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Paul’s Approach

I take a communicative approach to learning language with students making use of real-life scenarios; this is probably the most widely used of all present-day approaches to EFL. Students learning within my classroom setting here in France usually learn through techniques drawn from a range of approaches in what has been tagged the â€˜eclectic approach’.

I choose techniques from numerous approaches consistent with the various wants and desires of my students.

Paul’s Story

I took my first TEFL course way back in 1996. This led to my teaching English at a summer school with Nord Anglia in Seaford UK. Following that, I went on to spend three years teaching traditional method English from the Headway books at a private language school of some 1,000 mixed ability level teenage students in Turkey. After my spell in Turkey, I travelled to Poland where, for two years, I taught trainee managers business English from Market Leader books, as well as the Callan Method of direct English. Then it was off to Spain’s Costa Dorada for three years to continue teaching the Callan Method. The idea of the Callan Method is to get students to pass the Cambridge First Certificate in a quarter of the time. I returned to the UK for a few years and ended up holding educational seminars in Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines. I later became the Project Manager of the English Language Unit at Al Baha University in Saudi Arabia in addition to teaching English in Riyadh as well as Al Jouf University in northern Saudi Arabia. In fact, I spent almost a decade coming and going to and from the KSA. Prior to this, I had spent a short time teaching in the UAE. In between both I taught for nearly six months in Guadalajara, Mexico; I taught in house and I also taught members of staff at the famous Chivas Football Club…And somehow I ended up teaching English just south of Toulouse, France.

 Meet Mister Paul

Mister Paul gained a TEFL certificate in 1996 and has been teaching English ever since.

He has taught in the UK, Turkey, U.A.E., Poland, Spain, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Mister Paul has also taught mixed nationalities online.


Mister Paul

English Language Teacher

Paul has a communicative approach to English language teaching.

Paul is accepting students for his English language school in Tarn, France and he is also teaching IELTS online.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact Paul for information about online IELTS classes and English lessons in Tarn, France. Click here