay. You have to create English. So you’re speaking in English. Or you’re writing a letter or an email. We have to create and give that information to someone.

So we call that productive skills. The last two: listening and reading. We call these receptive skills or input. Ok. So you’re listening to someone speak English And you have to understand. Or you’re reading a book or newspaper article and you have to understand what the information is. These are the four skills. They’re called skills because with practice, we can get better. And I’m going to show you how to practice using these four skills. Now I’m going to teach you how to use the Integrated Skills Approach. ‘Approach’ means it’s a method. Ok.

And it’s a good method. ‘Skills’ – we’re talking about the four skills. And the keyword ‘integrated’ – now what this means is we’re taking the four skills – And when we study English, we’re studying all four skills together at the same time. Alright, let me explain more. So you should study a topic – practicing all four core English skills. Let me give an example of a classroom. Now a good teacher will want to use the Integrated Skills Approach. So the teacher will bring the class a topic… So let’s say the topic today is Canadian culture. So what the teacher will want to do is practice the receptive skills. So, the students might read about Canadian culture. They might watch a video and practice there listening about Canadian culture.

So they’re receiving information in English. And then the teacher will want to practice the productive skills. So, here she will ask the students to write about Canadian culture. …what they thought about Canadian culture… And…they… the teacher will also ask the students to practice speaking about Canadian culture with… with the teacher or with a classmate. So in this class, a good teacher was able to pick a topic – one topic. And practice all four core English skills This is a really good class. This is a really good way to study English. Why? Well with the receptive…ah… practicing the receptive skills, You might learn some new English expressions or vocabulary. And then when you’re we’re practicing the productive skills, you’re able to practice writing these new expressions…. and you practice speaking these new expressions… Alright this will really really help you improve your English. Ahh… so in the class, a good teacher will do this.

Let’s talk about self study – outside the class. How can you do this? Well it’s not easy… ok… you know that. So, the…ah… receptive skills: the reading and listening – That’s easy. You’re practicing your receptive skills now. You’re listening to me. You can watch videos…uh…or listen to the radio. And reading – you can read articles and books. So you can practice that alone. But the productive skills…uh…Writing… Uh…a lot of my students don’t practice that, but you should. Alright. Now you can keep a diary. Whatever you watch, you can make some comments in your diary or about your day. You’re writing. You’re practicing. Uhh…and for speaking… well… you need a partner. Ok. You need a partner to practice speaking. That’s not easy. I know. But you really need to find a club or a friend you can practice speaking English about some topics. Ok? Now I’m going to help you a little bit. Uh…I’m going to talk about Voice of America Now… and this website. Now this is a really good website to practice your…uh…listening and reading. Ok. If you go to this website, they have different levels.

So if you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced – they have different videos… and different articles. So this will really help you to find your level and practice your listening – when you’re watching a video. And you’re reading. Alright. Right now I’m going to show you how to access this site and use this site. Let’s take a look. First open your browser. Search for Voice of America. You can see their English learning site here. Ok this is the main page. You can see up here many things to explore. They have English lessons. And three levels of news articles. Let’s click level 1. And the first article. You can practice listening with the audio. And it matches the article below. Let’s check level 3. Again, you can play the audio to practice listening. Or read the article first, and listen later. Let’s click the video. They have some good videos for studying English. And they have audio broadcasts, too. Voice of America. A great website to help you improve your English.

Alright there’s one more thing I want to talk about. That is Balanced the Skills. Now we have the four skills here. And one problem I see with my students is they are focusing or they’re st…or they’re practicing only one or two of these skills. And they’re not…they’re ignoring… they’re not practicing other skills So for example: speaking. A lot of my students they’re only practicing speaking… but they’re not practicing writing. Alright. Don’t do this. If you are studying English, you have to practice all of these. Ok. And if possible, integrate it at the same time …about a topic. This will really help you improve your English. Uh, another example…uh.. some of my students….

they…they’re only worried about taking a test. Like TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS. Uh…so they’re more focused on listening and reading or maybe writing. And they don’t spend any time on speaking. Alright? Oh this is terrible too. Again to really improve your English… balance the skills. Study them all, alright? Now I hope this video helped you. See you next time! If you enjoyed my video – like the video. Or subscribe to my channel. Or write a comment below. Uh…I really want to hear what you thought of my video. Ok. Thank you.. “}

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{“en”:”Nobody’s born smart We all start at 0 Can’t talk, can’t walk, certainly can’t do algebra Adding, reading, writing, riding a bike — Nobody’s good at anything at first There was a time when Einstein couldn’t count to 10, and Shakespeare had to learn his ABC’s just like the rest of us Thankfully, we’re born to learn Slowly, surely, you stumble, slip, crawl, fall, and fail, and fall Frustrating, confusing, trying, struggling Until one day, you walk One foot in front of the other One idea on top the next Each wrong answer making your brain a little bit stronger Failing is just another word for growing And you keep going This is learning Knowing that you’ll get it even if you haven’t gotten it yet. Because the most beautiful, complex concepts in the whole universe are built on basic ideas that anyone can learn, anywhere can understand.

Whoever you are, whereever you are You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything. “}

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{“en”:”Hi and welcome to Day 1 of Easy English Seven Day Course. Thank you so much for being here. I believe you are here because you have a deep passion for learning english. You want to you get a better job, you want to not be embarrassed when you try to speak english uh… with your friends or you want to pass standardized tests. Like the TOEFL test. Well, I promise to help you with that.

My goal is to help you learn english quickly easily and while having a great time. But, before we get going you may be asking: Why do I care about this Easy English Seven Day Course? Why do I care about your method? What’s in it for me? You may wonder, what’s in it for me? That’s a good question and it’s a fair question. Here at letsdoenglish we have studied many different ways of teaching english. We’ve studied textbooks, grammar based teaching methods, we’ve taught one on one with students. We’ve studied many books, many methods, talked to scientists and authors and we feel that we have found the best techniques for you to learn english quickly, easily, and while having fun. My goal is to help you become as fluent as possible within six months of today.

If you follow these techniques you will learn english, quickly easily and you know what? We’re going to have a great time. Rule number one is never study grammar. Don’t study textbooks and don’t study grammar. Let me ask you a question you’ve studied english for years already. You’ve taken classes you’ve followed textbooks you’ve gone to school and tryed to learn english so why aren’t you fluent already? Here’s the reason. The reason why you are not already fluent in english is because you’ve been studying grammar. So today’s rule is never study grammar. Well, you may ask if i don’t study grammar then what do I study? How do I learn english? Instead of studying grammar, You listen two conversations. You have to listen too many many conversations. Now, this may sound too easy and like it’s not hard enough but I could show you the science behind these techniques.

For instance, many books have been written about these various the the specific technique. For instance, this book this book, “The Natural Approach” by doctor Steven Crashen, is incredible. He talks about how to acquire language by just listening to conversations. This book, “The Way of the Linguists” talks about this as well. Many other books here. “Fluency through TPR storytelling. The list goes on and on. At LetsDoEnglish, we don’t teach using grammar. We teach through english conversation and storytelling and as you listen to stories you pick up the english language you don’t have to try so hard. You just listen and you learn. So, what are some ways that you can listen to english conversations? Well, we have materials available that teach you english through conversation. You can also listen to audio books on tape with your ipod and headphones.

You can also listen to english speakers, but you will want them to speak slowly. We’ll talk about that later. But today’s rule, Rule Number #1 is: Never Study Grammar. Instead listen to english conversations. Okay. I need you’re help. I need you to tell me if you understand what I’m saying. I need you to tell me if i’m speaking too quickly or if i’m speaking too slowly. If this is too easy for you. Each day of this course there will be a survey with the email if you will answer the questions on that survey everyday for the seven days of the course I will send you a very valuable free gift. I will send you a section from our teaching tales the product that we sell. I will send it to you absolutely free so go ahead and answer the questions on the survey and I’ll see you tomorrow.. “}

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{“en”:”Welcome to EnglishClass101.comu2019s English in Three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn English. Hey everyone, Iu2019m Alisha! This series will teach you some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English. Itu2019s really useful, and it only takes three minutes! In this lesson, youu2019re going to learn some new ways to ask someone, u201cWhatu2019s your name?u201d including one that you can use when youu2019ve forgotten someoneu2019s name. Now, u201cWhat is your name?u201d was probably one of the first questions you learned when you started studying English.

I have to tell you, though, that most native speakers of English would never say this! In English, just like in other languages, it is often more polite to be a little indirect. Of course, the easiest way to avoid asking the question directly is to not ask at all! Just introduce yourself, and most people will respond by doing the same. When introducing yourself, simple is nearly always best. Just say… u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha!u201d To show that you want to know the other personu2019s name, just add, u201cAnd you?u201d at the end. u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha! And you?u201d u201cHi, Iu2019m Alisha! And you?u201d Just like before, take out my name, Alisha, and put your name in its place. After you say this, the other person will tell you his or her name. Okay, now letu2019s talk about an embarrassing situation that happens to EVERYBODY: youu2019ve already met this person once before, but youu2019ve forgotten their name! The most polite thing to do in this situation is to apologize and ask again.

Thereu2019s a simple way to do this thatu2019s also polite. u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d This sentence is very similar to u201cWhatu2019s your name?u201d but it has three important differences. First, we say, u201cIu2019m sorry.u201d A small apology can go a long way. After that we say u201cWhat was your name?u201d This is just like u201cWhat is your name?u201d but instead of u201cisu201d, we use the past tense u201cwasu201d.

This is really important, as it tells the other person that you remember meeting them. You havenu2019t forgotten HIM or HER, youu2019ve just forgotten the NAME. This little word makes all the difference! u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name…? Finally, we add u201cagainu201d to the end. This is another hint that tells the other person that you remember learning his or her name before, but you just canu2019t recall it right now. u201cIu2019m sorry. What was your name again?u201d This phrase is appropriate for both formal and informal situations. Now itu2019s time for Alishau2019s Advice! In the United States, itu2019s normal to address people by name in conversation more than once. In both formal and informal situations, itu2019s a way to show respect or interest in the other person, and can help you make friends.

It is also a great way to practice someoneu2019s name so you donu2019t forget it! If you are talking to someone named Ann, for example, instead of just: u201cWhat do you do for fun?u201d, you could say: u201cAnn, what do you do for fun?u201d You can also put the name at the end of the sentence: u201cWhat do you do for fun, Ann?u201d You donu2019t want to say the personu2019s name too often, or it will sound a little strange, but if you practice someoneu2019s name like this, you wonu2019t forget it. And people love to hear their own name! In this lesson, we learned what to say when we forget someoneu2019s name. In the next lesson, youu2019ll learn what to say when you want to get in touch with someone, whether by telephone, email, or even newer ways to communicate. Whatu2019s your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and join us next time for the sixth English in 3 Minutes lesson! See you next time!. “}

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{“en”:”Hey guys, howu2019s it going today? My name is Brandon. And in this video, weu2019re going to help you improve your English speaking ability. When you first meet somebody, you might want to ask them a million questions. But, actually, you want to keep a balance of giving and asking questions. And in this video, weu2019re going to show you how. So keep watching. Whenever, Iu2019m traveling abroad, Iu2019m always wanting to meet new people, have good conversations, and just have a good time. But, generally, all the conversations are almost the same. They always ask the same questions. Where are you from? What do you do? Why are you here? Where do you live? How old are you? And so on and so on. Those arenu2019t bad questions. But it just feels like Iu2019m being interviewed. And I donu2019t want to be interviewed. I want to talk to you. I want to learn a little bit about you. So if you ask me whatu2019s my favorite sports team, After tell me yours, and tell me why.

The key is keeping a balance. Between asking and giving information. Balance is key. So the next time you see me walking down the street, or any other foreigner, go up and say, u201chiu201d. Start a conversation. Ask them some questions. But donu2019t ask them one million questions. You want to start a conversation. And a conversation is sharing information between two or more people. So make sure you give them some information about yourself, too. If you like this video, make sure you like and subscribe.. “}

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{“en”:”[Singing] Hi. James. Greer. James Greer. From engVid. [Laughs]. Not Bond, and I know you think I was going to say Bond. I know. But listen, Bond always has an important mission he’s got to do, right? 007. And so do I. Today we have a mission. We’re going to learn how to study English. I know in many places, many websites, they tell you, and to teach you grammar and idioms and phrasal verbs.

But then, there’s the big question of you, and: How do you study, and how do you choose what is important for you at this moment? Maybe you’re advanced. Maybe you’re a beginner. Maybe you know this, and maybe you don’t. After today’s lesson and we do our mission, you’ll know exactly what you have to do. Okay? So, we’re going to go to the board in a second, and take a look. What steps should we take in order to learn? By the time you’re done this video, you’ll know exactly… Or you should know where you are, where you need to go, and when you’re going to be done. Ready? Let’s go. E. E is standing here saying: “Where do I start? Grammar, vocabulary, or speaking?” Common, and seems to make sense, I mean, you go to learn a language-right?-you go on a website, they start throwing things at you. You go to a school, they say you need this, this, and this.

But you don’t really know. So, I’m going to give you the tools to decide that. First thing we’re going to do is: What’s the first thing you need? Grammar? No. What? Conversation? No. Vocabulary. What? Well, look. If you can’t say: “bathroom” when you go to a country, you’re going to pee yourself. Okay? “Hungry”, you won’t get food. You don’t need to know everything to get basic information done. And that’s what we should look at first. Basic information for a beginner really is vocabulary. And instead of all the fancy stuff you need, you don’t need much. You need you, and a little bit of time, and to have some fun. Why? I’m going to suggest: For basic communication, get vocabulary. I’m telling you right now if I see you or any English-speaking person sees you, and you see… You say: “Drink. Thirsty.” There’s no grammar, but they’ll go: “Oh, the bar is over there.” If you say: “Washroom. Please”, they’ll go: “Oh, toilet is over there.” They use sentence, you use words.

Sometimes you just touch your belly and go: “Ahh!” They’ll go: “Oh, you want food.” You don’t need all that stuff. People will tell you you need to learn grammar, and this and that. You don’t. And here’s how you get your first vocabulary. Do what you love to do. Play video games. I’ve had… I don’t know how many students play video games, say they learned how to fire, duck, words that we wouldn’t teach them for a while, because they were playing games. Other people come in: “Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah, [sings]”, singing. I go: -“What the hell?” -“I love to sing”, and they sing a song, they sound like they’re just, you know, from this country.

Then they speak very terrible accent. You know what I’m saying, right? [Laughs] But when they sing, it’s like the gods have come down. I mean, literally, you go: “Are you…? You were born here, right?” Cool slang. You know? YOLO, you only live once. Right? ASAP, as soon as possible. When you do these things, you’re learning because you want to learn. You’re not even realising you’re learning, and it’s going to make you want to learn more because… You know, we’ll get to the second one and you’ll understand. But you want to communicate in a much better way. Okay? So, get the meaning of basic words. “Hungry”, “food”, “toilet”, “money”. You know that one, right? You need those things. If you have those things, you can start your adventure in learning English. Okay? And you’re going to do it by doing things you love. Video games, music, cool slang.

Right? Come on. Now we’re making language fun and easy for you, and that’s what we should do, because you’ll learn it faster. All right? And then here’s the bad news: Hard work is on its way, so let’s move over to the intermediate. So if you’re still on vocabulary and you can’t put a sentence together, you’re a beginner. Okay? But at least you’re better than other people. You know words in a foreign language. Cool. Intermediate is when we start, and I think you should introduce grammar. This is when your vocabulary is rich enough that you can say things like: “Need water.” Where? It’s not a sentence, so you kind of sound stupid. I’m saying it right out. You sound stupid. Had many students, brilliant people, sounding like… I called them kids. And I loved them. I thought they were great people, but I would call them kids because they sound like two and five year olds.

“Mommy, water, now.” Understand. Sentence? Not really. Grammar. Some teachers don’t think it’s necessary. It is. It’s like a skeleton in a body. Right? When you’re crawling on the floor, you still need a skeleton, something to hold everything together, but really it’s the muscles and everything else that make you move. But the skeleton is necessary or needed. Those are those bones. Right? These are the bones of the language. You got, you know, your vocabulary, but these hold everything together, that skeleton. Now, when you learn grammar, we do this to be understood.

We said basic communication. To be understood we need grammar. This is sound… And you can sound like you understand. “Oh! I can’t have your girlfriend and all of your money? Oh. I didn’t know that. I understand.” You sound like you understand someone. You can communicate an idea. “I would like to be a millionaire, but I don’t want to work.” See? I’ve communicated: “I am lazy, but I still want to be rich.” Like everyone in North America. Okay, but we’re going to take our vocabulary…

See, this is when you have the vocabulary, you take it, and you put it with some muscle. You put vocabulary and function words. That’s what grammar is. It’s the words that function. It’s the verbs. Right? It’s the pronouns. It’s all these things that go together. It’s like making a hamburger. Okay? You got your meat. Now you need a bun, some lettuce, and everything else. This is your grammar. This makes it good. Okay? So, now you can sound pretty intelligent, not like a child, but some people have great grammar skills and good vocabulary, but-and this is where we go to the advanced-they don’t sound like us.

They still haven’t got it quite together. We know you’re not from here. This is change it all. And this is something that I find interesting. Some students don’t want to do, they think it’s a waste of time. And then I remind them: In your country, are there people who don’t know how to read and write? What do you call them? Some people say (this is a fancy word): “They are illiterate.” I say: “No. They’re stupid.” Because you say: “Hey, read this.” They go: “I cannot read.” You go: “You’re stupid. Didn’t you go to school, stupid?” Don’t be stupid. Learn to read and write. It’s not just for that reason, for your ego that people…

It makes you feel good. It’s also because it teaches you how to think in the language. Huh? Well, when you write something down, you have to remember the author wrote it three years ago. The author is the writer of the book, could be a male, female, or whoever made it. They wrote it three or four years ago, and you’re not there. So when they write about it, they have to think in a way that you would understand it three years later, and not have to ask questions.

Because if you have to say: “I’m confused. What does he mean? Let me call him up. Yo, E, on page 47 you wrote this thing. It’s an awkward phrase. You got a dangling modifier, so I’m not really sure…” It doesn’t work like that. They have to write it properly so you understand it. This is when we become advanced, because you learn logical thought, how we put it together. When we talk about logical thought, we talk about syntax; how the words go together , how things flow, how we think. Every language is different, and the syntax is a bit different. Okay? This will make you think like a native speaker. You have to put the words and even the sentences in a way that makes sense to us. Okay? Remember I said you sound…? Here I meant not stupid. That was it, you don’t sound stupid. Reading and writing makes you sound intelligent, and there’s a difference.

Suddenly, I want to hear what you have to say, because you seem to know what you’re talking about, and you present your ideas in a way I can understand. It also gives you the time to think about the language, so it goes on in your brain, so it knows how to analyze and present the language for us. This is something people skip, because they want to speak, and don’t realize this is a very important part. Reading gives you an understanding of how we’re thinking. You read, you get that. When you write, you have to write in a way that we would understand it. Powerful stuff. And how does it do that? Well, we have three components or three parts. Number one, the grammar. See? Grammar we talked about. Grammar has to be in something you write. Okay? Then it has to be true.

What you say has to make sense to us. It’s logical. I can’t be just: “I am an alien, and I live in the sea, and I have fins and baby-back ribs.” It doesn’t make any sense, even if the sentence is perfectly grammatically correct. It’s like: “This is not true. I will not listen to you.” And then finally we have to connect them, and this is what we talk about syntax, and when we put all of these things together, suddenly you’re speaking and people understand you. Accent or no accent, you are an English speaker. Not quite. Almost. When we put all these three together, and we go to speaking, and you master speaking, which will happen if you take these steps – you will notice you are being understood when you speak. Not five times: “Sorry? Huh? Sorry? Sor-, sorry? Oh, okay. Oh, I’m sorry. No. Sorry?” No. You will speak, you will be understood. When I speak, and some of you think I speak very quickly. And you’re right. My students actually often laugh go: “You don’t speak quickly on those videos.

You speak quickly in real life.” But I like it when people understand me. You will find that you understand me more. You will have more understanding what I say, and English people say. You won’t be guessing what they’re saying. You will actually understand them. Finally, you know that accent that you really don’t like, and you wish you could get rid of? You will. Speaking and using a practice of speaking helps you with proper pronunciation. That’s what helps you with being understood, and actually helps you with understanding other people, because you realize it’s not the absolute pronunciation, but where you put the stresses, what the meaning is. Right? All this comes with language or speaking. You can communicate and have mastered the language. That’s what we talk about by speaking, and I wrote that for a reason. When you are speaking, it’s right or it’s wrong. There’s no time to think about it. That’s what your practice in reading and writing is for.

Okay? So once you can actually speak, you’re done. Congratulations. You’ve learned a new language. Now, look. I want to do… I want to go through a couple of hints to help you out in a second or two, and then I want you to go out there and practice. Figure out where you are. You’ll know, because I’ve already told you. You’re either a beginner and you got to work on your vocabulary. That means most of what I said you didn’t understand. Or you’re intermediate, you got something out of what I’m saying, but you know you can’t express yourself that way. You’re advanced, you’re already smart enough to be writing every day and reading every day.

Or you’re basically fluent and native. Get outta here. Go outside and play. That’s what you should be doing. You ready? Let’s go through those helpful hints. [Snaps] So, we’ve talked about where you might be as a learner; advanced, beginner, or native. Now, I want to give you some more basic hints on acquiring or getting the language. Are you ready? Okay, basic hint number one: 30 minutes a day goes a long way. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, 30 minutes. If you’re not willing to spend 30 minutes learning, you really don’t want to learn. All right? You need to practice regularly. Give you a good hint or a good example. When you were a baby, you were trying to walk. You would fall down. You would never stand and walk, you kept falling. But every day you tried, and sometimes hours, hours, hours.

Then one day, you started to walk, then you started to run. If you told that baby that 30 minutes a day was a lot of work, you’d be sitting in a chair for the rest of your life. Right? So, 30 minutes a day. Hey, an engVid video is 15. Boo, half your work’s done. Am I a genius? Yeah. Helped you out. Okay, so 30 minutes a day is a good thing to do. Okay? It goes a long way to help you retain or remember the information. Number two: Spend five minutes and review what you did the day before.

I know, it’s 35 minutes, but it’s still not an hour. Okay? So, before, you know, you do your new lesson, think for five minutes: “What did I do yesterday when I did English? Did I…?” Was it…? Were you reading? Did you write? What did you write about? Were there any things you wanted to change in your writing? Okay? So, remember, in your 30 minutes, that can be 30 minutes of writing, 30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of going through the dictionary looking for words you need, basic words. Right? Or, I don’t know, listening to, like I said, an engVid video.

Watching it twice. The first time, you watch it; second time, make notes about things you want to learn .Right? That’s 30 minutes. Painless. Five minutes review is good, because it’s like eating food. If you take a burger, just put it in your mouth, it’s not as good as when you take it, and chew it and taste it. When you taste it, that’s where the joy comes from. That’s what you should do with language. Just taste it. Play with it a bit. Number three: Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to use the English you’ve learned. That could be part of your 30 minutes. Read for a little while, stop, put the story in your head, close your eyes, and imagine it. If you imagine it, it becomes real. When it becomes real, it becomes useful. Okay? If you just write some grammar down and you write some rules, and you never think about using it, then guess what? You won’t.

So, why don’t we take a couple minutes with our review? Imagine. Okay? “I just learned this new vocabulary. James said something about a pharmacy. Now, imagine I had to go… What did he say I have to say? ‘Can you help me with…?'” Now, imagine asking the… There you go. Next thing you know, you’re in the situation, the words come out of your mouth. Practice. Number four: Set goals. What do you want to do with your English? I know.

“I want to speak English today.” It’s not going to happen. Sorry. Okay? Just like if you want a burger, you have to actually catch a cow, kill a cow, bring it to the store, grind it up or make meat for it, then put it on the barbecue. It doesn’t happen. Right? There’s many steps to it. So, in this case, set goals. Maybe a five-minute conversation with a native speaker. Two-minute, one-minute conversation. Maybe it’s learn turn… Ten words really well. Okay? So you read a book, you pick out ten words you don’t know, go to the dictionary, write it out, then write out sentences with those words. Talk to…

Try and use them in a conversation with somebody so that they become something you’ve digested, that means taken in and you understand. Okay? You understand it completely. Apply for a job. Here’s one. You… It’s the 21st century, bub. Get on the internet. “I would like to work for your company.” Send it out. Right? See what responses you get back. Now, most of them will say: “Hey, your grammar is really bad.” Right? Or you can do a phone interview. Say: “Hey, can we do a Skype interview for this job?” Practice. Just because you’re not living here right now doesn’t mean you can’t put it into practice. And through your mistakes, you can learn, and then go back and use that for your 30 minutes of work. Right? “They didn’t like my accent. It was too strong. Okay, work on pronunciation. They said my grammar skills seemed to be a bit weak.

Okay, work on grammar skills. My vocabulary was limited. I noticed I kept repeating the same thing. Okay, work on vocabulary. Work on synonyms.” You will start making your own lesson plan based on you, not on what some book or some teacher tells you to do. Finally: Travel. I should do, like, say this. Right? Travel. I know. This is not easy. You don’t have money. Right? You don’t have time. But why are you learning it? Everything you really want, you have to do something. We call it a sacrifice. You have to give something to get something you really want. You want to eat, you buy food.

The food’s not free. Right? You want to really use your language, you got to travel. You don’t have to be… Do a big trip. You can find things on the internet where it’s exchange. Somebody’s family comes to your house, you go to their house for two weeks, or something like that. Governments do exchanges where there’s learning programs. Right? Hey, you can go to startup programs. “Hi. I want to learn English. Send me to a country.” Some people, if you give a good enough story: “I live in a farm out in Lithuania.

My family is, you know… Always wanted me to do better with my life, and we know English is important. So, my father’s willing to give up three cows to have me go to Canada.” Put it out there. Somebody will go: “Oh, come on, man. I’ll give you the money.” You know, miracles happen. Things can happen, but you got to do something. Travelling is the one thing that makes you go out there, because you got to do something. You can’t pretend you want to learn, because you have to put your money there. That will be hard, and I admit that. But once you do, if you’re doing all of these things, there’s nothing sweeter than getting off a plane, and saying: “Hi. Can you help me this? I’m looking for a friend of mine”, and the other person going: “Sure, no problem.

Let me take you.” And you’re understood. Right? Cool? I think it’s cool. Anyway, where do I start? You know where to start now, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or you’re native. I’ve given you some helpful hints that you can use starting right this minute. Right? You’re watching one video, so 15 minutes of your time is done. Hit the next one, or go do the quiz.

All right? Cool. Listen, hope I’ve done my part for you. Now it’s time for you to do your part. Study, practice, review. And when you can and if you can, and if you can get the help, travel, see the world. All right? Listen, I got to go. You have a great day. All right? Don’t forget to do the quiz. Where? www, eng, as in English, vid, as in video. I probably did that backwards. Right? engVid. Doesn’t matter. You know. Go to www.engvid.com. Don’t forget to subscribe. It’s somewhere around here. Somewhere. Subscribe. And once again and always, thank you very much for being a part of our family. All right? Have a good one. Ciao.. “}

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{“en”:”Hello, folks. So this morning, we’ve come along to a very good language school in London because we want to have a look at what it’s like to be a student in one of these schools. Come, and let’s find out. — Hi, Lee. — Hi, Ben. — So our viewers are learning English on the Internet. What would be an advantage of coming to a language school for a time to learn some English? — I think the key difference is that when you’re at a language school, then you are part of a whole experience. If you’re learning online, it’s great, but it’s for an hour or two, and that’s it.

Whereas if you come to the school, then you have complete immersion in a whole day of English if you like. If you’re staying with a host family, you have English experience before you come to school. All day, you’re speaking English, and if you take part in our social activities in the evening, then you’re carrying on. So it’s constantly learning and taking in and processing of new information. — Sure. So if someone was studying here and staying with a host family, they might share meals with the family. — Yeah. — And I guess there are students coming from many different countries. — Exactly. And of course, then you get this interaction with loads and loads of different students from all over the world, which, again, really challenges you in different ways when you’re learning English, I think. — And do students come here for a couple of weeks? — Some do. Some students come for a couple of weeks. Some students come for a year. It depends on what that student is looking for, what they need, what their plans are. So it can be either-or.

— And I guess it’s very exciting being here in London. You know, we’ve got a lot of English culture around us. — Of course. I mean, the history, the art, the literature, the theatre scene is just really advantageous to learning English. It’s just an amazing city. So to come and study here is a really good thing, I think. — Yeah. I mean, I guess the student can learn more the more they put themselves in an English environment, the more they speak.

— Exactly. If you immerse yourself in something completely, then you’re going to get more out of it, I think. — Cool. Well, is it possible to go and have a look at a class this morning? — Yeah. Absolutely. I think Dan is waiting for you upstairs. — Great. Thank you very much. –You’re welcome. –Let’s go upstairs. So let’s go and have a quick look now at a general English class and what that looks like in a language school. Okay. Come have a look. — Hi, there, Dan. — Hi. — Hi. We’ve just come to have a look at your general English class today. — Hello. — What exactly are you going to be doing in class today? — Today, we’re looking at the difference between literal and non-literal meanings of nine elements of vocabulary.

I was just asking Nir what he thought about the difference between “enough food” and “too much food”. So, sorry. — I think it depends. — Okay. In this meaning, do you think that it’s — if there is “lots of”, is it good or bad? — Yeah. It’s good. — Good? Would you agree, guys? It’s good? — I think it’s bad. — Okay. Hands up if you think it’s good. Nir, you stand alone, my friend. I’m sorry. Hands up if you think it’s bad. — In fact, that’s what I looked like last night at about 10:30. But what other words? Fly. That’s what I’m looking for, “fly”. Read the sentences with your partner.

I want you to decide two things. No. 1, which sentence is the literal meaning? Which sentence is the non-literal meaning. No. 2, what do you think the non-literal meaning means in other languages? Okay. Good. So it’s a word. You can use it, but it doesn’t mean what you think it means here. In this case, you mean “hard”, not “hardly”. — “To question.” “Question” can be a verb? — Yes. Of course. “I question.” Yeah. Good guess. Well done. So that was a great lesson from Dan. They’re really engaging in the teaching, and the students were obviously enjoying it. We’re going to go down to the lunch hall now and grab a bit of lunch. And then, we’ve got a couple of students who we’ll be talking to. They’re from different parts of the world. So I’m hungry. Let’s go and eat. [Crowd chatter] Well, that was a delicious lunch. And we enjoyed having a look at Dan’s class. Now, we’ve got three students at the London School of English here. And firstly, folks, could you tell me what course you’re doing and how long you have learned English for? So starting with Takami.

— I’m taking a Cambridge English examination preparation course. It’s called FCE. So just this course I have studied three weeks. Yeah. I have another five weeks. — Okay. And before, when you were in Japan, how long did you learn? Like, one year, two years learning English? Or — — Honestly, no. Nothing. — Nothing at all? Okay. Wow. Very interesting. Okay. Thanks. And Veronica? — I’ve done the general course for one month, and then I’ve started three weeks ago the CAE course, which is the Cambridge Advanced Exam. And that last — — Why did you choose this course? — The CAE? — Yeah. — Because I needed to get into university, and I’ve also heard that this academy prepares very well students to pass the exams. And I’ve been — — So you’re hoping to study in a university in England? — No, not in England, in Switzerland.

— Okay. — And they are asking for a B in CAE. And yeah. They’ve told me that this academy really will help you to pass the exam successfully. — Good luck to you. — Thank you. — And Francis, tell me, how long have you been learning English, and why did you decide to come and study in England? — I started English in secondary school and some more in university. And I decided to come here because I want to improve my English a lot. But only for pleasure. And for me, the best place to learn English is in London.

— Sure. — So I come here, and I’m learning here in this school. — Cool. Veronica, had you been studying in Spain how to speak English? — I’ve studied English in Spain, but with au pairs. At school as well, but the level in my school was pretty low. So yeah. The au pairs have helped me to get this fluency. — And how do you find the teachers different in London and in a language school compared to in a school where you’re from? — Well, I think that teachers here have more experience, and they do really know which mistakes do students make. Whereas the teachers in Spain, obviously, they are experienced as well, but not as much as a language teacher would be. — So they’re more specific? — Yeah. More specific. They know the mistakes that people from different countries make, and yeah. I think that’s the main reason, I think. — So Takami, do you feel you’re improving your English in a good way? — Yeah.

Just getting better. But of course, I need to more improve. But I feel that day by day getting my English better. — Cool. And so for all of you, it’s been stimulating; it’s been an interesting time being here? You’re obviously making really good friends here. Is it something you’d recommend to people? — Absolutely. You should go. — Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I’ve already spread it all over. — You should come here. It’s a life experience. You have to do it once at least in your life. I enjoy it a lot. I improve my English a lot. I make a lot of friends from different parts of the world.

So it is amazing. I enjoy it a lot. — So guys, I’ve lived in London for six years. And I feel I know it well, but for you coming to London, is it a good place to come to? Is it easy for you to speak to people and practice English being here in London? — Yes. I met some very friendly people in the pubs or wherever you are. And yeah. It’s very easy. For me, as I said, it’s a life experience to be here. So London, for me, it’s the capital of the world. — Wow. — It’s not the United States; it’s not Washington. It’s London. Very cosmopolitan. — London’s on the map. — Yeah. Absolutely. — And are there enough things for you to do? — Definitely. — On the weekends, for example, are there opportunities to do things? — Yeah. You won’t run out of chances or different activities to do.

One weekend, you can go and see a theatre play, a musical, and then visit different areas from the city. It is a very versatile city. You can go to the north of London, and it’s completely different from the south of London. So you won’t ever — — I feel like I’m in a different country in some parts. — Yeah. It’s like a country. So you won’t ever get bored of living here. — Great. So the best way for you guys to learn English, is it from reading? Is it from listening? Is it a mixture? What’s the best way? — I think it’s a mixture because you learn the grammar basics in class. Then, afterwards, you can socialize at lunch. And then afterwards, with the social program, you’re able to talk to everyone and get to know everybody and talk about your country, their country.

You learn different cultures. You — yeah. You get to socialize. — Is it difficult for you to speak English to someone from Spain? — Well, if we — — It was easy the first day that we met each other, so it’s easy. Yeah. If you met someone and you start speaking English, it’s easy to ongoing with that. — And if both of us want to speak English, then it’s okay. Because I know other Spanish students here that they feel that they want to speak Spanish with me, for example. But don’t do that because we are all here to improve our English, and we are interested in learning English, not in speaking our native language. — It’s true. — And here, you have the possibility to speak 24 hours. — That’s why it’s the best way.

— So after school, you can go to the pub. — No sleep. — Exactly. — We are trying to speak English even with same country people. — That’s cool. — It’s important. — Well, thank you so much for coming in and speaking today. It’s been really useful. And I hope there’s been something for you to learn back home. Thank you, guys. — Thank you.. “}

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can i buy Gabapentin in spain